What have you been through that has made you a stronger person? Tell your Story of Strength.

This was a shelf my dad built over what was my kitchen sink. He built it in 1984
This was a shelf my dad built over what was my kitchen sink. He built it in 1984

The kitchen along with the two bedroom duplex I lived in from 2001 until one year ago 2013 in April-was my favorite room. My dad-Ernest Carl Le Pore-in heaven now-loved cooking. I will always remember the best of who he was and he man he was when I was younger. Dealing with living next to him with congestive heart failure and severe, crippling arthritis, changed my life and made me stronger and made me move in an instant to help.

My mother-Ramona Lea Le Pore-who is was alive, when this was written living in Moreno Valley in an Alzheimer’s Care home, and is in heaven with God now was the best family member I had. She remained true, remained kind, loving, and held the values she instilled in all of us as children.

I never got to see my mother before she died, and let’s just say that the hatred of the brother in law who was power of attorney was stronger than the good I wish had prevailed.

When this was written I was dealing with a fractured wrist, and was lucky to type the very words people read on this site. All my struggles made me rethink how important my hands were and how grateful I am now able to type these words with both hands.

I remember how I struggled to create a system with one hand and built it to 35 w.p.m.

I am grateful I am now able to type as before, even though my left index finger and ring fingers hurt…they move. I will be going to occupational therapy soon too and know my mobility will improve.

Many years later I have osteoarthritis in my hands and ankle but I still type and I play piano, cook and even teach a student piano.

I always focus on what I can do, which is quite a bit, rather than what I cannot.

I practice Mind Body Spirit meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, aromatherapy, and believe in the philosophy of only have those around you who are of high-caliber integrity and I don’t know anyone, family included if they’re not a good person because people without Integrity as my family were will drag you down like a lead weight.

Who you avoid is just as important as who you associate with. My mom taught me that when I was a kid and I’m still going with it she was a pretty wise lady I only wish my siblings would have listened to her.

What have you been through that changed you?

Tell your Story of Stength in the comment box.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Updated on May 14th, 2018.

9:05 p.m.

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In the subject line put “My Strength Story” and include your full name and email and any photos you like to include.

Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger although I really don’t want to be tested anymore. I just want to thrive and not just survive make use of every god-given ability that I possess, which are quite numerous actually.

if you ever feel down about anything just make a list of everything that you have going for you and before you know it you’ll forget about the other thing altogether!

20 thoughts on “What have you been through that has made you a stronger person? Tell your Story of Strength.

  1. I was raped as a sixteen year old virgin, I had endometrial (uterine lining) cancer, I had a heart attack Oct. 2014, I have rheumatoid arthritis, a horrible incurable disease, I endured a marriage, unknowlingly when I married, with a bisexual pedophile, I almost died in a neighbors’ house fire and I’ve been in two bad car accidents. BUT…I have a wonderful, beautiful daughter, Tara, 3 beautiful, wonderful granddaughters, great friends and family, and a great sense of humor that has never let me down in keeping me grounded and from making too many reservations for a self-pity party of one,
    I’ve had a very interesting and well-lived life! 😀

    1. Dear Jeneane,
      I will say firstly, I am sorry you had to go through any of the things you did, as any one of them would have been overwhelming for most common mortals. You however are one of the most brave and courageous ladies I have ever come across. I commend you for coming forward and sharing your personal story of triumph and you have a wonderful attitude in spite of it all.
      I have read and re-read what you wrote and I know you are not an average person but very special with a will of iron but a soul that, even though you had more than one struggle in your life, your heart is still loving and your attitude appreciative and thankful.

      God bless you in every way always.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

      1. Thank you so very much sweetie, what you wrote means a lot to me. It was very difficult at first to begin to write and then worse, to post, about some of those things on my personal writing blogs, but the older I got, the more it seemed like I was hiding in shame behind some of them. And that was doing much worse things to my soul and to my peace of mind. You are also following me on my jeneanebehmeswritings.wordpress.com blog (and by the way thank you so very much for following both of my blogs!) so if you would like to read more, please feel free sweetie. I’d love to be able to say that my attitude is always good but heck, I’m human, and some things still cut to the bone but I try to find something good, anything positive out of it. I like lemons but I love lemonade more lol!

  2. Ms Paulette love this blog and all of the responses. Life for me was a struggle as a little girl. What made me strong is my wittings to God and to myself my prayers and my determination to succeed in just to get to the next level in life. Went through a lot of trails and tribulations to get to the point I am at now Serene with a capital S.

    1. I am so happy you love Totally Inspired Mind and all the responses. We can learn and grow from one another and the shared wisdom gleaned by life and living.

      I am proud of you for pressing onward and for staying determined and faithful through your turbulent & difficult times.
      I am happy you describe yourself as SERENE now.

      Paulette L Motzko

  3. It is difficult to choose, so many events in my life have changed me from the person I was before they occurred. Some prompted growth, some retreat, but all changed me in some way. I spent my earliest years of life pretending to be a child while living in the eye of a violent storm of domestic abuse. It ended the day I pulled a fork from my mother’s breast and we finally sought shelter. I was nine.

    Growing up with a bipolar younger sister changed me. A positive pregnancy test at 18 changed me, not many knew it was a decision, not an accident.

    Realizing my son was not developing the way other babies did changed me. Another positive pregnancy test at 20 changed me, I was given no choice the second time.

    Realizing I had two children with developmental delays changed me. Their diagnosis of autism changed me.

    Later, an added diagnosis of bipolar for one of them changed me.

    A third child changed me.

    A fourth, unexpected child changed me. I did not give birth to her, but we share blood and she became my daughter when my sister could not be her mother.

    A debilitating car accident changed me.

    So, so many things have changed me throughout the course of my life. I would like to think for the better, the faith my mother instilled in me has seen me through the joys and sorrows of it all . . .

    1. You are an extraordinary person and your courage and tenacity, faith and hope is strong.
      What is your name?


      I KNOW I AM USING CAPS. THIS IS A NEW PHONE AND I can see this better.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

  4. No, I haven’t yet written any books. The problem has been one of the energy needed for such a task and the time to do it. My rare auto immune condition of mastocytosis seen in only 1 in 500,000 people, affects my energy levels. I am now on N-acetylcysteine, which helps raise levels of glutathione, referred to as the mother of antioxidants. I do believe if a team of people would help me I could be a senior writing consultant and several books could be written. In the pieces I am writing I am accumulating material for books. Many have said I should write a book of prayers because they say I write beautiful soul-touching prayers. If you read God’s Miracles for Him”, you will see in this fictional account of my life the seeds of what I believe again with a team of people helping me with writing, editing and marketing, could become a best seller and then once it has sold well, it could become a TV mini series.

    My wife, Karen, says I should write a book based on my missionary experiences in South Korea entitled “God is an Ever Present Help in Times of Troule.” instead of trouble. This inscription was on a set of mugs I gave to a teacher named Joel, who we were having a farewell party for, because he was returning to the U.S. When Joel received the gift he smiled and said, “Kevin, you have defined Korea for me.” By saying this he was referring to the humour of the things they translate wrong. The name on my passport was “Kebin Osborne” and who among our team of teachers will ever forget the sign at the Tong Hae Immigration office. “If you plan to level (instead of leave)Korea, you must wait 30 days before you can come back again.”

    I have written a few stories for a future hopeful book entitled “I was a Mason Jar of Peas”. My stories are based upon my experiences as a minister in training with The Salvation Army. The two stories written so far are “I Didn’t Know a Christmas Tree Could Fly” and “Theology 101.” My character is Kevin Macpherson, who is training at a Scottish theological school. The stories are a variety of being humorous and dramatic, with a serious message. My thought on this possible book is to have stories for the busy person, which can be read in five minutes or less. Other stories foe the book would be “The Elvis Impersonator”, “Dishwasher Mayhem”, “Our Flag is Upside Down” and “Marching 101.”

    When you look at my backlist of writing on Mind’s Seat, you will see that I have written well over 250 pieces. Where the search part of the front page is just type Kevin Osborne. All the pieces written by me will come up as older posts.

    Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read and respond to my comments.

    I think you have a great inspirational blog here that is uplifting and most positive and engaging. As one who has trained in journalism I can tell you that your typography, namely your layout and the way it is presented is quite well done. The colour combinations are easy on the eye. You have a wide variety of pieces on many different subjects.

    Keep up the great work!


    1. I think your book of prayers would be a best seller. I know it would be. I would love to do the photos on it for you.

      Your compliments are the highest accolades I have recieved to date and your words touch my heart & soul.

      Your friend and soul mate,

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    If I could just have five minutes of your valuable time, I would like to tell you the story of a boy with dreams as wide as the sea of Galilee. He was going to grow up to serve his Lord, in spite of his challenges. Even though he had a spastic gait from a progressive neurodegenerative disorder, he was determined to make a difference in every life he would touch. As he battled one flu or respiratory bug after the other, he believed that all he was experiencing was for a purpose larger than himself.
    The flame of hope for a kinder and more just society burned within him even as a five year-old. His mother realized that there was a challenging call upon his life. She approached his teachers to ask that they encourage his beautiful mind. She wanted him to know that along with poor eye sight and poor physical coordination, he possessed a fine mind. She arranged for him to read about the lives of others with challenges, like Braille and Keller. He read about how they made a difference. He read stories about scientists like Pasteur, who discovered a technique to pasteurize milk. He saw that one person with a determined will can make a difference.
    The Lord had his mom see in him what he could not see. His schizo affective father would belittle him. “You’re clumsy. You’re stupid. You’re brother’s smarter than you’ll ever be. You’re a mamma’s boy. You disappoint me. Do you work at being stupid? Why are you so awkward that you can’t tie your own shoes?”
    The boy couldn’t understand how his dad could be Dr. Jekyll one moment and Mr. Hyde the next. The wonderful image of his father carrying him piggy back while ice-cream dripped down the boy’s face on to his dad, stood in sharp contrast to the many spankings for no reason. Those haunting hate-filled words from his father’s mouth burned in his memory: “The hand or the book. The hand or the book.”
    A torrent of sorrowful tears would flow down his face as his father’s destructive, cold and cruel thoughts played over and over again in his mind.
    As he cried himself to sleep so many lonely nights, something larger than himself said, “Hold on. Don’t give in. Fight. Believe that life can be beautiful. There is a purpose for all you’re going through.”
    The abuse remained hidden, controlled and exacting. He used his vivid imagination to paint a different world, one where he was in control, where he was powerful.
    In the cool and refreshing breeze under the willow tree by their home, he would close his eyes and dream that he was a World War II flying ace. He would attack his father and kill him with a machine gun. Rat a tat tat. Rat a tat tat. Mission successful. That mean and vicious man was dead.
    Then, he would awake to know in his sorrowful heart that this was only a dream. This terrifying reality loomed over even the joy of splashing in mud puddles.
    One day he saw his mom hanging by a belt. The five year-old boy screamed out, “Mom, please don’t die! Please don’t die!” His father cut the belt in a lucid moment. The boy’s mom was choking and gasping for her life. But she did live, live more years with the horror and the burning certainty that her husband would beat her again and again. The boy would even see how terror caused his mom to be blind for several months.
    One day he was finding it difficult to have faith to believe. He prayed to God to rescue him. God answered, but it took six long agonizing years before the answer became reality. An opportunity came when the father was busy driving taxi. The boy, his brother and his mom escaped their perpetual hell.
    As a man of 51, the boy who was abused and ridiculed, went on to be a missionary in South Korea, a loving husband, a graduate counselling student, writer, journalist, singer, songwriter, professor, social advocate, counselor, and a healer of wounded hearts and broken lives. He would forgive his father for those seemingly never-ending years of abuse. He even took back the vow he had made that he would find a way to kill his father. Forgiveness was born in tears of healing as the boy’s stepfather challenged him to forgive and not have his life ruined by the cancer of the abuse. Why did this abused boy go on to serve his Lord?
    It was his way of saying thank you to his Lord for answering the prayer of a despairing, helpless five year-old to rescue him from the pain and hopelessness of abuse. He would grow up using this knowledge to be a wounded healer of others because of the hope Christ put in his soul.
    I’m sure you guessed that boy is me.
    Thank you, Lord, for my calling to be a missionary of the heart.

    1. My God Almighty, what an incredible testimony showing your strength, resiliency and how even in the most tragic situations, one’s soul can still aspire to greatness and hope can shine and guide even in the darkest hour.

      1. Hi Paulette
        Thank you for the uplifting comment. As long as I can maintain copyright of any story I submit I would be delighted for you to type it up and turn it into a front page story. I have others besides this one such as “Lord, please rescue me from my private hell” and a talk I gave at the Englehart Baptist Church as a guest speaker entitled “Finding God in the Fog.” There are many pieces I have written with a theme of overcoming difficult circumstances both from the perspective of one who has gone through times of struggle and as one who has guided others through their problems. Just go through my archives and you will see that I have written many pieces. Some have a social justice theme. Others are uplifting poetry, songs and hymns. I even have some short stories and two book synopsis ideas, namely “God’s Miracles for Him” and “Heart Talks for Children with Dr. Teddy. There is a radio play where i get the reader into the spirit of the 1940s. It is a comedy skit entitled “The Consumer Attendant Breakfast Special.” You can see my backlist of pieces and search for them easily on Mind’s Seat.
        I will email you a photo in the next few days. You can find out more about me by reading my about section.
        If I can help encourage and educate others through these pieces, I would be glad to get my inspirational pieces out to a wider audience.
        Thanks for thinking of me for such an endeavour.
        Have a blessed week!

    2. What a breath of fresh air your words are today for me. I just got done walking a mile and a half to a Jack-in-The-Box to have my lunch in Vista, CA. (I dont drive due to having epilepsy & havent gotten my bus pass yet for the Breeze in San Diego County.)
      My best friend when I was a kid was a blind girl named Cheryl Lightcap and Helen Keller is my heroine to this day.

      1. Hi Paulette
        I’m really glad my words were a breath of fresh air for you. Helen Keller is one of my heroes too. She continues to inspire many blind and visually impaired people as well as those who are able-bodied. All of us have a challenge in one form or another, be it visible or invisible. People like Helen Keller and Louis Braille inspire all of us to press on even with our challenges.

      1. My mom attempted to commit suicide by hanging herself with a belt. The hell of her abuse had become too difficult to endure. I think after mom survived that awful experience that she determined that one day she would leave my father. My mom went to my grandmother when I was five or six showing her the bruises. The details of that are in my most recent piece “Summer scenes of home.”

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