Encourage Originality and Uniqueness Teach Leadership Skills at an Early Age by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

It isn’t the smartest person that succeeds or the strongest or the most popular or the one with the most money, but the one who adapts to life’s events the best. Change is what is known in life, and all is absolute.


Everyone has something wrong with them they aren’t sharing.

There is always something every human doesn’t reveal to the world that they hide, but everyone has flaws or some kind of “disability”.

Maybe that disability isn’t a physical one, but a mental one, or an addiction or some dark secret they won’t tell.

Those who shine and sparkle keep working diligently with the tools they possess and keep working for bigger and better tools of their trade and then they use those when they can afford them. Those invincible, courageous people don’t follow the norm. They branch out and do something they know is incredible by studying what people in their field are doing.

I always laugh at the people who “follow” everybody else. What is it you want to do and you were meant to do? After all, if everybody were jumping off a bridge would you jump too? Hopefully not.

Originality is precious.


Those courageous souls who break the norm and aren’t afraid to try something new and stand out in the crowd.


Uniqueness shines like a brilliant star in the vast sapphire blue universe.

Teach your kids to walk tall and hold their heads up and walk away from the idiocy of school pressures. Let the other kids do stupid things to themselves, let them drink til their dizzy and their brains are numb. Let them do drugs, but you don’t have to do it too or hang with them! Let them use filthy words, but you can show you possess intelligence and not use them too.

Report bullies when you see them and stop it from going on; to watch or know about it is to be as guilty as the rest by not doing something about it!

Tell your kids to choose your friends and associates wisely because they could end up just like them. My mom, God bless her, taught me morals, values, and she did a great job of instilling this simple truth in my mind, and it is so clear cut with me. It can be with you too. It is all in how you look at it. and Attitude is the key most important thing you will every possess in your life.

Give your kids the gifts of self-respect, dignity, and integrity and what you put it in you will get back out in dividends.

What you tell your yourself and your children so they will be. If you tell your self and your children they are failures they will live up to your lousy unfair expectations of them. However if you can see the hidden gleaming potential lying dormant inside their being, waiting to bloom like a tulip bulb planted deep in the winter’s soil, only to come out and bloom come spring.

Allow yourself to bloom by watering gently with positive self talk and caring with love. Build up your children and the people you come in contact with through the course of a day with simple words that are life-changing.

You would never believe how simple some of those words are.

For instance, ask those you meet not only how they are, but also make it a point to remember names everywhere, because it shows they matter, and you will matter too.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
All images created by Paulette L Motzko
Copyright June 2015

Little girl throws first pitch with UNLV engineered robotic hand – www.ktnv.com


This story made my day. I want to go to UNLV and meet the extraordinary, triple win thinking, engineering students who created this sweet little girl’s new hand.
More people in the world should act when they know they can make a difference in someone’s life. These engineering students did!

Way to go UNLV.

I used to live in Winchester walking distance from UNLV, now I have my own place by CSN.

This is awesome.

We need more people who “come up to the plate” and change things just because they’re able to.


Image by and Written by Paulette L Motzko

March 23rd,  2015
3:57 p.m.