Paulette L Motzko Favorite Prayers

My confirmation name that I never write, due to how long it would make my already long name is Therese.
I am named after the modern saint Therese of Lixeaux, France.
In the Catholic faith, she promises to Intercede two guys have powers by offering your prayers like a bouquet of roses to the throne of God. She lived only 24 years and died of tuberculosis and was extraordinarily bright and gifted. The story of a soul is her most famous autobiography that she wrote and was commissioned by the head nun in the convent she lived in.


image created by Paulette Motzko, PLM Studios, Copyright July 2015

This comes from the book called The Poetry of Saint Theresa of Lixeaux, translated by Donald Kinney OCD.


There are some souls on earth
Who search in vain for happiness.
Good for me, it’s just the opposite.
JOY is in my heart.
This joy is not ephemeral.
I possess it forever.
Like the springtime rose,
It smiles at me everyday.

Truly I’m so happy
I always have my way…
How can I not be joyful
I’m not sure my cheerfulness?
My joy is to love suffering
I smile while shedding tears
I accept with gratitude
The thorns mingled with the flowers.

When the blue sky becomes somber
And begins to abandon me,
My joy is to stay in the shadow
To hide and humble myself.
My joy is the Holy Will
Of Jesus, my only love,
So, I live without any fear.
I love the night as much as the day.

My choice to stay little,
So when I fall on the way,
I can get up very quickly,
And Jesus takes me by the hand.
Then I cover him with caresses
And tell him he’s everything for me,
And I’m twice as tender
When he slips away from my faith.

If sometimes I shed tears,
My joy is to hide them well.
Oh! How many terms there are 88xin suffering.
When one knows how to hide it with flowers!
I truly want to suffer without saying so
The Jesus may be consoled.
My joy is to see him smile.
When my heart is exiled…

My joy is to struggle unceasingly
To bring forth spiritual children.
It’s with a heart burning with tenderness
And I keep saving Jesus
Quote for you, My Divine Little brother,
I’m happy to suffer.
My only joy on earth.
Is to be able to please you.

Lord, I’m willing to live a long time more.
If that is your desire
I’d like to follow you to heaven
That would make you happy.
Love that fire from homeland.
Never ceases to consume me.
What to life and death matter to me?
Jesus, my joy, is to love you!

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