Ten Spiritual Tonics


I don’t know who wrote this but I discovered it on Facebook just now and thought I would share it all with the now 816 followers of Totally Inspired Mind. I have my house nearly packed up and it is strange to see it all in boxes scattered throughout the place. I have been here for 12 years and I will be heading for Tucson, Arizona very soon!


Share Your Country

Share Your Country

I love most any pier but the Huntington Beach pier was one of the first places our family went when we moved from Tucson, AZ to southern CA when I was 6 years old, many a year ago.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a big cook, I think you will find “Cooking Up a Storm All Over the World!” to be more of a cooking magazine with things like antiques, collectables, decor and a bunch of friends awaiting. It is a networking site where you have the chance to share your abilities and culinary skills with others and make friends and new recipes!
In the tab SHARE YOUR COUNTRY, you can share the scenic shots of where you live and your favorite places.