There Are Blessings in Everything That Happens Updated October 28 2017

Image of Connie Pritchett and Star her cat.
“From my heart” these words come from my Facebook friend Connie Pritchett, who I’ve got on the telephone as I type this in Iowa.

She is a wonderful, sensitive and sweet lady who has been my friend via Facebook for many years, but I never really knee her until a heart-felt post was printed on Facebook early this afternoon. I was so moved by that it I had to connect with her in a more real way voice to voice.

After we got done talking this page was created by her and I both as we spoke. God was the Matchmaker here and He put me in touch with her and vice versa; I know it.

Just just as she says: “there are blessings in everything that happens.”
Written by Paulette Motzko & Connie Pritchett.

Also, what is an example of a time when something is happened to you that was not very good but later you were able to see the merit in it, or the wisdom in it and THE GOOD in the BAD of it all?

Written by Paulette L. Motzko. October 28th 2017 2:23 p.m.