Maximizing Social Responsibilty in America & The Realization How All Life Is Connected

Written originally three years ago today by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright October 27th, 2013

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Minimizing Apathy and Maximizing Social Responsibility in America

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright October 2016

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I was trying to put into words the term for when you do something just because it is right but not because it EASY or THE STATUS QUO.  A fellow writer and blogger friend of mine called it “moral courage” the other day.

We are all connected on this big, water covered planet we call earth. There is only one of them, so if we mess it up or the people who inhabit it, we never have a chance to go back and fix it. Life on earth as we know it is a “one shot deal” so we better get it right the first time and quit living as though everything is expendable.


We have a throwaway society anymore and people and the apathy towards people in general has gone along with the trash we throw away. It shouldn’t be and I am not saying that all people are apathetic, because of course they are not. There are just many who could do far more than they do for others they meet in everyday life.

Once the water systems are polluted, what do we do?


Just these thoughts are good ones to ponder in terms of how we should be making sure there are no oil spills killing our fish and wildlife and ruining the water.


Human beings have a lot in common with the earth in that they are both mostly composed of water. Without it, all life ceases to be.

What about bombs and the warfare, chemical or otherwise? Since I was married to a rocket scientist and he was the master of logic and science; since we were married for fifteen years, I chose to take with me the best of what I learned and the best of our memories together. Why throw a bomb that will kill thousands of innocent women, children, and ruin the land around it, making it impossible to plant anything-just to wipe out that one “target”? It isn’t logical to me.





Why not find and train more people who speak the languages of the countries we are fighting right now, or at least have our military people in like Afghanistan and Syria?

Try something you haven’t tried before.

Success models are made up of prototypes that worked. Once you know the model, you can strive to create one that works as well or supersedes it.

How about our budget that the so-called great leaders in the United States of America have concocted?

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There has not been any trace of anyone from the two Bush’s to Reagan who has ever tried to come up with a budget that would start paying off the debt already incurred. Obama keeps spending and China owns more of America. It’s like a dirty American secret that nobody wants to take accountability for. 

Will our next president of the United States make sure the priorities are in the right places? I certainly hope so, but rather than seeing human beings who invented great leadership skills, I see Trump as an overgrown brat who tragically never grew up. I see Clinton with major trust issues going in the office, after breaching national securiy. Wish you did with a lot more than just sharing emails! People lost lives because of those emails and that cannot be overstated.

 I haven’t sat through one debate becauase it is not one by true definition.  A debate is where people are asked intelligent, hard-hitting questions and they answer them , and an intelligent  fashion .  Trump  and Clinton are good at insulting each other and name calling and badgering. I had little tolerance for badgering in elementary school and I have absolutely zero tolerance for that kind of behavior now.

Is there some kind of moral conduct and we can demand that of our presidential candidates?
It’s almost as though you need a referee make in a boxing match.


‘ve never seen a time in our political history where we’ve needed in an actual referee like it’s a boxing match verses to great minds talking about what they would each do. We never had that in the election from the get-go

I am not sure what kind of actual good they can accomplish, since they are not showing the best of who they are when that is exactly what they should be doing!

This is idiocy and being that I was born and raised in The United States and never want to see the day when China owns America.

What is going on is a vicious cycle of stupidity, borrowing on China’s credit and we are looking the fool in the eyes of other countries.

Before I get on a this one topic alone, that infuriates me at the stupidity and complete lack of responsibility on the parts of all who work for the government for not prioritizing paying the debt of the USA.

I hope I see the day when a budget is created and adhered to. I hope I see the day when we have a new president who has one known social security number, and stands for things that benefit Americans instead of big businesses.

I hope I see the day when you can get a job in America without having to know Vietnamese or Spanish, when it is America you are trying to get the job and not Vietnam or Mexico.


I hope I see the day when people try to be more kind and tolerant of each other’s differences.
Movie makers, producers and directors put positive and empowering messages out there instead coming up with a crime show give goofballs and psychos ideas to blow things up and kill people in movie theaters. Values can and could dictate our society, if we all wanted that badly enough.

I hope I see the day when our president realizes that every action has a chain reaction be it a bomb, something that is not needed that tax payer’s end up paying for. China is buying more of America up every day as the imaginary credit card is used.

They print up so much “play money” that I don’t think they understand in the real world, for you and I and everyone else, we all have to pay our debts. Why isn’t the White House and those who write the checks accountable as we are?

Breaking laws to fit personal agendas doesn’t make me proud of the current leadership. Can’t we as Americans demand to see how the money is spent? They are working for the American people and are supposed to be our ambassadors.


What are your major concerns for our country? What would you like to see happen in the next year in America?

Please Mr. President Obama, well you’re still president- open your eyes, wake up and be accountable for what you spend regarding our country.

Students arming Syrian terrorist and creating Isis why don’t you look at all the veterans who have no homes?

What did you think of raising the cost of living index for all people who are disabled on SSI and SSDI?

Why don’t you see that every American in every state can live in dignity and peace and have all their Corporal needs met before you think of taking money we don’t have and giving it to other countries?
NOW is a good time to create and adhere to a workable budget, not just hype.

Start caring and acting responsibly and care about America being owned my Americans and how we take care of it now is the gift we will hand down to our children.




Starbucks is Getting into More Than Making Coffee-Sign The Come Together Petition to End The Government Shut Down & Create a Fiscal Budget


I added my digital signature in less than 2 minutes and so can you. I am so happy to see a company who is as American as apple pie get involved and take a stand.

They will take all the collected signatures to Washington, D.C. and I know with enough people revolting and coming together, we will impeach Obama, end the government shut down and strive to erase the trillion dollar debt so China won’t own America completely one day!

Grab a cup of joe and while you are at it take a minute and put your John Hancock on the petition. It sure cannot hurt and can do a heck of a lot of GOOD.


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Paulette Le Pore Motzko
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“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.”

“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” – Woody Allen


I was never a big Woody Allen fan but when I ran into this winner from him I totally agree. I have seen both sides of the fence, and I pick hands down the time when I was married and had no financial worries.

I am a happier, smartier more resilient person in so many ways, but anyone who thinks money is evil, doesn’t know what you can buy with it!

Money buys me no worries.

I am a disabled lady who doesn’t wear that fact on my back.
You can cure cancer with money by paying the best researchers in the world to look for the cure.

I am sure most people don’t think of it that way, but it is a fact.

I simplly want a place to live and my expensive medical care paid for. I don’t have that now.

After fighting the Mexicans and Vietnamese to get Medical Insurance for 7 years and winning because I nearly sued for FRAUD because I proved I was turned down because I didn’t have a kid? If you are white, kidless and American and you are applying for any kind of aid, watch it! You as good as nonexistent in the welfare system. After being tossed around in the welfare system after my divorce I speak truth here.
If you are applying for insurance, go to the director and you will have to hammer on them over and over.

Something is really wrong when a disabled American lady cannot get insurance, sits 7 hours and gets nothing. A Mexican indigent (I asked in my Muey Pochito Espanol Spanish), not an American citizen, and walked out with every benefit, including food stamps in 20 minutes!

We are giving money, benefits and more to migrant farm workers, refugees and we are turning away people like me who have lived in Orange County 40 years and in the USA 52.

How can we fix this mess?

Looking at Las Vegas, NV and Albuquerque, New Mexico..
I can something with no program there, just more affordable.

We treat the disabled like garbage in CA and veterans are right there with all the disabled living out of hotels and on the street. Take the bus like I do and you will see the real world legislators!

I am working with the social service depts of these states, trying to make it a clean move so none of my benefits end.

Yes, money provides and people who are disabled have astronomical medical bills just to get from one day to the next. My medicine that works the best of anything I have ever been costs thousands per year.

Money gives me peace of mind and allows me to live the kind of life I lived when I lived in Huntington Beach, Orange and Utah in my big houses in nice neighborhoods. A woman who doesn’t drive-like me- needs to be in a good area.

It makes no sense how Obama can tell the American people to do what is constitutional when he cannot even follow his own advice!

I am going to change subjects and talk about the Obama for a moment.
Money is something that I am seeing everybody I know lacking. All my friends, who are intelligent people have seen better times financially. The only people who are doing better since Obama. He signed off on cutting a billion dollars from the Food Stamp program, what a guy!

What an uncompassionate guy who doesn’t rely (like I do and many others I know do.)

I have never felt more like crazy people run the country than now. What kind of ethics and moral call did the government rationalize when they chose to ream the poor to give billions to the oil companies, Libya etc and then borrow from China to it all?

We must look like idiots to other countries.

If I was president, the budget would be balanced and I would start working on paying that God Forsaken Debt of ours that everybody wants to IGNORE.

People would be insured for health care and prescriptions just like MA did. I learned a lot from being married to a real Rocket Scientist for 15 years. It is working in MA and everybody has health insurance. They pay a little for it, but they are insured.

Obama’s brain dead is making cuts in medicare, insurance and food stamps. What good did it do?

Very simply, in life you do what works and keep doing it over again. Learn from your mistakes and don’t ever do it again!

I think Einstein said “to do over again what doesn’t work is insanity!”

That is exactly what Obama is doing and the government is his right hand man.

All the readers that read Totally Inspired Mind are bright, civic minded people who care about topics like the world, the environment and other morally conscious things.

What ideas do you have to see more employed so more can count more MONEY in their paychecks?

I am happy the minimum wage was increased to the highest it has ever been in history.

What ideas do you have for our country and what would you write president Obama if you could?

Guess what, you CAN!

You can even arrange a meeting with him, if you so desired.
There is a way to it and you can read more about it on The White House website.

In the order of importance health comes first, because without it, you have shit. (Sorry but I have been disabled since 4 and diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy January 1971….awhile.) Money comes number two. Money it is a tool to accomplish things, give things, live a good quality life.

Love comes down the list for me.

After choosing to pay the mortgage on my parent’s duplex, I was thrown like rubbish on the street of April of this year….
Mom who has Alzheimer’s disease was not reponsible for this. My demon like brother-in-law Mike Bunker did it with my sister smiling all the way. He wanted the money from my mom’s duplex and I was simply in the way.

My family consist of people who I know, friends who have become family and I can smile because I made meals for mom and dad even in the worst of their dementia. I didn’t steal things out of mom’s place and refused to buy cartons of cigarrettes for my mom.

In 2001 I was divorced and financially I could have bought a property in cash, but I chose to help my folks out. Was it a good thing in the end? No. I keep trying to find the good at all.
The good is: I am not them. I have integrity and values and am not a hypocrite I refuse to associate with anyone who is less of a human being and doesn’t share my values.

What is better than money?

Health and having what few things I value and cherish around me in my own place, with medical insurance to cover it and friends to enjoy meals I make (in my gourmet kitchen) and songs I play on my grand piano….that I miss in storage now. It is all being moved in a larger & cheaper storage vault. I wish I could just move period, but more moolah has to be saved to make it possible, unless I got a Federal Grant.

What is better than that, nothing really….having people all over the world read what I write and enjoy it like I do and making money doing what I love, which I hope will be happening soon.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko