If You Could Give Someone Advice on How to Live Life More Fully, What Would You Tell Them?

This is where you can be the author and tell the world, what you think you have learned in the years you have lived on this earth, (our cumulative wisdom), about living life more fully.

I hope people not only see this but take the time to write something.

Each post and point that others contribute can create a kind of synergy that has life in it and the ability to turn another person’s life around in a positive direction

Written by and Photography by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright 2014

33 thoughts on “If You Could Give Someone Advice on How to Live Life More Fully, What Would You Tell Them?

  1. Seek magic and wonder, God and The Universe everywhere you go. Ask questions and wait for answers. Remind yourself that Heaven is right here, right now, even when it does not look like that is the case. And be open minded, because everything that is happening is happening to get us to realize the magic the beauty and our oneness.

  2. Thank You to the person who is reading this right now.

    An advice is a suggestion that you give to a person when he asked for one.

    Life is full of facts, surprises, adventures, troubles, mysteries and all those words that exists in a dictionary. Just try to see that you all of them at least for once.

    Thank You for your time.

    1. My name is Paulette L Motzko, creator of Totally Inspired Mind.
      You said “try to see that you -‘– all of them at least once.”

      I think you left a word out? What is your point Rabhi?
      Try to include all of what? Can you be more clear please.


      1. Ok, My mistake. I really missed the main word, LIVE. Thank you for notifying me.
        I am putting it again ,it may end long but this time, it would be clear. Let’s go together in this, both the writer and the reader.

        Today, people are so busy that they don’t have time for anything, not for themselves; ergo, not for living either.

        So, when “WE” the people saw that we are very busy and don’t have time to live properly, so we started creating an idea of all the words that holds importance in everyone’s life, for example: success, problems, ego, fear, failure, LIFE, I, me, past, future, dream, aim, desire and many more.

        But, the fact is, to live an idea is baseless, nothing but a blind shot. However, if once could have understood how a particular word influences one’s life, then the person would have been more satisfied and contented, rather than speaking with knowing it properly.

        Life is so much interesting and inspiring in every moment, it is complete in itself. We just have to live it honestly, by observing our actions, by understanding our actions.

        If we will question that is going on, then only we would get to know the reason of any action. Why to imitate and follow. We are the World and one is enough to live one’s life.

        A question is not responsible to give you the answer,
        a question is responsible to give you the understanding.

        Life is a prize, just make yourself deserving to live it. Because it is free, it doesn’t mean that we would take it for granted.

        Thank You for your time.

        Happy Day, Happy Life.

        Abhishek Chandel,

        Author, LOST IN THE KNOWN (ELEVEN short STORIES)



  3. Believe in you. There have been plenty of times in my life where I was NOT TRYING simply because I had no one around me to tell me that I could achieve. Why can’t I tell myself? I guess my advice is believe that you can do what you want, don’t pursue something because of anyone else’s praise. Even when you follow your passion, you still should have your eyes open to see how you can take that to another level. Once you have conquered one challenge, you can figure out how to conquer the next.

  4. Stay in the moment. Discover and pursue your passion. Allow your heart to guide your thoughts, actions and words. Honor your temple; nourishing it with raw fruit and vegetables and surrounding yourself with positive people.

    1. Simple advice but there are so many people who seem to have it all then they lose their thankful spirit and become bored by life and everything with it.

      I have seen it over and over again. So your simple one-word advice is very true!
      Thanks for commenting and reading Totally Inspired Mind as well!

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

  5. Good question. I would put as your number one priority to have a “higher power”, which I have God/Jesus for mine. It was not always that way. I was so angry at God because I blamed all my “bad” choices and “bad” decisions on God. In recovery, I learned that I was the “author of my own story”. I would suggest anyone with mental problems to get medical help. Everyone is different, hence we have different paths to God. Mine is not the same as others. I was never happy with my life. I blamed others for my problems, and made excuses for why I could not do things. Well, this could end up a very long post, but that will have to be another day. God bless you, Sally

  6. Thank you so much for following Barefoot Music, it’s nice to welcome you to a world of well- known; and less-known independent artists who hope to be one day known.
    I really like your blog, after browsing around I settled on this post to comment because this is what I write about on my primary blog Lady Barefoot Baroness. My piece of advice for living a full life? To be mindful of only right now, this moment. To embrace what this day brings and create fond memories.
    Wishing you peaceful easy feelings ~ BB

    1. You are welcome BB. I am glad you like my blog. Which one? I have several here.

      Totally Inspired Mind

      Photos That Inspire Words

      Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly

      Children Are Our Future Now!

      You have very good advice.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

      1. Hello Paulette,
        Please let me apologize for being so long in coming with my reply and an answer. It was this blog that I had browsed around in and became smitten with your writing style and the messages you share.

        It’s always so cool to me how I can meet someone through cyberspace and feel a strong connection with them through their words. kind of still amazes me
        Thanks again so much for your visits, ~

    2. Hello BB,
      Thank you for your input on Totally Inspired Mind. I value everybody’s contributions here, even if sometimes it takes me awhile to spot their comments, as in your case here.
      Funny, since fracturing the ulna in my hand/wrist, it is often easier and faster to add new content with my MyTouch phone, as I am now while in bed.
      I would add to my advice to others:

      Make the most of your abilities now and downplay your disabilities, to where they become like grains of sand in an overall big picture spectacular view of the ocean- which is you.

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