I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. DON’T YOU GIVE UP TOO!


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Much like the relationship he sings about in joyful style….don’t you give up either even if the skies get rough.


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Friends Becoming Family and Answered Prayers


Always be grateful for the people in your life that enrich it by their presence.


My friend Leonardo Valencia is one of my best friends in the world here and has become family. We met inJune of last year, when I moved from Southern California to Las Vegas….my new desert home.

My friend David Rayburn is one of the nicest men I have ever known, and I was blessed when I moved on my apartment here and he became my neighbor and now great friend. He is strong, courageous, funny and sweet and we are two doors away from eachother. I have someone who loves my cooking and truly appreciates me and who I am. It seems that we both possess what the other needs.

My friend Ron B and I go back about ten years and we talk nearly every day, even though he lives in a small town back east called Hollistan, MA. Distance knows no boundaries when it comes to great friends and the bond that they share between each other.

My friend Francesca Cangiolosi and I met when I had my cooking blog called “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World” up and running. I couldn’t afford to keep it running on Ning. Com and was having trouble with billing, so I let what I created over six years vanish off cyberspace. It was a conscious decision on my part I don’t regret. Friends now family like Francesca. She not only cooks really great but has a heart of gold and is one of the smartest most courageous people I have ever known. I am so grateful to know her.
She has been there through the good and the bad and stood beside me to weather the storms; that is a true friend. When she offered for me to come live with her, she became family.

Sometimes friends are better with who your family turns out to become. People change and are motivated to do cruel and evil things for monetary gain. Mine did but I can only be concerned with the fact that I held on to what mattered values and great friends emerge through the darkest of times.

Great friends enable you to see the strength in yourself you didn’t know you had.

Also, look around you and count the many blessings you prayed for and we’re given the answer to your prayers.



Jot down some of the things that made you know God was listening to every word of every prayer.

Note: In no way are all my friends mentioned here. They would be too numerous to mention.

Written by
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

March 2015
Painted Pictures of Laguna Woods From a Distance, Simple Flowers, and Lucky Streak photos by Paulette L Motzko, PLM Studios.

Copyright March 5th, 2015
7:27 p.m.

Life is a process in many ways. All the good things do not happen at once. – Paulette L Motzko

Image taken in Laguna Woods, CA by Paulette Motzko

After being married to a rocket scientist for 15 years, which wasn’t all bad, even though in the end he did a lot of uncool things. I became a different person and learned a lot about the sub-specialties in engineering and what they did, and as a writer now, that information has helped me in writing jobs.

Life is a process and all the things we want do not emerge all at once. Once realizing this and looking at your life in that way, and looking at your life and the goals you have in it-long term and short term goals- will be attained, but in an order of precendence and importance.

Firstly, you need to do some real soul searching and passion seeking, where you come to grips with what you are passionate about and how you can make that passion your job.

In life many of us are not “where we want to be” for a host of reasons. Knowing you are one of the grand majority who is striving for better should make you feel better.

As long as you are constantly improving yourself, be it your education, your job, doing what you love and accomplishing projects that are rewarding, that is all you need to focus on.

Think about where you were and what you were doing 3 months ago. See what I mean?
What about 6 months ago?

Pat yoursself on the back and budget entertainment in your budget to make sure you get to see the movie you wanted at the theater and tried the cool restaurant you heard about. Those things are important for your sanity, balance, relaxation and adding levity and something for you to do with your friends and family.

Then, when you go back to work, you will be more productive and accomplish more.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
Copyright 2014