Two Passionate, Love Filled, Hope Filled Poems from Ramon Loyola

I met Ramon Loyola on Word Press when I was searching the world over to add new content to the writers work lab etc.
I saw his extraordinary poetry and read his blog and how excited he was (as I would be), seeing his books in a book store. I could relate. I really loved what I saw. I asked him if I could print two of his most hopeful positive poems/prose on either Totally Inspired Mind or The Writer’s Work Lab-and he loved my idea.
When I find something wonderful, something special, that has that has a unique quality to it, I can share it with the world. And so I did.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

If And When by Ramon Loyola
When you love,
Let the touch feel your warmth
So that it burns like a flame
In the bosom’s deepest cauldron,
If you love,
Memorize the face that stares,
Its lines drawing all meaning
To all the desires revealed,
When you love,
Let the eyes see your heart
So that it remembers like child
In the mind’s most profound innocence,

If you love,
Cherish the oneness that keeps,
Its grace denying all weakness
To the soul’s unknown yearnings,
When you love (finally),
Let the kiss seal your fate
So that it binds like a chain
In life’s undying memory,
Copyright Ramon Loyola, 2014


Don’t Let It Go by Ramon Loyola

When you feel the warmth of the sun
On your goose-bumped arm
Like the feeling of a frenetic hand
The fingers nimble on your tingling skin
Where the sensation of gladness
Overwhelms you like that grand vista
Of a fresh meadow
Green and lush and
Misty and wide
Don’t let it go.
The feeling is real
It can only get better,
Don’t let it go.


Run up to the sharpest corner
At the end of the street
And grab the sun
Resting in the expanse of your palm
Don’t’ let it go

It is as real as the veins
In your clenched hand
When you find the child again
Lurking deep in side
But rearing its head
Peeking through the small hole
On the forbidding fence
Between sorrow and bliss
When you seek for
The small joys
As you plan in the rain
Don’t let it go

The moment is clear
As vivid as the sky above
Don’t let it go

It will slip by if you do
Glide along past you like a stranger
Who cares more for dire untruths
Don’t let it go
It will leave you insignificant if you do
Undone in a crowded room
When you fall
Madly, truly and ever deeply
Where the hurt is inevitable
Where the heart is soured by
The insincere laughter
The dishonest words
Despite the piercing pain
The opposite of love
And heartfelt tenderness
Don’t let it go
The eyes hold it in
The only truth in that look
Don’t let it go
The memory will fade
The regret will set in
Making you forget the face
The eyes the skin the cheeks
Don’t let it go
It will fade forever
Gone to the light
The water is deep
The air is thin
Hold your breath
Wave your arms above your head
Let your hair get wet
Freeze your toes in the frosty morning
Let the sun scorch your flesh
Laugh like nothing else matters
Shout to the top of your lungs
Weep silently and weep some more


When you have tasted all
The nectars of pleasure
When pain has racked your bones
Has broken your heart into smithereens
And has made you steel for peace
And serenity has tempered your soul
And has stumped the chaos that confused you
That rumbled in the earth
Keep it close
Don’t let it go
The firm paths are showing you
Like the sun guides the flowers to bloom
Don’t let it go
The answer is leading you
Clasping you tight like a lover in heat
Seeing your light at last
And when you find yourself finally
Don’t let it go
It is fleeting but it will stay
As surely as the promise of mornings
Ramon Loyola, Copyright 2014


Photography and Digital Arts by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright 2015

My strength did not come from lifting weights…..

My strength did not come from lifting weights. My strength came from lifting myself up and I was knocked down.

This is my favorite one of the year end of last year because that’s exactly what I did in my life over the last year.
It has been, and will continue to be probably my most positively transformative year in my life. It has also been one of the most exhausting physically.

Mom and I are and always will be together in spirit, though now she’s a few hour’s away.


Mom at age 16……


My Nanny’s crucifix that was on her wall for years and then mom painted it with gold leaf.

I must look a million times a day for inspiration and insight here.


Nanny’s praying hands by the wooden Virgin Mary my Uncle Mervin mailed me because I helped him when he was dying of cancer.

Keep things around you that inspire you and give you strength.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
Image found on Pinterest
Copyright June 11, 2015
5:52 a.m.

Don’t let the music in your soul die. Let the music play on until the song of life is in its last measure. – Paulette Le Pore Motzko



The two wallpapers for your smart phones were hand selected by Paulette Motzko from Zedge.

My best friend in Las Vegas came to my place last night and we had a dinner of Chicken Tortellini Soup and crackers and enjoyed some flan for dessert. He had brought his classical guitar and played some pieces he wrote; it was the first time I ever heard him play. It was as though a more relaxed, happy man stepped from his soul. ..and I was his lucky audience.


Image found on Zedge

Early in the evening I was playing Billy Joel songs like “She’s Always a Woman”, “New York State of Mind”, “Allentown”, and “Baby Grand”… I could relate to we’ll. Music was my first best friend at nine years old, and it has been my best since. Finally after moving my rosewood upright grand from California to Nevada, I can enjoy it.

I know that every time I am with my friend Leo, it is as though time passes so quickly and we always have fun.

He always knows the right thing to say to cheer me up if I need it, and genuinely cares about me. You can’t ask for more than that from a friend, can you…..

I had fun singing some songs I wrote when I was in high school. What I realized was I spend tons of time typing on my phone or computer and not enough time turning the sound off on it and creating a new song or simply playing. I feel like I got ten years younger doing what we did together, and want to play together, create chord charts to my compositions and me play to his.


Paulette L Motzko

Have a beautiful day.

6:19 a.m.
March 23, 2015

God’s Plan For You

Plans For You – 5 by Joanna Quintrell at on #abideis

Any Christian can say this and meditate upon this. ABIDE is a free app that you can access from your smartphone.

Will all need to balance our spiritual life, no matter what situation you may be in.

Even if you’re a Buddhist, if you are Native American, if you are Jewish, if you are Pentecostal  if you are a Jehovah Witness, or you’re Mormon, Protestant or any other faith…… We all have many things in common…..


Image wall paper for your smart phone or device hand selected by Paulette Motzko from

Will believe in a power greater than ourselves. We all had mothers and fathers- even if you never knew them and even if they put you up for adoption your mother still gave you life.

We all have known what it’s like to love and not be loved.

We know what it’s like to fail and we all know what it’s like to succeed.

We are all human beings and more alike than we all realize.

We weren’t created to be like each but we were created to appreciate and respect the differences in each other.

If the United  States government would think like that, we wouldn’t have wars and instead of guns with bullets, people would strive for understanding instead of killing whatever they didnt understand.

So take time to realize that the person you’re talking to may be different than you, but has their own story too.

They may not be as bad as you think they are.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
Copyright March 2015
March 21st, 2015
4:05 p.m.

Begin Your Day With A Clean Slate-Be Open To New Ideas

Good morning everyone,

As I watch the morning news here in Las Vegas, Nevada-my new home I am still daily adjusting to the neighborhoods and people and how radically different it is here.
Today I hope you begin it with new and fresh ideas. Give yourself and hour in the morning where you regroup, reassess the goals you have in your life.


If you don’t have any goals, it is about time you create some!


To live you life without anything to aspire to and without knowing what your true talents are for you to foster is like not knowing yourself.

The closer you are to knowing every talent you possess and what you are best at, as well as what you love most-the closer you will arrive at living a life more fulfilling than you ever believed possible.

Don’t let others sway your decisions, because you will be living your life for yourself in the end.

After all of the things you do for others, after all the selfless actions you do for your kids, your spouse and the obligatory things you do in your daily work, you are left with yourself and that is it.

You are going to be on this earth hopefully for another 20 years and why not enjoy every minute of being on earth?

Give yourself time in the morning to hear the birds chirp, drink coffee or tea or other relaxing beverage, and just “be”. Don’t have any noise on except the ambient sounds of the world waking up in your city in your state in your country.


Listen in relative silence and you will be amazed what kinds of things this reveals.
It is through silence and the sounds of nature you can hear angels sing in your heart.


May you have a blessed day and meet people who are kind, caring and good and interested in the things you are.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright 2014

Let Your Life Be Your Message Image found on Pinterest
Digital Photo Collage created by Paulette L Motzko
Cappuccino Image & Let This Be The Day To Start Anew Created by Paulette L Motzko

Do It Badly; Do It Slowly; Do It Fearfully, But Do It! – Rick Wagoner & Paulette Motzko

Check out @BigDreamFuel’s Tweet:


Wallpaper Fall Leaf Image from

This quote startled me at first when I saw it come up on my Twitter feed on my friend Rick’s BigDreamFuel page. But, when I thought about it more it has a huge message.

Many people don’t ever do anything or go after their dreams or what they would love to do because they’re worried about if they will fail. Don’t worry- simply do it.

Sure, you might not be the best at it when you first begin, but with practice, you will get better.

Also, when you do something new, depending on what risks are involved, it might be a little frightening. Take for example a pilot who is taking his or her first flight and grabbing the throddle for the first time. Keeping the plane from wobbling or crashing is fearful.

The medical student performing his or her first open heart surgery.
Now, take you for example. What have you wanted to do that instead of creating an action plan have created doubts and fears?

Take it from me, the only regrets you will have at the end of your life are the experiences you through your own stupidity or crazy fears didn’t follow though with.

Allow yourself to be the happiest and most content you have ever been and know what rewarding work is.
When you follow your dreams, that is what you will come to know face to face.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright October 2014

8:21 p.m.

To Reach Port You Must Not Stay Anchored or Drift-but SAIL! Rick Wagoner & Paulette L Motzko

My good friend Rick Wagoner does something wonderful everyday, throughout the day. He finds some of the best and most positive poignant quotes and shares them with the world on Twitter on @BigDreamFuel.

This post is a tester to see if I could share his tweet that I normally retweet on Twitter with my over 1,400 readers and the over 50 countries that tune in each month.


Image found on Facebook


Rick and I like to think with each post we write, we are putting good out in the world and changing people’s thoughts for the better.
When you change someone’s thoughts, you influence their actions for the better.
When you change the actions someone makes, you have just changed their life.

When you change enough lives you have changed the world by your actions.

God bless everyone reading this, and may this be the first in a series of light, empowerment and knowledge shared by Rick Wagoner and I, Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

Have a blessed and productive day.

Make at least one new friend today by finding the saddest and most alone person you can find and talking to them. You will never believe how valuable your words of “how are you” are to them.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright October 9th, 2014

Check out @BigDreamFuel’s Tweet:

Thank You Redheadedwhovian For Nominating Paulette L Motzko for Most Inspiring Blogger Award!

The Most Inspiring Blogger Award was one I hoped to earn one day and through the many hours of writing, design improvements, and finding what I believe are the best stories from a wide variety of sources, my creation inspired another grateful soul to nominate me.


Yesterday I arose bright and early with the birds today at 4 a.m. and felt refreshed.


I walked about a mile…maybe two, and moved at a good clip and didn’t feel winded. All my days at The Las Vegas Athletic Club are worth it in how much better I feel.

I wrote a proposal to do a feature story, photo & marketing package at The Clark County Library.

I was able to get my new library card too and check out a few Italian cooking magazines too.
I went to The Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant and had maybe the best bowl of chili I had in a restaurant and a friend picked me up.

I got home and found to my surprise that Totally Inspired PC won another award and it was The Most Inspiring Blogger Award this time.

Thank you everyone.

I will fill these blanks in tomorrow.

The curtain to this day is closing.


Seven Facts About Paulette Motzko

1. Paulette Motzko believes that her attitude is the single most valuable asset you will ever carry with you. Her advice regarding YOUR ATTITUDE is: Guard it; Take care of it; Defend it; Plant more seeds that bloom into beautiful flowers every day. The “seeds” are the things you do for others, the way you spend your time, and who you allow in your life as well as who you associate with. Make sure all the people in your life set high standards for themselves so they can be good influences in your life.

2. We all have stories about our lives to tell. Even though I have had more than a few tragic tales to tell that happened in my life, I refuse to let them define me. Just because evil and apathetic people treated you as though you were less than garbage, know you aren’t and don’t treat others like you were. Treat people like you would have wanted to be treated if the world had been perfect.

3. I taught piano to all ages for over 20 years

4. Was married to a real rocket scientist for 15 years.

5. Stands up for all disabled people because she herself has an invisible disability epilepsy.

6. She tries and does the right thing, not the easy thing and hopes to have no regrets in life.

7. Paulette dreamed she could fly after watching Mary Poppins when she was four years old. The movie still remains one of her all time favorites.

My Nominations For Most Inspiring Blogger Award

1. Marco Jair Lopez
After Marco contacted me to look at his blog I was impressed with what he had written. I wasn’t aware it was only created a few days before. Though Marco is only 21, his wisdom is far greater. His story I reblogged has been on the Top Ten list since I shared it, and was number one on the site yesterday.
I know he is going to do great things with his words.

2. Paul Militaru’s Photography Portfolio
Paul’s amazing crystal clear photographs always awe and inspire me. His poetry and word pictures conjure up memories and always make me smile. If they don’t spark a pleasant memory, I can imagine I was there, or wish I was.
Thank you also Paul Militaru, for being one of my biggest fans on Totally Inspired Mind.
Every day, with every post, your recognition is appreciated.

3. PurpleRays at








It makes me feel good inside and out knowing when I invest hours on this site, which were over 4, it is seen, recognized and appreciated by all.


Paulette L Motzko

Paulette L Motzko was the photographer who took the photos, edited them and put them into the Photo Badge pictured “Get Inspired”.

Totally Inspired Mind Photo Badge created
Other Images found on Facebook & Pinterest and Author Experience.

October 3rd, 2014
11:33 p.m.

Paulette Motzko Sends Good Karma to Each & Every One of Her 1,413 Followers

Thank you to all of the many readers and viewers who tune in and read the carefully chosen and selected words on Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate. The stats goes as such: 2, 721 posts varying in topics in 245 categories, and 2003 tags.


And speaking of Karma or “what goes around comes around”, as my Nanny said…

I wish you the same you give me…
I wish you all the good stuff in life. If you are in emotional pain or physical pain, I hope you seek the help you need to feel your optimum best.


LOVE wallpaper hand selected from
Paulette L Motzko for all of you courtesy of Zedge.

And the feeling I know I am doing my part to make this world a better, happier place…
One word at a time.


Rainbow Ocean wallpaper courtesy of Zedge. A gift from me to all of you. You can save the image and use it as a wallpaper on your smart phone or computer.

Thank you to the 396 who shared Totally Inspired Mind with others.

1. Marco Jair Lopez’s “Know Your Worth” is number one on the Top 10 of Top Posts and Pages

2. In the number two spot is the Home Page/Archives

3. Number 3 is “Some People Feel the Rain and Others Just Get Wet”, which usually makes it on the Top 10 most every day.

4. Number four brings the CNN story “12 Inspirational Women in STEM”

5. Number 5 spot is the CNN story “Unemployment falls below 6% for the first time since 2008.”

6. Astonishing Photo- Realistic Portraits You Won’t Believe Were Painted by Hand” courtesy of CNN

7. Number 7 comes “Dear Music, I will Never Be Able To Thank You Enough For Always Being There For Me.”

8. The Biggest Facebook Hoaxes

9. In the number 9 spot comes one of my personal favorite newsletters I created called ” The Quest For The Cancer Cure”

10. Lastly comes “Your Epilepsy News Resource”

It has been a really interesting week for so many reasons. Just meeting Marco Jair Lopez and mentoring him  on how to make blogging easy.

Wherever you are have a blessed evening.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

October 3rd, 2014

3:20 p.m.



I want to thank The United Kingdom

The Good Ole USA my Homeland










No Matter How Scientific Your Job, You Cannot Deny The Fact That Prayer Works!


Even my ex-husband the rocket scientist was not an athiest, because he knew prayer worked in miraculous, unexplainable ways.

It isn’t important we understand everything in life; we never will understand all of life’s mysteries.

I had enough faith to fill a mountaintop and still do because I am a walking miracle and have lived most of my life with intractable epilepsy. After 2001 when I divorced my ex-husband who was never happy and was constantly depressed, did I realize that his problems weighed me down.

Some have it all in life…the successful job, the huge house and the everything…but are not happy people.

Some find the best in every one they meet and though their lives are far from perfect, they are told they have good Karma and are so wonderful to be around.

It is all how you play the hand God gives you in the game of life.
I have always known, that though at before Vimpat came out I am taking with the highest success rate for seizure control and lowest amount of side effects by UCB for partial seizures ever in history; health was a hit and miss thing for me.

Now I want to be a spokesperson for the drug and UCB…just need to contact the right person.

Back to the opening paragraph and photo…
We don’t have to understand why something works….but that it does.

I have a simple motto in life:

Do what works and do it over and over again, and avoid what doesn’t work….
And learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright, August 9th, 2014

If Life Were a Movie I Will Tell You Do It Right The First Time Because There are No Retakes & You Can’t Edit the Video!

Sometimes when I am talking to people from a different country than the USA, I will find myself making a point in a new way I think they will understand. That happened this evening here sitting at Target in the Starbucks within.

I was talking to Juan from Mexico who was with his dad an brother. That is one of the most extraordinary things about Las Vegas, NV. The city attracts people from all over the world every day. It is like a really hot Disneyland but here anything can happen, and it isn’t G rated!


Go into a Starbucks in Las Vegas, NV and if you work as an independent contractor, freelance writer, photographer; the odds of meeting international business people are very high. It is one of my favorite places to go, and yes, I have a gold card with my name engraved on it. For all the money I have spent there and time I have spent doing computer work, networking or reading or just relaxing, I feel like I should own Starbucks stock!

Back to the topic of living and life…

Life doesn’t give you a chance to “rewind the tape” and edit and say “no, that’s not what I wanted to do” or “I should have done that.”

The grand old tape keeps recording our actions every day in the anals of time with God looking down and helping those who are the most kind whose hearts are the most pure.

Every day ask yourself, what is the title of my movie, if you were to name your life.

Think about it carefully.


Now figure out what you need to do NOW (remembering the show ain’t over!), so the show can end up with the ending you desire.



God bless all who read this and may you find profitable work that more than meets your needs, that you love.

Kiss and hug those you love who are dearest and nearest to you too.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
July 19th, 2014
Copyright 2014
Abundant Life Image and Start Your Day with a Cup of Gratitude images found on Pinterest

Images and Polly’s Cappuccino Cup created by Paulette L Motzko on her Galaxy S Relay smart phone.

Life is a process in many ways. All the good things do not happen at once. – Paulette L Motzko

Image taken in Laguna Woods, CA by Paulette Motzko

After being married to a rocket scientist for 15 years, which wasn’t all bad, even though in the end he did a lot of uncool things. I became a different person and learned a lot about the sub-specialties in engineering and what they did, and as a writer now, that information has helped me in writing jobs.

Life is a process and all the things we want do not emerge all at once. Once realizing this and looking at your life in that way, and looking at your life and the goals you have in it-long term and short term goals- will be attained, but in an order of precendence and importance.

Firstly, you need to do some real soul searching and passion seeking, where you come to grips with what you are passionate about and how you can make that passion your job.

In life many of us are not “where we want to be” for a host of reasons. Knowing you are one of the grand majority who is striving for better should make you feel better.

As long as you are constantly improving yourself, be it your education, your job, doing what you love and accomplishing projects that are rewarding, that is all you need to focus on.

Think about where you were and what you were doing 3 months ago. See what I mean?
What about 6 months ago?

Pat yoursself on the back and budget entertainment in your budget to make sure you get to see the movie you wanted at the theater and tried the cool restaurant you heard about. Those things are important for your sanity, balance, relaxation and adding levity and something for you to do with your friends and family.

Then, when you go back to work, you will be more productive and accomplish more.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
Copyright 2014

Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose-Great Book

I just checked out the  book by Eckhart Tolle entitled “A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose” today at the Vista Library. My friend bragged about what an outstanding book it was and how it changed her life, and I must say it has been a joy to read.


The spiritualist Eckhart Tolle talks about the beginning of the world and the first flower that ever bloomed and how it began and spoke of how Jesus talked about how we should be more like flowers. (I am not quite sure how, to be honest with you. Maybe you can elaborate on that thought.) Also, Tolle talks in the book of how flowers, more than any other primeval plant were associated with the human feelings of beauty and love and inspired countless poets and philosophers and painters and writers.

Also, Tolle mentioned that flowers influenced the concept of Zen in Buddhism and because of their fragrance and beautiful colors were one of the first things that we treasured and valued as beautiful that were not needed for survival.

And so goes what I have read of the book. As I read more, I will write about what I have learned.

What do you associate with beauty and love?

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Christine Marie Boc’s Wisdom for Living

Christine Marie Boc’s Wisdom for Living
Original Quotes by Christine Marie Boc
If you would like to contact Christine Marie Boc about her quotes and how you liked them, you can reach her at:

Idea Concept by Paulette Le Pore Motzko for
Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate &
Writer’s Work Lab

A Sweet young lady I met recently who has the whole world ahead of her and is so talented!

I saw a bunch of quotes on a huge bulletin board in a hospital I was at recently and discovered Chrstine was the writer of all of them. It had been her dream to have the world read her poetry and writings. I immediately knew I could easily realize her dream by airing it on Totally Inspired Mind and also on Writer’s Work Lab.  If you could have only seen the look on her face and the sparkle in her eyes at the thought. She gave me some of the most kind compliments I have ever been given in my life and I will always remember them and her fondly. I look forward to meeting her mother one day too.

I want to arrange a time to take a nice photo of her so you can see the young lady behind these words. She has had many struggles in her life but even in the short time I have known her has come leaps and bounds. I wish her and her mother only the best in every way.


Photography by Paulette Le Pore Motzko of The Huntington Beach Pier

“If your perception is full of enlightenment, then I can call you an eternal optimist.”

“Why go for evil when you’re more stabilized at being good; I don’t get you.”

“It takes evil to oppose pure evil, to my perception, it’s only appropriate if you’re fighting for righteousness.”

“You say I’m not supposed to comply so much if I think the person’s wrong, because it’s only fueling the fire. I refuse to think this is being humble. Your own perspective of respect sounds degrading to me. ….Hypocrisy!!”

“Patience doesn’t mean putting up with people’s crap to you? Bitch please!!!”

“The problem is how we think of a situation; it could be positive or negative.”

“Your own perception is openly and frequently the problem. You know why?”

“Boredom is next to depression.”

“Our state of mind is deprived by our own law for ourselves. We are prisoners to our own mind.”

“Always look for something to look forward to.”

“So repetitive to this philosophy: Don’t ever let life pass you by.”

“The goal is to seize the deceptive brain.”

What do Christine’s words make you think of?

Which ones strike a key with you and ring the loudest to you?



Testing Typing Missing Two Fingers (My ring finger is fractured and the other is bandaged)

The last two weeks have surely been a test in patience, will,adapting, courage and of my pain thresh hold.

Here at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sipping on some hot green tea and a madelaine, wishing the place stayed open a few more hours than minutes.

I am understanding more clearly what it is meant when you lose a sense or the loss of a body part-temporarily in my case, and how the others get stronger and make up for its absence.





On the long ride home, typing with two thumbs on my MYTouch Q smart phone, I want to report that the day had a wonderful ending. After the first coffee & tea shop closed, I walked across the street to Starbucks where I met Jon Valmont, the Director & Founder of

After talking about what I do for a living: writing feature stories for restaurants, press releases, presentations etc, he hired me to be a regular content writer for his company.

He was specifically looking for more good writers for his company, and I was looking for work. The perfect match made only at Starbucks.

My slogan for Starbucks: “It isn’t so much what’s in your cup, but who walks through the door!”

What do you do when your plans fall through? Something could happen that is better than what you originally planned.

You adapt and make the most out of the situation in every way you can.
Like what I am doing tonight.

The original plans of making my own version of El Pollo Loco’s Pollo Bowl with Mexican Rice, cooked pinto beans, chunky salsa and diced up rotisserie chicken went up in flames on Valentine’s Day evening. So being that I am the master of adapting to fallen plans, I decided to meet a friend at El Pollo Loco and eliminate the whole cooking, chopping & cleaning thing.

I had a Chicken Guacamole Bacon stuffed quasadilla, and was shocked by the size of the thing!


My friend arrived and we tried their new Chicken Tortilla soup, which had big pieces of chicken and veggies in it and was one of the closest to what I would make. You get chunks of veggies & chicken in every bite, with minimal broth.

Across from me was a nice family: Yolanda, Jesus and Myra.
When I wished them a happy Valentine’s day, she looked at me and my bandaged hand and said I taught piano, which I did and will when my hand heals. She remembered me and my mom and dad eight years before!

I couldn’t believe how she remembered the conversation, when she told me, I remembered. Myra was only 8 years old and now she was a beautiful 16-year-old young lady, far from the little girl I remembered seeing.

She asked me how I was doing, and then how mom and dad were doing. I had to tell her that dad died a year ago of congestive heart failure and mom has Alzheimer’s disease and is being taken care of by a staff of people now.

Yolanda’s father also passed away last year and she knew the meaning of seeing things differently once they’re gone.

I felt happy she remembered me so vividly and it made me feel as though I was special enough to not be forgotten.

We hugged eachother and felt a special bond as her eyes twinkled and mine did too…and exchanged numbers so we could get together some time.

Life is funny isn’t it-the people we meet, the unique situations and miraculous moments and special times that put a smile on your face and a glimmer in your eyes and warmth in your heart.

To think I could have made such an impression on Yolanda that she would remember so much by hearing me speak…makes me realize how we all make impressions on people during the coarse of our lives.

Two nights before I sat next to a good friend of mine at In N Out Burger who was sitting with her two beautiful daughters and husband.

Seeing her was like seeing a star shine in a dark black sky, since an hour before I was at The Huntington Beach Hospital having my hand wrapped in gauze and bandages by a beauiful, blonde, blue-eyed female doctor, so my hand would hurt less and heal more quickly.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, and if you worked, I hope you can enjoy time with someone you care about soon.

I didn’t have romance and there weren’t hot bodies touching under starlit skies, but I enjoyed fun times with a friend, watching “Everybody Loves Raymond” comedies and had a good laugh-which by the way, is an elixer of youth.
Romance, to me, involves a connection of minds, intellect, spirituality, common interests and a kind of chemistry that is unspoken.

I got a pretty bouquet of flowers to look at in the morning by a gentleman friend and a red bud rose with baby’s breath from another. I love flowers, hearts, and antique laces, cameos and pearls and nice fragrances. Some of the girly things that bring me that magic word JOY.


What brings you JOY?

I wish the 712 followers of Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate health of mind and body and peace of mind.

And I also wish you all to have jobs that more than pay the bills and leave you with some to save and some to give away to those who need it or special causes you believe in.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

February 15th, 2014
8:15 p.m.

Paulette L. Motzko

“There is a fresh canvas every 24 hours” – Sarah Ban Breathnach

That is just one of the many fresh thoughts that Sarah Ban Breathnach has in her book I read daily called “Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy”. I read a little out of about 4 books a day and it gives me fresh perspectives, broadens my horizons, builds my vocabulary and it is just plain fun & relaxing.


Are there books you have been meaning to read, that you haven’t?

What’s stopping you?

I guarantee you aren’t that busy that you can’t give yourself the gift of quality time and no nothing for anyone but yourself…but read a great book.

Don’t have any ideas? Go to the information desk at Barnes & Noble and ask them what are some good books in the subjects you like, or save some moolah and search used book stores in your city and get 3 cool books for the price of the one new one!


What are you doing with the blank canvas of you life today?

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Images found on Pinterest, Authors Unknown

February 10th, 2014
1:40 a.m.

Thoughts from Max Lucado: Negative thoughts never strengthen you. How many times have you cleared a traffic jam with your grumbles? Does groaning about bills make them disappear? Why moan about your aches and pains, problems & tasks?

“You must read the book by Max Lucado called “Every Day Deserves a Chance” where that quote came from. I found it at Book Off for only $1, which was my find of the week!  It is AWESOME. HE uses short sentences and word pictures that stay on your mind like a positive imprint that will change your life”.-Paulette Le Pore Motzko


Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life. Proverbs 4:23 NCV


A Great Point That George Clooney Said…

In “Points To Ponder” in the latest Reader’s Digest February 2014 issue George Clooney said, reprinted from Esquire Magazine:

“The president and I (were talking to guests at a fund-raiser), and they’re holding their smartphone cameras up…And I said to the president,
“You know, the oddest thing about what’s happening right now is that we’ve stopped living our lives, and we’re just recording them.”


Image from Vanity Fair on Pinterest



Image found on Pinterest

Compiled by Paulette L. Motzko

January 29th, 2014

11:34 p.m.-11:45 p.m.

Bridge To The Light- Poem Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko


Inspired by this photograph by Mena Habeeb entitled “Bridge To The Light”

“Bridge to The Light”

Title by Mena Habeeb

Poem by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Inspired by the quote from the great Helen Keller: “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”- Helen Keller

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

January 15th, 2014


Sometimes we are Looking on the Horizon for Greater Times to Come.

Seeing the sun peeking at us in a distance and the door to promise just opening with the key in your grasp.

If you only focus on the open door rather than one that has already closed upon you, your eyes will see the new opportunities awaiting you.

Hope is Fueling You with God as your Divine Guide

Determination keeps you grounded

Each day coming closer to the “other side of the bridge”…

Life will keep it’s Promise to you If You Keep Your Promise to It-by Finishing Everything You Start

 Goals are Achieved …with new goals taking the place of the old ones now achieved.

Life’s Cycle Blooms like a Rose and You Are The Master Gardener

The Soil Is Your Passion and What You Are Good At-The DNA of Your Being…

Your Work & Dedication

There are no bad jobs, as every job title is needed and deserves dignity and respect.

Life is a never ending process of Loving, Losing, Learning, Believing, Judging, Becoming & Appreciating.

“: What goes around Comes Around” and “The Good You Give Will Come Back a Thousand fold-when you least expect it will.

Through Daily Diligence with the Ultimate End always In Your Mind

You will Fool the Non-Believers when You Show

Life has no winners in because Life is not a game with players

Life is an eco-system with many people equipped with hearts, souls, loves, values and dreams…that call earth their home.

People share more in common than you know.

Understanding Paves our Bridge to Peace.

We are all given different abilities, strengths and blessings and some curses we must bear with grace

You will never know the crosses your neighbor silently secretly bears. Crosses aren’t worn  on one’s sleeve but in the deepest regions of one’s soul. I have mine and you have yours.

At times you might grow weary and feel as though you are struggling

But Look at Where You Were a year ago and How Far You Have Come…

Sometimes life throws us curve balls we think we didn’t earn…

But you will move past them and surpass your competitors in spite of it all and win-because Your Strength Made You Resilient

Life isn’t a contest but an ever-changing, exciting journey

Where Sometimes Your Destination is Better than You Ever Imaged.

One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter. – Henry David Thoreau

“One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” – Henry David Thoreau


Photography by Paulette L. Motzko, Fushia Bouganvillia blooming in the summer heat.


Photography by Paulette L. Motzko, Ingredients for Caprese Ciabatta Sandwich with organic heirloom tomatoes and fresh organic basil that is at its peak in the summertime.


Romaine hearts salad with mandarin orange slices and sesame dressing adds freshness to any day in any season.

Organic peaches, plums, apricots, tangelos and oranges for sale at Whole Foods Market from local farmers in CA. You can almost taste how juicy they are!

What are ways you incorporate summer into the middle of winter?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
January 2014

This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play. – Alan Watts

“This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.” – Alan Watts


Photography by Paulette L. Motzko, Taken at The Huntington Beach Pier, Huntington Beach, CA. Close up detail of children’s mosaic wall, each totally unique like the children who painted them.

What would you like to do for a living that is feasable, in the here and now,  that would feel like you were playing?

Copyright, January 2014, Paulette L. Motzko

11:47 p.m.

I believe God is managing affairs and that He doesn’t need any advice from me. With God in charge, I believe everything will work out for the best in the end. So what is there to worry about. – Henry Ford

“I believe God is managing affairs and that He doesn’t need any advice from me. With God in charge, I believe everything will work out for the best in the end. So what is there to worry about.” – Henry Ford

What experience have you gone through recently where you know your prayers were answered?




Photography by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Written by Paulette L. Motzko

“Failure is necessary to success as the oncoming wind is to a bird taking flight into the sky and soaring.” – Mena Habeeb, Writer & Photographer

Ever looked at a shooting star in the night sky and seen it shimmer across the sky? I have. I also have met people who lit up my night sky like stars and Mena Habeeb is one of those “stars”.

I asked to sit next to him when he was studying to pass a long test to get his real estate license. We sat next to each other but conversation began when his eyes sparkled when I told him I was a writer, photographer & marketer. Two of his passions, even above real estate are also writing and photography.

By the way, he passed his real estate exam and saw this sunset the night all his determination paid off.
It was God’s way of telling him:

You did a fantastic job and I am so proud of you!


I saw only a few of his photos and I know when Mena takes a photo God smiles from above!


There are other photos and portraits I saw yesterday that would be the dream of any new bride & groom

He does on location portraits and we are teaming up to do hotels, resorts, food photography and product photography.

I was working on a web site and other things and spent many hours plinking away on my computer that night and I wrote stories about the homelessness epidemic on The Political Think Tank and met 4 new friends and 4 new readers who were as politically active as me that night.<

Mena and I are going to be working on some projects together that I will keep under wraps until they get further along.

This is one of many to come from Mena about how failing is a process to learn to do things right.

After all, think about how many times the batter swings the bat until finally he hits the home run!

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko, Copyright Jan 2014
Photography by Mena Habeeb, Copyright Jan 2014

Feel free to contact Mena Habeeb at

5:34 p.m.

Life Lessons or (These Things Shouldn’t Have Happened) by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

The Lessons of My Life

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright December 14th, 15th, 2013

As I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus that never came….I was thinking about the many events of this past week-some turbulent and some disappointing and then the things that worked out great that I was responsible for-which are always great.

In life there are times when what we envision is not what it turns out to be. In my case mine is a tragic story that I am determined to make a happy ending.

Let me set the scene for you: It is 2010 and I am recently divorced after a marriage to a real rocket scientist for 15 years. I graduated with honors in a Master’s Certification program in 1997 a few years before with a Master’s Certification in Voluntary Leadership. I was a presenter at The Summit Meeting that year as the CEO and Founder of The Epilepsy Connection. It was one of the high points in my life “proving a lady who is disabled with epilepsy could do the work” as Dick Cheshire had put it when he let me in the program and said I had the Life Experience for the program. At the beginning of the program I told the class of 50 people that “a friend of mine had epilepsy and the subject has always been near and dear to my heart and I knew I could help others who had it.” I did a PowerPoint Presentation with transparencies on an overhead projector that my now ex-husband Mark helped me with, answering what epilepsy was and was not, and explaining in human terms that anyone at any age could acquire it.


Once the presentation was over and I had answered everybody’s questions I told them that “oh by the way, the friend of mine was me!” People looked shocked at me and many stopped in their tracks and others came up to me with tears in their eyes and gave me the once over with their eyes and then smiled and said to me-“I never would have known!” I was so happy as that is just what I was shooting for. I didn’t tell anyone beforehand because I didn’t anyone having any preconceived notions about me or any biases and I thought it would best illustrate that anyone with epilepsy can do anything by being the prime example.

Another high point of my life was when I lived in Sandy, UT and times were great, not just good.

It was 1986 and I was just married, graduated with my AA in Piano Pedagogy and was building piano students and teaching all the Mormon kids on the block. One wonderful lady who went by the nick name of Friendly Robertson who was years young. She wanted to teach her how to play Chopin Nocturnes in a legato manner. I still have a handwritten book she gave me that with poems she wrote and songs she gave me in my piano bench.  The best memory of my piano teaching days-that lasted 20 years-was when I got a call from Golden West College who asked if they could give my number to The Deaf Children’s Athletic Association. They asked me if I could teach two acutely deaf children piano. I had no idea if I could by the way. I asked how if they had residual hearing-and they did, and each wore two hearing aids to magnify what hearing they had. Justin and Adrienne Chang were their names and they were Japanese prodigies. Their father’s dream was to see their children play songs at a recital. I made that dream and my dream come true. At a recital in Riverdale, Utah they each played 3 songs a piece that I had taught them by signing everything I said to them and also signing the concept of what I said and “turning the audible to visual”….

Seeing someone’s inherent abilities and talents is something I have always been good at, but then my mom was always doing that with me. It is like I can see someone’s inherent abilities lying dormant in their soul, much like the tulip bulbs I planted in Sandy, Utah when I lived there.

I learned in life that some things you only get to enjoy for a while-be it many years or for decades and then they fade like the geraniums mom used to grow needing to be deadheaded of their brown leaves…

Other facets of my life are and will always be the same, like my mother Ramona Lea. She is still my best friend, my cheerleader and a smart, sweet lady, who though she has Alzheimer’s disease, will guarantee to light up a room with her smile and win over even the dullest of personalities. I saw her paint smiles on people’s faces in The World Market. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish her the best and that I don’t want the best for her and pray she always remembers me and that the disease doesn’t take my mother away. She inspired me to create “Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily” that has about 40 new sources on it with subject like neurology, neuroscience, memory, prevention, caregivers and dementia.

Back to The Lesson of My Life-

After my divorce in 2001 I opted to move back in the duplex I had lived in when I was 24 years old, when my dad bought it because he thought the second house would make a nice rental for me. It did just that for the most part and I got rent and I paid most of the mortgage on their house.

I would have never believed that the same family that I grew up with had the ability to make such rash and callous decisions about my mother’s life and mine.

But they did.


One of the expensive recliners belonging to my parents Bunker and the gang hacked with an ax because they were too lazy and stupid to sell them and give the money to mom Ramona Le Pore. Sooooo sad!

I cried for weeks after seeing the mass destruction on what Mike Bunker, Brenda Bunker, Michael Le Pore and Robert Le Pore allowed to happen.

Mike Bunker and my brother Mike hacked up with an ax an oak rocking chair I bought mom for mother’s day! I am related to crazy people!


Mom’s things in her beautiful house thrown all around the sides of it!


My side of the duplex bought in 1984 and sold my Mike Bunker in June of 2013 for $460,000.
I paid approx $50,000 in rent during that 13 year period.

Hey lawyers…help me here. I know I am entitled to something here.

I would have never believed that they had could take mom from the property as though they abducted her from her own domicile, forcing me to file a missing person’s report. But they did have the audacity.

But the shocked me.

They betrayed me-and I have thought long and hard about the actions of my other siblings, and how their hypocritical actions over the last 5 years illustrates how apathetic and what small human beings they really are.

Mom, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease is a victim of elder abuse just as I was and still am. I am not a senior yet, being 3 years short of being classified a “senior” by the state of CA. I am therefore excluded from countless senior programs that would help me.

I did not create my family but they had the same foundation as I did, but their ideologies and beliefs were distorted over time. I did not change who I was and the strongholds of my belief system I have held onto with an iron-clad grip: integrity, honesty, passion and courage.

Some have it all and don’t even tap into the reserves and talents they were given. Others like myself, defied the odds and though diagnosed with epilepsy went on and was successful as a piano teacher.

I would be a piano teacher now if my upright grand wasn’t in storage! Being on ssi I am entitled to earn money and still collect it, to a certain point. I made $200 per student a month or $50 an hour. I taught nearly every kid in Sandy, Utah by them merely seeing the piano being rolled in our living room. The usual questions were:

1. Do you play piano?
2. Do you teach
3. How much do you charge?
4. I have —- kids and when can we start?

Then the cycle begins and their kids will learn how to play a song within a week, learn how to read sheet music, stage, ear training and theory plus presence, confidence etc.
With my piano in storage it is like having my hands tied behind my back! I have lost income and gained stress culminating with a diagnosis of PTSD!

Do I use the state of CA for stress and my diagnosis of PTSD, a year of hell, money that I used to have paid on hotels because with only $886 a month in ssi, all the greedy people who rent rooms in southern CA want $600 to $800 to live in their bedrooms? That leaves me with not enough to pay my phone bill and internet and storage bills.

I put an ad on and Craig’s List to exchange one of the many valid services for a room in a non smoking household where I could cook and clean for a family. No worthwhile responses only 3 men ages 25, 48 and 50 who wanted casual sex for a place to live of which I said NO.

I told the 25 year old, who had a girl friend, to look up the word integrity and STDs.

It is a sad state of affairs that you have to be diagnosed with something like depression or PTSD before programs and housing programs open up for you!

I went to Huntington Beach Hospital last night and took myself via bus. I couldn’t find any of my friends that would either answer their phones or who would even answer a text back! That did not impress me, by the way!

I made it down there because I suspected that something was terribly wrong with me, and I was 100% right. Like all my assumptions, after doing research on the topic, I am usually 99% correct. I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder by the doctor that talked to me for the longest time.

I asked him to shut the door and then just told him the key points that had happened to me over the last year. He told me that I was amazingly strong and I should be proud of everything I had been through.

I was stressed out and felt as though the stress was accumulating like the water on top of a – cooler in my bathroom in Utah-that eventually caused the ceiling to tumble down when my now-ex-husband and I went to dinner. We went out to dinner and when we came home water was coming down from the smoke detector like a waterfall-just missing my upright grand piano! The most amazing part of the ceiling blowing out and falling down because Mark didn’t turn the swamp cooler off for the winter-was that in the Victorian bathroom, the ceiling fell down to the rafters and all the bisque porcelain figurines in there were not broken, and a pair of antique bisque praying hands were standing up in the bath tub straight up!

I resent that after doing everything right and choosing NOT to smoke or drink or do drugs all my life that there are no support services available for someone like myself.

I want to be the first intelligent white lady with no kids who refused to be treated like a second class citizen because I knew what birth control was and the real facts of life at 9 years old. (I grew up early and wanted real answers and not the stork story!)
More women should be responsible and accountable for their actions where sex and birth control are concerned. There are far too many illegitamate kids being “raised” without fathers to mothers who are 16 years old.
It has become quite a scam having kids to “get the $800 a month” per kid. I was told by countless social workers at the Garden Grove Medical and Food Stamp office to “get a kid and you will get $100!” I love kids, couldn’t have kids for medical reasons-epilepsy- but thought of adopting when I was married but we thought the $20,000 fees were we didn’t.

All the housing programs go to families first and I am not a family, so I am disregarded as though invisible.

I am not envisible or non-existant.

They should put a sign on the front of the Medical office and welfare office that reads: “if you are single or divorced and you don’t have a child we don’t care about you, your life and how you survive financially.” That is the truth.

It took me 7 years to get Medical at the Garden Grove office. When my new medicines Vimpat $20 a pill and Tegretol over $300 a month were forcing me to sell things to afford it, I put two and two together and realized all the people who turned me down were Vietnamese with the last name Nguyen. I had been told a bogus statement that I needed a kid to get medical, which was false. I threatened to sue all the parties personally for FRAUD to the director of the director and got the director named Barbara to fax my information to Sacramento labeled URGENT and had my medicine paid for $100 in a week.

Why this fight though?

Racial discimination against white people exists in Orange County, especially in Garden Grove and Little Saigon.
I am American and among the things I want to do is to crack down on this kind of abuse. An article was in the Walls Street Journal last year how in Vietnam they brag how they take advantage and abuse our welfare system in the USA.

I don’t hate Vietnamese people but I hate racist people and I am the victim of a hate crime that gave preferential treatment to the Vietnamese. I was told in Garden Grove by over 20 Vietnamese they “didn’t want a white piano teacher!” When I heard that I was appauled and shocked and outraged, as I still am now.

I became a displaced worker because of their hatred and bias and stupidity and would probably still have an income stream. I do writing, marketing and photography now with and do what I can.

Our house was a beautiful six bedroom Cape Cod style house with dormer windows and 3 bathrooms. The place was so big that we had my sister and her husband and three kids over and rented beds for all of them. I had a regular bed and breakfast and at that time they were normal and nice people and didn’t have a bad or malicious streak at all. That was to come later down the line when I divorced. Their care for me was in direct proportion to how much money I made a year. My best friends and when I lovingly invited them all to massive parties where I wanted to create memories –not just dinner parties. I did. And though they all have selective memory now, remembering only what they want to-it happened.

In time the bathroom was rebuilt and it after builders came and remodeled, you would have never known anything happened. Thank heaven we had good insurance with State Farm!

How can someone change like a chameleon that magnifies the colors of its surroundings? A counselor can ask them for years what did it-jealousy, envy or just caring more about money and making a quick profit than to mom’s feelings or mine. I think that was it.

I have no idea where I am going with this story here, but it makes me feel better writing it. Once a person becomes an adult at 18 years of age it is their choice who they keep in their life.

When I was moving, I thought and then rethought again everything I wrapped up in a box. I got so tired of packing and it amazed me how much “stuff” I had collected over my 52 years young!

I had read a book on simplifying your life and scaling down what I owned before I made the move to prepare me to take only what I loved and what made me smile when I looked at it. Ask yourself if you love it enough to dust it. You might be surprised what your answers are.

That is the same motto I take to the people in my life. Do they make you smile? Do they bring you up? Support your dreams? If you answer “yes” to all those questions, then you have a keeper there. If you answered one “no” then you better rethink how that person fits into your life.

If you have people in your life that have withered and turned into people who are abusive and tear you down, then if you have tried discussing with them the problems but nothing seems to work, then remove them from you life. You will suffer if you don’t.

After 1653 words were typed I am going to sign off and leave you with these words of wisdom. Think about what you would like to hear when you say something to someone else.

Everybody please pray that Paulette Le Pore Motzko gets the housing voucher she needs to afford a nice place of her own here in CA. Also, if you want to write a congressman or influential person in CA to put pressure on them, be my guest! The most who speak out about something, the more likely things will CHANGE. Also, go beyond me and write your local congressmen and women to add more funding to the Urban Housing Authority’s HUD Housing Program so more vouchers can be created. A ten year wait is a joke and an insult to the intelligence of every person on SSI and SSDI. We don’t want to see displaced disabled people at the bus stops and trying to take care of themselves, along with veterans, who are in the same “boat”, if you will.

I learned to take care of yourself first and make sure you are alright and have what you need, and then you will be more apt to have strength reserves to take care of everybody else.

Write you congressmen and women and contact The Urban Housing Authority in the State of CA in Sacramento, and in The Urban Housing Authority in the largest city in your state. Write and tell what you see in the streets, get involved and watch your efforts blossom into better lives for all people.

For now until today at least until this morning, for a week I was staying at The Super 8 Hotel in Westminster, CA which for he money at $65 a night is one o the nicest, cleanest places around-if you have to “live in a hotel” and can’t afford Residence Inn-with full kitchens, like Boeing used to pay for when I was married.

The way things change is to SHOW THE TRUTH and MAKE PEOPLE CARE.

I took photos of my hotel room and intended on creating  story that would include and show how I was living since evicted in April 2012 by Mike Bunker.

He needs someone to cultivate a moral conscious and explain why what he did was wrong and still is wrong, since he has cut all communication between mom and I for a year.

Thank you Ron Bittelari for sending me the money to make staying here possible. You are even more generous and caring than my ex was.

I have the most kind caring friends.

Do you know anyone who also has been working on getting subsidized housing?

What is your story?

We can team up and work together to put pressure on our leaders who keep saying with a blank expression “there is a 10 year wait for more housing vouchers.” What are we supposed to do until then?

If you make too much $ then you risk losing medical. Silly rules, if you ask me.

There is a song by Kelly Clarkson called “Stronger” that is my mantra and perfectly describes me and what God has felt it necessary for me to go through along with the poor social workers, welfare programs and lies told to me by Vietnamese workers in both the Garden Grove Medical office and social security offices.

If you are caucasion on ssi or ssdi, on medical or are trying to get one of those benefits, what would you think if I told you I was lied to 100% of the time by 100% of the Vietnamese in the welfare system? I was.

It happened.

That is not a racial comment as I still have Vietnamese friends who admit the abuse goes on but they speak English and know many put them in a bad light.

For those on ssi and ssdi or medical be leary and be alert. I personally now, after being lied to, suffering, doing without and living a substandard existence because of false information given by Vietnamese people now will not allow them to wait on me.

I was married to a rocket scientist for 15 years and I use logic. I try to increase the odds of being successful to 100% in everything I do. If you know something hasn’t worked, then don’t do it again. If you know that by doing something else, it increases your odds of accomplishing something, by all means do it.

People get upset when I say this, but it is fact. Abuse happens until it happens with me, then it stops for good and I also set mendates so it never happens again.

I would reccomend going to the Santa Ana Social Security office because they have a wide demographic of all people-Mexican, Filipino, Japanese, Vietnamese, Caucasion. It was refreshing. In one day the underpayment of $400 a month that the Garden Grove office did to me for SSI was increased $200 in one day. Then by going every week, not letting up, until I saw every director there…it is now $886 a month. I refused to let Vietnamese wait on me and by asking for another caucasion person I never had to worry about a hate crime.

If people are racist they shouldn’t be allowed to work at the social security office or any other place that is supposed to treat everyone the same.

We should employ a questionnaire to people coming over from other countries asking them what they are BRINGING to the UNITED STATES and why they are coming. Also a charcter assessment should be given to screen out racists and white haters. Nobody wants to talk about it but that just eneded as I type this sentence.

I am talking to the law dept at Chapman University where I graduated, and I will get representation to sue and get monetary compensation, sue for fraud, the people, who I know by name.

It is the principal here.

I believe everybody is the same and just with others felt the same way.

Once we clean up the fraud and what I believe is the Vietnamese are purposely turning white people down for benefits to bring more of their own kind in.
I talk to people.
I am observant and see who is going out with something and act like a reporter & journalist asking others and find similar stories. I am the only one that will underveil the abuse and stop it once and for all. Every American, white, single lady I have talked to had the same horror stories as me.

Yet I talked to a Mexican family, not even American citizens, who received Medical, Food Stamps and money to live per month in 20 minutes!!!

What do you call that?

On the application they ask if you are Latino. I refused to say because I said, does that mean I get the benefits if I am?

This kind of nonsence goes on in America and it is wrong and against my civil rights.

I want a news station to go in to both offices and see what they find. I bet my assumptions are correct.

I know I am talking about three things in this post:
My life
My background, intelligence, education, hud housing, vouchers
Ssi, ssdi
Hate crimes
Preferential treatment to Latinos, Asians, Families, Women with kids from many fathers
No help for people who tried to do things right
Racial profiling on ssi and medical and food stamps apps
American citizens are given the backseat to needed programs helping disabled survive
Subsidized housing going hand in hand with ssi ssdi

Increasing funding for subsidized housing
Lowering the epidemic proportions of sad displaced disabled people like myself

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 16, 2013

Happy birthday Brenda-Paulette’s sister who helped make her homeless in April 2013.

I have no idea how my oldest sister Brenda Bunker and her poor excuse of a husband can sleep at night with what they did. Some have a conscious and others don’t. Some have souls and some do not.

Bunker was unfortunately made power of attorney by my demented father who is dead, assigning care of my mother and all his personal assetts, along with the house I paid on for 13 years.

I need a good, hard hitting attorney to make this right and have a good ending. One who cares about elder abuse and disabled people. Since mom didn’t know what she was signing and dad didn’t realize he was giving power to a man who would abuse the power given.

My goals:

Remove Mike Bunker from power of attorney
Assign someone to manage my mother’s funds and medical other than me. I need to take care of myself and that is all.
I already made enough sacrifices in my life

Get a house or apartment on some kind of subsidized housing plan in a safe area, since I do not drive.

Sue Mike Bunker for harrassment, stress and going to the hospital numerous times with breakthrough seizures.

I would be seizure free with a place I can call HOME again.
With all the money I saved the state for the 13 years I helped pay my parent’s mortgage, made meals for them etc I feel the state of CA owes me! Especially since I had 0 income during the time I was wrongly turned down for medical and social security after my divorce in 2001.

photos will be added later today when I go to a place with wifi. My Verizon Jetpack is maxed out of time so I am writing this via my Android MyTouch phone.

2:02 p.m.
December 16th, 2013

I want to air this on a major news station or in The Orange County Register. Good things will happen as a result of it. I know it.

Creating Balance in Your Life- Expanded and Translated to Italian Version

Creating Balance In Your Life

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko, Copyright Jan 2013 Expanded and Translated December 2013

Originally printed on Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate

Italian Version

After having two cooking sites and being part Italian and translating many of the recipes of my friend Teresa Reale La Pasticciona so my American friends could make them-I saw that my readers were predominantly from America, Singapore, England, Italy, The Phillipines, China, Japan, and others. Typically during a 30 day period between 20 to the highest 73 countries read Totally Inspired Mind and I created it only a year ago! There are 520 followers of the blog that is a podium for my books when they are finished and represents a variety of topics that I feel are noteworthy that all people would benefit from and also articles/posts that represent my philosophy on living and life, my attitude, and wisdom that I have gleaned through my now 52 years young.

I was just guessed at 30-something again today, which made me feel really good. But then again, I have never drank alcohol, don’t smoke, no weird body or mind altering substances and only associate with good and kind people and leave the abusive ones out. When you only associate with people who are intelligent and have morals and scruples as my mom Ramona would say-you don’t have to worry about talking bad behind anyone’s back and being a hypocrite!

Most people take care of their cars better than their bodies and manage their lives.

When I do something good for myself-which we all much, I compare it to filling my “gas tank” up. I had to keep that in mind when I was taking care of my mom who had Alzhiemer’s disease in the later years because I knew I would need the strength to draw on to cope with the many problems I had to deal with at the time.

 I told a lady who was a mother and was over taxed obviously one day when I was on the bus. She smiled and told me she never thought about it quite that way before and said she would be sure to start doing that for her and her kids.

I hope these words make you think about “filling your gas tank” this week and also realizing that we as human beings have many parts of our life to keep healthy. Not only do our bodies need maintenance with exercise and making sure our diets are healthy, but our minds need meditation and our souls need prayer or some kind of belief system. When we ignore any one of these elements that compose who the world sees as US- OUR EXTERIOR BODY- we end up suffering and not operating on our best.

May you have peace of mind, body and spirit and make the most of every attribute you were given by The Great Spirit-if you of an American Indian philosophy, or God, if you were raised as a Christian as I was being a strict Catholic.



Troppo spesso passiamo attraverso la nostra giornata inciampare attraverso il caffè la mattina , non prendendo tempo per meditare , dire ciao a chi ci sta vicino o anche prendere tempo pensiamo che cosa sono le nostre priorità .

Ho sempre avuto una filosofia del “primo popolo e tutte le cose secondo” e cerco di applicare tutta la mia giornata in ogni situazione . Per esempio, io sono uno scrittore e posso lavorare ovunque prendo il mio portatile e Jetpack che mi si connette a Internet . Ho posti dove ho frequento dove so che molte delle persone lì ed è come un “club” . Quello che la gente non so mi sembra di incontrare e poi le cose fantastiche accadere .

Non sono mai troppo occupato , anche con gli auricolari ascoltando una canzone su su una delle tante stazioni che ho creato lì , o l’ascolto di un brano strumentale tramite il mio IPOD , a guardare intorno a me e di essere consapevole del mio ambiente . Non potrò mai più indossare un auricolare per qualsiasi motivo , e credo che molte persone hanno suddivisa in zone fuori della loro vita al mondo e le persone intorno a loro che li utilizzano . Mi rendo conto che molti posti di lavoro che richiedono la guida o altre cose , in cui è necessario essere ” mani libere ” loro potrebbe richiedere . Anche quelli , spesso non lo fanno. Ho visto persone alla guida (come mi sono seduto aspettando l’autobus ) , agitando le braccia parlare con una di quelle cose , mettere su mascara e in possesso di conversazioni con se stessi , guardando come sono pazzi . Non sarebbe meglio guidare semplicemente ? Avere tutta la propria attenzione sulla strada , hanno tutti i propri riflessi prestando attenzione alla donna o ragazzo di fronte a voi o dietro di voi ? Non sarebbe aumentare la durata della vita , aumentando le probabilità non sarà possibile ottenere in un incidente ? Ecco come penso comunque. E ‘logico , e mi era sposata con un vero e proprio scienziato missilistico per quasi 15 anni, quindi una parte di me pensa in quel modo oggi , che non è affatto male .

Alcune cose devono essere SACRA e avete bisogno di capire cosa conta per voi in modo da poter preservare la vostra integrità e la vostra sanità mentale . Le persone fanno il tempo per cosa e chi conta per loro , e per fare questo , è possibile fare l’ elenco utilizzando carta e penna , o utilizzando il computer fidato e un programma di elaborazione testi .


Promo Ad Paulette Motzko created for her first blog “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!”

Definire le cose che ami fare e assicuratevi di prendere tempo per loro ogni giorno . Per cominciare , una mezz’ora potrebbe essere tutto ciò che può andare bene dentro poco a poco pianificare un’ora , e mi sarebbe di grande sostenere di più. Questo abbasserà la pressione sanguigna , prendere alcune rughe fuori la fronte e ti permettono di avere il tempo di respirare facile , che è necessario per tutti sul pianeta . Certo il lavoro è importante , ma se non stanno avendo alcun divertimento e non sono realmente ” vivi ” che cosa è tutto questo? Se tutti si sta facendo è lavorare per tenere il passo con la porta successiva ragazzo o superare l’altro signora che è la fashionista . Dopo tutto, chi stai cercando di impressionare ?

Io personalmente solo sono in competizione con me stesso e questo è tutto . Ho letto un sacco di libri e riviste e so che la parte superiore della catena alimentare è nel mio lavoro , e voglio loro e altri impressionare nel mondo giornalistico . Vorrei anche scrivere spera parole che aiutano altri o insegnare o ispirano.

Se lo faccio allora è stata una buona giornata .

Qualcosa ho capito solo ieri sera che ho bisogno di creare equilibrio ed armonia nella mia vita è quello di impostare un mandato di non più di sei ore al giorno per lavoro al computer . Inizierò temporizzazione e lavorare meglio e lavorare di meno . In questo modo si consente di liberare tempo per altre vie della mia vita che generano la vita e risate e di riposo e ringiovanimento , che è necessaria per la vita umana .

Per capire che cosa avete bisogno per rendere felici bisogna pensare a ciò che ti fa ” fiorire ” o come dicono alcuni , “ciò che mi fanno spuntare ” come un orologio . Io preferisco il concetto di un essere umano fiorente come un fiore che ha bisogno di acqua, suolo e fertilizzanti per crescere e fiorire . Proprio come quel fiore , abbiamo bisogno di lavorare, giocare, gli amici a fare le cose con e condividere le cose con , e l’esercizio fisico e la meditazione e la nostra vita spirituale.

Ho appena entrato 24 Hour Fitness e ho notato quanto meglio mi sentivo e pensavo e come il mio atteggiamento migliorato . Mi sentivo meno letargico e stavo complimenti più spesso da quando stavo andando . Le scarpe Adidas da tennis e leggings io che ho pensato che non ho guardato particolare nel grande era il vestito ho ottenuto il maggior numero di complimenti da ! Divertente come funziona , non lo è nella vita. Mi piace camminare in riva al mare o qualsiasi altra bella grande distesa aperta . Posso camminare per sempre il tempo che mi sto guardando qualcosa di straordinario . La combinazione di aria di mare , la gente, la grande distesa di blu tonifica il mio essere e la mia anima .


Cosa ti fa ” più vivi ” ?

Che tonifica la tua anima ?

Pensateci . Se non avete mai fatto , si tratta di un esercizio molto affascinante e meraviglioso.

Vi garantisco se investire il tempo in te si raccoglieranno i dividendi mille volte nella qualità della vostra vita .Image

Paulette Le Pore Motzko in my friend’s kitchen taken 2011


We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and bones. – Henry David Thoreau

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 6th, 2013
1:41 a.m.

I spotted this wonderful quote in my vocabulary builder daily word and had to open my WordPress app on my Android MyTouch Smart Phone and capture it.

Henry David Thoreau is one of my favorite authors and my love of his works began with Honors English class and my fantastic teacher Mrs. Covington telling me how he wrote the book “Waldon”. Thoreau wanted to go back to nature, and not use electricity, and refrained from progress. He wanted to get “back to nature” and lived in a cabin with only a kerosine lamp to light his way as he wrote what would be one of the great classic literary works of all time- Waldon.

If you weren’t lucky enough to have the great English teachers that opened my world to how they wrote and why and understanding what the great writer’s motivations were….helping to understand and appreciate the book or poem more fully…check it out from the library, or you might find it on GoogleBooks on the Google Play section. Many books in the public domain are available to read on your IPOD, IPAD or computer for free or for a few dollars..most under $5.

I often remember the words Mrs. Covington told me about writing and creating. She said these to me that I tell young adults writing term papers and especially people who hated English or writing or reading to inspire them.

“If you write in a journal each day you will become a better writer. When you read each day you will be exposed to new ideas, concepts and words building your broad view of the world and people in it. The better writer you are the better speaker you will be, getting better jobs and having more friends and a wider circle of people around you. It is all connected.”

Everybody hated the English classes and sat falling asleep in class or talking behind Mrs. Covington’s back but she was a friend of mine and her words were gold to me. I saw the merit and value in everything she told me…and she was right.

She have me a white Buxton jewelery box I for my graduation in my senior year I still have to this day and wish she could see what all those book reviews and grammar exercises bought me.

How Can You Add JOY To Other People’s Holiday & Your Holiday Season Too?


Image from on found on Pinterest

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright December 1st, 2013


As I was frantically working on adding content I wrote for a client on a web site I created (due to not having my computer all week, due to viruses detected on it that are now fixed along with Norton Antivirus and Carbonite)…I had my mind on work and meeting the day after tomorrow deadline.

Nick had been unpacking boxes of Christmas decorations all day adding Christmas Cheer all over the place. More joy than I have seen in one place in 15 years, since I was married and used to decorate.

I took a break from feeling like I was working like a nervous wreck all week, but pleased with the work I did…and just
STOPPED WHAT I WAS DOING and admired the sweetness and thought that Nick put in to the place….


Just one of the many cute figurines Nick has smiling back at me cheering me up spreading joy.


This little guy was smiling back at me seeming to say “don’t spazz out, you will get everything done..just relax and be mellow and it will be on the site by tomorrow afternoon!”
Something like that anyway!

December 3rd I will have a break and feel much better and the 3 weeks of work, photo shoots and effort will be transformed into a Feature Story, 60 photos with my Nikon DSLR 24 MP on a CD FOR MY CLIENT, AND A Pictorial, which will be a 5 minute video using the photos I shot with text plates telling about Marri’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant in Anaheim. One of the oldest family owned Italian restaurants in Orange County…or I wouldn’t be writing about how extraordinary it is!
Aside from the 10 blogs I created is how I earn my money, and also in writing content for web sites, writing PowerPoint Presentations for people and companies, moderating Facebook & Twitter pages and editing book manuscripts. I also am a food photographer for restaurants to create menus, menu boards and other marketing materials like press releases.

Quite a difference from a master piano teacher?
Well when your life changes, you change with it.


How can you spread some joy?

Christmas Carols with friends?

Playing Christmas Carols at a senior home?

What are some of your ideas?

Paulette Motzko

December first, 2013

In The Cool of The Day by Brother Carl Frye

My friend Brother Carl Frye go all the way back to high school years. He writes some of the most poignant and inspiring things on Facebook that he knows I find and read and every once in awhile print on here. He gives me permission to do so because he feels he is blessed and his words help others. I know they do. Many times they help me think in higher planes and look at the good side when even I am tired from working too hard.

In The Cool of the Day by Carl Frye

Written via Facebook November 30th, 2013


In the cool of the day you may be on a long road walking alone thinking about your life, and your purpose in it. As you walk you see the birds flying through the sky, and all the animals of the forest stirring about, but yet you feel along, but you’re not. God took the first step with you you took your first step on life’s road, and he has been following you since then so there is no reason to feel lonely.

You’re never alone, no matter where you are, where you go and what you do in life. The road of life may seem lonely, but really it’s never too crowded. God is always there.


We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.- Albert Einstein

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.” –

Albert Einstein


Photo credit by Pinterest, Author Unknown

What are you enthusiastic about in life?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

October 27th, 2013

2:00 a.m.

CDT 2014 – Sara an Amazing, Courageous and Inspiring Young Lady!

The three photos after this story were Sara’s and I fell in love with the poignant quotes on the photos and the beautiful scenery in the photo. I had no idea that Sara was facing living with melanoma, and traumatic brain injury, but her words are filled with life and the living and of hope.

I couldn’t resist sharing her story with you.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Creator & Editor in Chief of Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate

Start Where You Are, Use What You Have, Do What You Can

#quotes –


So often in life we look for better times of when things won’t be as chaotic or whatever phrase we want to add.

Guess what?

There is no better time like now to do what you desire, even in spite of a living situation that may not be the best, or a job that isn’t paying what you would like or whatever.

It is in the NOW that you will create your best work. Oftentimes song writers, poets and authors do their best work when they were at their lowest or going through struggles.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Metamorphoses by Paulette Le Pore Motzko



I am like a caterpiller that is crawling slowly on a green leaf
Everything appears so huge and daunting

Though I have made such a long journey to where I am now
It is nothing compared to where I am going

Once the life of a caterpiller is over the transformation begins to become a colorful, beautiful butterfly with wings to fly.  One crawls so close to the ground and moves so slowly and the other is light as air and flits faster than the eye can see.


I know I am going through a metamorphosus, in my own cocoon of sorts, and will emerge more happy, light hearted and more in harmony and at peace very soon. I do things every day to stress the positive elements in my life to make this happen.

Just as in this proverb which inspired this piece:

“Just when the caterpiller thought the world was over, it became a butterfly!”

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Images from Pinterest, Authors Unknown

October 11th, 2013
4:30 a.m.

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry…

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” – Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde’s words made me think here and then re-think what exactly he meant.

In my opinion what he is saying is:

We imitate way too often in life. From the thoughts we think to the opinions we claim are our own. Many are afraid to say anything out of the ordinary, even if they might be totally right and have valid points to make.

I think the most boring people around and also the most annoying are those who won’t state their opinion about anything. They fear someone will disagree with them so they say nothing at all.

Even worse is the person who could have turned in the cell phone they found in a bathroom stall so the rightful owner could have a chance at cleaiming their world and contacts and information contained therin. (I mention that specific example because I turned one in last night when I found in sitting in the bathroom.) The opportunities are all over though to make that difference, if you only feel like it.

When was the last time you stood up for a cause you felt strongly about?

Sign a petition on and become involved with making a difference in the world, one signature at a time.

I know everybody speaks of how many followers one has on Twitter or Face Book or other networking sites. When was the last time you thought of “where you are leading people to”?


Image from Pinterest
Author Unknown

When Oscar Wilde said their lives are a mimicry, it is because few set the pace for others or are TREND SETTERS….showing the way to better or newer ways of doing things or thinking.

By saying “their passions are a quotation” I think Oscar Wilde meant instead of us making the most out of what are strenths and passions are enabling us to be quoted one day, we “retweet” other’s words instead of writing or creating something with the intent for it to have lasting longevity.

I hope this made you think in new and enlightening ways.

If it did, I did my job as a writer.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright October 2, 2013

3:51 a.m.

October 2, 2013

All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower…..

“All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind.” –

Abraham Lincoln

Inspiring someone is the most rewarding thing one is capable of doing. To show someone their hidden potential is like planting a daffodil in fall to have it bloom in the spring.
– Paulette Motzko


Photos taken in Oceanside, CA by Paulette Motzko


The majority of people permit relatives, friends, and the public at large to so influence them…

“The majority of people permit relatives, friends, and the public at large to so influence them that they cannot live their own lives, because they fear criticism.” – Napoleon Hill


What would you do if you didn’t worry about who would criticize you for doing it?

Would it make you happy?

Would you be good at it?

Paulette Motzko

September 27, 2013
225 p.m.

Women Who Thrive

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The more I learn how to use this Word Press application on my Android MyTouch, the more you will see.


Paulette Le Pore Motzko
July 22, 2013

12:51 a.m.

God Will Refine Your Body, Mind & Spirit by Brother Carl Frye


God Will Refine Your Body, Mind & Spirit
Written by Carl Frye
Copyright July 2013 Carl Frye

Image taken by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Hot off the press from my dear high school buddy Brother Carl Frye. He speaks words of wisdom each day on his Facebook page. This one he wrote only
Do circumstances change if you ask God to change them?
Do the consequences of our past sins wash away when we are saved and filled with the holy spirit?
Our circumstances can change when we make Jesus Christ the Lord of our life, but God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Our consequences of our past sins we must deal with.
We must accept them and not try to change them.
We learn from our mistakes, and our consequences remind us what we done in the past, and prevents us from making the same mistake again.
God forgives and forgets our sins. He wipes them away. He remembers and know more but the consequences have to be dealt with. Some people live with them, and some people don’t.
I don’t let my past interfere with my future, nor do I let people in my past that have done me wrong in my life.
Bad company corrupts good character.
I forgive, forget, and move on. I have a purpose in life and that is to distribute my tracts, and bibles to people that ask for them. Lord, may we all accept the things we can not change. the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
God changed me,
Refined me like gold,
And restored me to be what he wanted me to be, and if he can take a man like me, and restore me he can restore you! Reach out to God,and ask him to restore your body, mind, and spirit!

Some Days You Just Have to Create Your Own Sunshine!!

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine this beautiful photo says I found on Facebook. I don’t know who created it to give the credit to, but I loved the very simple way it got across that we are in control of our destiny to a large part.

Even when bad things happen to us, it is up to us to “steer the wheel in a new, better direction.”

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
July 21st, 2013

The Ring Always BELIEVES THE FINGER LIVES FOR IT. Malcolm Chazal

“The ring always believes that the finger lives for it.”
I didn’t write this quote but the way it was written spawned a series of new quotes and I am sure you my readers can think of a few more.


This quote made me think about the purpose different inanimate objects have for one another, as if you personified them.

You could take this and instead hypothesize saying then the rose lives to be adored and loved by a woman.

The child lives to be nurtured and loved by their mother and father.

And finally…

Paper lives for the pen that will write on it and the pen lives for genius whose incredible ideas are written & lead way to inventions and future books that utilize them all!



A teapot lives for the tea that is poured into it.

What relationship can you think of?

Share your keen observations on this.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

July 7th, 2013

130 p.m.

Who is Part of Your Garden of Friends and Why?

I have many friends that I genuinely care about on Facebook and do not simply “collect friends” like a collection of bangle bracelets on my arm!

One of my dearest friends Raj Naheem wrote recently that “I was part of his garden of friends growing like a rose”, or something to that effect. I will say, thank you Raj for being there for me in good times and bad and bringing out the best of who I am and being able to see it always shining through.


Friends are like these tuberoses growing and the best of friends grow side by side with you like these do here, even though maybe you live 100’s of miles apart, you are joined in the thoughts and beliefs you both share, your definition of good and bad, and the passions, talents and abilities you both share.

Much like the stem, leaves and the flower itself are one unified whole, I go through life knowing that my values, integrity, goodness and compassion I show outwardly are all interconnected to eachother. People notice the flowers in a garden first but it couldn’t support itself if it didn’t have the stem rooted in the ground deriving nutrients from the soil.
I think of my soul as what the soil is to the flower, giving it balance, making it stronger, being almost as essential as the water and the sun.


The world sees our faces but deep within shines outwardly our soul, the DNA of who we are and what we value. There is nothing more important in what we possess in life.

This is why we can see a woman who for all good purposes is beautiful to the eye…a deception, but when she opens her mouth, if profanity, disgust and hate shine through, she is not truly beautiful but an illusion.

Our faces are like the blooms in a flower but who we are, what we value, and our attitude towards other people and humanity color us beautiful or ugly.

Choose your friends and family members carefully.

After the age of 20 or 30 years old, who is in our lives is a choice. We hold the control buttons.

Unknowingly, you will pick up attributes and qualities from them. You could go from being a splendid red rose to be shown off in a vase only to become a dandelion weed to be picked and thrown away with the trash!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko