God’s Plan For You

Plans For You – 5 by Joanna Quintrell at https://abide.is/prayer/bb7vu3 on #abideis

Any Christian can say this and meditate upon this. ABIDE is a free app that you can access from your smartphone.

Will all need to balance our spiritual life, no matter what situation you may be in.

Even if you’re a Buddhist, if you are Native American, if you are Jewish, if you are Pentecostal  if you are a Jehovah Witness, or you’re Mormon, Protestant or any other faith…… We all have many things in common…..


Image wall paper for your smart phone or device hand selected by Paulette Motzko from Zedge.com.

Will believe in a power greater than ourselves. We all had mothers and fathers- even if you never knew them and even if they put you up for adoption your mother still gave you life.

We all have known what it’s like to love and not be loved.

We know what it’s like to fail and we all know what it’s like to succeed.

We are all human beings and more alike than we all realize.

We weren’t created to be like each but we were created to appreciate and respect the differences in each other.

If the United  States government would think like that, we wouldn’t have wars and instead of guns with bullets, people would strive for understanding instead of killing whatever they didnt understand.

So take time to realize that the person you’re talking to may be different than you, but has their own story too.

They may not be as bad as you think they are.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
Copyright March 2015
March 21st, 2015
4:05 p.m.

Healing Hands of Hope

Healing Hands Of Hope by Convergence House of Prayer at https://abide.is/prayer/kkfhpe on #abideis


Healing Hands Wallpaper Image from Zedge

Paulette L Motzko
March 20th, 2015
9:25 p.m.

If you have epilepsy like I do, and even though your medicine works most of time, but you’re not feeling that great because you overdid it -like I did today….
Say this prayer.

If you have cancer or some other life-threatening disease….say this prayer. You will find strength and hope.

If you have osteoarthritis or other crippling ailment…say this prayer.

If you have Alzheimer’s disease or any other didability- physical or hidden- say this very short inspiring prayer I found on the app ABIDE.

You will feel better and I hopr you find strength, as I did.

Paulette Motzko

Prayer Moments To Bring Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth by Os Hillman at https://abide.is/prayer/blvn7e on #abideis

Here is one of God’s little animals he made I spotted sunning outside a building in the big city. I am relatively new to Las Vegas, Nevada, and June 10th 2015 will make my one year anniversary of relocating from Southern CA.

Take time to pray no matter what religion you are what faith what creed. pray to do good for other people, pray to make the world a better place. make yourself a better person- the more patient person.

Have a wonderful day and a wonderful and safe St. PATRICK’S DAY.

Paulette L Motzko
Copyright March 17, 2015
8:18 a.m.

The Prayer by Andre Bocceli & Celine Dion-One of Paulette Motzko’s Favorite Songs in The World!


This is my jam: The Prayer by Celine Dion / Andrea Bocelli @999kez ♫ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying http://www.iheart.com/live/33?cmp=android_share

The first time I heard this was by Josh Grobin, another prodigy and mega talent. When I heard it I had to buy the CD and used to sing both parts as my real prayer every night.

Prayer to me has nothing to do with “religion”, as all religion is made by men….I am taking the belief that praying to a higher power greater than all of us combined.

I hope by sharing this piece it helps you connect to a divineness within yourself, as it did me and still does!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
January 5th, 2015
2:38 p.m.

Paulette Motzko’s New Year Prayer

No matter what your faith and what yoy believe…
I wish you peace of mind and that your heavy burdens be lifted, as though transforming a battleship’s weight to the whisp of a feather.


I hope you laugh much, cry little, but still know tears are cathartic and their droplets wash away sadness and grief buried in your heart.

I hope you will choose your friends carefully and carve the words you say as though carved from the finest marble. Make your statements and the points you make good enough, and meaningful enough that your carved words in marble form a beautiful statue for all the world to see, as in display for all time.

Give freely not caring what you get.

Live to do your best, live to your highest human potential, and compare yourself little.

Be true to yourself and the rest will follow.

Do what you do in all things with all the passion in your soul.

If you write, let your pen be set afire with the passion in your soul.

If you teach, teach with all the zeal in the world, ever patient, ever kind, ever imaginative of new ways to get your point across. Remember the subject is new to them, even though yoy are familiar.

If you cook, tranform the best ingredients you can find and combine the flavors in such harmonious ways the taster would think they were married….or like each ingredient is an instrument in an orchestra. And in the first bite, the symphomy begins.

Find your creative outlets and passions and each day do something to foster your skill’s growth or expertise.



Always keep learning,
becoming, growing like a flower whose growth cycle keeps regenerating….
Be evergreen.
Be true.
Be genuine.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Images created by Paulette L Motzko
January 1st, 2015
Copyright Jan 2015

No Matter How Scientific Your Job, You Cannot Deny The Fact That Prayer Works!


Even my ex-husband the rocket scientist was not an athiest, because he knew prayer worked in miraculous, unexplainable ways.

It isn’t important we understand everything in life; we never will understand all of life’s mysteries.

I had enough faith to fill a mountaintop and still do because I am a walking miracle and have lived most of my life with intractable epilepsy. After 2001 when I divorced my ex-husband who was never happy and was constantly depressed, did I realize that his problems weighed me down.

Some have it all in life…the successful job, the huge house and the everything…but are not happy people.

Some find the best in every one they meet and though their lives are far from perfect, they are told they have good Karma and are so wonderful to be around.

It is all how you play the hand God gives you in the game of life.
I have always known, that though at before Vimpat came out I am taking with the highest success rate for seizure control and lowest amount of side effects by UCB for partial seizures ever in history; health was a hit and miss thing for me.

Now I want to be a spokesperson for the drug and UCB…just need to contact the right person.

Back to the opening paragraph and photo…
We don’t have to understand why something works….but that it does.

I have a simple motto in life:

Do what works and do it over and over again, and avoid what doesn’t work….
And learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright, August 9th, 2014

Home at Last by Paulette L Motzko

May 4th, 2014
9:00 a.m.

Home at Last


We go through things in life that have us wondering why it all happened or we needed to go through these things. As we get older, the types of experiences number and we go through some trials, some tribulations and others-just puzzling with no real answers why.

What can we do when these things occur?

Keep going!

As Winston Churchill said: “What do you do when you go through hell? Keep on going! Keep going!”

I am typing with both hands now, and though it doesn’t feel like it did before and my left wrist is still sore-it moves without surgery! And though my index and ring fingers are sore when I type, I am typing back at my 80 w.p.m. and in time-I know it will get better.

My idea of occupational therapy is making homemade bread, typing, cooking, playing piano and just watching, very carefully, how I pick up things.



My upright rosewood grand I will play again hopefully soon…



I want to thank all of my many dedicated readers who said prayers for me that my wrist would mend itself and my fingers would work again, as before way me-because that prayer came true and was answered.



I also want to thank the many who have followed along, Like Paton Place-me, my living situation and who prayed I would find a wonderful place to live.





I found it and yes, I am home at last.

I am now a personal chef and caregiver for a wonderful lady in Laguna Woods, CA and all of her grown up children feel I am their Answered Prayer. They are mine and it is so peaceful, quiet and serene here. I am doing the same thing I did for my mom and dad but this time being appreciated and respected and compensated for it all!

She is my new found friend and the look in her eyes is one of genuine appreciation and love and kindness. When her son Don brought me to see the place I would be living and to meet his mother Mary Ann yesterday morning-I reached out my hand and said, “It is nice to meet you Mary Ann; I have heard so much about you!” She looked a me with a big smile and opened her arms up to give me a huge hug instead. We both wear the same Miraculous Medal around our necks and her mother prayed to the Blessed Virgin Mary-just as my mother Ramona still does. Aida had a smile like the sunshine and was also warm and kind and it was so wonderful to meet a family who so genuinely work with one another and care about their mother as much as I cared about mine.

My big bedroom overlooks a large balcony and this morning I was able to hear the birds from the evergreens planted all over the 18 miles of what is called Laguna Woods Village-sing their morning serenade.

There are shuttles that go in and out of Laguna Woods Village all day long-and since I don’t drive for medical reasons-it is like heaven to me. No more walking a mile or more in the heat, waiting an hour for a bus-from OCTA! I walk down the stairs and there are benches scattered all over that will take me virtually anywhere I would want to go!

Anyway, all I know is my blood pressure has dropped since moving here, I have met countless nice and helpful people here. For instance, I was trying to go to church with Mary Ann this morning but had no idea when the Laguna Woods Village buses ran. With a place as large as this, it is no wonder I feel lost here! I got a map of the area and opened it up and it was still confusing. I kept asking people how to get a bus back to the Laguna Woods Village area and ran across Mary and David-a handsome sweet couple coming out of J.C. Penny’s where I was told to wait for the bus-but I knew the person who told me was wrong! Turns out, I guess I am a good  “people reader” or have great hunches because Mary and David were my neighbors! Mary has the prettiest eyes and beautiful, curly, short hair and David, even though he was walking with a walker, with a hurt knee-made time for me-and said, “Oh, let’s just take her there Mary!”

I think these two really had wings hidden under their shirts! I know there was no random chance here, as sure as I know I felt a miracle was lurking on Craig’s List the day I found the ad that changed my life and Mary Ann’s. As much joy as Mary Ann has added to my life, in the short span since I have known her, I hope to add quality to her days as well.

I am looking forward to bringing in my desk and swiveling reclining chairs in on my  balcony and getting a little table to set my coffee cup down when I listen to God put on a Morning Serenade of birds here.
Here in what I call my Writing Room….or Outdoor Office






It will be nice to bring in a few of my beloved books I miss, make meals with my Bobby Flay fire red cooking pans-that will cook meals for Mary Ann and hopefully her children and their children. Little did I know something like that would happen when I bought them. I only knew-with the way I take care of things, they would outlive me-like my rosewood grand piano.

Just when you feel like giving up-DON’T!

Just when you think you are forsaken-PRAY!

Open your heart up and lift your hands upward and pray the prayer of a despondent one, and then use the brain God gave you and do everything in your power to CHANGE YOUR SITUATION.



Chances are, a miracle will happen, just like it did to me.
Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Photography by Paulette L Motzko
Digital Photo Editing by Paulette L Motzko

Copyright May 2014
Sunday, May 4th, 2014

In The Cool of The Day by Brother Carl Frye

My friend Brother Carl Frye go all the way back to high school years. He writes some of the most poignant and inspiring things on Facebook that he knows I find and read and every once in awhile print on here. He gives me permission to do so because he feels he is blessed and his words help others. I know they do. Many times they help me think in higher planes and look at the good side when even I am tired from working too hard.

In The Cool of the Day by Carl Frye

Written via Facebook November 30th, 2013


In the cool of the day you may be on a long road walking alone thinking about your life, and your purpose in it. As you walk you see the birds flying through the sky, and all the animals of the forest stirring about, but yet you feel along, but you’re not. God took the first step with you you took your first step on life’s road, and he has been following you since then so there is no reason to feel lonely.

You’re never alone, no matter where you are, where you go and what you do in life. The road of life may seem lonely, but really it’s never too crowded. God is always there.


19 firefighters killed in Arizona Blaze- A Tribute & Prayer for their Wives & Children


Little would I think when I was watching the news on CNN last night I would hear of such a horrifying and sad story about the loss of 19 heroic fireman in Arizona who lost their lives fighting a mighty blaze.

Never in my almost 52 years on this earth have I heard of that many fireman losing their lives to keep a blaze away from people’s homes.

I was born in Tucson and visited my uncle there recently and know firsthand how hot and dry the Sonoran desert can be. It was the biggest reason I decided not to move there, even though the apartments were very inexpensive compared to over priced southern CA.

I want to say God bless you to all the families and friends of each fireman who will never come home to their earthly home but who has come home to His Maker God Almighty where through their incredibly selfless actions and heroic deeds I am sure are sitting at the highest helm in Heaven.

I hope all the wives of each fireman somehow find peace and solace in their hearts and an angel is beside them when they sleep so they don’t feel lonely.

I also pray for the children who lost their fathers all too soon in this tragedy. They are their father’s sons and daughters and they also will be great and do great works just as he did. I hope their tears are wiped by their mothers and Great God Almighty gives them the Courage they need to simply go on.

Here is a salute from Paulette Le Pore Motzko to the Hot Shot Fire Team and their families and friends.
I didn’t know them but it puts tears in my eyes now.

I am sorry for your loss at this time.

Paulette’s Prayer and You Writing Your Own Personal Prayer

Paulette’s Prayer and The Ways it Has Been Answered

Writing Your Prayer

Copyright April 2013  Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko


I found this when going through some of the many things I wrote on MS Word in My Documents folder. I didn’t realize so many of my prayers had been answered until reading this and being astonished at how my life, ever so slowly, transformed itself into what it is today on April 14th, 2013.

My mother always told me that I could achieve anything any one else could if I only tried. She was a visionary and a creative person and I was given many gifts from her in those ways. She is 81 years young and I hope that I can encourage her to create once again a picture or a painting or something else she loves today. After my dad’s death last September 2012, it was a blessing in many ways because he was suffering so much, but it took a long time for her to fully understand that he truly was not here. She has advanced Alzheimer’s disease and telling her once was bad, but it took three times that I had to tell my mom when I lived next to her, before she truly understood he touched the Face of God. Once I described it that way, that he was no longer in pain, and his prayers were answered, then she smiled and knew what I had said. Then we hugged and hugged some more and they bring tears to me today to recall.

I am much stronger than I was then, and I have fought to achieve the basic things I needed mentioned in this prayer.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

For instance, I now have Medical insurance and it pays for my very expensive medicine for epilepsy after 12 years of fighting. My medicine alone is many thousands a year and I was literally selling things each month to afford it. I have worked furiously to create what is now the web sites that are flourishing and are becoming more popular:

http://www.CookingUpaStorminCa.ning.com Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!

http://www.TotallyInspiredPC.wordpress.com Totally Inspired Mind

http://www.PhotosThatInspireWords.wordpress.com  Photos That Inspire Words

http://www.CookingUpaStormWithMissPolly.com  Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly

I no longer live next to what was my parent’s place and is now my mother’s place, and am awaiting my one bedroom apartment home in Santa Ana, CA. It will be a dream come true when it is finished in June 2013 as Good Will Industries will help me with my grocery shopping, which as you can see was on my “list” from years ago.

I am way more healthy than I was then and have lost close to 70 pounds and feel like a new person.

I got my “magic pills” which are Tegretol and Vimpat-a very expensive drug for complex partial epilepsy, which I have created by UCB. Every time I go pick up my pills at Walgreens I say to myself three “thank God’s”-one for the drug being there for me to take, another for the insurance paying for it, and for me being so healthy in mind, body and soul on it.

I no longer associate with the negative verbally abusive people who were dragging me down to their lowly size, and many were my siblings. My dad continually did it but he is no longer here of this earth.

Also, there are several gentleman callers who are interested in me and one in particular who is having a procedure to repair his shoulder that was injured while he was in the service. He envisions he and I together in the future. Time will tell what happens.

Since this prayer was written in 2009 so many things have changed for the better. It is only through documenting our experiences today can we see our progress and how we have achieved what we set out to do. I believe that there is a God or an Omnipotent Presence that surrounds and Guides us all. I am not going to preach to you here in this article, but rather to tell you encourage you to write your own prayer.

How this was done was I wrote down the key things I wanted changed in my life and that I needed to live. Health always comes first because without it, we cannot fully achieve our full potential. People come next and our dreams and goals.

I created CARestaurantShowCase.com and hope that it will become successful the more time I can invest with it.

Totally Inspired Mind has been the most rewarding to create back in October when I realized that I could no longer single-handedly help and take care of mom. Her Alzheimer’s disease has worsened to drastic proportions. I stayed in a hotel I liked that had a really great internet connection and was located to all things I loved in Huntington Beach, and it seemed the words and ideas flowed. I wasn’t continually preoccupied with someone knocking on the door every 5 minutes which could test a saint!

To date there are 836 followers on the site and is read by over 20 countries and the site is still in its infancy.

To make this personal to you, I recommend that you write your own prayer today.

Date it and then type it or write it as though God or Jesus or whoever you pray to is there by your side or a dear friend.

Next month take your prayer out and look at them side by side then alter the prayer as your prayers begin being answered.

My book Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Positive Affirmations, is being written and I may change the title upon completion. More exercises like this one will be in it.

That is what I do when I pray and that is how I have done it all my life.

Say your prayer every day and watch things change in your life.

If you notice things improving, please take the time to write me at TotallyInspiredPC@gmail.com and tell me how your life is improving.

It is a combination of you making it happen in act, word and deed and the faith that things will change through a higher power.

Something I have noticed is that whenever I do something good for someone, something wonderful happens to me, and even if it doesn’t, I feel wonderful doing it.

I hope that by sharing this with the world it will make you realize that you are in more control of your life than you know. You can be like the “guidance system” in a rocket that communicates what direction the rocket will go.

Your dreams can go as high as the stars in the sky if you only want them to!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko


Paulette’s Prayer November 6th, 2009

Dear Lord,

Please protect my health and make my pills work, give me joy and new hope for a new day. Allow me to never have another worry about money as long as I live and make the most out of the many skills you have given me.

Let me meet only people who are: kind, caring, empathetic, compassionate and good-natured who value what is most in life-You and the good things in life.

Also, let me avoid all those who are not good for me in some capacity, avoiding any physical and/or verbal abuse.

Let me attract Good in Life as though as were a magnet that radiates outward like the sun, bringing it closer to me.

Let me do something with my music so that the world may hear my songs that I have written since

I was a child at 9.Image

Let my words inspire others and let me continue to write the book that I am working on now visualizing it sitting on the bookshelf at the bookstore.

Let my business thrive and let me create new and better services and make my clients happy only to return and tell others about me-creating a chain reaction.

Let me find the man that I will be with for the rest of my life, who will love me, respect me, and think I am beautiful inside and out…and never let me know the word lonely as long as YOU are NEAR.

Let me know what peace is of knowing that I have enough money, insurance to pay for my medical needs, and let me strive to be the most able bodied woman I can be.

Let me be seizure free and aspire to great things and make YOU PROUD as long as I am alive.


Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Ten Spiritual Tonics


I don’t know who wrote this but I discovered it on Facebook just now and thought I would share it all with the now 816 followers of Totally Inspired Mind. I have my house nearly packed up and it is strange to see it all in boxes scattered throughout the place. I have been here for 12 years and I will be heading for Tucson, Arizona very soon!


Prayer is a Cry of Gratitude and Love in the Midst of Trial and Joy

Prayer is a Cry of Gratitude and Love in the Midst of Trial and Joy

That quote came from a saint I am was named after when I was confirmed in 2001-Therese. She promised to shower roses from the Throne of God for anyone who prayed for her intercession to God.

I don’t understand it but I have many roses I have found-where no roses grow-after praying the Chaplet of St. Therese.

Then again, we don’t have to understand everything. We never will.

We should worry less about what we all believe, what race we are and things that stop us from communicating with one another. Tolerance and understanding are the bridges to the signing the next Peace Treaty.

The Best Christmas Present I Gave Myself-Time with My Mom-Ramona Lea Le Pore


The photo shown here is of my mom back in March of this year. We had an awesome day with our friend Glenn at the Huntington Beach pier. It was as though everything went our way. It was the first time my mother and I had gone out on the town, so to speak, since my dad’s death, after having dementia, a severe heart condition and being totally bed ridden. My mother was a caregiver 4 times in a row, and helped me more than once in my life. The best of who I am I owe to her and I would pull a star out of the sky for her.

Now the only time I see her is when I see her in a photo in the Christmas cards I designed or in a cup I had made for her and I, showing the two of us on Thanksgiving.

I had once of the worst days today because my Brother in Law, Mike Bunker, who works at Fancy Stitchin in Moreno Valley, CA will not put a call through to my mother Ramona Le Pore. She will not tell me where she is and insists that I only see her for an hour visit with only him around.

I am just a nice disabled able minded lady who is doing her best to earn a living as a writer, photographer and marketing consultant. Provided I am not living with constant drama, as I have here for what seems like forever, I feel great.

I know all this will soon be over and  as the moving van pulls up and packs up my desk, tables, many books and the room I hate to leave the most, my kitchen, because dad desgined that for me when I was 24 years old. He built the tiles in there, and created a wooden shelf that has tea pots on it now.

Dad I wish you could see all this happening now and stop it. I think the kids thought you were the referee keeping the kids in line. We are NOT kids though. I am 51 years old and then you have varying ages all the way up to 63. Amazing how greedy money can make you. I didn’t want my parent’s money or house or anything, but my parents. I still cry when I see a happy photo of them together because now I don’t have either one.

Let tomorrow bring a much brighter day and a few unexpected miracles!


What do you do when a Power of Attorney runs wild and the person turns into a monster?

I want the best for my mother but I came first and he did not.

I also have only so much money to invest in paying lawyers to make this whole mess right.

After living in this duplex next to my folks for 12 years the power is going to be shut down on the property soon and the heat is already turned off. I have a space heater in my bedroom and of course light to write this and electricity and the music from my IPOD, thank God, since my brother stupidly unplugged my receiver on my stereo when he took out the cable box today!

There are times when you can look around and wonder where Christmas is. This is the only one where I have been looking and not finding. I helped a homeless family during the week before Christmas not be home less for a week at a Motel 3 and the kid that had tears in eyes-Christopher Traveno, put a smile on my face when I did it.

Money can do wonderful things. It can cure cancer if you pay the right researchers to find the cure. It can feed the home less, it can find new cures for epilepsy, which I have had since I was 9 years young.

I miss my mom and want to see her as something other than in a picture in the Christmas cards I designed this year. I pulled off a picture of her when she was 16 and so beautiful. There was a time we looked like twins in so many ways. She could light a beacon up like a beam up light.

Mike Bunker was throwing good food, $8 salmon I just bought mom in the garbage while my brother idly watched it all go by. We were raised in a poor house, but blessed what he had and were glad we were alive. We didn’t have a table with chairs but a pic nic bench that mom painted white in our first house on Perrin Drive. Later on, when dad made more money and he did great in sales selling major appliaances, a big maple table came in with big heavy wood chairs. I love the pic nic table we had and how I miss that table now and mom and now dad looking down on all of this non sense.

I am not sure where this story is going but it feels good to write and as the tears stream down my face.

How did my family turn so callous and full of hate and where did those values go to do this? I have come to realize that hatred, that festers inside my sister Brenda Bunker has been like disease that has messed up even my brother’s reasoning making him think this was right?

My dad’s mother we called “Nanny” lived with us then and cooked for us when my mom worked as a waitress. She made oatmeal and showed me how to cook at an early age and cooking was a passion my dad truly enjoyed-food and music and simple things like gardening were his pleasures. That is why it was so sad to see all the things he loved stripped from him at the end of his life, when all he could do was look up at a ceiling, not being able to move his arms from osteoarthritis.

I have one family member and now she is being held for ransom by the way I see it. Nobody should be able to do a power trip or turn out their aggressions by taking away the most valuable family member to me as of December 13th 2012….a few siblings that don’t choose their words wisely and don’t place their values in the right place do not count.

Make this right Lord, I know there is an Omnipotent Presence in this world and I know prayer is powerful but it seems I have been sending up smoke signals by the outcome I am getting here.

I hope to make a move and be out of here before the power goes out on my place and Mike Bunker the evil brother in law turns everything off here just because he can.

We need to change the laws concerning power of attorney because once given, the person can become the equivalent of HItler, as in the case of Mike Bunker.

I am the one suffering here and I shouldn’t be.

My mother and I were very close and always will be. I have two gifts I gave myself under my small tree but the gift I want most of all is A HUG FROM MY MOTHER RAMONA LEA.

If any of you know of a civil attorney who can knock some sense into my sister and brother in law Mike & Brenda Bunker, and make them remember what kindness and fairness is all about, please contact me:


Why is the house going to be sold? To pay for the $3000 in medical expenses for an assisted living place.

If you read this and you know of a way we save our house, for God’s sake speak up now!

I woke up to a realtor next door where mom used to be.

Sad part, my family doesn’t care if I am homeless and my mother wanted to will this property to me since I paid $85,000 into it over 12 years with rent.

As soon as word got out they whisked mom out to Moreno Valley and quickly deemed her incompetent! Sound fishy to you? Me too.

How about a “family meeting” at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Mike Bunker’s Birthday, August 19th, 2012? Dad was dying in a hospital and he was using his debit card on this. What are the odds? I would say 98% good. All my hunches have been dead on right my whole life.

I call a spade a spade and there are people that are just nasty and rotten to the core and my brother in law is just that. I had a really nice sister before she married him.

I will be calling Atlas Van Lines to get a quote to start packing my stuff up. The party I envisioned is going down the tubes, and I just don’t feel any cheer but am hoping tomorrow feels more hopeful.

Why is it that some hold on to their values and what matters and others don’t?

Why can’t the rest realize that my mother has the right to go into her own house and pick things she loves the most to take where she is going? He talks about her as though she is dead and dumb, and that is EDLER ABUSE.

After I know mom is alright, I can rest easy and relax-Hear me Lord? Let me contact all the people necessary to allow me to see my mom when I want and allow her to come back into the house she rightly owns!

This is soooooooooooooooooo wrong!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

December 13th, 2012

10:25 PM