An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. – Benjamin Franklin

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin


The more knowledge you have the better the job you will be able to get. The better the job, the more money you will make. The more money you make the less stress you will have. The less stress you have the better you will feel and healthier in mind, body and soul. – Paulette Le Pore Motzko

We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and bones. – Henry David Thoreau

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 6th, 2013
1:41 a.m.

I spotted this wonderful quote in my vocabulary builder daily word and had to open my WordPress app on my Android MyTouch Smart Phone and capture it.

Henry David Thoreau is one of my favorite authors and my love of his works began with Honors English class and my fantastic teacher Mrs. Covington telling me how he wrote the book “Waldon”. Thoreau wanted to go back to nature, and not use electricity, and refrained from progress. He wanted to get “back to nature” and lived in a cabin with only a kerosine lamp to light his way as he wrote what would be one of the great classic literary works of all time- Waldon.

If you weren’t lucky enough to have the great English teachers that opened my world to how they wrote and why and understanding what the great writer’s motivations were….helping to understand and appreciate the book or poem more fully…check it out from the library, or you might find it on GoogleBooks on the Google Play section. Many books in the public domain are available to read on your IPOD, IPAD or computer for free or for a few dollars..most under $5.

I often remember the words Mrs. Covington told me about writing and creating. She said these to me that I tell young adults writing term papers and especially people who hated English or writing or reading to inspire them.

“If you write in a journal each day you will become a better writer. When you read each day you will be exposed to new ideas, concepts and words building your broad view of the world and people in it. The better writer you are the better speaker you will be, getting better jobs and having more friends and a wider circle of people around you. It is all connected.”

Everybody hated the English classes and sat falling asleep in class or talking behind Mrs. Covington’s back but she was a friend of mine and her words were gold to me. I saw the merit and value in everything she told me…and she was right.

She have me a white Buxton jewelery box I for my graduation in my senior year I still have to this day and wish she could see what all those book reviews and grammar exercises bought me.

I am thankful to all those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I did it myself. – Albert Einstein

“I am thankful to all those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I did it myself.” – Albert Einstein

Just remember this when you come in contact with an obstacle. It gives you the chance to learn to do it yourself.
I began creating my own web sites years ago, because I couldn’t afford to pay a web designer to create a site for my company.

Just remember Albert Einstein and pick up a book, magazine or take a class and go beyond what you are.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright October 2013



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Friday, October 25th, 2013

9:15 p.m.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”-Ernest Hemingway

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” – Ernest Hemingway

I must agree with Mr Hemingway. From the book drives in elementary school to the first cook book given to me by my cousin Patricia as a kid, that lead to hundreds more through my life; books need to electricity and can be carried any where. Some antique books are like good friends of mine that I turn to over and again.


Paulette Le Pore age nine playing Nanny’s Henry F. Miller piano

I ended up going to college to learn how to teach piano and taught ages 6 to 86 for 20 years and showed kids and adults how to play, learn chord charts, and even taught two children who wore hearing aids using sign language! Nanny gave me her piano many years later and I gave it to my neice Jennifer when my now ex husband gave me the rosewood upright grand I now have as a graduation present from college.


I have about 1000 in my personal library. My mom read to me all the time when I was a small child. I remember her teaching me how to sound out words and my parents always took time out to answer how to sound out a word and congratulated me when I did it right.

The gift of learning, exploration, reading and creativity were awarded in the Le Pore House. We had a Music Room and aside from the music played in there by me on my organ my dad bought me one Christmas, a Rickenbacker guitar for my brother Mike, drums for Bob, an art set for Brenda and an art set for Mom. Mom was the matriarch of the family, the stronghold and who always created peace no matter what was going on. Mom could paint beautiful landscape pictures and figure out how to sew anything she looked at or make anything from a satin rose to a doll dress to go on an antique doll. What she didn’t know how to do, she read how to do it.

She taught me, along with my Nanny- (dad’s mother), how to play piano. When she walked into my world at age nine and came to live with us, I had no idea how she sould change my life and make an impression. Her birthday would have been today, come to think of it.

Mom taught me how to play guitar and sing at nine years old, and cook in the kitchen. The first cook book I got from the book drive at school had me baking a Giant Gingerbread Man. There I was with my book open wide, mom by my side, apron tied in a ribbon “just so” as Mom would say…whipping up my first baked thing. Books fuel ideas and they will never go out of style as some say who hold their IPODS and Kindles and Nooks. I have an IPOD and have many trade books that are handy to carry with me as reference writing & photography books on there. Many books are cheaper via IPOD. But, when I am in my sleepers, laying in bed, if I am not adding new content to one of my web sites, I love picking up a book with a cover and pages. Books are handy for down time, waiting for a bus or whatever. You can pick em’ up and put them away in a second.

When my mom Ramona Lea’s mother Ruby Hart was older I used to buy her the enlarged print Reader’s Digest and she would read every one I would buy in a day or two. God bless her. I wanted to keep her mind active, doing, becoming and enjoying stories instead of just sitting around.

TV is a more passive past time for seniors because they just “sit there”. If you have any family or friends with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, put a book in their hands about something they love- (provided they are able to still read) and let them enjoy. Also, I used to read to my mother when I lived next to her in the large duplex that was sold recently.

Have your loved one read a paragraph and then you, then you accelerate reading from a solitary activity into a family activity.


Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright October 2, 2013

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Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself….

“Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent, but must develop it.” – Pope John Paul II



What are your talents that you want to make the most of?

What talents and gifts have you been given that you would like to expand and learn more about so you can be better at them?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Totally Inspired Mind


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If You Can’t Explain It Simply Enough, You Don’t Understand It Well Enough

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

Albert was right when he made this astute remark. I remember when I was in Logic class in college years ago and I was trying to absorb the material in the brown hard back book Mr. Wolf had us study from.

I always wrote my notes out and then paraphrased them in the simplest, to-the-point way. That way, if I could explain the key points covered in each chapter to a child, I knew I understood it all & grasped the concepts.

Was there a class you were in that you found a special way to understand and/or memorize the material so you could teach it to someone else?

Share how you did it.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

“Do What Works …

Humpback Whale Fin Waving



“Do What Works and Avoid What Doesn’t-The Best Motto to Remember in Life.”-

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

If you pay attention to the things you have done in life that has produced a positive outcome and then continue doing it and avoid making the same mistake again, you can adjust what you do like a sailor on the sea adjusts the sails or the rudder. In life, you seldom know what will be thrown at you, as in my life at this time. The successful person adapts and adjusts as the circumstances around them change.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

March 3rd, 2013

Great Read: 30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans

Great Read: 30 Lessons for Living: Tried and True Advice from the Wisest Americans

A picture I took of the book with my Android 4G MyTouch phone…it is a great book and I am still reading it.

Dr. Karl Pellemer, Ph.D interviews senior citizens from all walks of life with a variety of backgrounds and asks them questions about what they valued, how they described success, topics like marriage, children, money and other interesting things.

He terms older Americans as “Experts on Living”, which I really love. It is a new way of thinking about the people who have endured, did without, and lived in a time when cell phones hadn’t been invented yet or “asking google” etc.

I have loved every page and feel touched,  looking at my world through new eyes.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

January 22, 2013

Be Strong and Don’t Give Up

Remember… there is a deeper strength

and an amazing abundance of peace

available to you.

Draw from this well,

call on your faith to uphold you.

Life continues around us,

even when our troubles seem to stop time.

There is always good in life.

Take a few minutes to distract yourself

from your concerns-

long enough to draw strength from a tree

or to find pleasure in a bird’s song.

Return a smile,

realize  that life is a series of levels,

cycles of ups and downs-

some easy, some challenging…

Through it all, we learn;

we grow strong in faith;

we mature in understanding.

The difficult times are often the best teachers,

and there is a good to be found in all situations.

Reach for the good.

Be strong, and don’t give up.

Pamela Owens Renfro


Another Year Another Chance to Reach Your Goals and Realize Your Dreams

There are so many reasons to look back at 2012 and be thankful for what I have in spite of losing my father, who battled with congestive heart failure for many years and ended up a totally disable man. I know his prayers of “not being in misery any more” when he passed away in September 2012.


I still have my dear mother Ramona who encouraged me to follow my dreams, read to me when I was 4 years old, taught me phonetics and how to read any book and sound out the words, not needing kindergarten being totally ready for second grade.

Creativity was encouraged in my household when I was a kid and I think above all things they gave me the ability to think creatively and do what had never been done. Every night at the dinner table dad would ask every body, “What did you learn today”, and we would go around the dinner table, which was a painted picnic table.

Everybody would answer and we always would feel better, learn something and realize what the meaning of “family” was all about. My Nanny, my dad’s mother, was of course alive then too, and resounded honesty, integrity even more than my parents almost did and her very blunt way, is what I grew up with and what people respect most about me now.


What are your goals for this year?

What steps can you do every day to see you achieve them?

I wish my family would read what I write because they would change their selfish attitudes about life and living and if only one of them would operate their life on a Triple Win mentality, meaning thinking about what would be good for all rather than the one-things would change radically for the better.

I can always hope they will. I have been actually communicating in a positive way with my brother in law who is power of attorney on my mother’s affairs. If he would give me an additional two months to live where I am living, in a house my mother is the sole owner on, I could get into a place that would be better for me. It would take until March 2013 to get the place I want. I am simple going to write him and explain why I need it and hopefully he and my sister will find a way to take care of mom until I am situated and get a place with the state funded disabled housing program I have been working within the confines in for the last year.

I am hoping that God looks kindly on me and for all the meals and good things I did for mom and dad while they were alive and living next to me, I am able to now live a life with dignity and integrity on my own.

IT is amazing how much more you can get with kindness, as my mother used to say.

I know there are simply two ways you can take to life. You can be good to others and treat them as you would want to be treated or you can not. I would rather do the “spread good around” philosophy than the other.

I do know we need more Disability Advocates because as it seems I am the only one I know of when I did that as the CEO Founder of The Epilepsy Connection helping people all over the world who had the invisible disorder for 6 years. I didn’t get paid a cent but was working on getting a501c3 tax status in 1997, and then my ex husband developed a temper that no kitchen remodel was going to get me to stay around for.

I hope all who read this take time to write something positive and let me know what you feel about the things I write.

God bless and I hope God will create some miracles in my life very soon in regards to my housing situation because I need them.

January 4th, 2013

The Sun Saying Goodbye to the Day as I am Saying Goodbye Our House

Beautiful October Sunset-The Sun Saying Goodbye to the Day

I have always been open to positive change. When I got married in 1986 after I graduated college with my Associate Arts in Piano Pedagogy, my now-ex husband Mark was transferred with a raise and promotion to be the Chief Delta Representative for Boeing in Salt Lake City, UT.
I remember everyone being so sad but I saw it as a journey. Everyone made comments about being Mormon, but I knew nothing about the Mormons at that time. My ex and I learned about the Mormon church and what they had gone through to find peace. We wanted to know because there were more of them than use, and understanding paves the way to finding a common ground.
They appreciated our open-mindedness and welcomed us with open arms. I will never forget how young the people were who owned massive homes there. I told the relocation specialist “Why are you taking us down this street? We can’t afford any of these places?” He replied, “Yes you can!” It was as beautiful as I had ever seen a neighborhood and the Wasatch mountains were huge and the sky was clear and the very atmosphere inspired me to write long letters to my family and friends.
To think we could have got a 6 bedroom, 3 bath house with 3 levels and a huge back yard for $82,000 was beyond me. I loved how kind the neighbors were and how they were so willing to help us. (That was something I never saw in the busy southern CA I grew up in.)

I remember when I was sick with a cold once. All the neighbors rounded up a wagon and came to my door!
I am heart-warmed to this day thinking of it! Each neighbor had made something different and prepared it then lovingly put in the little red wagon! All the women in the Deseret Industries were like sisters and did things together, and I never ran into anybody who had more than one wife in all the many houses I went to for Progressive Dinners and other events. I just found that they invested a lot in their children and I taught about every kid on the block piano, and I loved it all.

Here in Garden Grove, CA in a strange city now called “Little Saigon” my neighborhood is a mish mash of Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean and a few Latinos and White people-Snow White in my case! I laugh and say I am like “Snow White in Vietnam” because I have been saying hello to the same neighbors who still know no English! Why is that? Why don’t they take the same mind-set my ex and I did in going to “Mormon Land”? It is called consideration for others and when you have that it paves the way to understanding.
I think that people who come to this country should learn about American Culture and Customs so they can at least know simple phrases like: “hello”, “thank you”, and “excuse me.” Imagine how much better we would get along if that were put into place?

Looks like my neighborhood which mostly consists of large mansions owned by Vietnamese who have constructed larger places to outdo the other neighbor, ever striving to reach the Face of God one day.
I don’t think they will ever reach the summit.
My neighbor used to have a ranch style house and was very down to earth and friendly. I found that the larger the house grew the less they knew how to be people any more. Why is that? Is that a lesson we learn in life that the more materialistic we become the less grounded we are and appreciative of simple things. That is where I derive my greatest joys, are in the simple and yet fantastic small but great things in life. These are not bought out of a store and not contrived or seen in a popular magazine, but in nature and in people I come in contact with who are extraordinary and I learn from.

I am staying in nice hotel in Huntington Beach for a few days to get what I call “TLC Time” or Tender Loving Care Time, where I can write, think and plan what is going to happen in my not-too-far off future.

I am hoping to assume someone’s house payment in Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley or some where equally as nice, with minimal down payment. I lived next to my mother Ramona, who now has advanced Alzheimer’s Disease and to cover the cost of her care we think will have to liquidate the property my dad-now in heaven-and mom got when I was 24 years old. It was supposed to be there for mom and dad and me, since I lived there for 12 years. If you are reading this and your are a private foundation or other entity our family hasn’t heard of, please step up to the plate and contact me.

People read what I write and I know words can change the outcome of time, so I am going to try here.
Interesting how Ave Maria is playing on on digital radio? Is that a sign that miracles are going to happen and we are going to find a great place where mom will have new friends and be happy? I surely hope and pray so, because she has become increasingly more needing since dad’s death a few months ago.
I am a very able minded disabled lady who doesn’t want sympathy but wants to be remembers for the gifts, talents and abilities I was blessed with. I am not one to look at closed doors but to look onward and upward much like my heroine Helen Keller did. It would be wonderful if we didn’t have to sell the house and if in one month a private foundation, housing program for disabled or we would find another way to pay for mom’s care in a senior home, which is expensive for dementia and Alzheimer’s care.
I am looking forward to my new neighborhood and I am not going to “assume I can’t afford what I want”, but as I usually do, I am going for what I know would make me happy.
I have even thought of being someone’s personal chef. My grandfather was a chef, my Nanny was a personal chef and had a guest house and loved it. If I cannot have Mr. Right yet, I can surely cook for a family, then I can entertain and play piano for them after the dinner is cooked!
I can dream, can’t I?
But then again the best things I have created in my life time all began with a dream or a vision, then they became a song, poem or a written work or a new dish or recipe.

Thank you Lord for this day of Inspired Words.

“In silence you can hear your spirit sing.”

You can quote me on that one.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

November 27th, 2012
1:46 a.m.