Say a Healing Prayer for Paulette L Motzko. Healing Prayer Meditation: Those in wheel chairs, For Digestive Disorders, Arthritis, Neurological Disorders etc

Release Of Life And Healing by Convergence House of Prayer at on #abideis

I had some breakthrough seizures again (now yesterday) and I am hoping by taking my medicine for epilepsy two and a half hours earlier it will give my body what it needs at my most susceptible hours. I also need to make sure I take all my B complex vitamins, pantothenic acid, and other vitamins in the morning with all the rest. 
I am at the max of both Tegretol and Vimpat, so going up on the milligrams isn’t an option, plus I risk detrimental side effects.

Please say a health prayer for me Paulette Le Pore Motzko. I would greatly appreciate it.

May all who read this to my last sentence be blessed.

Paulette L Motzko
May 1st,  2015

Don’t let the music in your soul die. Let the music play on until the song of life is in its last measure. – Paulette Le Pore Motzko



The two wallpapers for your smart phones were hand selected by Paulette Motzko from Zedge.

My best friend in Las Vegas came to my place last night and we had a dinner of Chicken Tortellini Soup and crackers and enjoyed some flan for dessert. He had brought his classical guitar and played some pieces he wrote; it was the first time I ever heard him play. It was as though a more relaxed, happy man stepped from his soul. ..and I was his lucky audience.


Image found on Zedge

Early in the evening I was playing Billy Joel songs like “She’s Always a Woman”, “New York State of Mind”, “Allentown”, and “Baby Grand”… I could relate to we’ll. Music was my first best friend at nine years old, and it has been my best since. Finally after moving my rosewood upright grand from California to Nevada, I can enjoy it.

I know that every time I am with my friend Leo, it is as though time passes so quickly and we always have fun.

He always knows the right thing to say to cheer me up if I need it, and genuinely cares about me. You can’t ask for more than that from a friend, can you…..

I had fun singing some songs I wrote when I was in high school. What I realized was I spend tons of time typing on my phone or computer and not enough time turning the sound off on it and creating a new song or simply playing. I feel like I got ten years younger doing what we did together, and want to play together, create chord charts to my compositions and me play to his.


Paulette L Motzko

Have a beautiful day.

6:19 a.m.
March 23, 2015

God’s Plan For You

Plans For You – 5 by Joanna Quintrell at on #abideis

Any Christian can say this and meditate upon this. ABIDE is a free app that you can access from your smartphone.

Will all need to balance our spiritual life, no matter what situation you may be in.

Even if you’re a Buddhist, if you are Native American, if you are Jewish, if you are Pentecostal  if you are a Jehovah Witness, or you’re Mormon, Protestant or any other faith…… We all have many things in common…..


Image wall paper for your smart phone or device hand selected by Paulette Motzko from

Will believe in a power greater than ourselves. We all had mothers and fathers- even if you never knew them and even if they put you up for adoption your mother still gave you life.

We all have known what it’s like to love and not be loved.

We know what it’s like to fail and we all know what it’s like to succeed.

We are all human beings and more alike than we all realize.

We weren’t created to be like each but we were created to appreciate and respect the differences in each other.

If the United  States government would think like that, we wouldn’t have wars and instead of guns with bullets, people would strive for understanding instead of killing whatever they didnt understand.

So take time to realize that the person you’re talking to may be different than you, but has their own story too.

They may not be as bad as you think they are.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
Copyright March 2015
March 21st, 2015
4:05 p.m.

The Prayer by Andre Bocceli & Celine Dion-One of Paulette Motzko’s Favorite Songs in The World!


This is my jam: The Prayer by Celine Dion / Andrea Bocelli @999kez ♫ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying

The first time I heard this was by Josh Grobin, another prodigy and mega talent. When I heard it I had to buy the CD and used to sing both parts as my real prayer every night.

Prayer to me has nothing to do with “religion”, as all religion is made by men….I am taking the belief that praying to a higher power greater than all of us combined.

I hope by sharing this piece it helps you connect to a divineness within yourself, as it did me and still does!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
January 5th, 2015
2:38 p.m.

Thank You To My Wonderful 1007 Followers!

Here is a Virtual Standing Ovation to all of you who read and comment on what I write each day!

Today I would like to thank these countries in order of views for finding my creation here interesting, entertaining and uplifting and insightful.

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Paulette Le Pore Motzko


Photo taken of Paulette Le Pore Motzko, 2013
Photographer Nick F. Belman


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Written by and compiled by Paulette L Motzko
May 13th, 2014
1:20 p.m.

Creating Balance in Your Life- Expanded and Translated to Italian Version

Creating Balance In Your Life

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko, Copyright Jan 2013 Expanded and Translated December 2013

Originally printed on Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate

Italian Version

After having two cooking sites and being part Italian and translating many of the recipes of my friend Teresa Reale La Pasticciona so my American friends could make them-I saw that my readers were predominantly from America, Singapore, England, Italy, The Phillipines, China, Japan, and others. Typically during a 30 day period between 20 to the highest 73 countries read Totally Inspired Mind and I created it only a year ago! There are 520 followers of the blog that is a podium for my books when they are finished and represents a variety of topics that I feel are noteworthy that all people would benefit from and also articles/posts that represent my philosophy on living and life, my attitude, and wisdom that I have gleaned through my now 52 years young.

I was just guessed at 30-something again today, which made me feel really good. But then again, I have never drank alcohol, don’t smoke, no weird body or mind altering substances and only associate with good and kind people and leave the abusive ones out. When you only associate with people who are intelligent and have morals and scruples as my mom Ramona would say-you don’t have to worry about talking bad behind anyone’s back and being a hypocrite!

Most people take care of their cars better than their bodies and manage their lives.

When I do something good for myself-which we all much, I compare it to filling my “gas tank” up. I had to keep that in mind when I was taking care of my mom who had Alzhiemer’s disease in the later years because I knew I would need the strength to draw on to cope with the many problems I had to deal with at the time.

 I told a lady who was a mother and was over taxed obviously one day when I was on the bus. She smiled and told me she never thought about it quite that way before and said she would be sure to start doing that for her and her kids.

I hope these words make you think about “filling your gas tank” this week and also realizing that we as human beings have many parts of our life to keep healthy. Not only do our bodies need maintenance with exercise and making sure our diets are healthy, but our minds need meditation and our souls need prayer or some kind of belief system. When we ignore any one of these elements that compose who the world sees as US- OUR EXTERIOR BODY- we end up suffering and not operating on our best.

May you have peace of mind, body and spirit and make the most of every attribute you were given by The Great Spirit-if you of an American Indian philosophy, or God, if you were raised as a Christian as I was being a strict Catholic.



Troppo spesso passiamo attraverso la nostra giornata inciampare attraverso il caffè la mattina , non prendendo tempo per meditare , dire ciao a chi ci sta vicino o anche prendere tempo pensiamo che cosa sono le nostre priorità .

Ho sempre avuto una filosofia del “primo popolo e tutte le cose secondo” e cerco di applicare tutta la mia giornata in ogni situazione . Per esempio, io sono uno scrittore e posso lavorare ovunque prendo il mio portatile e Jetpack che mi si connette a Internet . Ho posti dove ho frequento dove so che molte delle persone lì ed è come un “club” . Quello che la gente non so mi sembra di incontrare e poi le cose fantastiche accadere .

Non sono mai troppo occupato , anche con gli auricolari ascoltando una canzone su su una delle tante stazioni che ho creato lì , o l’ascolto di un brano strumentale tramite il mio IPOD , a guardare intorno a me e di essere consapevole del mio ambiente . Non potrò mai più indossare un auricolare per qualsiasi motivo , e credo che molte persone hanno suddivisa in zone fuori della loro vita al mondo e le persone intorno a loro che li utilizzano . Mi rendo conto che molti posti di lavoro che richiedono la guida o altre cose , in cui è necessario essere ” mani libere ” loro potrebbe richiedere . Anche quelli , spesso non lo fanno. Ho visto persone alla guida (come mi sono seduto aspettando l’autobus ) , agitando le braccia parlare con una di quelle cose , mettere su mascara e in possesso di conversazioni con se stessi , guardando come sono pazzi . Non sarebbe meglio guidare semplicemente ? Avere tutta la propria attenzione sulla strada , hanno tutti i propri riflessi prestando attenzione alla donna o ragazzo di fronte a voi o dietro di voi ? Non sarebbe aumentare la durata della vita , aumentando le probabilità non sarà possibile ottenere in un incidente ? Ecco come penso comunque. E ‘logico , e mi era sposata con un vero e proprio scienziato missilistico per quasi 15 anni, quindi una parte di me pensa in quel modo oggi , che non è affatto male .

Alcune cose devono essere SACRA e avete bisogno di capire cosa conta per voi in modo da poter preservare la vostra integrità e la vostra sanità mentale . Le persone fanno il tempo per cosa e chi conta per loro , e per fare questo , è possibile fare l’ elenco utilizzando carta e penna , o utilizzando il computer fidato e un programma di elaborazione testi .


Promo Ad Paulette Motzko created for her first blog “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!”

Definire le cose che ami fare e assicuratevi di prendere tempo per loro ogni giorno . Per cominciare , una mezz’ora potrebbe essere tutto ciò che può andare bene dentro poco a poco pianificare un’ora , e mi sarebbe di grande sostenere di più. Questo abbasserà la pressione sanguigna , prendere alcune rughe fuori la fronte e ti permettono di avere il tempo di respirare facile , che è necessario per tutti sul pianeta . Certo il lavoro è importante , ma se non stanno avendo alcun divertimento e non sono realmente ” vivi ” che cosa è tutto questo? Se tutti si sta facendo è lavorare per tenere il passo con la porta successiva ragazzo o superare l’altro signora che è la fashionista . Dopo tutto, chi stai cercando di impressionare ?

Io personalmente solo sono in competizione con me stesso e questo è tutto . Ho letto un sacco di libri e riviste e so che la parte superiore della catena alimentare è nel mio lavoro , e voglio loro e altri impressionare nel mondo giornalistico . Vorrei anche scrivere spera parole che aiutano altri o insegnare o ispirano.

Se lo faccio allora è stata una buona giornata .

Qualcosa ho capito solo ieri sera che ho bisogno di creare equilibrio ed armonia nella mia vita è quello di impostare un mandato di non più di sei ore al giorno per lavoro al computer . Inizierò temporizzazione e lavorare meglio e lavorare di meno . In questo modo si consente di liberare tempo per altre vie della mia vita che generano la vita e risate e di riposo e ringiovanimento , che è necessaria per la vita umana .

Per capire che cosa avete bisogno per rendere felici bisogna pensare a ciò che ti fa ” fiorire ” o come dicono alcuni , “ciò che mi fanno spuntare ” come un orologio . Io preferisco il concetto di un essere umano fiorente come un fiore che ha bisogno di acqua, suolo e fertilizzanti per crescere e fiorire . Proprio come quel fiore , abbiamo bisogno di lavorare, giocare, gli amici a fare le cose con e condividere le cose con , e l’esercizio fisico e la meditazione e la nostra vita spirituale.

Ho appena entrato 24 Hour Fitness e ho notato quanto meglio mi sentivo e pensavo e come il mio atteggiamento migliorato . Mi sentivo meno letargico e stavo complimenti più spesso da quando stavo andando . Le scarpe Adidas da tennis e leggings io che ho pensato che non ho guardato particolare nel grande era il vestito ho ottenuto il maggior numero di complimenti da ! Divertente come funziona , non lo è nella vita. Mi piace camminare in riva al mare o qualsiasi altra bella grande distesa aperta . Posso camminare per sempre il tempo che mi sto guardando qualcosa di straordinario . La combinazione di aria di mare , la gente, la grande distesa di blu tonifica il mio essere e la mia anima .


Cosa ti fa ” più vivi ” ?

Che tonifica la tua anima ?

Pensateci . Se non avete mai fatto , si tratta di un esercizio molto affascinante e meraviglioso.

Vi garantisco se investire il tempo in te si raccoglieranno i dividendi mille volte nella qualità della vostra vita .Image

Paulette Le Pore Motzko in my friend’s kitchen taken 2011


Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. – Lord Byron

“Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.” – Lord Byron

“Laughter keeps you young. I like to say it is the music of the soul playing its song. Laughter and humor gives you a healthy perspective on life and living and in my personal experience allows you to breeze through rough times as though in a fancy convertible sports car rather than getting stuck in the mud.” – Paulette Le Pore Motzko

A grateful heart and thankful spirit opens your eyes up to seeing greatness in the world and people. Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Much as in my friend on her blog Lavender Reflections wrote about the many things she was grateful for, it got me thinking of all I was thankful for.


Photo Montage entitled “California Capers” by Paulette Le Pore Motzko


Beautiful sky image from TreasureField on

It is when those things are taken away you realize how important they really were.

(Like appreciating the photos on my phone I can’t seem to locate. I need to buy a bigger memory card, but can’t until I get paid. I haven’t figured out why I cannot open my Gallery in my phone and access the nearly 2000 photos I took & saved!) I mention this because an image I created would have appeared here, but this one from TreasureField, found on Pinterest will work nicely. I always give credit, when known to the artists and photographer and writer if any material other than mine is used.) I will eventually access them again though. Hard to remember a time before Smart Phones and the internet.

Time has passed since this was posted this morning and in that time I restored all my applications on my MyTouch phone back to factory settings, freeing up enough memory so my Photo Gallery could be accessed again.
Hooray for small miracles!

When I was going to college years ago, back in 1984 to 1996 cell phones hadn’t even been invented and DOS was what you would find in the computer lab! To think I can walk around with the “world in the palm of my hand” and write things I feel are worthy to others every day with regular readers is incredible. I remember Mrs. RoseAnne Wood who taught all my Music Theory, Performance and Concert Review classes. After writing a concert review she would write on my typed paper: “You should be a writer. You have an extraoridinary way of putting into words the images music make you think of.”

Since that time, I taught piano 20 years, ages 6 years old to 86 and even two very acutely hard of hearing students who wore hearing aids-using American Sign Language which I am fluent in. That was so rewarding and it had never been done. I have often thought of signing up with a college in their Special Education Dept and offering music lessons to those with hearing impairments. It sounds funny to some, but to these students can sense pitch, tone and vibration. They just need someone who can translate audible to visual, which is me.

So, after talking of missing pictures, pianos, writing and making the impossible possible with music, I will say “take time for thankfulness. Make time to look around you and think not just about what you are doing in that day as a “proverbial to do list”, but meditate on the things you are grateful for. This does not include merely “stuff” or “things” but states of being.”

Goals you are achieving, from the simplest cup of coffee by yourself or with your loved one….or a place you go that is special to only you.

“It is in these times of reflection that great things are made.”

Thank you to author of the blog Lavender Reflections for inspiring in me the ability to write these words! I can’t wait to get to know you better.

“Know what time you are most inspired and are most productive. For me it is the early hours when it is quiet and I can hear my soul speak to me.”

Also, never quit learning and becoming and aspiring to great things. Allow your mind to go to the paragon of what you would like to achieve. Even if you fall slightly under that, you work will still be great. Filter out those who don’t believe in you and your abilities. They are like carrying around a ball and chain and are a deterant to your success as a human being and your happiness and peace.

Have a fantastic day!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

October 12, 2013
6:39 a.m.
Updated 8:23 a.m.

Who is Part of Your Garden of Friends and Why?

I have many friends that I genuinely care about on Facebook and do not simply “collect friends” like a collection of bangle bracelets on my arm!

One of my dearest friends Raj Naheem wrote recently that “I was part of his garden of friends growing like a rose”, or something to that effect. I will say, thank you Raj for being there for me in good times and bad and bringing out the best of who I am and being able to see it always shining through.


Friends are like these tuberoses growing and the best of friends grow side by side with you like these do here, even though maybe you live 100’s of miles apart, you are joined in the thoughts and beliefs you both share, your definition of good and bad, and the passions, talents and abilities you both share.

Much like the stem, leaves and the flower itself are one unified whole, I go through life knowing that my values, integrity, goodness and compassion I show outwardly are all interconnected to eachother. People notice the flowers in a garden first but it couldn’t support itself if it didn’t have the stem rooted in the ground deriving nutrients from the soil.
I think of my soul as what the soil is to the flower, giving it balance, making it stronger, being almost as essential as the water and the sun.


The world sees our faces but deep within shines outwardly our soul, the DNA of who we are and what we value. There is nothing more important in what we possess in life.

This is why we can see a woman who for all good purposes is beautiful to the eye…a deception, but when she opens her mouth, if profanity, disgust and hate shine through, she is not truly beautiful but an illusion.

Our faces are like the blooms in a flower but who we are, what we value, and our attitude towards other people and humanity color us beautiful or ugly.

Choose your friends and family members carefully.

After the age of 20 or 30 years old, who is in our lives is a choice. We hold the control buttons.

Unknowingly, you will pick up attributes and qualities from them. You could go from being a splendid red rose to be shown off in a vase only to become a dandelion weed to be picked and thrown away with the trash!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Our Body as a Vessel by Brother Carl Frye

We start out as clay.We are molded,and shaped into a vessel,but unless we are refined,and restored how can anything dwell in us?

Water can only be contained in a vessel that has been prepared for it.



If you add water to the undone clay all it will do is dissolve and leak.God can only dwell in vessels that are refined,and restored,and ready to be used.

Ten Spiritual Tonics


I don’t know who wrote this but I discovered it on Facebook just now and thought I would share it all with the now 816 followers of Totally Inspired Mind. I have my house nearly packed up and it is strange to see it all in boxes scattered throughout the place. I have been here for 12 years and I will be heading for Tucson, Arizona very soon!


Always Trust Your Instincts, They are Messages From Your Soul

Always Trust Your Instincts, They are Messages From Your Soul


From the beautiful web site called “Signs of” these words caught me and inspired me to write the following piece. I hope you like it.

Have you ever been some where and something “inside you” spoke to you not to go somewhere or do something. You aren’t sure what it is, but you just know that your “inner voice” said simply “Don’t do it!”

By the same token, have you ever been somewhere and thought it would be a great idea to do something, and you aren’t sure why?

Have you ever acted on that inclination to do something that you felt would have a very positive outcome and it did have one?

I am finding this happening to me all the time. I call it “do what works and do it over and over again theory!”

We don’t have to understand everything in life, but we can simply act on our inner voices, and if we do, most of the time I find they steer you in a positive direction.

Some of this comes with age, and the older we get the smarter we become, (hopefully), and then intuition and wisdom comes in and a higher intelligence-once again, hopefully!

Have you ever noticed that when you pray or meditate in the morning (if you do, that is) that the very things you prayed for or hoped for happened that day? I have this happen to me continually, and it is almost incredible. There are certain locations where this phenomenon happens more regularly and others which it doesn’t, for whatever reason.

I will be moving in the next few weeks to a new state Arizona, but it is not totally unfamiliar. I was born there and remember it really well even though I was only 6 when we left it. I have been back there on several occasions and to Phoenix with a friend some years ago. I love the look of it, the purple mountains and the way the desert looks in when it blooms, the Saguaro cacti and my Uncle Lewis and Godfather still live there with lots of cousins. I have many friends in Arizona as well, which will be great. I am wanting a more “minimalistic” life style and I have been getting rid of all kinds of things that I simply don’t love or want to maintain any longer. I want a simple life, less stuff and to have create a place that I can create in, entertain in, cook in and just be happy in. The thing I say as I look at everything I am paying the movers to load in an 18 foot truck will be “Do I love it” and “Does it give me joy”? (That is sort of the same thing I ask myself when I think of the people in my life too!) Makes living pretty easy if you think that way. Why I bring this up is, I checked states all over the USA and could have gone really any where, but the one that kept calling me some how was Arizona and the simpler life, the “horsies” I remember in the large ranches, Indian reservations scattered all over and turquise being sold every where with country stores.


We don’t have to understand everything in life but just know yourself and know what would enable you to live the best life possible within your abilities and means. That is why I am moving to Arizona.

This is sort of the reverse of what my dad did when I was a kid when he packed up the Rambler station wagon and all of us and said he wanted to leave the fence business and go out and see the pacific ocean. He just knew he could make more money, and he did. I will always come back on trips with the Greyhound bus to see mom, my friends, the pier, and just all the places I have grown used to for 35 years! It doesn’t have to be one or the other; I can enjoy the best of both worlds-or places.

It is going to be a process and my life with be different, but different is OK with me as along as it is different in a good way. I am outgoing and never have taken long to meet my neighbors. I will have neighbors where I am going and they will speak English, unlike in Little Saigon where the same people for 12 years are lucky to know “hello” and smile. That was never my cup of tea but I helped my folks pay their mortgage for 12 years and I had a place to live and helped my parents out in the end. I know I did it and I will always have the good memories.

I know that even though my siblings were not grateful for anything I did in the end and were far from supportive or loving, God saw what I did and more importantly, I know what I did and wasn’t trying to earn any brownie points, but merely to do what was right. Sometimes doing that is not the easy way, but I can look back with no regrets, knowing I did the best I could and smile at the memories I had with my parents while they were alive. Mom is still alive and is 81 and lives with my sister temporarily until she goes into a special home for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. She requires 24 hour care now. I will make regular trips back to CA to see her because without her this blog wouldn’t exist because I wouldn’t exist! She was my cheerleader and teacher and is like a star in my sky in the evening and the sun when it is day.

So the next time you get an idea for something and you think it is a good one, see what happens by doing it. Hopefully it will have an awesome outcome.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

If I had but Two Loaves of Bread…..

This quote gives me one more reason to read the great philosophical work called The Koran.

“If I had but two loaves of bread, I would sell one and buy hyacinths, for they would feed my soul.


There is food for the body and for our nourishment and sustenance……like this Farm House Whole Wheat that I made.

A field of hyacinths for beauty to nourish the soul and refresh the spirit.

A field of hyacinths for beauty to nourish the soul and refresh the spirit.