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There 119 contributors in today’s issue. if you know someone who has Alzheimer’s disease or know someone who is a caregiver of someone as I was with my mother Ramona, share this newsletter.


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Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily 177 Contributors in Oct. 3rd 2014 Issue!

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The Quest for The Cancer Cure


On today’s issue of The Quest For The Cancer Cure during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week, topics covered range from:

Ways you can use diet to prevent cancer
Low dose radiation methods scientists have created
Mammograms and how important they are and the how to
Well, there’s a lot more!

Click the link above and read and share.

By reading The Quest For The Cancer Cure, you are equipping yourself with knowledge which is power, and that power is on your side in the battle to prevent cancer, but also cope with it, if diagnosed, and do everything in your power to win the battle.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Ctreator & Editor-In-Chief of The Quest For The Cancer Cure

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 – The Quest for The Cancer Cure


There are so many informative, fantastic and enlightening articles, photos and videos that explain and show real life ways we can prevent various types of cancer, you won’t want to pass up reading this issue.

To all those battling cancer, I will pray and hope you go into remission and your immunological system builds the resistance it needs to be a safeguard towards it.





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Eating a healthy clean diet, drinking plenty of water and eating a fresh diet full of organic produce, avoiding foods with nitrates and also food that has been charred black on a BBQ pare easy ways you can lower your cancer risks.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Creator and Editor of The Quest For The Cancer Cure

The Quest for The Cancer Cure Latest Issue for Jan 2014



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Prevention is key with cancer so make sure and get preventative tests through the year and when called to do so. Screening has improved substantially over the years.

I am going to get my yearly check up, mammogram, pelvic exam and I am having a few bumps on my left arm checked out, to be safe. Remember it is better to have a suspicious bump looked at then think it was silly and regret it later on.

No question is ever stupid, no matter what.

Remember that simple fact.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright Jan 4 2014

12:42 a.m.

The Quest for The Cancer Cure-The New Issue is Here!


There is always I am running into these days who was diagnosed with this terrible and tragic disease.
Prevention is key here and to do everything possible to minimize the bad effects of chemotherapy and other things on your body, mind and spirit.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, I will work for a cure by donating to The American Cancer Society and other organizations looking to minimize the lives taken by cancer.

God bless all who read this and I hope I see a cure in my lifetime. Education makes people CARE and when they CARE they get INVOLVED when they get INVOLVED they GIVE of their time for DONATIONS and then the RESEARCHERS WORK to find the CURE.

I am great at getting people to care about what they should.
I think I am what they call a “Firestarter” that stokes the fires in the furnace of people’s souls about things that affect us all.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko, November, 2013
Photography by Nick F. Belman
Photo Editing by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Paulette Motzko

The Quest for The Cancer Cure


Click on the link above in this issue and read how drinking coffee could help you prevent cancer. Vitamin D can reduce the odds you will get cancer.

There is even a wonderful healthy antioxident rich Gazpacho Soup for you here that tastes good, is good for you and can help build up your immunological system.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Editor-in-Chief of The Quest For The Cancer Cure

Your Epilepsy News Resource & Important Points To Remember


If you know someone with epilepsy, do them a favor and give them the link to this newsletter & tell them to subscribe to it.

As a child growing up with epilepsy, the disgnostic procedures were so archaic by comparison to what is available now.
With the advent of digital EEG’s that only take minutes and are held by gel instead of airplane glue and needles…like when I was diagnosed at 9!
The more you know about the lastest, breaking technologies, diets, and other self care tips, the greater your chance of beating the odds and winning ending up with health and a medicine plan that controls the seizures without controlling your life with side effects.
The worst part of antiepileptic medicines and anticonvulsants are the pages of side effects.

Learn as much as you can through your doctor and get a print out from your local Walgreens showing what things to be on the lookout for in possible side effects.

If you have children don’t let their fevers get too high and bring them down with ice compresses or cold wash cloths and baby asprin as soon as possible. I speak from experience.


Me in the middle front row at 12 years old, with mom on the right, sister on the left, dad (in heaven now) on top right and two brothers on top left and top middle. I was home schooled because I was too sick to attend school for several years. When Tegretol came out and I went on it, I was one they were testing it on. It worked on me though for the first time a pill actually worked.
When Vimpat from UCB came out it made history by having the higest % of success rate and lowest side effects ever. It is made for partial epilepsy, like mine. If you know of someone who is intractable (uncontrolled seizures in spite of taking pills), ask your doctor if Vimpat could be the answer. It was for me now.

Many years before when not even two years old, my fever accelerated to over 102 and I went into convulsions then a coma. I stayed that way in the hospital for many days in St. Josephs Children Hospital in Tucson, Arizona until Dr. Storks found me and helped save my life. I have a Pebbles doll that smiles at me to this day and I think of Dr. Storks who saved my life when I see her smiling back at me.

I would have taken a photo of her and put here but most all my personal possessions have been in storage since April of 2013 when my sister & brother in law evicted me from my mother (Ramona with Alzaheimer’s disease) home I lived in for 13 years…helping make meals for mom and paying their house payment.
Quite a tragic story but the good news is I didn’t do the bad things in my life and instead all the things I have been responsible for have turned out amazingly well.

It wasn’t until I was four years old that I began having simple partial seizures. Later it was finally diagnosed when a neurologist realized the tummy aches I complained about really had a neurological root. A kid doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe what a seizure feels like.

Talk with your child. My second grade teacher Mrs. Zubroad noticed I was having a seizure in my class and that lead to a hospitilization at Palm Harbor Hospital that  would lead to the disgnosis of complex partial epilepsy in Jan 1971.

I am taking Tegretol and Vimpat now and do pretty well.

People with epilepsy can do just about everything anyone else can. I personally wouldn’t advocate driving unless the person has had many years seizure free. I mean 100% seizure free.

I was nearly killed driving about 16 years ago now, and I am so happy I wasn’t and relieved nobody else was hurt. I will never drive as long as I live, even if they upped the anty to a million bucks. I nearly lost everything I worked for, including my future for the price of a little independence. I do the bus and walk a long way every day and have become quite accustomed to the long time it takes, but it gets me there….eventually.

Also a tip for women having uncontrolled seizures especially around your period. The odds of you having catamenial epilepsy are about 98%. I had it from 9 years old until I had my tubes tied in 2001 and my cervix removed, making it impossible to have periods any longer. Every time a woman has her period her progesterone levels drop. Progesterone has anti seizure properties. So when the woman quits having periods there are no longer any more hormonal swings, like I suffered for years with.

I guess this is going to be another book I am writing:

Epilepsy: What It Is, What It Isn’t & How to Prevent IT and Manage Epilepsy To Optimize Life Quality

As the CEO & Founder of The Epilepsy Connection for many years I saved lives in 5 minutes by caring, researching and tuning others into the needed resources in their areas. Sometimes, just talking to a caring soul and knowing they weren’t alone was the most important thing of all. After my divorce to my rocket scientist ex, I had my arms full of just taking care of myself, but I will always be a disability advocate as long as I live.

I hope my words have helped a few parents out there and I hope that some with epilepsy who have been taking risky chances with their life by driving when not being seizure free can hear me say “It isn’t bad. You will live if you don’t drive. You will live LONGER.”

I wish all that read this health and all things wonderful in life and hope…always hope.

Photo Taken by Nick Belman
Digital Photography done by Paulette L. Motzko

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

November 3, 2013
3:53 a.m.

Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily


For anyone dealing with those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, this is a must read! I created it in hopes that even though I cannot reverse the hell my mother has gone through with it, I can enlighten and empower others going through it, along with myself.


Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Photography by Nick Belman
Digital Photo Editing by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Creator & Editor of Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily

November 4th, 2013

Women Who Thrive Latest Issue Waiting To Read & Share


This edition covers topics like: women in business, healthy workouts, how avoiding cocktails could help you avoid breast cancer, the male orgasm, motivation, and much more!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Creator & Editor & Chief of Women Who Thrive

Cat Saves Family from a House Fire-Who Says Cats Can’t Do Anything?

Cat Saves Family from a House Fire

Paulette Motzko on Totally Inspired Mind

Copyright March 2013

News Source: Fox News- March 23rd, 2013

Cat Saves Family from a House Fire-Who Says Cats Can’t Do Anything?

Click on the above link to read the story off Fox News.com. This aired two days ago on http://www.FoxNews.com.

I had two awesome cats for 15 years named Muffin and Midnight and they were like kids. When I heard this story today on Fox News.com I couldn’t resist sharing it because it is one of those “feel good stories” that I search the world over for.

Animals have a sixth sense that is beyond what human beings can understand that is almost clairvoyant. I knew dogs had this sense of being alerted to earth quakes, and even knowing when their masters come home. I had never heard that cats had that ability.