Herb Alpert: Come Fly with Me


Image from his album Come Fly With Me. I am not stealing it but promoting your album.


Herb Albert is probably one of the first artists I was crazy about with the Tijuana Brass.

I remember dancing over and over to “Taste of Honey”, which broke records as the number one song on Billboard more than once.  If I am in a “blah mood”, all I have to is turn on the remastered CD of  Herb’s “Whipped Cream” album on my ipod.  You just can’t listen to Herb Alpert and feel bad it’s just impossible.

My dad had everything he ever recorded up to the late 70’s anyhow….. on a 33 rpm and then CD.

“Whipped Cream”, “Tijuana Taxi”, “This Guy’s in Love “, and “Peanuts ” are to name just a few my favorites.

I never knew that Herb Alpert was a bronze sculptor for over 30 years and his works were showcased in Los Angeles. …close to where I used to live on Orange County.

I also didn’t know Herb Alpert had a foundation to help young children and promote the arts….until today when I searched him on Twitter and found his real page…and I began updating my knowledge with his latest albums and reading about the huge stars he discovered.

To Herb Alpert:
“Mr. Alpert, I hope you read this because I think someone as multi- talented as you is born once every millenium. You have added countless hours of Joy to my Life and you are still adding it as we speak.

It is just now I am a professional writer, photographer, and marketer. I used to teach piano over twenty years – and I began writing music when I was nine-years-old.



People in “Vegas” just don’t pay for piano lessons. They just show up with their kids and expect you to teach him for free!

Two Passionate, Love Filled, Hope Filled Poems from Ramon Loyola

I met Ramon Loyola on Word Press when I was searching the world over to add new content to the writers work lab etc.
I saw his extraordinary poetry and read his blog and how excited he was (as I would be), seeing his books in a book store. I could relate. I really loved what I saw. I asked him if I could print two of his most hopeful positive poems/prose on either Totally Inspired Mind or The Writer’s Work Lab-and he loved my idea.
When I find something wonderful, something special, that has that has a unique quality to it, I can share it with the world. And so I did.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

If And When by Ramon Loyola
When you love,
Let the touch feel your warmth
So that it burns like a flame
In the bosom’s deepest cauldron,
If you love,
Memorize the face that stares,
Its lines drawing all meaning
To all the desires revealed,
When you love,
Let the eyes see your heart
So that it remembers like child
In the mind’s most profound innocence,

If you love,
Cherish the oneness that keeps,
Its grace denying all weakness
To the soul’s unknown yearnings,
When you love (finally),
Let the kiss seal your fate
So that it binds like a chain
In life’s undying memory,
Copyright Ramon Loyola, 2014


Don’t Let It Go by Ramon Loyola

When you feel the warmth of the sun
On your goose-bumped arm
Like the feeling of a frenetic hand
The fingers nimble on your tingling skin
Where the sensation of gladness
Overwhelms you like that grand vista
Of a fresh meadow
Green and lush and
Misty and wide
Don’t let it go.
The feeling is real
It can only get better,
Don’t let it go.


Run up to the sharpest corner
At the end of the street
And grab the sun
Resting in the expanse of your palm
Don’t’ let it go

It is as real as the veins
In your clenched hand
When you find the child again
Lurking deep in side
But rearing its head
Peeking through the small hole
On the forbidding fence
Between sorrow and bliss
When you seek for
The small joys
As you plan in the rain
Don’t let it go

The moment is clear
As vivid as the sky above
Don’t let it go

It will slip by if you do
Glide along past you like a stranger
Who cares more for dire untruths
Don’t let it go
It will leave you insignificant if you do
Undone in a crowded room
When you fall
Madly, truly and ever deeply
Where the hurt is inevitable
Where the heart is soured by
The insincere laughter
The dishonest words
Despite the piercing pain
The opposite of love
And heartfelt tenderness
Don’t let it go
The eyes hold it in
The only truth in that look
Don’t let it go
The memory will fade
The regret will set in
Making you forget the face
The eyes the skin the cheeks
Don’t let it go
It will fade forever
Gone to the light
The water is deep
The air is thin
Hold your breath
Wave your arms above your head
Let your hair get wet
Freeze your toes in the frosty morning
Let the sun scorch your flesh
Laugh like nothing else matters
Shout to the top of your lungs
Weep silently and weep some more


When you have tasted all
The nectars of pleasure
When pain has racked your bones
Has broken your heart into smithereens
And has made you steel for peace
And serenity has tempered your soul
And has stumped the chaos that confused you
That rumbled in the earth
Keep it close
Don’t let it go
The firm paths are showing you
Like the sun guides the flowers to bloom
Don’t let it go
The answer is leading you
Clasping you tight like a lover in heat
Seeing your light at last
And when you find yourself finally
Don’t let it go
It is fleeting but it will stay
As surely as the promise of mornings
Ramon Loyola, Copyright 2014


Photography and Digital Arts by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright 2015

My mom Ramona Lea Le Pore has been confirmed alive when will buy the Moreno Valley sheriff in California. Corrupt Power of Attorneys and Nevada Playing God

Due to very a very malicious man Mike Bunker, who became my mom’s and dad’s power of attorney illegally in California where I used to live; he stopped me from seeing my mother for over two and a half years. Never is one person, family or not, supposed to govern the financial and medical affairs of a senior. Why is that?

If there is an abuse entrust then everything goes to hell that’s why as in my case and my mom case.

My mom was diagnosed with COPD 2 years ago and my stupid brother was bringing her cartons of cigarettes and dumping them on the doorstep how is that for stupid? I would not buy her cigarettes the mother she begged me to because I didn’t want to be have been in my head giving her lung cancer. I wanted to know that I just did good things for her I gave her my time, effort made meals for that I knew she loved and wanted to make during the time of my stay there from 2001 till almost 2 years ago I wanted to make sure I did my best for her.


if it’s your mom and me couple years ago for Thanksgiving dinner when I took her out wearing around for dinner nice new outfit that I bought new shoes new everything and I figured that time little bit I know how much hell would be in store for me and I nearly would almost die, nearly strangled to death by someone i thought was a friend, because Nevada lowered my social security forcing me to live with others. A whole host of other things that happened and I’m still here to talk about it. But its pretty bad when the only way to see your mother is on the face of a mug!

Or on a 16 x 20 mural of mom and I before Mike Bunker abducted her from the Yockey address in Garden Grove, with no note forcing me to file a missing Persons report! Again, what a disgusting man.

She was so happy when I left…no goodbyes. He traumatized my poor mom…facts.

I would need to get paid megabucks to live in California or be hired for my abilities instead of denied because of my disability.

I was the only one to look after my mother’s welfare and cared about what she thought. As a person with Alzheimer’s disease live who doesn’t understand what’s going on, nobody explained to her that by signing this contract that Bunker was going to become a power of attorney of everything related to her.

You can’t hold someone that to sign a contract when they have Alzheimer’s disease cause they don’t know what they’re signing.

The attorney that did that should go to prison…..and I want to see him go to there so he cant draw void contracts on anyone else.

The repercussions that happened for signing that contract made my life a living hell and made my father’s life hell it made my mother’s life hell and I’m the only living one really to talk about it all. My mother but she can’t really fight, can she?

Mom was made to sign the contract making Mike Bunker power of attorney on all of her affairs. Dad gave him debit cards, bank account numbers and the works!

If I’d been there explaining this to her, instead of my brother Mike, the contract would not exist because she would have understood what her signature did. I did not know that.

One week after my dad died Bunker was in my mother’s house taking everything out of it ….everything from their plasma TV, stuff in the freezer, and he was laughing about it and thought it was a joke. It wasn’t a joke and after throwing me on the street, not caring if I lived or died the week before Christmas …I had to leave the state and live where it was cheaper….Survival it’s called.

I want just be served, and it will be.

I have so much evidence on him from photos of destroyed property, etc, to proof he had a family meeting at the Hyatt Regency on his birthday. Dad was dying at Chapman Care senior home then.

His sick, demented sense of humor will be coming to a halt very soon.

wasn’t hilarious nothing was funny about it all disgusting he took the stereo equipment he took everything he took a lazyboy recliner that my parents sad and everyday to watch TV together and it was hacked up thrown in the garbage can and I have photographs.

I have been in communication with district attorney about elevating the existing civil case to criminal level.

He made his bed but its just pathetic someone could be so lowly to do that for a cash payoff.

Whatever he promised two brothers and my sister, that they would sell out family that they would basically betray me and throw me away like I was garbage. I went on in spite of it all.

My mother is my only family I will claim, the rest I am ashamed of for one reason or another.

He forbid me even talking to her on the telephone. He lied to me, told me I didnt count and evicted me from thr property in Garden Grove the week before Christmas 2 years ago. Is that a winner?

He thought I never come back and insulted me with names that aren’t G rated.

First things first.

What kind of monetary settlement would you charge if someone stops you from seeing and talking to your mother for two and a half years?

What would you want to do that person what if they destroyed personal property of your parents?

I’m asking the world this because right now I have pictures I have evidence I have enough evidence written in photographs that I could put him in prison for the next 25 years.
Not to mention not seeing I got what my dad wanted me to have when he died.

art of me wants to but I’ve got to go and examine the situation and see how she’s being treated. I want to see in writing where almost half a million dollars went, which was the proceeds from my parent’s duplex.I want to see it in writing.

When my dad passed away over 2 years krosis and stroke several years ago as told by three probate attorneys absolutely without a doubt I’m old some money for my dad well I didn’t receive that because god knows how much of it the power of attorney embezzle. Even if it was one cent my dad had, I want it and by CA state law I am listed as the youngest child of four dad had. The state should have seen I was awarded something by CA law. The state didn’t the sherbet which is why I’m kind been contacting the district attorney in Sacramento.

Three attorneys lied to me and let’s just say I don’t want to pay money to pad some shiny shoes guy with a fancy brief case, like I did when I divorced in 2001.
How would I handle it myself and if we would’ve gotten lawyers involved in the case when the going on for 12 years! I probably could have written in the insurance policy in a really big only settlement because of the best of times the ex husband was a pretty damn good guy and he is a real rocket scientist if we did it ourselves that would have been much better.

This is some of what I been goin through today and throughout the week been really trying one of the most abilitati weeks I’ve gone through in my life I’m very happily relieved to know moms okay and that I finally have corporation from getting ready and they take me really seriously now.

When I lived in Orange County I went to the Garden Grove police department contacted Riverside protect Adult Protective Services didn’t do anything garbage. I called Riverside Adult Protective Services and I told him his moms dead I’m going to hold you liable because so help me God I was calling over and over they never did nothing I wanted to move her to another power of attorney and I wanted to move forward I felt it was better for her and nobody listens the only people that took what I said seriously with the Alzheimer’s Association of Riverside County.

Thank you for to support and your prayers and kind words all over the world. About  100 countries read Totally Inspired Mind now after two and half years.



A FRIEND OF MINE AND ANOTHER WHO IS BLIND GET OVER DOUBLE WHAT I DO. THE SENATORS CANNOT PLAY GOD WHEN returns to a disability, be at physical mental neurological is in my case or otherwise. You can say that one is better than the other it’s not right common it’s against my civil rights for somebody to play God.
I was there with her made meals for her by her clothes because he squandered the funds that she had and I tried to do the best that I could do instead of being disabled and on a very limited income with SSI. I just spoke with the head of the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Department and he assured me she’s fine and I will have total cooperation from them to see my mother anytime I want from here on out and that is the best news I got for the last week. And as you all know who read this blog for over two and a half years she kind of means a lot to me you know without her, I wouldn’t be the courageous, artistic, compassion lady I am. She was my cheerleader, MY ANN SULLIVAN I was a sickly kid diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy at nine years old, choose my cheerleader, we laughed we joke a lot of good times I miss that for two and a half years my bunker and bring a bunker were so vindictive hateful and hurtful but they would even put the phone up to her ear to let me talked to her by phone! Can people be so cruel yes am i cruel now do I ever want to be like that now and I’m gone all it takes is one person to care and because of me my father live much longer than he would have otherwise cuz I’m going to call the paramedics then went up and down the driveway for a good 5 years I’m the one that made sure mom have clothes to wear when my sisters room all the way I tried to give instead of take and I feel good about that. My self respect and that’s huge commodity and very hard to come by they don’t have as much money because I didn’t happen to her bank account but that’s alright have a conscience and peace of mind is what I wanted and to know she’s OK and well taken care of and I can see here for here till the end of time until God allows us to not see each other anymore until she joins dad in heaven….is wonderful to me.



Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily



A painting of the sea my mother painted…Ramona Lea Le Pore. …the one who gave me life, opened the world of reading at four year’s old, taught me how to play piano at nine year’s old, taught me compassion, integrity, values, confidence, and was my Anne Sullivan when I was a sick child diagnosed with epilepsy.
She is responsible in large part for the person I turned put to be.

I will always remember the many creative works she did.
Her 85th birthday is on June 19th and though I won’t be able to see her in CA in the 24 hour acute care Alzheimer’s group home she lives in, I am making her famous though she doesn’t know it.




I want to monotize this newsletter and have the proceeds go to finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

I knew I couldn’t prevent the progression of the disorder, but I could help others prevent it and work towards the cure.

Paulette L Motzko.
May 9th, 2015
3:18 p.m.

My Humble Abode is Coming Together More Each Day


Moi at Denny’s close to my place.  I was wearing a beautiful dress my ex-mother-in-law bought me years ago, that was only worn a few times.
Last time I couldn’t wear it but have lost weight.
Was the most pleasant,  cool breezy day that day. It reminded me of southern California.

People were complimenting me everywhere I went which put a lilt in my step.
My waiter friend Flavio took the photo of me and I did some photo editing to it, making it look like it was drawn.

I cooked up the best dinner now last night with my pans I missed so much when they were in storage so long.
Marinara sauce with sautéed portobello mushrooms, yellow squash, zucchini, red sweet peppers, red onion and garlic infuse the sauce with freshness and life.

That was the topper for cooked tortellini filled with Italian sausage and Parmesan.



Picture of a mural I had made of mom and I on a stellar day at the Huntington Beach Pier two years ago. It seems like a century but I know I will see here again.
If mom only knew how many times she was mentioned and talked about as my best friend, life giver and cheerleader.

The simple pleasures and delectable flavors of healthy foods that just happen to taste great: my breakfast parfait consisting of Greek yogurt, orange blossom honey, fresh strawberries and vanilla almond granola.

It is hard to believe that ABF Freight UPACK brought my treasures if the world in 3 of these just weeks ago:


It has been soooo wonderful to play my music again. ..songs I composed as well as favorites like the many pieces in my Henry Mancini compendium. On the piano happily sirs “The Days of Wine and Roses” waiting for me to play again.

It is the first place since living on Melody Park Circle in Garden Grove that I have nice neighbors who love hearing me play.
Many have encouraged me to record my music and think of entertaining in a nice club here. I have my black book with my repertoire in it and crystal tip jar still, that miraculously made it in the move with very minimal funds and a flimsy box holding it.

You see, when that Mike Bunker (power of attorney over my mother now) told me to get out of a house that dad bought with me in mind in 1984 when I was single still and going to college years ago. He didn’t have a gun to my head but threatened me verbally, sent emails all the time and threatened to call the police on me. I just wanted the heck outta there. Now on this end, through being rushed and having minimal money for moving expenses, things were broken, stolen, ruined bur the things I valued most, that I packed, made it fine.

I put many thousands into that house I moved from that sold for a pretty penny. I know it was wrong but I know what I did for mom and dad was very right and I paid a good percentage of their mortgage and later was the one who called the pera medics when dad had one of his emergencies. Mom lost the cognitive ability to dial a number in the phone, due to her severe Alzheimer’s disease. How the siblings could have their heads on the sand to all those facts when they became callous to the point of malicious to make a sale and collect some money, I will never understand. ..and that’s good because I couldn’t and wouldn’t steal or lie or sell out as they did. In life you have to respect yourself and your actions and though the road there was a tough and treacherous one, I knew mom needed me at that time. Once I knew all her needs were being met short of seeing or talking to me on even a phone caused by Mike Bunker and my sister and whatever hatred she lugs around every day. They are a glorious example of what happens when too much power us given and abused by someone akin to Hitler. I pray justice is served every day with me now having filed a civil suit on the two for fraud, elder abuse and exploitation of three disabled people: me, my mother and dad in heaven now.
Please say a prayer that I will be able to see my own mother again and talk to her as before Mike Bunker came into the picture.
I am also owed money from my dad’s estate when he died but Bunker lied and said there was one less kid so he could take my share.

Wish I didn’t have that story to tell but the good news us I was the one sacrificing my time, my life and my monetary Funds to make sure mom was alright and I did that and more. I look at the one picture I took off the wall if mom and a gold crucifix my Nanny had and smile that that’s all I took. Mom was alive and dad had just died and it wasn’t right raping and pillaging the place as they did. I will show those photos to a California judge.
I know mom is alright by way to of an investigator with the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Dept. Why they can’t tell me the physical address where she can be visited is ludicrous.

It is a time of new beginnings and new experiences and I hope I will have more time with mom, whether she remembers me or not. I pray she will.
You all can pray too.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
February 11, 2015
5:30 am
Copy right Feb 2015

Images by Paulette L Motzko Studios

I want true peace of mind and will get it because I simply don’t give up when it matters.

Let Us Remember All Our Veterans and Military Troops

I want to give a warm 10 minute virtual standing ovation to all of our military and troops of The United States of America.

For the daily sacrifices made by all our military branches, who are modest real heroes who do more in one day than most in a week.
I will never fathom the strict life you lead of taking commands 24/7, all in the name of protecting what we Americans hold dear-our freedom and safety.

I ask God to protect and keep you safe in dangerous zones and I hope you will be back to safety with your families soon.


Thank you for making the selfless sacrifices you do every day from the moment you wipe the sleep from your eyes, to the special moment when you can lay your weary head down in your bed.


Thank you for being away from your families and friends and little children in the name of protecting me and our country.



I will never be able to thank you enough but this is a pictorial tribute.

I want to help make happen in my life time a time when all Veterans and disabled people such as myself, have all their corporal needs met- so they can live in safety and dignity.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright November 2014


I wish war didn’t exist but because wars were fought in the name of righteousness, justice and freedom- –

Paulette Le Pore Motzko thanks you now and in the service of the future.


Photo Sketch of Paulette L Motzko taken by Nick Belman Veteran of The USA
Digital Photo Editing by Paulette L Motzko

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright November 11th, 2014
1:58 a.m.

Photos found on Pinterest from various sources

Remember our veterans today and always.

Thank You Redheadedwhovian For Nominating Paulette L Motzko for Most Inspiring Blogger Award!

The Most Inspiring Blogger Award was one I hoped to earn one day and through the many hours of writing, design improvements, and finding what I believe are the best stories from a wide variety of sources, my creation inspired another grateful soul to nominate me.


Yesterday I arose bright and early with the birds today at 4 a.m. and felt refreshed.


I walked about a mile…maybe two, and moved at a good clip and didn’t feel winded. All my days at The Las Vegas Athletic Club are worth it in how much better I feel.

I wrote a proposal to do a feature story, photo & marketing package at The Clark County Library.

I was able to get my new library card too and check out a few Italian cooking magazines too.
I went to The Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant and had maybe the best bowl of chili I had in a restaurant and a friend picked me up.

I got home and found to my surprise that Totally Inspired PC won another award and it was The Most Inspiring Blogger Award this time.

Thank you everyone.

I will fill these blanks in tomorrow.

The curtain to this day is closing.


Seven Facts About Paulette Motzko

1. Paulette Motzko believes that her attitude is the single most valuable asset you will ever carry with you. Her advice regarding YOUR ATTITUDE is: Guard it; Take care of it; Defend it; Plant more seeds that bloom into beautiful flowers every day. The “seeds” are the things you do for others, the way you spend your time, and who you allow in your life as well as who you associate with. Make sure all the people in your life set high standards for themselves so they can be good influences in your life.

2. We all have stories about our lives to tell. Even though I have had more than a few tragic tales to tell that happened in my life, I refuse to let them define me. Just because evil and apathetic people treated you as though you were less than garbage, know you aren’t and don’t treat others like you were. Treat people like you would have wanted to be treated if the world had been perfect.

3. I taught piano to all ages for over 20 years

4. Was married to a real rocket scientist for 15 years.

5. Stands up for all disabled people because she herself has an invisible disability epilepsy.

6. She tries and does the right thing, not the easy thing and hopes to have no regrets in life.

7. Paulette dreamed she could fly after watching Mary Poppins when she was four years old. The movie still remains one of her all time favorites.

My Nominations For Most Inspiring Blogger Award

1. Marco Jair Lopez http://MarcoJairLopez.wordpress.com
After Marco contacted me to look at his blog I was impressed with what he had written. I wasn’t aware it was only created a few days before. Though Marco is only 21, his wisdom is far greater. His story I reblogged has been on the Top Ten list since I shared it, and was number one on the site yesterday.
I know he is going to do great things with his words.

2. Paul Militaru’s Photography Portfolio
Paul’s amazing crystal clear photographs always awe and inspire me. His poetry and word pictures conjure up memories and always make me smile. If they don’t spark a pleasant memory, I can imagine I was there, or wish I was.
Thank you also Paul Militaru, for being one of my biggest fans on Totally Inspired Mind.
Every day, with every post, your recognition is appreciated.

3. PurpleRays at PurpleRays.wordpress.com








It makes me feel good inside and out knowing when I invest hours on this site, which were over 4, it is seen, recognized and appreciated by all.


Paulette L Motzko

Paulette L Motzko was the photographer who took the photos, edited them and put them into the Photo Badge pictured “Get Inspired”.

Totally Inspired Mind Photo Badge created
Other Images found on Facebook & Pinterest and Author Experience.

October 3rd, 2014
11:33 p.m.

Words of Gratitude to My 1,355 Followers on Totally Inspired Mind

Good morning Beautiful World!

I am drinking my morning coffee writing this on my Galaxy S Relay Smart Phone and feeling deeply appreciated by all the new people who have commented to me directly this week.

I am constantly running into new writers in my daily life who want to know how to get started, and I tell them to write every day.


I also urge them to create a blog for readership, exposure, notoriety and a book list. That is what I did over 6 years ago when I read an article in a Writer’s Market book. I had heard the word “blog” but had no clue what it was and why people would write on it.

Now many years later, I have many different blogs on WordPress and wouldn’t use any other medium. WordPress is the only site where you can have a site up and running for free in a few hours of quality, uninterrupted time.

It also has a “reblog” button allowing you, the blog creator, to share other people’s work without asking their permission.
Most people are grateful when I choose to share their work on one of my sites and I end up corresponding with them.

I want to thank my many readers and followers of Totally Inspired Mind and those who have shared my link with others. 


Have a blessed day!


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Photo Credits:
Sunflower photo taken by my friend Francesca Cangialosi

Thank You Image found on Pinterest

Photo of Paulette Motzko which was taken by her talented friend Vesna Hanhart in her Las Vegas studio.

8:30 a.m.
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
Updated with images Midnight September 18th, 2014

Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate

Brand New Day…Sunflowers Smiling Photography by Francesca Cangialosi, Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko, Copyright 2014

The Sunflower Smiles

“Tall and proudly I stand face upturned to the sun. Green leaves surrounding my cheery face making people smile. I know when God made me He knew I would give joy to others. I Line the fences in most every farm in America and am the focal point of every garden patch”….
I am The Sunflower.


Every twenty four hours we are granted a new start and a new day when it doesn’t matter what happened prior. We can begin again, start anew and do our best effort in the quest to achieve our goals.
In the day light, the beautiful warmth of the sun casting its uplifting glow on us all.


Photography by Francesca Cangialosi
Prose written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright September 2014

No Matter How Scientific Your Job, You Cannot Deny The Fact That Prayer Works!


Even my ex-husband the rocket scientist was not an athiest, because he knew prayer worked in miraculous, unexplainable ways.

It isn’t important we understand everything in life; we never will understand all of life’s mysteries.

I had enough faith to fill a mountaintop and still do because I am a walking miracle and have lived most of my life with intractable epilepsy. After 2001 when I divorced my ex-husband who was never happy and was constantly depressed, did I realize that his problems weighed me down.

Some have it all in life…the successful job, the huge house and the everything…but are not happy people.

Some find the best in every one they meet and though their lives are far from perfect, they are told they have good Karma and are so wonderful to be around.

It is all how you play the hand God gives you in the game of life.
I have always known, that though at before Vimpat came out I am taking with the highest success rate for seizure control and lowest amount of side effects by UCB for partial seizures ever in history; health was a hit and miss thing for me.

Now I want to be a spokesperson for the drug and UCB…just need to contact the right person.

Back to the opening paragraph and photo…
We don’t have to understand why something works….but that it does.

I have a simple motto in life:

Do what works and do it over and over again, and avoid what doesn’t work….
And learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright, August 9th, 2014

Every Day We Are Born Anew with the Sun with Magic In Our Hands

For Miss Katy who does a beautiful and artful blog called The Motherapi Shoppe on WordPress.com.

In response to her having a birthday on July 22, 2014 I wrote her this birthday haiku that illustrates that every day is a birthday and a chance for new explorations and insights.


Every day I’m born
With the sun comes promise
Magic in my hands


Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright July 31st, 2014

Miss Paulette L Motzko with friend and photographer Leonardo Valencia

Miss Paulette L Motzko with friend and photographer Leonardo Valencia


The Meeting of Two Artistic Souls: Ruby and Paulette Motzko

The Meeting of Two Artistic Souls: Paulette and Ruby

Photos of us together at The Bahama Breeze will be added of us that were taken as soon as I get them from Ruby P.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
7 Rules of Life image found on Facebook from Image From The Heart
Ray of Light Photo found on Flickr

Copyright July 2014

July 11-12, 13th, 2014

Ever meet someone who comes into your life like a ray of sun after 20 days of darkness? Ever look into someone’s eyes and you immediately connect? I did earlier today with Ruby P. I met her at the University of Las Vegas NV yesterday afternoon when I was once again hoping and praying I would find my way to the Disabled Students Center, and felt as lost as I had felt each time I was there. I hate being confused and lost.


I never had trouble like that at Golden West College in Huntington Beach and got a grip quickly after looking around. I never had that trouble when I was in the Master’s Certification program at Chapman University in Orange, CA where I graduated top of my class in the Voluntary Leadership Program and held the Summit Meeting, which was an honor and also a major accomplishment I will relish the rest of my life. I think the trouble is with the University of Las Vegas is too me it has too many of the buildings look alike with nothing to differentiate them. People paid $250 each to hear me speak about what epilepsy was and wasn’t and I filled up a classroom at Chapman U of about 50 people. It was a wonderful experience and it wasn’t even difficult to do. It was as though I had lived my whole life preparing me to do that; it was extraordinary. I didn’t tell them I had it until the end of the hour long presentation with an overhead projector and Power Point handouts. To see the shock on their face and the tears in their eyes when they looked at me and smiled and said “I never ever would have guessed you had epilepsy; I thought a friend of yours did, like you said. You didn’t let your disability get you down.” Those words were better than the applause and it was what I worked for since being a kid at nine years old made fun of and called names by a bunch of brats called kids who made fun of anything and anyone who was different than them. A few stood out like Sandra Newman and Cheryl Lightcap-who was blind and who didn’t judge and helped and knew ME-the person.

Anyhow, back to my meeting of Ruby who saw me at ULVN lost and said, “Hello Sweetheart, can I help you? Are you lost?” At that point, I was disheveled and worn out, hot and sweaty, (all of which I cannot stand.) Prior to meeting Ruby I was going through an ordeal getting my Tegretol prescription at Walgreens this week; I passed out two days before from the heat and carrying too much on the bus-with all my “people” I know gone on a trip to Los Angeles. Ironic that they went where I have wanted to go to go to my storage vaults there. Due to lack of communication and never being able to talk to the lady who owns the place I rent-no way. So close and so far away.
Even though I wore my sunscreen and more in the makeup I wore that day, my cheeks were flushed looking and I felt worn out. I will get the scooter or my Chariot of Fire, as I called it back in 1998 when I was having intractable auras every day to the point where, even with 3 medications, they were not working. Now, provided I am in the heat for short periods, which isn’t possible YET, and I keep myself hydrated, I am fine. I have a stable place I can call “home” now. It isn’t mine and what I used isn’t mine, but it is something and stable. I am moving up on the rung of life and though it rakes on my nerves because I have been waiting for so long…but I am used to having my own. My things may not impress others, but they are mine and after all I have lost, they are all I have left…along with my great friends who asked every day-how are you? Where are you? What is going on? I was entitled to a housing voucher since the amount I get in SSI is very low. Perhaps some string pulling can be done and this post I will have the mayor of Nevada read and see what results from it. The open mouth gets fed in this world, and I don’t mean eating!


Prior to meeting Ruby in the hot and steamy parking lot-I had said an emphatic prayer asking God to see to it I would never be alone and my life would be easier. Within 10 minutes Ruby appeared as though a messenger from God. It was longer than this but what I basically said was: “C’mon God, I am a nice lady and I am trying to work hard and seeing nothing for it. Make things easier on me…please, for God’s Sake and don’t allow me to walk alone any more. I am sick of it. End my struggles.”


Image found on Pinterest, SimpleeSerene.com


Ruby was there and heard of some of my trials and tribulations and, even though I didn’t ask for a darn thing, she went to her purse and looked to see what she had and simply kindly gave it to me. When I saw her pull out a $5, and then another $5, and then another $5 and lastly another $5-I just look astonished and shocked at the same time and felt bad she was handing it to me, but I needed it and with the kind smile on her face, with her son Josh standing there smiling-I took it and said a whopping “thank you” and we hugged.

You see, what nothing is for one is everything for another. I remember when I was married to the rocket scientist and money was not even thought of, was always there-I gave $20 bills to homeless people that were living in the streets-and I saw them there. I was never in the street-but I have seen some bad places and dangerous places, just because they were cheap.

(I felt like I won the slots in Vegas. (I have been here 2 months and haven’t put one quarter in a slot machine-why? I can’t afford it. After paying two months’ rent in one month and buying a few household things, a very few personal care products-the money was gone after paying my phone bill. But then again, when you get under a thousand bucks a month-it vaporizes.)

She invited me to go to Bahama Breeze restaurant and, once again, asked me again and I my heart was melted by her kindness and generosity combined. It had been ages since I rode in an SUV or any car for that matter, since I am always schlepping around on a bus on my own. She ordered coconut shrimp, onion rings the size of donuts with coconut breading-which were amazing, empanadas with a curry beef and vegetable filling and lobster quesadillas. I am not sure if I died and went to heaven between the company, the beautiful tropical surroundings and then the food.

Turns out Ruby is a visionary woman like me who can see photos in her head of what she wants to paint and does graphic design reminiscent of her favorite artist Picasso. Her digital paintings she showed me on her IPad were simple but elegant but had intricate stories about her life imbedded in each one. With each word she told me about why she painted the photo, I saw how deep feeling she was.

I knew also that she and I would collaborate on creative endeavors be it written, painted, digital imaging, web sites, books, videos-or a combination of many of these mediums. She was born with special gifts and I was born with special gifts-so unique and so different from one another, but each can understand the other and appreciate what the other does in a way that two usually cannot.

Financial hardship is temporary and it is because I don’t have all of the things I earn a living with at my fingertips like my desk, books and piano-to teach on. I am finding new business leads in marketing, writing projects and photography projects that are highly rewarding, more rewarding than teaching ever was. I paid the house payment when the ex lost his job with Boeing years ago in our 6 bedroom cape cod style house. I had 20 piano students in Sandy, UT and taught every Mormon kid up and down the block. It was a wonderful place to live and have only great things to say about the Mormon church and their philosophies. I didn’t agree about everything they did, but you don’t have to. You only have to show respect for the other’s beliefs, and I did, so I got respect in return. Pretty simple stuff really.

I wrote a piece before this comparing me as the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes-which was my past life in southern CA.

In it I mentioned about my longing to find a good man, a gentleman, an intelligent, intellectual, generous-man-other than my dear friend Ron B-who doesn’t want a relationship or to marry.

The man I am thinking of moving in with who is a gentleman and kind and good is Greg M. We have been friends-which he was smart enough to see I really needed one. The trouble is he has no phone and there are decisions to be made and I need someone who can be reached.

I am not sure yet who my room mate will be but it will be someone financially & mentally stable…pretty funny requirements, but in southern CA, I never met anyone that met those simple requirements who was a good person that I would want to wake up every day and look at! Or, they were on drugs. Tons of drugees in CA all going to surf on the beach covered with tatoos and piercings in strange places.
In Las Vegas, NV people make eye contact, which is refeshing, go out on a limb to help you, and are not wired up to their bluetooths as often or texting all the time.

A man named Fred called me tonight- who is an electric engineer met at a restaurant and who took a liking to me-and was visiting Las Vegas when he was but had a house in Los Angeles. He wanted to go out with me and is single. I have always liked engineers and they have always liked me because I am creative. Time will tell.

One thing is for sure, God does listen when you pray a desperate prayer calling out into the oblivion.

You have to be very specific though. The more specific you are the better your results will be.
I know I will never be alone again. By moving to Nevada, I have met wonderful, kind, thoughtful caring people who have shown me more genuine kindness and who have not lost humanity, as I saw from my own family.


Sometimes your family is nobody you are related to-that was my case it turned out. I am not the only one in the world that can say that, which gives me some consolation. Sometimes people choose things instead of people, greed instead of generosity, and apathy instead of love.
I began with my mother, who read to me before I was ever born, then taught me phonics, the piano, the guitar, kindness, compassion and a giving spirit. For her I began and with her I end it seems, with friends that are stellar who would do anything for me, and I them.


I created this photo quote from words my mother Ramona Lea Le Pore said to me…


I have a nice place to live and it will continue to get better and better. Through the literal hell I went through last year I was shown genuine love and kindness and to the point of doing without from one of my friends let me sleep in his own bed and he slept on the couch! I swear to God-and for that I will never ever forget-and will help him in every way I can. Another friend helped me get my medicine and is sending it to me. He cares more for me in his little finger than the “family” I am related to. If you lumped all my siblings and my brother-in-law/power of attorney together, they lack the compassion, integrity, intelligence to create even one normal person! Everything has a cause and effect in this world. They responded in the worst possible way to what should have been loving kindness and sensitivity to their sister-and they failed miserably where my mother Ramona’s needs were concerned-monetarily and physically. I am broke largely because I bought my mother what she needed as well as myself since only I was making sure she had what she needed. I also enjoyed spending time with her, because with advanced Alzheimer’s disease, I knew my time would be limited with her. So, whatever she wanted she got-while I was with her. All the focus was on dad.

I apologize if some of my regular fans and readers have heard this before, or something similar to it. In writing this, I wanted to just “get it all out there and then move on”. It is needed so I can re-build myself and move forward in a healthy way.

I had no medical care as long as I got alimony and my medical care costs a lot of money. I was selling things to afford my pills, and I am not kidding! I couldn’t collect alimony and SSI; it was either one or the other. I don’t know who makes the rules in CA, but they need revamping! Now in a week or so, with the help of my friend Ruby, she is driving me to the Medicaid office and it should a pretty easy thing, according to what I have been told in very high places, and from people who have done it.

My goals this week are to switch the Medical to Medicaid. That is my goal this week and to call some places where I can get a scooter for around town….

The above sentence was typed last night around midnight. Today Ruby calls me and tells me I can borrow a scooter she has that she isn’t using that would help me more than her. Yes, it is an answered prayer. Trick is, one more hinge-where I live is upstairs and there is no storage! (God likes playing games like this with me, making things hard and giving me something then making it impossible or near impossible to accept the gift!) I am a more industrious thinker than that though. I have two friends who live walking distance from me: One is Dr. Tariku Mekonnen-who happens to be sitting across from me at Starbucks-as though God put him there. We know the answer to the root of the problem is simply move to a ground level room, which I will begin looking. Then I can have a garage or storage for it. Where can I live for $350 a month here in Las Vegas, NV-or is there an even better plan awaiting me? I think so; I know so. IT was great while it lasted and was a good launching platform to catapult me to better and bigger and more harmonious places, where it is quieter and where I see the people I live with and I choose who I live with. There is a huge difference in that statement.
If I lived on ground level I could take my hand cart and put my computer and camera and other things in it-which is like the trunk of my invisible Mustang Turbo! Hey, when you don’t drive you have to invest in the best shoes made because my feet are my tires, and they have to carry me a long way.

I don’t drive due to a very near fatal accident over 15 years ago, and I am happy to be here. I can pay for a nice rental car and someone to drive it, and I will happily be the passenger and hand-select the right music to listen to….and put a smile on the driver’s face. That is where I was supposed to be. It is safer there than behind the wheel. The ex-used to always tell me “go for your independence” all the time, and like a nut I did. Then the worst nightmare happened; I had a seizure behind the wheel and the car ended up gnarled up in the chain link fence of a school yard! The worst part was I was unconscious and didn’t see the accident happen! I was unconscious for a while-then a guy who saw it happen called the paramedics and all along Sheer Lane in Huntington Beach, CA-where our house was-at the time-were people praying and hoping I would emerge unscathed. I didn’t have one scratch and no kids were killed-THANK GOD TEN TIMES OVER. That was enough for me. I am a quick learner and I must have said thank God a thousand times and said “I will never do this again!” I almost lost everything including my future by having a little so called “independence”. I heard my neighbors applaud and say “Thank God she’s alive!” The Ford Tempo I was in looked like a dinosaur from Jurassic Park picked it up and smashed it and threw it a mile. So, you could lay thousands of dollars on a platter and I wouldn’t drive if you paid me. I also wouldn’t do drugs that I don’t need, or drink because it would interfere with the medicine I take and send me to a hospital I don’t really want to go to. (I can think of much more fun things to do. Besides, I get drunk of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider!)

I am a rich person because I have what I need and a lot of what I want now. Not all of what I want, but I will get it because I have been told by people that I have “drive” and “moxy” and courage and a “will of iron” and I am not afraid to work and to study to get something good in the end. I have also been told by a Maria Lourdes Lipardo, a friend who lives in the Philippines that I am transparent. Ruby told me today that “You are a truly sweet woman” and last night she said to me, which had me think and rethink myself because I never heard it: “Goodnight Sweet Child of God.” One thing’s for sure, I never talk bad about anybody’s back-unless it is truthful- who are in my life, because I am not friends with anyone like that!

This week I got everything I needed and a few unexpected extraordinary unique GIFTS that no money can buy like my new friend RUBY P.

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Paulette Le Pore Motzko


Photographer- Johnny Davis
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July 1st, 2013

Las Vegas, NV


Today it was the hottest day I have experienced in my nearly 53 years—a whopping 115 degrees! I felt like a human cookie being baked in an oven called Las Vegas, ha ha.
Buying a case of water bottles was in order, so when I go out and take the RTC bus, which is pretty damn good, and world’s better than OCTA in Orange County…I won’t melt.

The trick of surviving in Las Vegas, NV is to learn the less is more rule: less clothes, less drying your hair….just go out side with it wet and the hot, dry, sometimes windy weather will dry your hair naturally, as though you were under a hair dryer!

Wherever you live, be it by the sea, in the desert, or in the mountains, I wish you health and that you have more than what you need in terms of money, so you can worry less and enjoy life more.

2053 Posts Later Paulette L Motzko Says “Thank You to My 1057 Followers!”

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Be True To Your Best Self

Time Wasted You Never Get Back
Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
May 22 and May 26th, 2014
Copyright May 2014
Time Wasted you never get back to invest in yourself and your future. If you don’t live each moment wisely now, you will only have a bunch of lackluster memories and regrets.
Be your best friend and only associate with positive people who are not rude, who do not yell and wouldn’t think of hurting you if their life depended on it. Your goal is to find people who treat you as good as you treat them-which should be with dignity and respect.
Be a giver and do small things for no reason other than you are able to. Not only will it give you countless memories and smiles when you recall all the times that you made a difference in someone’s life, but it will enrich your life too.
Don’t mope about family members who aren’t supportive.
Count your blessings and the friends in your life now as petals of a rose that blooms in the vase of your heart.
When you add enough of those people together, you have a “Bouquet of People” who enrich your life and who you can always count on to care about you. They are your FAMILY. The TRIED and TRUE of HEART, the Kind & Loving-
Those people are who make you shine like an Aurora Borealis light in the night sky.
If a person is there for you in the worst of times, they will be there for you to celebrate the best of times! Remember that.
People change. When people change for the worst, you do the same and change too by not including them in your life!
You owe it to yourself to only let the best in your world.
Making wise choices are a privilege we should use more often.
If someone is helping you, loving; keep them around for a while.
If life was a big brick of Cheddar the bad people are like mold on cheese. Watch out because that “mold” could spread on you and ruin the whole piece!
(People love that one when I tell them! I love picturesque analogies. You remember them!)
Sometimes blood relatives suck blood instead of offering health promoting benefits. If you are sick when you see someone, don’t see them. If the person upsets you uncontrollably-don’t see them. If you have ulcers and cannot afford the ulcer medicine, like I once had-remove the source of the ulcer! I did and I was related to 3 of them! I tell you not because I am flaunting this fact, but because I want to “liberate you” to know it is perfectly fine to not associate with someone-family or not.
When I looked up the meaning of “family” in the Webster Dictionary, I was astonished to see so many variations of the word. For purposes here, I like this basic definition:
“A people or group of people united by certain convictions.”
Although this one fits the general term we think of as a family unit:
“The basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children.”
If you find that you are always agitated, upset emotionally when you are around someone-simply remove them. It is OK. No horrible repercussions will happen from doing do, other than you exercising your right to be an adult.
By the same token, associate more with those who value what you value, care about what you care about and don’t have a selfish mentality to only focus on them.
Almost three pages later and 600 words later, I am searching for the words that will sum up this article.
Everything has a chain reaction. Make every action positive in your life, including the people you associate with and the activities you do, as well as the words you say. By making a conscious effort to do the things outlined here, as well as employing positive self-talk and not allowing negative, self-talk or words to materialize, you will be editing your life.
I was married to a rocket scientist for 15 years and I think I am still part “engineer”. Engineers are modest people who always think of what they do in terms of “one of the group”, never taking credit for anything really.
I remember when I graduated at the top of my class at Chapman University in their Master’s Certification program in 1997. I was selected by my peers to run a class at The Summit Meeting 1997 that year. People paid $250 each to hear me speak and teach about what epilepsy was and wasn’t, how you acquire it and about the many falsehoods. I was the CEO & Founder of The Epilepsy Connection at the time. I created a PowerPoint Presentation with animations and had an overhead with transparencies that illustrated the many psychological aspects a person deals with when they have the invisible disorder.
In order to say the main points and to create the thing, I remember Mark-my ex-husband the rocket scientist, telling me-
“Do it this way instead: Cross off everything that is false and you will be left with the truth.”
I was doing it the opposite way but after he said that, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to arrive at the main points I wanted people to walk out of there with.
I say this because; you want to represent the truth and purity of intention with no hypocrisy or manipulative people around you. When you think you have found anything other than the truth and the best it can offer, edit it, so you will always be left with the truth, and what represents you the best.
As for the presentation I did for the people at Chapman U. I told them that a “friend of mine” had the disorder and I know I could help others who had it.
At the end of the presentation, I told them “The friend was me.”
People had tears in their eyes, and many did a standing ovation, and came and looked at me saying, “I never would have known!”
I looked back and said, “I know. People with epilepsy can do anything anyone else can and anyone at any age can acquire it by a fever, convulsions or a coma or a blow on the head. I had all of those things and nearly died before my second birthday. I have nearly died 4 times in my life and only want the best of the world to come my way and give the best back as long as I live.







With Pencil, Paper & an Idea -I Have The World!

With Paper, Pencil, Imagination & an Idea You Have The World!
Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

May 22, 2014

Haikus Created when I had No Phone, No Computer, Nothing but Myself & Ingenuity
I recently ended up in a really bad hospital I was never supposed to have ever ended up in. Void of all communication and inundated with negative stimuli. I will tell you more details, if you ask and as time goes on. I  suffered through three days there and had my privacy violated, and time wasted and all for no valid reason.

Being that I am a “high functioning primate” I will search relentlessly in whatever situation I am in to find all my available “tools” and then I implement them!

These Haiku are a product of being in a situation I should never have been and making the best of out a prison-like existence. I am seeking a malpractice attorney regarding the specifics of how I got there, the money I lost and damages done currently.

Image found on Google

Image found on

The world is changing
All people constantly change
Adapting brings strength

Moon glow
Moon glows in the dark
Lapis lazuli skyline

A glowing pearl moon

One of the worst things
Is to be in a bad place
That you want out of

The Purple Mountains
Against Saguaro cacti
Arizona Views

Industrious Mind
Survival of the Fittest
Will keep you Alive

Books are my best friends
Wise thoughts captured on pages
Change lives for all time

Immortal Pages
That Inspire, Teach and Show
My books will do that

All Haiku written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright May 2014

What do these words make you think of?

Which did you like the best?

Share your thoughts…..



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A year ago when I sat in a Comfort Suites Hotel to have some quiet and no distractions so I could think and open my mind up to the ideas that were swirling around-but due to my living circumstances I had constant distractions. Though the site is named “Totally Inspired Mind” I search the world over to find articles written by the best writer/bloggers in the world who I feel set a great example of positivity or have a valid message to say worth remembering.
The site far exceeded my expectations and I know I have made a difference in people’s lives by the comments I get from people all over the world, which are always touching.
Now approaching 900 followers and read in over fifty countries monthly, Totally Inspired Mind is made great by the combined intellects from the hundreds of writer and photographer friends I have “met virtually” here during my three years on WordPress.com.

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. – Audrey Hepburn

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” – Audrey Hepburn


“Young or old we are the same person. The DNA of who we are remains intact; it never changes. We gain wisdom with each year lived. With pain brings coping skills and courage and strength. Keep the inner child happy and always make time to do something that gives you joy. Then, and only then, can you keep your inner child alive and happy. The child in your heart makes your eyes sparkle and makes people want to be around you.” – Paulette Le Pore Motzko



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This one means the world to me because I truly enjoy helping people see new ways of thinking, opening the doors of possibilities, seeing someone’s potential and making it blossom like a tulip that lied dormant in the earth to bloom in the spring…or a hibiscus smiling back at the world.


I hope Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate with now 843 followers, continues to educate, empower, enlighten, inspire, and fuel the fires of the passions inside my readers and viewers, enabling you to do things you didn’t realize you had the ability to.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
March 28th, 2014

1:22 p.m.

To be continued with the image of The Light of The World award my answers and choices for nominating others who I feel are also The Light of The World.
You might be chosen!

Acceptance if The Light of The World Award
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When Amreen told me she nominated me for The Light of The World Award, I was heart warmed. This one is especially meaningful because a year ago when I created Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate- I envisioned a site where the most inspiring, positive and enlightening articles would mingle with some of the most articulate, intelligent people, sharing their thoughts on us being connected as a unified whole, who just happen to look different.
Several awards later and 853 followers later, two thousand people read and view the site and it just keeps growing like a fragrant garden I sowed seeds for and prayed to be a good gardener.
I am so thankful to all my new found writer blogger photographer friends who regularly contribute to making Totally Inspired Mind great. I look the world over for great content in hopes I am offering something valid and worthy to the world.
This site, with the other blogs and sites I created, are my literary and photographic gift to the world and society. I hope to eventually have my more positive way of thinking to trickle over to our leaders in hopes they will think of the common good.
I say thank you for allowing me to touch your hearts, wake up your minds and warm your souls by my words.
Paulette Le Pore Motzko
March 30th, 2014
10:22 p.m.

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In life you always have to adapt and it seems like my life has been a series of tests that I have ended up passing, each one harder than the next, and me winning the battle.

Have you ever been confronted with a difficult situation? How did you handle it and what gave you stregth and courage?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Nomination for The Inner Piece Award by Amreen from PaintingTheWorldWithWords.wordpress.com

Seven things about me-Paulette L. Motzko

1. I care about other people, the condition of the world and the people who live there and care about our future.

2. I try to live life with no regrets and do things right the first time, so I don’t need to do it again.

3. Children make me smile more now than they did twenty years ago. I think children are like rose buds with their little arms unfurling like a rose blooming.

4. I make the best out of any situation and can usually find at least 5 ways to do anything.

5. I rate people first and things second.

6. I respect all life and though I am not gay nor advocate a gay life style, some of my best friends have been gay and I respect and treat everyone the same. We all should do that.

7. I love cats, dogs, horses, butterflies and hummingbirds and would love to get a zoom lense and photograph some in various settings

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Listening activates the part of our brains hardwired for empathy.

This quote comes from Dr. Stephen Post who wrote a fabulous book entitled “Why Good Things Happen To Good People.” He wrote it with Jill Neimark and it explores the real, scientific evidence that explains how being a giving altruistic person has direct physiological effects on your body, mind and spirit.


This ties into a field that has fascinated me for years called psychoneuroimmunology and explores how we are interconnected beings of our minds-psyche, brains-neuro, and our immunological systems.

It is a truly fascinating topic you should explore some time.

About listening though, according to Dr. Post:

“The future of our world may literally depend on listening, and it starts at home. Attentive presence plays a large role in a young child’s life. Scientific research has shown again and again that a playing baby looks back at the mother to be sure she is still present. That kind of presence on the part of a parent is the key to secure attachment-and a healthy child who becomes a healthy, giving adult.”

I get worried in today’s age of techno gadgets that the youth of today have a much lower attention span and are becoming detached from listening to the world, the real live people around them, walking in a kind of daze. I see teens walking with iPods then looking down, walking and texting oblivious to anyone or anythings around them.

Is that a good way to live? I didn’t do that when I was their age. (Not saying the younger generation has to duplicate what I did, but they are missing out of the PRESENT and EXPERIENCES and INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION skills are degrading, as well as listening skills.

I hope they realize that and create a balance so they are “plugged in” for a limited or normal period of time, and then allow the world in-with its extraordinary sights, sounds and smells. One misses them with bluetooth headsets, iPods and the like.
What did we do before them?
We listened a lot more when someone spoke to us and our attention level was better.

Greg Fricchione said about listening: “Listening is a miraculous ability.”

The word empathyemerged in the 1890’s, and it literally means “feeling into”-from the Greek empatheia. “Talking and listening are part of our evolutionary heritage as mammals and social organisms,” Fricchione explains.

And Dr. Stephen Post ties in how listening and empathy go hand in hand: “As empathetic listeners, we are evolved to feel and then soothe the suffering of our fellow human beings, precisely because of the neurological endowments we have evolved as a species. Listening can heal in part because it does soothe the pain of the person speaking-thus quieting down the overactive brain.”

I will say to all the wonderful people from various cultures and backgrounds, spreading a wide demographic of people and spanning 89 countries in a month period- listen more to one another. If we would simply listen to the person and give them a chance, and disregard the color of their skin or their religion, we would be on a positive path way to signing a peace treaty and building bonds of communication never before seen.

If you all over the world who read Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate would buy this book, read it and be absorbed into the merit on its pages, then LIVE WHAT THE BOOK SPEAKS of, imagine how much better the world would be.

I was not paid to write this. Nobody can pay me to endorse anything I do not want to or make me say anything I don’t believe in. I have integrity and honesty in my DNA and those were gifts handed down from my parents-one in heaven and the other still here-thank God.

As I read more of “Why Good Things Happen To Good People” by Dr. Stephen Post & Jill Neimark, I will explore other facts I feel are especially noteworthy I think the world would like to know too.

I discovered this book on sale in the southern CA area at Barnes & Noble for about $8 amazingly! Normal price is $15.99. I want to contact Dr. Post and let him read this and applaud his efforts and of Jill Neimark’s as well.

A book I am working on has topics such as psychoneuroimmunology, biofeedback and mind body spirit medicine in it as well. The mind has way more power in it than most people realize or harness.


Paulette Le Pore Motzko, Taken 2013

Why Can’t We Round Up All The Living Presidents Forming a Political Think Tank To Form a Working Budget, A Better Health Insurance Program & Confront The Countless Disabled People & Veterans with No Homes?


For more political discussions and talking how America can remain free and brave how we can elect responsible, intelligent leaders in our government:

Check out http://www.ThePoliticalThinkTank.wordpress.com

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Writer, Photographer, Marketer & Disabled & Political Advocate
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The Tastes, Sights and Sounds of Surf City, USA by Paulette Motzko, Photos by Nick Belman

Here is a story I wrote today about The Huntington Beach Pier, Surf City USA. My friend Nick shot most of the photos and when I saw them, this story came to mind.
I hope you enjoy it. It went over big on Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly.
Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly


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January 6th, 2014
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Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them. – Marcus Aurelius

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them” – Marcus Aurelius

How do you interpret Marcus Aurelius’ poetic phrase “running with the stars”?

I interpret it to mean when you have absolute no tension in yourr body and joy in your heart and soul.

That for me would be it used to be playing my upright grand piano or writing a new piece of music or a new musical composition-lyrics & music in endless combinations. Now it is having an eye for the special in the ordinary..and writing and embelling what I write with the photos I take..sometime the other way around. Another simple joy is when I see a photo emerge in my mind’s eye, as though I am looking through my Nikon camera….like here on Christmas night…


Walking the pier-any pier-and breathing in the sea air and seeing the seagulls soar, or creating a dish that people can enjoy all over the world.
That is how I “run with the stars”….

How do you?




When was the last time you “ran with the stars”, so to speak, as Marcus Aurelius so poetically said?

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Photography & Digital Photo Editing by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
And Nick F. Belman

Copyright January 2014

Happy Holidays & a Prosperous Healthy Happy New Year 2014



May all of the fans, readers and followers who tune in to hear my words, see my pictures and the articles, poems, quotes that I hand select from thousands of topics…

May you have a joyous Christmas or holiday season, however you and your family celebrate it.

Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate was nominated for Best Blog of The Year 2013 by Don Charisma of DonCharisma.com.  I was soooo happy and felt a genuine sense of being rewarded when he told me yesterday.

Also, ChildrenAreOurFutureNow.wordpress.com also won Best Blog of The Year 2013 and Most Inventive Blog too.

Those two are held near and dear to my heart as well as the first hosted on Ning.com called “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!” CookingUpaStorminCA.ning.com.

I hope this rings in a year of health, prosperity and all things wonderful for every one of you!

Paulette Motzko

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Life Lessons or (These Things Shouldn’t Have Happened) by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

The Lessons of My Life

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright December 14th, 15th, 2013

As I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus that never came….I was thinking about the many events of this past week-some turbulent and some disappointing and then the things that worked out great that I was responsible for-which are always great.

In life there are times when what we envision is not what it turns out to be. In my case mine is a tragic story that I am determined to make a happy ending.

Let me set the scene for you: It is 2010 and I am recently divorced after a marriage to a real rocket scientist for 15 years. I graduated with honors in a Master’s Certification program in 1997 a few years before with a Master’s Certification in Voluntary Leadership. I was a presenter at The Summit Meeting that year as the CEO and Founder of The Epilepsy Connection. It was one of the high points in my life “proving a lady who is disabled with epilepsy could do the work” as Dick Cheshire had put it when he let me in the program and said I had the Life Experience for the program. At the beginning of the program I told the class of 50 people that “a friend of mine had epilepsy and the subject has always been near and dear to my heart and I knew I could help others who had it.” I did a PowerPoint Presentation with transparencies on an overhead projector that my now ex-husband Mark helped me with, answering what epilepsy was and was not, and explaining in human terms that anyone at any age could acquire it.


Once the presentation was over and I had answered everybody’s questions I told them that “oh by the way, the friend of mine was me!” People looked shocked at me and many stopped in their tracks and others came up to me with tears in their eyes and gave me the once over with their eyes and then smiled and said to me-“I never would have known!” I was so happy as that is just what I was shooting for. I didn’t tell anyone beforehand because I didn’t anyone having any preconceived notions about me or any biases and I thought it would best illustrate that anyone with epilepsy can do anything by being the prime example.

Another high point of my life was when I lived in Sandy, UT and times were great, not just good.

It was 1986 and I was just married, graduated with my AA in Piano Pedagogy and was building piano students and teaching all the Mormon kids on the block. One wonderful lady who went by the nick name of Friendly Robertson who was years young. She wanted to teach her how to play Chopin Nocturnes in a legato manner. I still have a handwritten book she gave me that with poems she wrote and songs she gave me in my piano bench.  The best memory of my piano teaching days-that lasted 20 years-was when I got a call from Golden West College who asked if they could give my number to The Deaf Children’s Athletic Association. They asked me if I could teach two acutely deaf children piano. I had no idea if I could by the way. I asked how if they had residual hearing-and they did, and each wore two hearing aids to magnify what hearing they had. Justin and Adrienne Chang were their names and they were Japanese prodigies. Their father’s dream was to see their children play songs at a recital. I made that dream and my dream come true. At a recital in Riverdale, Utah they each played 3 songs a piece that I had taught them by signing everything I said to them and also signing the concept of what I said and “turning the audible to visual”….

Seeing someone’s inherent abilities and talents is something I have always been good at, but then my mom was always doing that with me. It is like I can see someone’s inherent abilities lying dormant in their soul, much like the tulip bulbs I planted in Sandy, Utah when I lived there.

I learned in life that some things you only get to enjoy for a while-be it many years or for decades and then they fade like the geraniums mom used to grow needing to be deadheaded of their brown leaves…

Other facets of my life are and will always be the same, like my mother Ramona Lea. She is still my best friend, my cheerleader and a smart, sweet lady, who though she has Alzheimer’s disease, will guarantee to light up a room with her smile and win over even the dullest of personalities. I saw her paint smiles on people’s faces in The World Market. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish her the best and that I don’t want the best for her and pray she always remembers me and that the disease doesn’t take my mother away. She inspired me to create “Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily” that has about 40 new sources on it with subject like neurology, neuroscience, memory, prevention, caregivers and dementia.

Back to The Lesson of My Life-

After my divorce in 2001 I opted to move back in the duplex I had lived in when I was 24 years old, when my dad bought it because he thought the second house would make a nice rental for me. It did just that for the most part and I got rent and I paid most of the mortgage on their house.

I would have never believed that the same family that I grew up with had the ability to make such rash and callous decisions about my mother’s life and mine.

But they did.


One of the expensive recliners belonging to my parents Bunker and the gang hacked with an ax because they were too lazy and stupid to sell them and give the money to mom Ramona Le Pore. Sooooo sad!

I cried for weeks after seeing the mass destruction on what Mike Bunker, Brenda Bunker, Michael Le Pore and Robert Le Pore allowed to happen.

Mike Bunker and my brother Mike hacked up with an ax an oak rocking chair I bought mom for mother’s day! I am related to crazy people!


Mom’s things in her beautiful house thrown all around the sides of it!


My side of the duplex bought in 1984 and sold my Mike Bunker in June of 2013 for $460,000.
I paid approx $50,000 in rent during that 13 year period.

Hey lawyers…help me here. I know I am entitled to something here.

I would have never believed that they had could take mom from the property as though they abducted her from her own domicile, forcing me to file a missing person’s report. But they did have the audacity.

But the shocked me.

They betrayed me-and I have thought long and hard about the actions of my other siblings, and how their hypocritical actions over the last 5 years illustrates how apathetic and what small human beings they really are.

Mom, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is a victim of elder abuse just as I was and still am. I am not a senior yet, being 3 years short of being classified a “senior” by the state of CA. I am therefore excluded from countless senior programs that would help me.

I did not create my family but they had the same foundation as I did, but their ideologies and beliefs were distorted over time. I did not change who I was and the strongholds of my belief system I have held onto with an iron-clad grip: integrity, honesty, passion and courage.

Some have it all and don’t even tap into the reserves and talents they were given. Others like myself, defied the odds and though diagnosed with epilepsy went on and was successful as a piano teacher.

I would be a piano teacher now if my upright grand wasn’t in storage! Being on ssi I am entitled to earn money and still collect it, to a certain point. I made $200 per student a month or $50 an hour. I taught nearly every kid in Sandy, Utah by them merely seeing the piano being rolled in our living room. The usual questions were:

1. Do you play piano?
2. Do you teach
3. How much do you charge?
4. I have —- kids and when can we start?

Then the cycle begins and their kids will learn how to play a song within a week, learn how to read sheet music, stage, ear training and theory plus presence, confidence etc.
With my piano in storage it is like having my hands tied behind my back! I have lost income and gained stress culminating with a diagnosis of PTSD!

Do I use the state of CA for stress and my diagnosis of PTSD, a year of hell, money that I used to have paid on hotels because with only $886 a month in ssi, all the greedy people who rent rooms in southern CA want $600 to $800 to live in their bedrooms? That leaves me with not enough to pay my phone bill and internet and storage bills.

I put an ad on supershopper.org and Craig’s List to exchange one of the many valid services for a room in a non smoking household where I could cook and clean for a family. No worthwhile responses only 3 men ages 25, 48 and 50 who wanted casual sex for a place to live of which I said NO.

I told the 25 year old, who had a girl friend, to look up the word integrity and STDs.

It is a sad state of affairs that you have to be diagnosed with something like depression or PTSD before programs and housing programs open up for you!

I went to Huntington Beach Hospital last night and took myself via bus. I couldn’t find any of my friends that would either answer their phones or who would even answer a text back! That did not impress me, by the way!

I made it down there because I suspected that something was terribly wrong with me, and I was 100% right. Like all my assumptions, after doing research on the topic, I am usually 99% correct. I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder by the doctor that talked to me for the longest time.

I asked him to shut the door and then just told him the key points that had happened to me over the last year. He told me that I was amazingly strong and I should be proud of everything I had been through.

I was stressed out and felt as though the stress was accumulating like the water on top of a – cooler in my bathroom in Utah-that eventually caused the ceiling to tumble down when my now-ex-husband and I went to dinner. We went out to dinner and when we came home water was coming down from the smoke detector like a waterfall-just missing my upright grand piano! The most amazing part of the ceiling blowing out and falling down because Mark didn’t turn the swamp cooler off for the winter-was that in the Victorian bathroom, the ceiling fell down to the rafters and all the bisque porcelain figurines in there were not broken, and a pair of antique bisque praying hands were standing up in the bath tub straight up!

I resent that after doing everything right and choosing NOT to smoke or drink or do drugs all my life that there are no support services available for someone like myself.

I want to be the first intelligent white lady with no kids who refused to be treated like a second class citizen because I knew what birth control was and the real facts of life at 9 years old. (I grew up early and wanted real answers and not the stork story!)
More women should be responsible and accountable for their actions where sex and birth control are concerned. There are far too many illegitamate kids being “raised” without fathers to mothers who are 16 years old.
It has become quite a scam having kids to “get the $800 a month” per kid. I was told by countless social workers at the Garden Grove Medical and Food Stamp office to “get a kid and you will get $100!” I love kids, couldn’t have kids for medical reasons-epilepsy- but thought of adopting when I was married but we thought the $20,000 fees were outrageous..so we didn’t.

All the housing programs go to families first and I am not a family, so I am disregarded as though invisible.

I am not envisible or non-existant.

They should put a sign on the front of the Medical office and welfare office that reads: “if you are single or divorced and you don’t have a child we don’t care about you, your life and how you survive financially.” That is the truth.

It took me 7 years to get Medical at the Garden Grove office. When my new medicines Vimpat $20 a pill and Tegretol over $300 a month were forcing me to sell things to afford it, I put two and two together and realized all the people who turned me down were Vietnamese with the last name Nguyen. I had been told a bogus statement that I needed a kid to get medical, which was false. I threatened to sue all the parties personally for FRAUD to the director of the director and got the director named Barbara to fax my information to Sacramento labeled URGENT and had my medicine paid for $100 in a week.

Why this fight though?

Racial discimination against white people exists in Orange County, especially in Garden Grove and Little Saigon.
I am American and among the things I want to do is to crack down on this kind of abuse. An article was in the Walls Street Journal last year how in Vietnam they brag how they take advantage and abuse our welfare system in the USA.

I don’t hate Vietnamese people but I hate racist people and I am the victim of a hate crime that gave preferential treatment to the Vietnamese. I was told in Garden Grove by over 20 Vietnamese they “didn’t want a white piano teacher!” When I heard that I was appauled and shocked and outraged, as I still am now.

I became a displaced worker because of their hatred and bias and stupidity and would probably still have an income stream. I do writing, marketing and photography now with CARestaurantShowCase.com and do what I can.

Our house was a beautiful six bedroom Cape Cod style house with dormer windows and 3 bathrooms. The place was so big that we had my sister and her husband and three kids over and rented beds for all of them. I had a regular bed and breakfast and at that time they were normal and nice people and didn’t have a bad or malicious streak at all. That was to come later down the line when I divorced. Their care for me was in direct proportion to how much money I made a year. My best friends and when I lovingly invited them all to massive parties where I wanted to create memories –not just dinner parties. I did. And though they all have selective memory now, remembering only what they want to-it happened.

In time the bathroom was rebuilt and it after builders came and remodeled, you would have never known anything happened. Thank heaven we had good insurance with State Farm!

How can someone change like a chameleon that magnifies the colors of its surroundings? A counselor can ask them for years what did it-jealousy, envy or just caring more about money and making a quick profit than to mom’s feelings or mine. I think that was it.

I have no idea where I am going with this story here, but it makes me feel better writing it. Once a person becomes an adult at 18 years of age it is their choice who they keep in their life.

When I was moving, I thought and then rethought again everything I wrapped up in a box. I got so tired of packing and it amazed me how much “stuff” I had collected over my 52 years young!

I had read a book on simplifying your life and scaling down what I owned before I made the move to prepare me to take only what I loved and what made me smile when I looked at it. Ask yourself if you love it enough to dust it. You might be surprised what your answers are.

That is the same motto I take to the people in my life. Do they make you smile? Do they bring you up? Support your dreams? If you answer “yes” to all those questions, then you have a keeper there. If you answered one “no” then you better rethink how that person fits into your life.

If you have people in your life that have withered and turned into people who are abusive and tear you down, then if you have tried discussing with them the problems but nothing seems to work, then remove them from you life. You will suffer if you don’t.

After 1653 words were typed I am going to sign off and leave you with these words of wisdom. Think about what you would like to hear when you say something to someone else.

Everybody please pray that Paulette Le Pore Motzko gets the housing voucher she needs to afford a nice place of her own here in CA. Also, if you want to write a congressman or influential person in CA to put pressure on them, be my guest! The most who speak out about something, the more likely things will CHANGE. Also, go beyond me and write your local congressmen and women to add more funding to the Urban Housing Authority’s HUD Housing Program so more vouchers can be created. A ten year wait is a joke and an insult to the intelligence of every person on SSI and SSDI. We don’t want to see displaced disabled people at the bus stops and trying to take care of themselves, along with veterans, who are in the same “boat”, if you will.

I learned to take care of yourself first and make sure you are alright and have what you need, and then you will be more apt to have strength reserves to take care of everybody else.

Write you congressmen and women and contact The Urban Housing Authority in the State of CA in Sacramento, and in The Urban Housing Authority in the largest city in your state. Write and tell what you see in the streets, get involved and watch your efforts blossom into better lives for all people.

For now until today at least until this morning, for a week I was staying at The Super 8 Hotel in Westminster, CA which for he money at $65 a night is one o the nicest, cleanest places around-if you have to “live in a hotel” and can’t afford Residence Inn-with full kitchens, like Boeing used to pay for when I was married.

The way things change is to SHOW THE TRUTH and MAKE PEOPLE CARE.

I took photos of my hotel room and intended on creating  story that would include and show how I was living since evicted in April 2012 by Mike Bunker.

He needs someone to cultivate a moral conscious and explain why what he did was wrong and still is wrong, since he has cut all communication between mom and I for a year.

Thank you Ron Bittelari for sending me the money to make staying here possible. You are even more generous and caring than my ex was.

I have the most kind caring friends.

Do you know anyone who also has been working on getting subsidized housing?

What is your story?

We can team up and work together to put pressure on our leaders who keep saying with a blank expression “there is a 10 year wait for more housing vouchers.” What are we supposed to do until then?

If you make too much $ then you risk losing medical. Silly rules, if you ask me.

There is a song by Kelly Clarkson called “Stronger” that is my mantra and perfectly describes me and what God has felt it necessary for me to go through along with the poor social workers, welfare programs and lies told to me by Vietnamese workers in both the Garden Grove Medical office and social security offices.

If you are caucasion on ssi or ssdi, on medical or are trying to get one of those benefits, what would you think if I told you I was lied to 100% of the time by 100% of the Vietnamese in the welfare system? I was.

It happened.

That is not a racial comment as I still have Vietnamese friends who admit the abuse goes on but they speak English and know many put them in a bad light.

For those on ssi and ssdi or medical be leary and be alert. I personally now, after being lied to, suffering, doing without and living a substandard existence because of false information given by Vietnamese people now will not allow them to wait on me.

I was married to a rocket scientist for 15 years and I use logic. I try to increase the odds of being successful to 100% in everything I do. If you know something hasn’t worked, then don’t do it again. If you know that by doing something else, it increases your odds of accomplishing something, by all means do it.

People get upset when I say this, but it is fact. Abuse happens until it happens with me, then it stops for good and I also set mendates so it never happens again.

I would reccomend going to the Santa Ana Social Security office because they have a wide demographic of all people-Mexican, Filipino, Japanese, Vietnamese, Caucasion. It was refreshing. In one day the underpayment of $400 a month that the Garden Grove office did to me for SSI was increased $200 in one day. Then by going every week, not letting up, until I saw every director there…it is now $886 a month. I refused to let Vietnamese wait on me and by asking for another caucasion person I never had to worry about a hate crime.

If people are racist they shouldn’t be allowed to work at the social security office or any other place that is supposed to treat everyone the same.

We should employ a questionnaire to people coming over from other countries asking them what they are BRINGING to the UNITED STATES and why they are coming. Also a charcter assessment should be given to screen out racists and white haters. Nobody wants to talk about it but that just eneded as I type this sentence.

I am talking to the law dept at Chapman University where I graduated, and I will get representation to sue and get monetary compensation, sue for fraud, the people, who I know by name.

It is the principal here.

I believe everybody is the same and just with others felt the same way.

Once we clean up the fraud and what I believe is the Vietnamese are purposely turning white people down for benefits to bring more of their own kind in.
I talk to people.
I am observant and see who is going out with something and act like a reporter & journalist asking others and find similar stories. I am the only one that will underveil the abuse and stop it once and for all. Every American, white, single lady I have talked to had the same horror stories as me.

Yet I talked to a Mexican family, not even American citizens, who received Medical, Food Stamps and money to live per month in 20 minutes!!!

What do you call that?

On the application they ask if you are Latino. I refused to say because I said, does that mean I get the benefits if I am?

This kind of nonsence goes on in America and it is wrong and against my civil rights.

I want a news station to go in to both offices and see what they find. I bet my assumptions are correct.

I know I am talking about three things in this post:
My life
My background, intelligence, education, hud housing, vouchers
Ssi, ssdi
Hate crimes
Preferential treatment to Latinos, Asians, Families, Women with kids from many fathers
No help for people who tried to do things right
Racial profiling on ssi and medical and food stamps apps
American citizens are given the backseat to needed programs helping disabled survive
Subsidized housing going hand in hand with ssi ssdi

Increasing funding for subsidized housing
Lowering the epidemic proportions of sad displaced disabled people like myself

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 16, 2013

Happy birthday Brenda-Paulette’s sister who helped make her homeless in April 2013.

I have no idea how my oldest sister Brenda Bunker and her poor excuse of a husband can sleep at night with what they did. Some have a conscious and others don’t. Some have souls and some do not.

Bunker was unfortunately made power of attorney by my demented father who is dead, assigning care of my mother and all his personal assetts, along with the house I paid on for 13 years.

I need a good, hard hitting attorney to make this right and have a good ending. One who cares about elder abuse and disabled people. Since mom didn’t know what she was signing and dad didn’t realize he was giving power to a man who would abuse the power given.

My goals:

Remove Mike Bunker from power of attorney
Assign someone to manage my mother’s funds and medical other than me. I need to take care of myself and that is all.
I already made enough sacrifices in my life

Get a house or apartment on some kind of subsidized housing plan in a safe area, since I do not drive.

Sue Mike Bunker for harrassment, stress and going to the hospital numerous times with breakthrough seizures.

I would be seizure free with a place I can call HOME again.
With all the money I saved the state for the 13 years I helped pay my parent’s mortgage, made meals for them etc I feel the state of CA owes me! Especially since I had 0 income during the time I was wrongly turned down for medical and social security after my divorce in 2001.

photos will be added later today when I go to a place with wifi. My Verizon Jetpack is maxed out of time so I am writing this via my Android MyTouch phone.

2:02 p.m.
December 16th, 2013

I want to air this on a major news station or in The Orange County Register. Good things will happen as a result of it. I know it.

We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and bones. – Henry David Thoreau

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 6th, 2013
1:41 a.m.

I spotted this wonderful quote in my vocabulary builder daily word and had to open my WordPress app on my Android MyTouch Smart Phone and capture it.

Henry David Thoreau is one of my favorite authors and my love of his works began with Honors English class and my fantastic teacher Mrs. Covington telling me how he wrote the book “Waldon”. Thoreau wanted to go back to nature, and not use electricity, and refrained from progress. He wanted to get “back to nature” and lived in a cabin with only a kerosine lamp to light his way as he wrote what would be one of the great classic literary works of all time- Waldon.

If you weren’t lucky enough to have the great English teachers that opened my world to how they wrote and why and understanding what the great writer’s motivations were….helping to understand and appreciate the book or poem more fully…check it out from the library, or you might find it on GoogleBooks on the Google Play section. Many books in the public domain are available to read on your IPOD, IPAD or computer for free or for a few dollars..most under $5.

I often remember the words Mrs. Covington told me about writing and creating. She said these to me that I tell young adults writing term papers and especially people who hated English or writing or reading to inspire them.

“If you write in a journal each day you will become a better writer. When you read each day you will be exposed to new ideas, concepts and words building your broad view of the world and people in it. The better writer you are the better speaker you will be, getting better jobs and having more friends and a wider circle of people around you. It is all connected.”

Everybody hated the English classes and sat falling asleep in class or talking behind Mrs. Covington’s back but she was a friend of mine and her words were gold to me. I saw the merit and value in everything she told me…and she was right.

She have me a white Buxton jewelery box I for my graduation in my senior year I still have to this day and wish she could see what all those book reviews and grammar exercises bought me.

Totally Inspired Mind Accepts The Dragon Loyalty Award & Paulette Motzko’s Nominations

The Dragon Loyalty Award

Finally having time to accept my nomination


inner-peace-awardDon Charisma awarded me the Inner Peace Award. I hope I accepted it. I got an avalanche of awards within a short period. I think I accepted this one, but in case I didn’t add it to Totally Inspired Mind, here it is.

(I am looking for the jpg file of The Dragon Loyalty Award and not finding it yet!”

Finding a bunch of others though! 😉


Another I found in my award file

versatile-blogger-award-imageAnd another….

I have to add the award picture later on after I save it again folks!

I want to thank Growth Hunter at http://www.GrowthHunters.wordpress.com

for nominating me for The Dragon Loyalty Award, which had kind of an ambiguous significance until she researched it for me.

The award’s origin originated with Vintage Book Fairy, and you can read the meaning here:



The Dragon Loyalty Award is awarded to writers/bloggers for consistently writing back their fans and making comments on other fan’s works. In other words, it shows you acknowledge your fans support with every word you say to them and how you foster loyalty between them (the audience) and you-the writer & photographer blogger.

I was asked to tell you about 7 interesting facts about myself, so here it goes…

1.   I am American with my ancestors coming from France, French Canadian, Italian-Palermo, and Blackfoot Indian.

2.    I would love to have my own show on the Food Network or The Food Channel one day. I am hoping I take both CookingUpaStorminCa.ning.com and CookingUpaStormWithMissPolly.com there one day. Just one talent scout is all it would take.

3.   I care about humanitarian issues like the environment, children and their futures, the fiscal debt we have and paying if off, finding cures for cancer, epilepsy, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

4.   I love mentoring others who want to do what I am now doing. This week I ran into 2 people in 2 different locations with varied backgrounds who will be future writers on Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World! I am talking to the first Travel Correspondent, another waitress who has baking as her passion when not working. She will be featured on a special baking segment. Stay tuned to see the rest!

5.    I love main streets any main street will do. There you find the heart of a town and where the locals talk about current events.

6.    I love an ocean view and the sea gulls, sound of the surf and beach life. I don’t tan and wear a lot of sun screen but I find inspiration by the sea shore.

7.    Lastly, since I was asked to tell seven things about myself, I have always been a visionary thinker since I was a kid with a picture memory. If I could picture it, I could do it.

Bloggers Paulette Motzko is Nominating The Dragon Loyalty Award To….


1.   Dale Rogerson at http://www.dalesdelectables.wordpress.com

2.    Don Charisma at http://www.doncharisma.org

3.   Dyan Diamond at http://www.dyandiamond.wordpress.com

4.   Brittius at http://www.brittius.com

5.    http://www.EverydayPowerBlog.wordpress.com

6.    Rich Cross at http://www.RichCross13.wordpress.com

7.    Paint The World With Words at http://www.PaintTheWorldWithWords.wordpress.com

8.   My Life in 24 Hours at: http://www.mylifein24hours.wordpress.com

9.   Vintage Book Fairy at: http://www.VintageBookFairy.wordpress.com

10.                   The Wine Wankers at http://www.TheWineWankers.wordpress.com

11.                   Esther at Hortus Closus http://www.hortusclosus.wordpress.com

12.                   Pernilla Bredolt at http://www.PernillaBredolt.wordpress.com

13.                   Susan Lattwein at Putting In a Good Word http://www.SusanLattwein.wodpress.com

14.                   Middle Of My Story http://www.MiddleofMyStory.wordpress.com

15.                   The Talking Violin http://www.TheTalkingViolin.wordpress.com

16.                   Sally Ann Frederick at Sally’s Special Services http://www.SallyAnnFrederickTudor.wordpress.com

17.                   Ann Johnson Murphree at http://www.AnnJohnsonMurphreeAuthor.com

18.                   HeartFlow 2013 http://www.HeartFlow2013.wordpress.com

19.                   Loving Food, Fashion, Life http://www.LovingFoodFashionLife.wordpress.com

20.                   The Crazy Mom Cook http://www.TheCrazyMomCook.wordpress.com

21.                   Rupa at RupaCoach http://www.RupaCoach.wordpress.com

22.                    Rao at http://www.lvsrao.wordpress.com

23.                   Versa and You at http://www.VersaAndYou.wordpress.com

24.                   Growth Hunters at http://www.GrowthHunters.wordpress.com


To all the wonderful and talented writers, coaches, photographers, change catalysts as I call them, when you empower others to positive change or just more positive ways of thinking and acting and choosing.

I am giving you a virtual standing ovation for the joy you give me with your words. I am glad you felt I was worth another award. Thank you!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

November 16th, 2013

7:51 p.m.


Images from Pinterest

Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change. – Malcolm X

“Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.” – Malcolm X

Malcolm X is dead on right. I am angry but I don’t sit around and bitch. I am in the process to contact my congressmen and women to allocate the funding in Orange County, CA in a more intelligent manner.
I want to see every disabled person on SSI or SSDI with a place they can live with dignity and integrity. I am one of those people.
We either need to scrap the housing voucher entirely and come up with a program/solution to the many homeless or displaced disabled people who hear there is no vouchers given for nearly 10 years!
That is unacceptable!!
Those people will be dead by then or put in dangerous situations and injured.
Housing solutions for our Veterans of the USA is another one I want to tackle and the bus systems of OCTA.

As long as I live in Orange County and use the bus systems, I know I can improve the funding to get more buses running so it doesn’t take two hours to get somewhere.

The Access buses have seat belts in them because of me and the lobbying I did with OCTA telling them it was unsafe to drive without them.

Housing rates number one in importance. I want to start a petition and get signatures on it and send it to Washington, D.C.

I am a fire starter that kindles a fire within others for positive change.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko




Images selected from Pinterest, Authors Unknown

My Wishes For My 429 Followers on Totally Inspired Mind

Thanks to my 429 followers who tune in to Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate.


I came down to do some banking at my local bank and ran into two of my friends today. I am cheering that he get a job soon so he can pay his bills and his life can once again resemble “normalcy”, as I call it.

I met a lady named Jessica that was dealing with the complications of dementia with her 100 year old father. I bought her dad a cup of coffee, because he was sitting doing nothing for the longest time, while his daughter did his shopping. Jessica & I shared contact info and I am going to give her the url to “Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily” that I named after my mother with Alzheimer’s disease.
Enlightenment shows options and if Jessica learns one new thing in reading the newsletter to help her dad, it was worth telling her.

We all go through phases in our lives for different reasons, testing us, strengthening us and building us into more courageous, strong individuals.

My wish for all who read Totally Inspired Mind is that you have good health. Without that, even the most simple daily tasks can feel enormous. If you don’t have good health, that you find a good doctor and learn everything you can about your diagnosis/disability to empower yourself to new options.

I want you all to know love, if not from your family, then from the people who have become your extended family.

I hope you all have a home or somewhere to sleep at night that you call home at a minimum.

I wish that each and every follower-all 429 of you- have a stable money stream that comes in without fail. The more $ you have the less stress you have, so this is a big one with me.
After the basics are taken care of like food and shelter and health, I hope each of you make use of every ability you have and enjoy the work you do.

I also want only great and extraordinary things to come into your lives and enable you to accomplish things you have only dreamed of.

No matter what your belief system, I wish that you never lose sight of your full potential and never lose hope in humanity or yourself.

That is my wish for you all.




Photography by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

November 2, 2013

Thank You Don Charisma For Awarding me The Inner Peace Award and Sunshine Awards




ImageI want to simply say a whopping Thank You to all my many readers all over the world on Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate. I was laying down and writing on my Android MyTouch phone, and since I wasn’t quite tired, I simply turned the light on and got on my laptop. In the still and quiet of the night I have no interruptions and when it is quiet I can hear my soul speak. You can quote me on that.

When I accepted The Inventive Blogger Award, I told 15 interesting facts about myself, and some were tragic. The point I wanted to make here, in the 10 things I will tell about myself, is I am not a tragic person. Those things don’t define me. I don’t let them define me.

1. I love going to the beach and walking on the pier, any pier at all from Huntington Beach to Newport Beach, Seal Beach and its quaint, neighborhood-like feel or Corona Del Mar. 2. I love main streets anywhere….there is so much history there and you can learn so much about the town you are in there.

3. I see the potential in everyone I meet and the possibilities in every situation. That is just me. It is who I am.

4. I do my best on everything I set out to do. Basketball is the only sport I really like and enjoy, mainly because the guys aren’t killing each other! 😉 I picture myself throwing a basketball in a hoop that is over the heavens and making it in. Even if I get slightly under the hoop, it will still be damn good!

5. I love kids and mentoring people to do what I have already done and succeeded at. It gives me joy, strength from within to know I can help show someone how to do something they will never forget that will impact their life in a great way.

6. Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, The Corner Bakery Cafe, and The Chocolate Iguana in Tucson, AZ are some of my favorite places for who I meet there.

7. A motto of mine is simply this: Do what works and do it over and over again. Also, avoid what doesn’t work and learn from your mistakes. If you master those rules, you will win at anything you do. I think Einstein said that it was insane to repeat the same thing over and over again even if you knew it didn’t work. (That is what I think when I see people smoking, only because you are paying to slowly die or at best have lung problems when you get older.)

8. I love old movies before they really got naked in movies and only things were implied.

9. I want a 50’s style coaster bike so I can go riding down by the beach. My Nanny had a great saying that has now become mine. “Use it or lose it!” She meant in regards to her legs that had arthritis in them, but she walked with me many miles at a time, and coughed from time to time with asthma. She was an awesome lady who helped raised me with an iron clad will. I thank her for imparting the courageous spirit she helped build in me.

10. I want to go to Rome Italy and Palermo one day, but I want to know conversational Italian before I do.



Paulette Le Pore Motzko-The Lady Behind the Award Winning Blog-Totally Inspired Mind

Thank You For Giving Me The Versatile Blogger Award

Some Interesting Facts About Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Her 15 Nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award


After a very long day and a 30 minute bus ride home after sitting outside waiting for the bus almost an hour-due to a bus breaking down-I made it home and just missed the rain.

I made a wonderful salad with mixed greens, spinach, and roasted sweet peppers put it on <a href=”http://www.CookingUpaStormWithMissPolly.com”


>http://www.CookingUpaStormWithMissPolly.com and then I saw a notification from my friend Amreen on the blog called “Paint The World With Words” http://painttheworldwithwords.wordpress.com/2013/10/29/the-versatile-blogger-award/

Amreen said she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Amreen. You give me a warm feeling about the work I put into my words and crafting them into what I hope has merit, to not just myself but the world.


She made my day and made me really pleased that I spent so many hours fine tuning the last post about having a moral consciousness in the world, and then making it come alive with images yesterday.

versatile blogger award


Some interesting things about Paulette Le Pore Motzko


1.     I was diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy when I was nine years old. She almost died before she was a year old…high fever, went into convulsions and then a coma for many days until Dr Storks saved me life so I could eventually write the words that the world was supposed to read years later. I almost died 4 times in my life and before my epilepsy was under the great control it is now, I used to have 50 or more seizures a day and was what the super specialists call “intractable”. I was nearly killed in a car crash-when I was driving-over 15 years ago, and God was on my side as nobody was injured. I will never forget the applause and standing ovation I heard when all my neighbors all lined up and down the street saw the car I was in enmeshed in the chain link fence of a school yard! When I finally moved I heard people screaming and clapping and the firemen saying “Thank God She’s Alive!” So, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out at that moment, it would be buses and drivers for me for the rest of my life. Driving isn’t all it is cracked up to be any how. The next standing ovation I hear and see will be for my award wining books or a song I wrote or a fabulous dish I created that is healthy and good. That will be more like it!


3.     I love music playing classical guitar and piano and writing music. I taught piano for 20 years ages 6 to 86. I couldn’t earn a living with it after my divorce so I  re-created myself and read every writing book out there…and am a Copy Writer, Content Writer and earn money as a freelance writer, product photographer, food photographer that works with restaurants shooting interiors/exteriors and the food for digital menus like these:




4.Was married to a real rocket scientist for 15 years and even though have been divorced since 2001, I learned a lot from him and will always take that wisdom through life.


5.     My mother Ramona Lea Le Pore gave me life, confidence, was my cheerleader and is responsible for the attitude I have towards life-that with passion, and drive-anything is possible. My best friend when I was nine years old was Cheryl Lightcap, who was totally blind. She and I were hated by everybody but we were different. Children can be ruthless that way. They will throw a rock at anyone or anything they don’t understand. Mom was my “Anne Sullivan” and my teacher and taught me to read when I was 4 years old and once I learned phonetics, the world was my pearl. (I don’t like oysters!)
Mom has Alzheimer’s disease now but she is alive and well and I will see her very soon bearing gifts and great news of my new place.

Paulette and her dear mom Ramona Lea at The Corner Bakery at Bella Terra where it is like family. This was taken last year 2012.

Paulette and her dear mom Ramona Lea at The Corner Bakery at Bella Terra where it is like family. This was taken last year 2012.

6.     My grandfather Alberto Le Pore was a chef. He was from Argentina. My Nanny (Dad’s mother) lived with when I was 9 years old, an important age in my life. I was diagnosed with epilepsy, began playing the piano and writing music, began my love of cooking and cook books, read and wrote voraciously.

7.     I only associate with kind, caring, compassionate people who care about the world, the environment and those around us. I am not a hypocrite. I say what I mean and mean what I say but I am not Popeye!



8.     I have a good sense of humor and a young attitude towards life and living. Even though I am amazingly five decades old, I know my best years are still ahead of me. Your attitude is the single most important thing you will need every day to be successful, achieve your goals and be selective on who you associate throughout your life. The more positive people you have in your life, the better your life with be, like sunshine coming through a window. The sunshine is them, the window is YOU!

9.     Writing words that I know the world will read and remember and hopefully look back to is extraordinarily gratifying. I took every class my high school offered and had the best English teachers to this day. One of them in Creative Writing said to me: “Pretend you are looking through the viewer of a Nikon camera and describe what you are talking about to someone as though they have never seen it in the world. Pretend you are seeing through a telephoto lense.” Her words, along with Mrs. Eva Covington’s, who gave me a Buxton jewelry box for graduation were timeless. She said: “ Some think I am an old lady that doesn’t’ know what she’s talking about and think the class is boring but I say this:  “You will want to learn to love English and grammar class not because it is exciting but because it is the technical side and mechanics of the language you will use the rest of your life. When you have a command of the English language you will: Speak Better, Get Better Jobs, Be Have More Friends, Be able to get up in front of people without hesitating and you will be more successful. She was right.

10.  I was the CEO and Founder of The Epilepsy Connection, a grassroots organization that I created and maintained until my divorce in 2001, when the needs of the one-me-came first before the needs of the many. Last time I looked at the domain that I bought and created, someone else was running an organization by that name, but it was not me. I might work with him some day to help raise money for services for those with the disorder because I care about it very much.

11.  I am writing a cook book that I hope will be completed this time next year.

12.  I love traveling, even though I don’t do enough of it.

13.  I used to collect tea pots. Now I just love using and enjoying what I have and own.

14.  Other topics that interest me are: Music, Politics, Astronomy, Science, Children and Education, Business, Marketing, Computers, Photography, Web Development, Reading and Fashion, Self -Empowerment and Psychology.

15.  I have 50 songs I wrote and copyrighted in the Library of Congress and want to see on a CD one day




Paulette Le Pore Motzko’s personal choice winners of The Versatile Blogger Award:

1.     Paint The World With Words at http://www.Painttheworldwithwords.wordpress.com

2.     Susan Lattwein at http://www.SusanLattwein.wordpress.com

3.     Looking  For Reasoning To a Complicated World   http://prayingforoneday.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/pictures-that-will-make-you-smile-all-about-love-sometimes/


4.     http://www.lavenderreflections.wordpress.com

5.     Caterina at http://www.kissmeunderthepinkblossomree.wordpress.com

6.     Luki Lutvia at http://www.lukilutviasite.wordpress.com


7.     Alina who created http://www.Alinamor.wordpress.com


8.     Sara Frye who created Living Life and Testing Limits One Step at a Time- http://www.sarafry.wordpress.com


9.     A Small Act of Kindness: http://www.smallactsofkindness.wordpress.com


10.  Don Charisma at http://www.doncharisma.org


11.  Sally Ann Frederick at http://www.SallyAnnFrederickTudor.wordpress.com


12.  Karin at http://www.middleofmystory.wordpress.com



13.  Rupa at http://www.RupaCoach.wordpress.com


14.  Dave at http://www.ThePhotography.wordpress.com


15.  Anna Maria at http://www.HappinessSecrets.wordpress.com


After doing this and the many wonderful and talented people I have “met” via the world of computers and WordPress, I am going to create a database on Excel of the first and last names, blog names and URL’s of the people I am becoming great friends with on Word Press. My dad had me memorize the school rosters when I was a kid. He said it will help you remember people’s names, which will be a great asset when you get older. It also shows that you care enough to remember it. Sometimes I have trouble remember first names alone, but never the whole name. I have a photographic memory and remember what the name looks like on paper and then what it sounds like phonetically. It is a trick I might teach people in the future when my books are closer to being printed.


After 1,043 words are typed, I think it is time to sign off now!

God bless all of my 395 followers, readers & Word Press Family

I have met so many wonderful, intelligent, creative people here who I have shared their stories and photos with and have become good friends as a result.

I look forward to reading every comment throughout myy day and night and all your comments I read are very valued as is you as people, writers, photographers, political activists and just good people.

Thank you for being there…which is where I am.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
2:23 a.m.

“The Palace Called Solitude” A Haiku by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

The Palace Called Solitude

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Rights Reserved October 22, 2013

Everyone’s palace

Is based on what gives them joy

Mine is Solitude


When in solitude

I can expand on ideas

Create unique things

Albert Einstein said

With pen, paper and thought

You will have the world….. 

And you do!




Images on Pinterest, Authors Unknown
Text written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
October 22, 2013

Heroism and Random Acts of Kindness by Paulette Le Pore Motzko


A tiled wall with each tile painted by a different child….an example of what we can do together. I wish adults would follow in the path of children. Hatred and racism are learned behaviors.

Totally Inspired Mind

Heroism by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright, October 15th, 2013

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

1:00 a.m.

Here I am listening to Andre Bocelli singing Corcovado about “quiet nights and quiet stars”; one of my favorite Latin American songs, typing to the beat of the music in a samba beat in the wee hours…

Yesterday’s theme of the day to the blog posts was “heroism”  with blog posts shared from Nisha Ellis’s movie review and video about Tom Hanks portraying Captain Phillips in a great movie that will be at your local theater, if it isn’t already.

Rob Brooks shared his post called “Endurance” about the historical account about the incredible voyage of Ernest Shackleton and how he survived the Antarctic expedition that went horribly wrong. The book is entitled: “Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage”, by Alfred Lansing. It would be a great book report for your child, if he or she has one to do!

BlueJayBlog told about the life of Army Corporal Desmond Doss and how even though being a Seventh-Day Adventist he served his country and protected it.

The blog on Word Press entitled “Dream, Believe, Achieve” depicted with a striking digitally enhanced photo combined with a powerful quote: “Your spark can become a flame and change everything.” I totally agree and that applies to so many things in our lives. BE it politics and voting, helping a senior citizen across a street, helping a child learn a concept they didn’t know before, or teaching someone how to say their first words when nobody else could get them to speak.

There are ways to become what I call a “change catalyst” or a “fire starter”. You can volunteer at your library and teach a literacy class opening the world of reading and learning to people, expanding their horizons.


Today’s Theme is Random Acts of Kindness and Knowing You Have the Power to Change a Life.

You can do something like go into a children’s hospital and bring some big stuffed dolls anonymously and some fresh flowers to a senior in a hospital, just because you can and to see them SMILE. That is what it is all about. It isn’t about the glory of having your name in lights, but in knowing you made a difference.

What matters to you? Ask yourself and write down whatever comes to your mind.

Whatever sentences come rolling into your mind, write them down.

1.      Help the school with preparing lunches

2.     Offer your services at some homeless shelters in your area, even make the food if you have the budget and the time. Nothing is more rewarding than to see how appreciated something you take for granted is.

3.     What relatives are getting up in age in your family? Make a list. Do a good deed that is unexpected and unasked for.

4.     What about your dad-is there something you know he loves that he mentioned? Why don’t you make it possible if you can or get it for him? There may be a time when he isn’t here and you cannot do it.

5.     What about your mom-is there something you can do for her to show her you love her? After all, she gave you life, and made it possible for you to live, breathe and be the person you are.

Today’s theme is Random Acts of Kindness. I shared a story from The Kindness Blog called “Flowers of Kindness” where the author handed out flowers to people on the street and that she met. The responses were overwhelming.

In A Project For Kindness blog Claire Sinclair shows a photo of a little dog riding on the back of a horse in the water. I am amazed at shots like that because they seem almost unreal, but from http://www.MyLovelyQuotes.com, it is real. Animals and people all have the capacity for generosity and kindness and through our days there are plenty of opportunity to be the kind one or the hero.

In Step Up For Your Community’s post called “A List of Kindness” S. Murphy, author of the blog recounts the word of Princess Diana: “Carry out a random act of kindness with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.”

Next time there is a grand opportunity, don’t look to see what someone else is doing, just get up and open the door for the lady with the stroller and three kids.

Watch what happens afterwards.

Text and photography by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

A grateful heart and thankful spirit opens your eyes up to seeing greatness in the world and people. Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Much as in my friend on her blog Lavender Reflections wrote about the many things she was grateful for, it got me thinking of all I was thankful for.


Photo Montage entitled “California Capers” by Paulette Le Pore Motzko


Beautiful sky image from TreasureField on Pinterest.com

It is when those things are taken away you realize how important they really were.

(Like appreciating the photos on my phone I can’t seem to locate. I need to buy a bigger memory card, but can’t until I get paid. I haven’t figured out why I cannot open my Gallery in my phone and access the nearly 2000 photos I took & saved!) I mention this because an image I created would have appeared here, but this one from TreasureField, found on Pinterest will work nicely. I always give credit, when known to the artists and photographer and writer if any material other than mine is used.) I will eventually access them again though. Hard to remember a time before Smart Phones and the internet.

Time has passed since this was posted this morning and in that time I restored all my applications on my MyTouch phone back to factory settings, freeing up enough memory so my Photo Gallery could be accessed again.
Hooray for small miracles!

When I was going to college years ago, back in 1984 to 1996 cell phones hadn’t even been invented and DOS was what you would find in the computer lab! To think I can walk around with the “world in the palm of my hand” and write things I feel are worthy to others every day with regular readers is incredible. I remember Mrs. RoseAnne Wood who taught all my Music Theory, Performance and Concert Review classes. After writing a concert review she would write on my typed paper: “You should be a writer. You have an extraoridinary way of putting into words the images music make you think of.”

Since that time, I taught piano 20 years, ages 6 years old to 86 and even two very acutely hard of hearing students who wore hearing aids-using American Sign Language which I am fluent in. That was so rewarding and it had never been done. I have often thought of signing up with a college in their Special Education Dept and offering music lessons to those with hearing impairments. It sounds funny to some, but to these students can sense pitch, tone and vibration. They just need someone who can translate audible to visual, which is me.

So, after talking of missing pictures, pianos, writing and making the impossible possible with music, I will say “take time for thankfulness. Make time to look around you and think not just about what you are doing in that day as a “proverbial to do list”, but meditate on the things you are grateful for. This does not include merely “stuff” or “things” but states of being.”

Goals you are achieving, from the simplest cup of coffee by yourself or with your loved one….or a place you go that is special to only you.

“It is in these times of reflection that great things are made.”

Thank you to author of the blog Lavender Reflections for inspiring in me the ability to write these words! I can’t wait to get to know you better.

“Know what time you are most inspired and are most productive. For me it is the early hours when it is quiet and I can hear my soul speak to me.”

Also, never quit learning and becoming and aspiring to great things. Allow your mind to go to the paragon of what you would like to achieve. Even if you fall slightly under that, you work will still be great. Filter out those who don’t believe in you and your abilities. They are like carrying around a ball and chain and are a deterant to your success as a human being and your happiness and peace.

Have a fantastic day!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

October 12, 2013
6:39 a.m.
Updated 8:23 a.m.

A Quarter Short by Paulette Le Pore Motzko


A Quarter Short

By Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright October 10th, 2013

10:00 p.m.

This month my SSI check did not come. It is now over a week after the usual time of having it wired in my bank account on the eve of the first of the month. I am not on SSI because I want to but because I need to be. So many people say horrible things about people who are collecting various forms of social security. There are three forms: Social Security that you pay into all your life that is taken out on weekly checks and you are given when you retire from your job. Then there is SSDI for people deemed disabled by the state and cannot work because they are so severely disabled they cannot work. I was teaching piano until the Vietnamese in Little Saigon didn’t want a white teacher. I didn’t want a bigot for a neighbor either, but there were more of them


This is where I find solace and peace and find clarity of intention. The sea is my church with the blue sky and clouds and ocean breeze blowing my troubles away. I know things will be alright but I will be glad when they are. It isn’t for lack of me trying!

than me. If they earn any money or are given any money they can be thrown out of the program. Then there are people like myself, who collect SSI, or Supplementary Social Security Income.

I am allowed to make about a thousand dollars each month over the $886 I am given. Prior to that time, if I didn’t make that amount I was selling things in my house. I did that to get my medicine, which for complex partial epilepsy is $250 a month for Tegretol and $20 a pill for the Vimpat, making it $1200 a month. So, just for my medicine comes to $1450. Would I got on something cheaper? Prior to the UCB releasing Vimpat for use in the United States I was intractable, meaning I had upwards of 50 seizures a day. I used to be in a scooter when I was married that I designed with a 20 mile radius and now I take the bus and can walk up to two miles a day!

I have a different mind, a different soul and the world is my pearl. (I don’t like oysters!) My ex-husband loved them though!

I feel like a beach ball that has been whacked around from place to place, from person to person since the unlawful and apathetic eviction from a my mother’s house (I paid rent into for 13 years-which nearly paid their mortgage on their house, which is why I did it. Not because I had to.) I finalized a 15 year marriage to a rocket scientist ex and could have moved anywhere in the United States, but I chose to live with them.. Dad is dead now a year and mom has Alzheimer’s disease. I pray she always recognizes me and knows my name. My sister is playing games with me seeing her and sometimes what we think should happen in life does not and the opposite happens instead.

What do I want in life?

I am a simple lady and when I pray it is always this order of importance to the Man Upstairs-God or The Omnipotent Presence for a Universal term for God.

Dear God,

Give me health, wealth, security, peace of mind and then love it is meant to be. More specifically give me a home I can afford and let me have what few things I own and chose to take with me when I was thrown out of a place I should have been given. I am hassling with attorneys trying to get justice on what I am owed by California State Laws concerning the vested interest I had in the property. I will never make it right, but I can at least know I didn’t do what my siblings did in regards to my mother’s welfare. I didn’t buy her cartons of cigarettes knowing she was diagnosed with COPD! I did make meals for her; give her wonderful memories and me as well that I will cherish my entire life. I did weed out all the clothes she had with holes in them and replaced them with beautiful Alfred Dunner ones to let her walk with her “head held high” as she used to tell me to do when I was a child. I did throw out her old shows and buy her new ones, and tried to get her whatever she needed during the 13 years I lived in Garden Grove.

Due to there being no housing vouchers with HUD housing for ten years, I am forced now to leave the state and go where I can afford it-probably Las Vegas, Nevada.

I long to see my upright grand piano again and earn the $50 an hour I did for 20 years all the time I was married again. Ten kids and I am doing alright, then I am not scraping like a chicken scrapes for grain anymore!

I went to school for a reason and was on the Honor Roll with a high GPA in high school and college. I want to see the paycheck that warrants. When you live in a place that prevents you from working because you don’t speak Vietnamese or Spanish, it goes against my right as an English speaking American citizen. That implies that America is a Vietnamese speaking world or Spanish Speaking world, doesn’t it? How about forcing people over 18 years of age to learn English fostering communication for all people? That would be the best way to do it and get interpreters for those who need it.

Where does the title for this 736 word diary entrée come in?

I called Denny’s from Walgreens to see how much a cup of decaf was and the manager said $2.25. I then took a bus to Tiffy’s where I know the manager there who is an awesome man, and heard the same price of which I was “a quarter short.” I didn’t want charity and walked out. I was going to go to The Paradise Point resort hotel where I love taking my computer and writing and they like me there and I get along with everybody because they cater to a very rich demographic and the people are always mannerly. Often when people see me at my computer they ask my favorite question: “What are you doing?” When I tell them, they often want to keep in touch or hire me to do one of the many writing, photographic or marketing things I do. I could do a heck of a lot better when I am in a better frame of mind. Last time I went there I asked the concierge where I could go to get a cappuccino or tea and does some computer work, and she suggested the lounge in the Grand Californian.

That brings me back to this evening on Thursday, October 10th, 2013.

I walked into Coco’s Restaurant & Bakery and the first person who smiled back at me was Joseph Revera who was the 3rd person I asked my coffee question to. He said I had enough and my $1.75 would cover my cup of Joe. So, I sat down and noticed I was a quarter short and he said don’t worry about it. I thought about it and then asked him, “why are you so nice”, which was a more redundant question that anything else. He saw tears coming down my face probably from begging with T-Mobile keeping my phone running, worrying that my web sites will be destroyed because Ming didn’t get their money on time, and just feeling ravaged in general.

I would rather have a few tears drizzle down my face like rain and get it out of my system then go to counseling for the next 20 years whining. I am strong. I will go on. I am a resilient person. I helped countless people as the CEO  & Founder of The Epilepsy Connection, was the first person with epilepsy who acted as Director of The Epilepsy Foundation before that. I graduated from Chapman University’s Master’s Certification program back in 1997 and held the Summit meeting that year. I am proud of those things.

I just want to simply move on in my life and have what it takes to do so.

I am going to contact the Urban Housing Authority one more time and some congress person I haven’t thought of about getting me a housing voucher. According to what I read about it, they are awarded to disabled people and to certain low income people. I already contacted Mayor Villages and he only cares about bringing more Mexicans in over the border and really doesn’t give a damn about white people like me. Nobody wants to talk about these things, but they go on.

I would rather earn my own money and not need SSI. I would like to make a salary so huge that I am never a quarter short again. I hope I find a place I can call home and never have to rely on a roommate or a man who treats you terribly, as I have seen.

What I do know is I will go through the ring of fire I am currently going through. I will have total control of my surroundings, as I wish I would have had long ago. IN southern California they expect you to make 3 times the rent. The rent price for a one bedroom apartment is a whopping ridiculous $1200 to $1600 and that isn’t even a nice one! You can pay double that in Newport Beach or Costa Mesa which are much nicer cities.

Joseph came by me and gave me some pumpernickel bread and sourdough with butter. It amazes me how I consistently run into some of the nicest people who are total strangers and my family has dust for a heart, soul and conscious. I guess they are the ones that will regret that one day when they have no idea what state I live in. Nobody needs abuse of any kind.

I met a lady on the bus on the way here who I hope gets help. She nudged me from behind and I guess she nudged the right person because I care and am not, nor will ever be apathetic. I was once the lady in the wheel chair and was once the lady in the motorized scooter. I went through hell and lived to talk about it. She was 65 but was homeless due to a system that didn’t make sure she had somewhere to call home. Her children didn’t care about her and I told her she should be getting social security and medical and Medicare and gave her the name of my attorney. I told her not to back down and to go to a church that helped me once. I sure hope she goes. I hope I was her answered prayer today. She was mine because she reminded me why I want to lobby in congress to see that the budget takes care of the American people first and the disabled people and veterans are on the top of that list. What is left after that, so be it. At least our country is acting on the best behalf of its natural citizens.

After about 20 hours on the phone and successive trips to my bank with them verifying the Social Security wired my check to an account that had been closed months ago, so they would have permission to issue me one I could use…..I go tomorrow and I was told they would cut me a check. Why didn’t one of the people I spoke save me headaches and time and tell me that long ago? Not everybody thinks like I do. Show the person the fastest, most efficient way of doing something.

How awesome is that? I just checked the stats on my site called “Totally Inspired Mind-Where Positive Minds Congregate” at http://www.TotallyInspiredPC.wordpress.com. I had 100 more views today than the highest in history of the one year of the site-275 views today. That makes my day and lets me know that even amidst the hell I am going through I am doing something right.

God bless all who have read the last word of this sentence out of the 1,859 words.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

October 10, 2013

Ten minutes to 11:00 p.m.

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry…

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” – Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde’s words made me think here and then re-think what exactly he meant.

In my opinion what he is saying is:

We imitate way too often in life. From the thoughts we think to the opinions we claim are our own. Many are afraid to say anything out of the ordinary, even if they might be totally right and have valid points to make.

I think the most boring people around and also the most annoying are those who won’t state their opinion about anything. They fear someone will disagree with them so they say nothing at all.

Even worse is the person who could have turned in the cell phone they found in a bathroom stall so the rightful owner could have a chance at cleaiming their world and contacts and information contained therin. (I mention that specific example because I turned one in last night when I found in sitting in the bathroom.) The opportunities are all over though to make that difference, if you only feel like it.

When was the last time you stood up for a cause you felt strongly about?

Sign a petition on Care.org and become involved with making a difference in the world, one signature at a time.

I know everybody speaks of how many followers one has on Twitter or Face Book or other networking sites. When was the last time you thought of “where you are leading people to”?


Image from Pinterest
Author Unknown

When Oscar Wilde said their lives are a mimicry, it is because few set the pace for others or are TREND SETTERS….showing the way to better or newer ways of doing things or thinking.

By saying “their passions are a quotation” I think Oscar Wilde meant instead of us making the most out of what are strenths and passions are enabling us to be quoted one day, we “retweet” other’s words instead of writing or creating something with the intent for it to have lasting longevity.

I hope this made you think in new and enlightening ways.

If it did, I did my job as a writer.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright October 2, 2013

3:51 a.m.

October 2, 2013

My SSI check was not wired in my bank account..Need Quick Way to Resolve This

After 4 times on the phone listening to the repetitive recording while on hold with the headquarters of the Social Security Administration, my usual $886 was not wired into my account at one am.
They say they sent it, I didn’t get it, the President of Wells Fargo Bank says there were no deposits made and no pending deposits are visible from my Android MyTouch phone.

Due to the Great Government Shut Down thanks to our Obama my local social security office is closed.

I want to resolve this in an expedient way.

Any ideas?

After numerous phonecalls and answering a million security questions I found out they wired my SSI check in an account I closed in September! I don’t know if old accounts can be revived from the dead. Hopefully the president of wells fargo can transfer it to an existing account.

Going to get a statement proving that from my bank.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Man’s Real Life is Happy, Chiefly Because He is Ever Expecting That it Soon Will Be

“Man’s real life is happy, chiefly because he is ever expecting that it soon will be so.” – Edgar Allan Poe


My mother Ramona use to tell me when I was a small child
“Whatever you believe you can do you will do. Envision yourself successful and you will be. Work as hard as you possibly can on every task you do, and you will be successful at it, whatever it may be.” Mom was right and I think of her many times every day as I am living proof that what she told me was fact. Shoot to be the top in everything you do, and try to be the best at it. Any job that is worth doing, is worth doing well.”

As Edgar Allen Poe said in his words about Man being happy largely due to him believing he will be, he was right.

Whether you are a man, woman or child, your attutude and the words you tell yourself outloud or subconsciously can bring you up so you reach the stars in the sky, or they can drop you in a depressing revene it will take some work & determination to get out of.

Choose your friends carefully and avoid negative, hurtful “family” members that only bring you down.

Remember this when evaluating who to keep in your life and who to avoid:

Family is who loves you, cares about your welfare, includes you, remembers you, worries about you and would miss you if you weren’t there.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright September 25th, 2013
11:56 p.m.

We Must Share The World- A Haiku by Paulette Motzko

We must share the world

We need communication

Tolerance to all!

Written in the wee hours of the morn when the many troubling things in the world were bothering me and wishing the world leaders would think of what is at steak by sacrificing all for the one.


Mother Teresa was a saint in action long before the church recognized her as one. Her words are timeless today and mine mirror hers in that she knew we need to find solutions to our world problems, and we need to learn to work together somehow.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright September 2013

Your Epilepsy News Resource

If you or someone you know has epilepsy this informative newsletter broke history when I created it last year. The news comes from nearly 50 news sources from all over the world. It is updated daily.

Encourage someone you know with this newsletter. Information is power and can change someone’s life for the better.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Your Epilepsy News Resources Creator, Editor
Diagnosed January 1971 with simple & complex partial epilepsy
Disability Advocate


Paulette Motzko’s Answers to Questions for Liebster Award & Her Nominations & Questions for Them


 Nominations and My Nominees for the Liebster Award And Other Honorable Mentions

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright 2013

Paulette Le Pore Motzko – Writer, Photographer, & Marketer

Blog name- “Totally Inspired Mind”

URL: http://www.TotallyInspiredPC.wordpress.com



I Am Part of the Word Press Family Award-nominated by

 Don Charisma

The Liebster Award

And Most Inventive Award on Word Press Awards

Since I created Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World over 3 years ago, I had hoped it would win an award of some kind, but it didn’t. I pay for the Pro Plan there at over $700 a year so all the things will work on it and I can designate titles to the various members on the site like Contributing Writer and Field Correspondents.

It is off the air until after October 2cnd, 2013 when I make Ning happy again and they get paid. I am an honest lady, but that is the only way I know how to be. Integrity is in my DNA.

I created Totally Inspired Mind on Word Press last year in the fall and I guess it is going on a year old, though it doesn’t feel like it. IT felt like a great release was let out like letting a bunch of doves out of a huge cage and letting them fly. (I was looking after my mother whose Alzheimer’s disease so severe she had to be put into a special care home where she had someone watching after her 24/7. That was something I could not do mentally or physically any longer and after I made up my mind to face what my abilities were I told the rest of my siblings I could not do it anymore.

I went to a hotel and did a lot of thinking as to where I was going to live and what I was going to.

People are quick to judge caregivers but until you live with someone who is diagnosed with the disease, you will never truly know how utterly demanding it is and how much patience it requires and time.

I will always love mom but I literally couldn’t do anything for ten minutes and think or have any type of concentration on anything. My health was suffering as a woman with epilepsy, and I knew I needed to put myself first for the first time in my life.

I think it is my most rewarding blog I do because I can write about things I feel strongly about, controversial things and things I think help people. At the times when I wondered if I would lose every reader I had, I instead gained more momentum and more members and followers!

It goes to show when you follow your passions and you do what you believe is right, not only for yourself but to help everybody, you cannot help but win in the end.

I hope I did this right.

I will add in the web site URL’s for each web site mentioned. I did not know how to find out how many followers/subscribers each site had. I just know I loved them and I chose to re-blog their material more than once.


My nominees are

1.  Don Charisma



2.  O’ Canada


3.  The Best Years Are Yet To Come


4.  The Commonsense Philosopher



5.  Kellygetthin-Nominated me for the Liebster Award-Must link back to her



6.  Inked Words by A.J. Bell- Passion For Writing



7.  Reflections Share Encourage Discuss



8.  BooknVolume-For the Love of Words, Laugher, Inspiration (and the odd sexy split infinitive)



9.  Positive PollyAnna



10.             Living Minimalist



Liebster Award Question and Answers

New blogs with less than 200 followers

Answer These and Come Up with 10 Questions for your nominees to answer

Questions Given to Paulette Motzko & Her Answers


1.  What inspires you blog posts?


What inspires my blog posts are feeling very strongly about what I am talking about. When I know I can speak out in front of thousands of people about what I am discussing or talking about, I know I have something great.


2.  What was your first blog post about? – I had no idea what a blog was literally, until I read my first Writer’s Market magazine at the Newport Beach Library in Corona Del Mar. I was immediately glued to the magazine and felt my world was expanding. I knew my world would never be the same again.


3.  Where do you feel the most at peace?- I feel most at peace in wide open spaces and beautiful places-by the beach, by the ocean near the desert overlooking cacti like what I remember when in Tucson as a kid, in resorts, doing work for big companies and creating photos, and carving my words like Michelangelo carved marble.



4.  If you had to choose one food/dish you could eat for the rest of your life what would it be and why?-

I would hope I didn’t have to eat one food for the rest of my life, but if I did, it would take a long time to get sick of stir fries and teriyaki chicken.


5.  What is your favorite travel destination?-Las Vegas, NV because there are international business people who love what I do in advertising, words and photography and it is always interesting. The shows, the big businesses, the excitement. I can have a lot of fun and I don’t gamble or drink! I want to go to Italy one day and see my many friends there and travel to the Positano region and Palermo because I have a good friend who lives there and also Rome-who owns a cooking school there, and of course the amazing art and history there and Italian food.


6.  Who inspires you?- My mother with her sweet disposition to life. My friend Nick and the many things he teaches me about history and politics. My guy friend Roland and his smile and blue eyes and the way he puts a lilt in my step.  Also, I get inspired to change the state of affairs I and other disabled people live in when I see them suffering and doing without and are put in danger with no place to live. If I run for office in CA I want to see that every disabled person has a nice place to live. The president has bought enough bombs to blow the world up 3 times over, it is about time he puts less money in the hands of the ultra-rich and puts it in the hands of those who make below poverty wage.

7.  Post a link to your favorite post that you’ve written and why.- That is a really hard question to answer. I will come back to it later.

8.  What do you love about blogging?- It is laborious and it is way more work than I ever anticipated going into it. The most extraordinary thing about it I can imagine something in my mind one minute, or get an idea for a story or an article, and I can make it reality with just a little TIME and EFFORT. It is very rewarding to see my work re-blogged and get fantastic feedback by people higher and higher on the food chain in the media, writers, photographers and big businesses.


9.  What other social media platforms do you use?- I am on Twitter as PollyMozko, Facebook as my full name: Paulette Le Pore Motzko, on Pinterest by Polly Motzko, Instagram as Polly Motzko, Linked in as my full name again.


I also have a few other sites called Photos That Inspire Words http://www.PhotosThatInspireWords.wordpress.com







10.             As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?- I wanted to be a truck driver of a big diesel truck and loved to play with Match Box cars, which I still have. Then when my Nanny came to live with us, (my dad’s mother), she brought with her a piano that would revolutionize my world. I knew when I played it at 9 years old my world would never be the same again. Music was my best friend and still is today, only I have expanded it to writing and photography as well.


Paulette’s Questions to My Nominees

1.  When did you know you had a talent for writing?

2.  When did you call yourself a photographer?

3.  What is your most favorite thing about the blog that you created and write on regularly?

4.  What made you want to create a blog?

5.  How would you describe your blog?

6.  If you could create an ultimate blog post, what would you write it about?

7.  Have you ever co-wrote a blog post? If so, who with and what was it about?

8.  If you have never co-written a blog post, who would like to write one with?

9.  What are some of your interests aside from blogging/writing?

10.             Who is someone that made a huge impression in your life and in what you do now?


Thank you again to those who nominated me for the Liebster Award, The Welcome to The Word Press Family Award and the Most Inventive Award.

I just discovered Iheart Radio on my Android MyTouch phone tonight as I am finishing writing this. My guy friend told me he listens to a radio on KFI 640 AM radio and I searched it on the Vocal Search and then downloaded the free application, and whala-my phone is playing Taylor Swift Love Story now on KOST 103.5 FM radio now.

I am going to post this on Totally Inspired Mind and I am sure that all those nominated will contact me because they are members on my site!

A Warm Hug and Thank You to My Devout 230 Intelligent Followers!


I wanted to take time to thank the many extraordinary and talented writers, photographers, and others who compose now 230 followers on Totally Inspired Mind-

where positive minds congregate.

I have more fun writing and contributing to this site, than maybe any other.

Even though Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World! is going strong now nearly 3 years, and costing a fortune on Ning.com to keep running-I still love it. I wish more people would put their recipes up on it, as I didn’t want to be the star of the show with it, but to let other amazing cooks show off theirs, as well as mine!

I wish I could hold some kind of public event where I could see and meet all those who write in an continually say they enjoyed what I write and share and capture with my Kodak or Nikon cameras.

Perhaps I will think of an event to create and then do just that.

Have any ideas for a great story?

I went for a job as the PR Director of Battres Construction yesterday. I met with the owner and I sent writing samples and photo samples from various client’s of mine. I don’t know yet but then great things do not happen over night either.

They found me on Twitter and liked what they saw and invited me into their show room.

Any thing is possible in this technological age.

God bless you all and if you don’t believe in God then just I wish you peace of body, mind and soul.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

August 15th, 2013

8:10 p.m.

Sometimes I Just Have The Feeling To Look UP…..

Thanks you – http://pinterest.com/pin/80642649550787789/

And say Thank You God!


I have found in my life the more grateful you are with the many blessings you were given, the more blessings you get.

Thankfulness is synonymous with an appreciative heart.
Seems that the poorest people are the most gracious and the richest people are more screwed up, unsatisfied, and live on the edge of always owning more to define themselves by the names on their hand bags.

I find it hard to believe that those who have never experienced “doing without” at least once in their life will never truly enjoy the simple things in life.

Sacrifice brings with it wisdom and a hardiness and toughness for enduring the many struggles life offers.

Copyright JULY 2013

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

19 firefighters killed in Arizona Blaze- A Tribute & Prayer for their Wives & Children


Little would I think when I was watching the news on CNN last night I would hear of such a horrifying and sad story about the loss of 19 heroic fireman in Arizona who lost their lives fighting a mighty blaze.

Never in my almost 52 years on this earth have I heard of that many fireman losing their lives to keep a blaze away from people’s homes.

I was born in Tucson and visited my uncle there recently and know firsthand how hot and dry the Sonoran desert can be. It was the biggest reason I decided not to move there, even though the apartments were very inexpensive compared to over priced southern CA.

I want to say God bless you to all the families and friends of each fireman who will never come home to their earthly home but who has come home to His Maker God Almighty where through their incredibly selfless actions and heroic deeds I am sure are sitting at the highest helm in Heaven.

I hope all the wives of each fireman somehow find peace and solace in their hearts and an angel is beside them when they sleep so they don’t feel lonely.

I also pray for the children who lost their fathers all too soon in this tragedy. They are their father’s sons and daughters and they also will be great and do great works just as he did. I hope their tears are wiped by their mothers and Great God Almighty gives them the Courage they need to simply go on.

Here is a salute from Paulette Le Pore Motzko to the Hot Shot Fire Team and their families and friends.
I didn’t know them but it puts tears in my eyes now.

I am sorry for your loss at this time.

The John Stewart Company unfairly declined my application

Let me set the scene for you:

Here it is last night about 7 p.m. and I am drinking some Jasmine Pearl Tea at Peet’s Coffee & Tea. I get 3 emails from Vanessa and one from Ms. Horn the VP of The John Stuart Company stating after being told I was chosen for this place out of thousands in Orange County, giving up my dog Lucky, incurring storage and hotels just to enable to stay wait for my place to be done being built.

I passed the credit &  background checks weeks ago and saw the place. It was more than an apartment, but supposed to be a way to enable disabled people to live better quality lives.
It turned into a nightmare.

After being told two times the project was taking 3 months longer than anticipated, I have been in more Motel 6’s than I want to admit to, had my $1000 laptop and $300 Jetpack 4G portable router stolen and am now friends with the president of Uhaul who has made sure I didn’t lose everything in storage vaults!

I made a choice to wait for this place as an investment in my life quality, never thinking it would drag out this long or have such a horrid ending!

It ain’t over yet though.

I contacted one of the story writers for The Orange County Register and he is considering doing a story about it.

I hope he does. Just because people are disable doesn’t mean they should be treated like garbage.

I was told in the pdf file by the VP of The John Stewart Company my application was being denied because I used profanity….well I asked for a move in date and they left it open ended, making me feel like the whole charade could go on to infinitum. I wouldn’t allow that.

The things I earn money with are in the storage vault…desk office chairs & my upright grand piano.

Had I moved to Arizona, like I was planning the last week of March 2013, I would be moved in, building piano students etc.

CA was and always will be my first choice to live…my mom lives here, my friends who are my extended family.

What was the rent on The Vista del Rio in Santa Ana? $444 a month, free wifi, and Good Will Industries would have helped me with grocery shopping, since I don’t drive any more (after my near fatal car accident 15 years ago having a seizure behind the wheel!)

I just want peace and wish I would find people who know the meaning of the word INTEGRITY, FAIRNESS and who have a CONSCIOUS. The John Stewart Company possess none of those qualities.

What should I do?

Paulette Motzko

Paulette’s Prayer and You Writing Your Own Personal Prayer

Paulette’s Prayer and The Ways it Has Been Answered

Writing Your Prayer

Copyright April 2013  Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko


I found this when going through some of the many things I wrote on MS Word in My Documents folder. I didn’t realize so many of my prayers had been answered until reading this and being astonished at how my life, ever so slowly, transformed itself into what it is today on April 14th, 2013.

My mother always told me that I could achieve anything any one else could if I only tried. She was a visionary and a creative person and I was given many gifts from her in those ways. She is 81 years young and I hope that I can encourage her to create once again a picture or a painting or something else she loves today. After my dad’s death last September 2012, it was a blessing in many ways because he was suffering so much, but it took a long time for her to fully understand that he truly was not here. She has advanced Alzheimer’s disease and telling her once was bad, but it took three times that I had to tell my mom when I lived next to her, before she truly understood he touched the Face of God. Once I described it that way, that he was no longer in pain, and his prayers were answered, then she smiled and knew what I had said. Then we hugged and hugged some more and they bring tears to me today to recall.

I am much stronger than I was then, and I have fought to achieve the basic things I needed mentioned in this prayer.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

For instance, I now have Medical insurance and it pays for my very expensive medicine for epilepsy after 12 years of fighting. My medicine alone is many thousands a year and I was literally selling things each month to afford it. I have worked furiously to create what is now the web sites that are flourishing and are becoming more popular:

http://www.CookingUpaStorminCa.ning.com Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!

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I no longer live next to what was my parent’s place and is now my mother’s place, and am awaiting my one bedroom apartment home in Santa Ana, CA. It will be a dream come true when it is finished in June 2013 as Good Will Industries will help me with my grocery shopping, which as you can see was on my “list” from years ago.

I am way more healthy than I was then and have lost close to 70 pounds and feel like a new person.

I got my “magic pills” which are Tegretol and Vimpat-a very expensive drug for complex partial epilepsy, which I have created by UCB. Every time I go pick up my pills at Walgreens I say to myself three “thank God’s”-one for the drug being there for me to take, another for the insurance paying for it, and for me being so healthy in mind, body and soul on it.

I no longer associate with the negative verbally abusive people who were dragging me down to their lowly size, and many were my siblings. My dad continually did it but he is no longer here of this earth.

Also, there are several gentleman callers who are interested in me and one in particular who is having a procedure to repair his shoulder that was injured while he was in the service. He envisions he and I together in the future. Time will tell what happens.

Since this prayer was written in 2009 so many things have changed for the better. It is only through documenting our experiences today can we see our progress and how we have achieved what we set out to do. I believe that there is a God or an Omnipotent Presence that surrounds and Guides us all. I am not going to preach to you here in this article, but rather to tell you encourage you to write your own prayer.

How this was done was I wrote down the key things I wanted changed in my life and that I needed to live. Health always comes first because without it, we cannot fully achieve our full potential. People come next and our dreams and goals.

I created CARestaurantShowCase.com and hope that it will become successful the more time I can invest with it.

Totally Inspired Mind has been the most rewarding to create back in October when I realized that I could no longer single-handedly help and take care of mom. Her Alzheimer’s disease has worsened to drastic proportions. I stayed in a hotel I liked that had a really great internet connection and was located to all things I loved in Huntington Beach, and it seemed the words and ideas flowed. I wasn’t continually preoccupied with someone knocking on the door every 5 minutes which could test a saint!

To date there are 836 followers on the site and is read by over 20 countries and the site is still in its infancy.

To make this personal to you, I recommend that you write your own prayer today.

Date it and then type it or write it as though God or Jesus or whoever you pray to is there by your side or a dear friend.

Next month take your prayer out and look at them side by side then alter the prayer as your prayers begin being answered.

My book Self-Fulfilling Prophecies and Positive Affirmations, is being written and I may change the title upon completion. More exercises like this one will be in it.

That is what I do when I pray and that is how I have done it all my life.

Say your prayer every day and watch things change in your life.

If you notice things improving, please take the time to write me at TotallyInspiredPC@gmail.com and tell me how your life is improving.

It is a combination of you making it happen in act, word and deed and the faith that things will change through a higher power.

Something I have noticed is that whenever I do something good for someone, something wonderful happens to me, and even if it doesn’t, I feel wonderful doing it.

I hope that by sharing this with the world it will make you realize that you are in more control of your life than you know. You can be like the “guidance system” in a rocket that communicates what direction the rocket will go.

Your dreams can go as high as the stars in the sky if you only want them to!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko


Paulette’s Prayer November 6th, 2009

Dear Lord,

Please protect my health and make my pills work, give me joy and new hope for a new day. Allow me to never have another worry about money as long as I live and make the most out of the many skills you have given me.

Let me meet only people who are: kind, caring, empathetic, compassionate and good-natured who value what is most in life-You and the good things in life.

Also, let me avoid all those who are not good for me in some capacity, avoiding any physical and/or verbal abuse.

Let me attract Good in Life as though as were a magnet that radiates outward like the sun, bringing it closer to me.

Let me do something with my music so that the world may hear my songs that I have written since

I was a child at 9.Image

Let my words inspire others and let me continue to write the book that I am working on now visualizing it sitting on the bookshelf at the bookstore.

Let my business thrive and let me create new and better services and make my clients happy only to return and tell others about me-creating a chain reaction.

Let me find the man that I will be with for the rest of my life, who will love me, respect me, and think I am beautiful inside and out…and never let me know the word lonely as long as YOU are NEAR.

Let me know what peace is of knowing that I have enough money, insurance to pay for my medical needs, and let me strive to be the most able bodied woman I can be.

Let me be seizure free and aspire to great things and make YOU PROUD as long as I am alive.


Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Visualization Exercise: Your Life as a Clear Pool of Water by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Visualization: Your Life as a Clear Pool of Water or Ocean

To magnify the intensity of this visualization exercise, listen to ocean waves on a CD or cassette tape.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

December 7th, 2012 Idea Inception

Creation December 17th, 2012

Copyright, Paulette Le Pore Motzko, March 2013

March 23, 2013


December 17th, 2012

March 23rd, 2013

I am a lake of clear blue water

Crstyalline, pure, clear blue water

I feel relaxed, I feel happy and at peace and all is well within and around me

All troubles are far from me and I avoid turmoil and conflict

Simple, Honest and True are my name sakes

Think of the negative people in your life as MUD that MURKS UP YOUR CLEAR CLEAN BLUE WATER

I am an ocean long and wide as far as I can see

I hear the sound of the sea, the surf and feel the sea air kissing my cheeks the mist in my hair

If I ever feel tense

If I ever feel angry

If I ever feel impatient I can revisit the sea in my mind and the special place in my soul

Which will always be

You and the Sea

The clear blue pool of water

Pristine, clean and free of trouble

Unpolluted as far as you can see

Think of your life as a metaphor for the sea. And picture all the people who give off positivity and good energy as things that make your water sparkle and glimmer and those who are negative or hurtful as dirty who do nothing but murk up your clear waters.

When the Pope & Catholic Church Changes So Does The World

Allowing Families to Know Be the Boss of How Many Children They Have

(Removing the Stigma that Birth Control is a Sin)


I hesitated printing this piece in fear that I would outrage too many people. This is America though, and I have discussed this with people all over and gotten many supporters of this view-point. In life, you can worry about how many people you outrage and never do anything, feel anything or speak your mind. This is mine, and I believe that no matter who you are, you should be accountable for what you do.

The Catholic Church is not the only one that makes people feel like they are committing sins for using birth control; many other “religions” do that same thing. As you know, religions were created by men, and women have the babies! I don’t think one “religion” was created by a woman, was there?

I placed education first, couldn’t have kids for medical reasons and knew that when I was a kid. I grew up quickly and knew the real facts of life at nine years old. I taught children for 20 years and love children and stand up for their rights all the time. You don’t have to give birth to a child to care about them as a whole, any more than I need to give birth to dolphins or whales to care about the sea and clean water.


I hope I get more supporters than nay sayers. I hope that people think about the crux of the problem with our welfare system and how it taxes our country. By going to the root of the problem, or at least one of the biggest ones-the guilt trip organized religions (Catholicism etc.,) place on families who might otherwise make wiser decisions for themselves if they weren’t made to feel guilty.

It should be a crime if you allow yourself to get pregnant and know you have no way to support the child. All of a sudden there is another life on the line, one too small to speak for itself.-a baby. Birth control is not a sin nor is planned parenthood. It is called intelligent, responsible and what needs to be taught at early ages to decrease teen out-of-wedlock pregnancies and reduce abortions, which I do not agree with. THE SIN IS NOT USING BIRTH CONTROL AND LIVING LIKE ANIMALS WITH NO MORAL CONSCIOUS ABOUT WHAT YOU DO.

When my ex husband, who is a rocket scientist didn’t pay me alimony for 2 years and made it impossible for me to find him, I was introduced into the welfare system and when I saw how many children were being raised by children, and I saw how the CHILDREN WERE LOSING. IT WASN’T FAIR TO THEM. We need to address this on a broad scope in terms of family planning classes held within various churches. It is part of life and to avoid it is like burying our heads in the sand, any more than dodging sex education is an important part of being an adult.

Imagine instead that every family could choose how many children they had, without guilt, or being made to feel evil for being responsible and doing what they know is right for them. I think the Church medals in areas they shouldn’t. My mother and father were married for 63 years and it would be been 64 if my father had lived to see it. The “church” didn’t recognize their marriage because my dad was married to another lady and she cheated on him when he was in the service. Was that his fault? He was only married a few months and mom was the wonderful lady who he married after and had four children with and yet they acted like he wasn’t good enough. It was not fair to him or my mother who was like a saint-rearing his children. She wanted to become Catholic and wanted to go to communion together, but the “church” ruined that goal. Why would they do that?

Where children are concerned, I want the churches of the world to think QUALITY RATHER THAN QUANTITY. Having a dozen kids that the parents cannot afford doesn’t make it right. I don’t think God thinks that is a good thing, when they have to rely on government assistance to feed them. That isn’t how it is supposed to work.


I would rather the parent have one or two that they can raise, teach, clothe and show values to, spend time with and make proud one day-that they can afford financially to support.  That child will thank his or parents when he becomes an adult that they did that because it allowed him to be the doctor or engineer or nurse that they did.

Removing the stigma of making birth control a sin has to go because it is stupid, out dated and was created by people who don’t live in the real world. Those who created those laws were men, because NO WOMAN WOULD MAKE A LAW THAT WOULD NOT GIVE HER THE RIGHT TO GIVE BIRTH OR PREVENT HERSELF FROM HAVING ANY MORE. WHEN A WOMAN GETS TO BE 30 IT BECOMES DANGEROUS TO HAVE CHILDREN AND BIRTH DEFECTS ARE INCREASED. A WOMAN IS NOT A HORSE THAT YOU PUT OUT TO PASTURE OR A “BABY MAKER” THAT JUST KEEPS ON GIVING. Thinking in this way goes back to the dark ages, and in 2013 we are very sophisticated people and I hope that my words ignite a light bulb of understanding that wasn’t there before on this.

I mention that because the Pope is simply a man who wears a big hat and outfit and gets really great meals each night, but he is human and makes mistakes. The Church makes mistakes and has made thousands of them through the years. As the years change and people become enlightened, things change and I hope I put this story in the hands of the heads of The Catholic Church so they can think in a way they never thought before.

I make some valid points here that cannot be denied and children are not like gifts under a Christmas tree-in the same way they are always called “Gifts from God”. They are gifts but each child earns the right to have two parents and be raised with not only love but the funds required for clothing, education, and other important considerations.

Birth control is a very needed thing in that it allows parents to do what Planned Parenthood has known all along-control how many children one brings into a family. Many women like myself had health conditions stopping them from having children. If they would have had kids it could be fatal and caused great health risks and also caused birth defects. I am not the only woman in the world who is can say this, meaning the Catholic Church in general needs to re-examine their stance on parenting and what it means to be a good parent. Also, what is a parent’s role? If a parent’s role is to crank out as many kids as possible like some kind of contest, at the risk of all, then by all means forget birth control.  However, if a parent’s role is to raise the most intelligent young people who are raised in a positive environment, with role models that urge them to further their educations, then the fewer the children, the more attention can be given on the few the parent has.

I believe the parent’s role is to bring out the best you have to offer in that child’s life. A parent is a lot like a gardener nurturing that little bloom to one day blossom with love, tender loving care and hopefully imparting every positive element in the two parent’s personalities.

Many never think along those lines, and just succumb to animalistic sex for sex sake acts, bringing kids into the world who have kids for parents and due to the immaturity of the parent, the child is coming into the world at already a disadvantage.

It makes me sad to think of it.

The Church in general, no matter what faith, needs to teach and set better examples for the young men and women, who at sixteen already have two children when they are not even adults! I cannot imagine what kind of parent would allow this.

When the Pope Changes and Catholic Church Change So Does the World

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright March 23, 2013

I was so happy to hear on Fox News about the church endorsing stem cell research. It is encouraging, as a Catholic, do hear that the church is waking up and getting out of the dark ages. Part of being responsible adults is to welcome evidence in science that can help us live longer, overcome disease like Alzheimer’s Disease-which my mother has and I care about finding cures for and preventative treatments for, among many others.

When the video played I began speaking this and then I opened up MS Word and the words I have been rehearsing about the issues presented here began flowing out.

Along with the new Pope Francis, I hope this is an omen or a sign that he is bringing with him a new more enlightened mind. He is the leader and the whole Catholic Church follows what he says and orders. I have been very unhappy with the pope going to third world countries and telling them to not use condoms when they are dying from being overpopulated. That is like telling them to kill themselves. UNICEF and other organizations invest their time and effort and send men and women to educate and show less educated countries about birth control.

Birth control is a necessary thing to employ to be responsible adults no matter where you live. I came from a family of 6-me being the youngest, two brothers and my sister the oldest. I learned what birth control was when I was nine years old and where babies really came from because I was too intelligent to buy the story about the stork dropping babies from the sky! I was diagnosed with epilepsy at nine years old and was a very sickly child and didn’t know what health was until much later at 14 years old when Tegretol came around.

The point I am making is, there is never a young age to learn about the body, what it does and also what things to prevent. I taught children piano for 20 years and care about their welfare, their lives and their futures. I couldn’t have children due to having epilepsy. It would have caused great birth defects on the child and the risk was too high. So, my husband and I knew having children was out. That is alright. Having children is a choice and not right for all. More people should be honest with this and know what kind of person they are, because many shouldn’t have them and the child suffers.

There are laws and a new way of thinking that I would like the Catholic Church and other Christian based religions to embrace: It is not a sin to use birth control but a gift to the child:

  1. No child should be raised without a mother and father
  2. No child should be brought up with someone with no job
  3. No child should be raised with a family that cannot afford it

By not allowing parents to use their own common sense and making it a “sin” to use birth control pills or other means of contraception, you are forcing them to bring more and more children they cannot afford nor take care of for what reason? Does the priest take care of them or have them? I have seen countless women with 8 kids who look like they are nearly dead giving birth to children they don’t have the money to feed, the father has to work over time to feed and provide for them, and their patience is gone. The child is losing, they will never get a college education and it is a triple loss. All these children cost tax payers and other Americans $800 per child when they go on Welfare because they cannot afford them!

I know this because my ex husband didn’t pay me alimony for two years and I went to get temporary financial assistance to help me live and pay for my needs. I was told “I needed a kid to get money from the government and for me to get a kid!” I couldn’t believe how ridiculous that sounded and also how unfair it was and how it went against my civil rights as a human being. We should give honors to people who are responsible in this country and who care about doing the right thing for all.

Birth control, if not used responsibly, will force families to continue to procreate way past what they can afford, forcing them to be parents long after they should, setting a child up for failure with no funds available for education, and making the mother die earlier than what she would have otherwise. A woman should be in control of her body and should be able to say when she is giving birth. That is a basic civil right that no priest anywhere has the right to alter. I would get millions of fathers to agree on this and I have discussed this with families I have seen in the welfare offices and they would sign any documents related to this and vote for it.

I have seen this worst in the Latino communities with Mexican young women who should be in college and school and instead they are pushing a stroller with 3 young kids! To all the priests and religious leaders who don’t give birth to the children, nor do pay for them or raise them, open your minds to allow families to be free to decide how many children they raise. It is smart, responsible and fair to the child. The Catholic Church was man-made and men made the laws and in 2013 with our welfare system being taxed to the nines and in California we are going broke paying the $800 per child when simply people could use common sense learn to pay the consequences of what they do. It makes me mad when I see a child lose in this scenario. If you think on this, you will see that we have to stop this vicious cycle and make it a crime for anyone to bring a child into the world if you are not married. In order to do that, you need abstinence and birth control. Once married, you need birth control or every family will have 13 kids and that is ridiculous. The Catholic Church needs to wake up, grow up and enforce teaching about what it is, Planned Parenthood and other issues related to being a mature adult. Abortion is not the answer. It is all in prevention, and that is where birth control and also teaching to young adults what they are signing up to when they consent to have sex with someone. It is greatly needed.


I take the bus, due to almost being killed in a car crash from having a seizure behind the wheel 15 years ago. I see at least a dozen young women who have no idea how to treat a child, how to raise them, and they are about 16 years old with 3 kids. Mexicans are predominantly Catholic. The Catholic Church needs to address this issue, and on the broad spectrum, needs to open its minds and think and contemplate on the words I have said here, and strive for creating a TRIPLE WIN. THE CHILD WINS, THE PARENTS WIN AND WE CREATE FAMILIES THAT CAN TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES WITH THE BUDGETS THEY HAVE AND NOT MAKE THEM FEEL THEY ARE COMMITTING A SIN WHEN THEY USE BIRTH CONTROL MEASURES AND INSTEAD APPLAUD THEIR RESPONSIBLE MATURE ACTIONS.

We currently have a Triple Loss:

  1. The child loses because the parents have too many children and no one child ever gets the right amount of attention he or she needs to grow up into a responsible, well-adjusted mature adult.
  2. The parent’s are over taxed and usually cannot afford the huge family they have due to stupid archaic view points on planned parent hood
  3. Society and the United States lose because we are paying for each one of those children, all for the price of what? Is God happy that each child doesn’t get a college education? Does it make God happy that the mother feels like she should be put out to pasture from having one child a year, having grey hair and having no energy and no time for herself? She has nothing more to give because she has given it 8 times over.
  4. The family’s bank account cannot support having one child a year, which is what happens when the dark ages method of the rhythm method is used. My sister had two of her children using that. It doesn’t work.
  5. Believe me, God would be happier to have fewer children who get more attention and who have parents who can raise them, provide for them and who have better temperaments due to the added attention given by the mother and father. The grown child now adult will Thank God for allowing him to grow up and have every amenity a child should have to enable him to get a college education and become the doctor or engineer he did.
  6. Without rethinking this Triple Loss Scenario, you are forcing families to stay in the minority category and remain on Welfare with others paying for their existence forever. And you are the root of the problem.
  7. A lot of thought went into this and the solution to how to correct this terrible problem.

Please read this and read it again and make copies and pass it onward.

I might run for office one day. I have had people say they would vote for me.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

The Office View in My Dreams…


If I could imagine an window in the office of my dreams, this is what it would look like.I create best overlooking beautiful spaces and inspiring places. What would the office of your dreams look like?

Do you know what it would look like in your mind’s eye or imagination?

Show a photo of it, if you have one or simply describe it.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

CA Restaurant Show Case-Feature Stories & Photographs to Help You Generate Business!


I created CA Restaurant Show Case several years ago and write what I call Feature Stories for restaurants that I hand select that I feel are extraordinary in every way.

I also do product photography and interiors and exteriors of your business with my 24 MP Nikon DSLR camera and can make you look better than you have ever looked before!

Email me at:

or call Paulette Motzko at: 714-728-6037

Paulette Le Pore Motzko: Looking for a Full Time Job That Uses My Abilities

I have been doing relentless job searches over the last few weeks to find a position that will use my abilities and skills and can generate at a minimum two thousand dollars a month, so I can then afford a place of my own in Orange County, CA.

I can start immediately and do not have children, no husband and can work 40 hours a week.

Currently The Corner Bakery Cafe is considering me for possibly something in Dallas, TX.

All I know is the property I am living is will be going up for sale in two months, which will be April 2013. I want to be out of here, long gone, and into a life that is positive, knowing my mother, who has Alzheimer’s Disease, will then be taken care of by my other 3 siblings.

After 12 years of staying by here, I can think of me, putting me number one.

I am open minded to living any where I can live a good life, have a place of my own and have a neighborhood that is close to stores, safe for a single woman,  and people who speak English.

I am striving to live in a place I truly call “home”. Where I am at is falling apart and due to being outnumbered in a literal war, the place I am living in will probably be bull-dozed to the ground once I leave it. It is a shame, but then again, this property could have generated up to four thousand a month with just a little tender loving care!

If anyone knows of a position, be it a manager of a mobile home park, where I could get a place to live, or any other position, please let me know. Or if you are an employer and are interested in hiring me, you can reach me at the following email address.

Since people read what I write from all over the world, this post could reach the very person who ends up hiring me!


Paulette Le Pore Motzko


I can provide you are resume within 24 hours of asking me, depending on what the job involves.


Paulette is Elated to See 743 Followers on “Totally Inspired Mind”-Thank You!


Once a writer writes something, the trick is getting it “out there” in the big blue expanse and hoping that people find merit in what you write about. That is what has happened with this site, one of the 5 I created and write one.

I had no idea what a blog was a few years back, but found a Writer’s Market book at the Newport Beach Library telling me how creating a blog would create readership, build a web platform, and I could tell the world about something that really mattered to me.

I then had the idea to create a member based cooking site that involved way more than cooking, and had features on it and would be a test run for the cook book that will eventually be in print. “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!” now has 206 members from all over the world, and has many people who are Contributing Writers on it. I can assign titles to anyone, allowing burgeoning writers to show case their work, which gives me joy. I never imaged it would have turned into something so extraordinary–but it did.

Now Totally Inspired Mind is becoming more popular every day, with 25-30 new followers a week, unheard of by comparison to my first cooking site! The comments I have gotten from people are all stellar, for the reasons I want them to be.

I have many SEO Marketers contacting me about the word choice I use. In regards to this, I did SEO Writing for a client of mine for a year and though I did it and got paid for it, I didn’t care for it at all. SEO rules goes against the DNA of every good writer and forces a person to be redundant, use simple language and it is not a natural way to write. I have recently invested in many hundreds of dollars in SEO/Marketing books that say the opposite about SEO.

I believe in simply writing great content and attract people to the sites I create by the sheer fact that is great. I have avoided gimmicks on purpose because I don’t want to bribe someone to “read my stuff!” I have plans to do Affiliate Marketing on the sites this years and Sponsorships to companies I fully endorse their products and methodologies.

What SEO writing does and SEO in general is it it forces traffic to your site, not because it is good content but because you are tricking the search engines to find it! I want to be found on the merits that I am a great writer and that I offer people something of value.

I am a genuine person and I want my philosophies and practices reflect that. I am not a hypocrite and the only people in my life are good people who care about the world, the environment, people around them, children and our future. if they are not that, I really don’t want to “hang around with them”. Who you don’t associate with is just as important as who you do, because negative people drag you down like a ball and chain wrapped around your ankle. I know, because I had some family members who whose actions were the polar opposite of that.

I got rid of bleeding ulcers by simply removing the cause of them, and I was related to 4 of them!

In the 50 comments I have replied to today, someone asked me if I had a Facebook Page for Totally Inspired Mind, and I told them no, but I will certainly go create one since I know there is a want and desire!

You see in life I listen to what people say, and if I feel there are enough people who would follow the page, I would create it. It wouldn’t take me very long in the grand scheme of things.

If any one has a story that you feel would fit nicely on Totally Inspired Mind and thing more positive minds would appreciate it, send it to me at:


Thank you again for reading what I write, appreciating the photos that I take with all the love in the world.

Until next time,

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Feb 2, 2013

3:11 p.m.


Paulette Motzko (Author & Creator of Totally Inspired Mind) meditating and praying by the sea....

Paulette Motzko (Author & Creator of Totally Inspired Mind) meditating and praying by the sea….

One Tree Can Start a Forest


Every action has a reaction in life-a truth that I had restated over and over in the Master’s Certification program in Voluntary Leadership at Chapman University I graduated from in 1997.

I was the Founder & CEO of The Epilepsy Connection then and helped about 350 people in a database and in 3 countries showing them resources in their area. It really isn’t hard to change a life in 5 minutes, if you really want to.

The prerequisites to changing the world and changing lives are simple:

1. Passion to make a difference


3. ACTION to change it or to help someone.

When you invest some of your time on someone else’s behalf, and they live a better life as a result of it, it is the most rewarding, awesome thing in the world!


Photo Montage II: Carl Sandburg’s “Dreams in the Dusk” and Paulette Le Pore Motzko’s “Saying Goodbye to the Day”


Dreams in the Dusk by Carl Sandburg &

Saying Goodbye to the Day by Paulette L. Motzko Photo Montage II,

Copyright January 2013

Dreams in the dusk,

Only dreams closing the day

And with the day’s close going back

To the gray things, the dark things,

The far, deep things of dreamland.

Dreams, only dreams in the dusk,

Only the old remembered pictures

Of lost days when the day’s loss

Wrote in tears the heart’s loss.

Tears and loss and broken dreams

May find your heart at dusk.


“Young Sea” by Carl Sandburg & Photography “Big Expanse of Blue” by Paulette Le Pore Motzko Photo Montage I


Young Sea & Big Expanse of Blue

Photographic Word Montage by Paulette Le Pore Motzko and Carl Sandburg

The sea is never still.

It pounds on the shore

Restless as a young heart,


The sea speaks

And only the stormy hearts

Know what it says:

It is the face

        of a rough mother speaking.

The sea is young.

One storm cleans all the hoar

And loosens the age of it.

I hear it laughing, reckless.

They love the sea,

Men who ride it

And know they will die

Under the salt of it

Let only the young come,

Says the sea.

Let them kiss my face

And hear me.

I am the last word

And I tell

Where storms and stars come from.


Huntington Beach Surfers in January

Huntington Beach Sufers in January

Does this look like winter-time?
Well, amazingly it is though in Huntington Beach, CA, a place I love, I lived when I was married and a place I come back to daily.
I just want to make enough money to live here or find a nice non smoking room mate who doesn’t party all night, drives, has a dependable job and is a good person.

I almost forgot-In the room mate situation, I would do all the cooking and you would love every little bite and I am good for making you laugh and smile too.

This photo is copy protected but if you would like to use it on your magazine, web site or obtain a print, just ask Paulette Motzko

HB Marathon & Half Marathon Seagull Proudly Sits

Huntington Beach Marathon Seagull Proudly Sits

I took this shot yesterday on one of the clearest days in a long time in Huntington Beach. Everybody was in good spirits with custom his and her bikes on the pier, and this lone gull sat proudly on top of the announcement for the Marathon.

Photos are copy protected.
If The City of Huntington Beach and any other sponsors of the marathon would like to use this shot to market it, just ask me.

Paulette Motzko

Valentine’s Day Is Coming Soon

Valentine's Day Is Coming Soon

In southern CA you can tell what time of the year it is by the type of kites that are flying and the whirligig-the things blowing in the photo, people are selling.

I hope by Feb 14th, everybody has someone to be with, including me. My dog might be cute but he doesn’t hold a conversation very well!

Creating Balance In Your Life

Creating Balance in Your Life

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright January 7th-8th, 2013

This piece is dedicated to my friend Frank and Ed and myself and all the workaholics who don’t take enough time out for themselves and for smiling and creating that simple thing called JOY in their lives. Life doesn’t last forever and along with working, we need time to take care of ourselves-the whole person-mind, body and spirit/soul.-

Paulette Motzko

Too often we go through our day stumbling through our morning coffee, not taking time to meditate, say hello to those around us or even take time we think out what our priorities are.

I have always had a philosophy of “people first and things second” and I try to apply it throughout my day in any situation. For instance, I am a writer and I can work anywhere I take my laptop and Jetpack that connects me to the internet. I have places where I frequent where I know many of the people there and it is like a “club”. What people I don’t know I seem to meet and then fantastic things happen.

I am never too busy, even with earphones listening to a song on Pandora.com on one of the many stations I created there, or listening to an instrumental piece via my IPOD, to look around me and be aware of my surroundings. I will never ever wear an earpiece for any reason, and I believe many people have zoned out of their life to the world and the people around them using them. I realize that many jobs that require driving or other things, where you need to be “hands free” might require them. Even those, often don’t. I have seen people driving (as I am sitting waiting for the bus), waving their arms talking with one of those things, putting on mascara and holding conversations with themselves, looking like they are crazy. Wouldn’t it be better to simply drive? Have all one’s attention on the road; have all one’s reflexes paying attention to the lady or guy ahead of you or in back of you? Wouldn’t that increase your life span by increasing the odds you won’t get in an accident? That is how I think anyhow. It is only logical, and I was married to a real rocket scientist for nearly 15 years, so part of me thinks in that way now, which isn’t all bad.

Some things should be SACRED and you need to figure out what matters to you so you can preserve your integrity and your sanity. People make time for what and who matters to them, and to do this, you can either make the list using paper and a pen, or by using your trusty computer and a word processing program.

Define the things that you love doing and make sure you take time out for them every day. To begin with, a half hour might be all you can fit in. Gradually schedule an hour in, and I would greatly advocate more than that. This will lower your blood pressure, take some wrinkles off your forehead and let you have time to breathe easy, which is needed by everybody on the planet. Sure work is important, but if you aren’t having any fun and aren’t really “living” what is it all for? If all you are doing is work to keep up with the guy next door or outdo the other lady who is the fashionista. After all, who are you trying to impress?

I personally only am competing with myself and that is all. I read lots of books and magazines and know who the top of the food chain is in my business, and I want to impress them and others in the journalistic world. I also want to hopefully write words that help other or teach or inspire.

If I do that then it has been a good day.

Something I realized just last night that I need to create balance and harmony in my life is to set a mandate of no more than six hours a day to computer work. I will begin timing it and working smarter and working less. By doing this it will free up time for other avenues of my life that generate life and laughter and rest and rejuvenation, which is necessary for human life.

To figure out what you need to make you happy you have to think about what makes you “flourish” or as some say, “what make me tick” like a clock. I prefer the concept of a human being flourishing like a flower that needs water, soil and fertilizer to grow and bloom. Much like that flower, we need work, play, friends to do things with and share things with, and exercise and meditation and our spiritual life as well.

I just joined 24 Hour Fitness and I noticed how much better I felt and thought and how my attitude improved. I felt less lethargic and was getting compliments more often since I was going. The Adidas Tennis shoes and leggings I that I thought I didn’t look particular great in was the outfit I got the most compliments from! Funny how that works, isn’t it in life. I love walking by the sea or any other beautiful big open expanse. I can walk forever as long as I am looking at something extraordinary. The combination of the sea air, the people, the big expanse of blue invigorates my being and my very soul.


What makes you “come alive”?

What invigorates your soul?

Think about it. If you never did, it is a very fascinating and wonderful exercise.

I guarantee if you INVEST  the TIME in YOURSELF you will reap the DIVIDENDS a thousandfold in the quality of your life.

Paulette Motzko One With the Sea

Keep people around you that respect what is sacred to you. If they do not then they probably are not true friends. Once you make a list of the things you truly need to be happy, and then expand on it.


What these things are called is “Self-Exploration” and the more you do it, the more you will accomplish in your life. For instance, when I work, I know what music helps me focus the best and I play it when I write. I also know what to avoid, and so I follow that. If you know that you work best in the early morning and are your most creative, then by all means, keep that schedule and KEEP IT SACRED.

If you know that you feel lousy if you don’t take your medicine, THEN BY ALL MEANS KNOW THAT YOU ARE NUMBER ONE AND TAKE IT AND SET LOUD ALARMS SO YOU WON’T FORGET IT. I was constantly telling my clients this when I was helping those with epilepsy as the CEO/Founder of The Epilepsy Connection and also as the Director of The Epilepsy Foundation in Orange County. I would change lives just by telling them to invest in a simple alarm watch!

Here is a model for creating balance in your life and I am going to do this right along with you this week!

Divide this into hour blocks and then you can see how much of each you are getting.

Work-6 hours-especially if you do computer work-so you don’t get carpel tunnel or arthritis!

Play/Things That Give You Joy-Preferably One Hour Minimum

Exercise-30 minutes minimum

Spiritual/Meditation-30 minutes minimumImage

Paulette Le Pore Motzko- Writer, Photographer, Cook, Composer, Marketer, Blogger

Photography by Jackie Teeple by Huntington Beach Pier, November 2012

Paulette Le Pore Motzko’s Philosophy on Living

Paulette Le Pore Motzko, Author of Totally Inspired Mind

Paulette Le Pore Motzko by the Huntington Beach pier, a favorite place of hers.

Photography by Jackie Teeple at Two-Eight Photography



“Try to leave the place a little better that you came from: Coffee shop, bus stop, talking to someone, or giving a new piece of information that would help someone. If you see something that needs doing, just do it. Every hello you say is the possibility of a new friend. When you ask someone “how are you”, really want to hear what their answer is. f you see a person who needs help-simply help them. If you see a scrap of paper or litter, try and pick it up. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing or NOT doing, you are your own person and you set high standards. Make someone’s day lighter & brighter, clean up after yourself, and make people glad you walked through the door.”-

Paulette Motzko’s Motto on Living