How do you define the concept of success? Jobs, Careers & Reflections

How Do You Define The Concept of Success: Jobs, Careers & Reflections

by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright Feb 11th, 2013, March 25th, 2013


Success can be defined in a myriad of ways. I personally think the true definition of success has anything to do with money, fame, power or the typical powers we hear on TV and in magazines. It is what you leave behind from this world, and in qualities like honesty, integrity, compassion, generosity, and in following through with what you tell people. Those possessions are worth more than all the gold on earth. After all, we are people dealing with people and superficiality can be spotted in a flash second if you possess the qualities I just mentioned.

I think the longer you live and the more you deal with people, you develop a kind of sense about people that comes with age and time.

For instance, I was married to a real rocket scientist who over time was not a happy man, It had nothing to do with me but something that the best counselors couldn’t figure out. Then one day he snapped and the suicidal behaviors I was warning people about happened. After many attempts he failed and he called me when I was staying in a hotel room, and after many hours I got him to the best place I could find that would help him until he got stronger. In time he moved on and was supported by his company and has now remarried. I will always wish him well and remember the good times we had. After all, fifteen years is a long time to be with someone. He was successful, he had a 6 bedroom house butted up against the Wasatch mountains, he was the top of his field and still wasn’t happy. I have known others like him who supposedly “had it all” and weren’t happy.

Yet, on the flip side I think of my dear Nanny, who lived in poverty by all good standards and yet she was always happy, content and never complained about any thing. She prayed every day, had two pans to her name yet made the biggest feasts you would ever eat. I wish she was here now because she would frown at my siblings fighting over the house I used to live in (that they sold and threw me out of in April!)

I may struggle to earn a living at times and have health problems I take medicine for, but I have integrity and a soul and my siblings do not. They are dead above he neck and use selective memory to remember only what they want to.

If Nanny was alive she would remind them of her son, my father who looks down on us all and though he was a poor man who worked his whole life, he tried and worked to put us all number one with my mother when I was growing up. That is the dad I will always remember.

For instance, I was raised in a family where we blessed the food we had, sat around a picnic table my mom painted, instead of a fancy one that came out of a furniture store. I miss that picnic table though to this day and think fondly of it. Why? The reason I miss it is: We all sat together and passed the food that my dad and mom-who was a waitress then worked so hard for and assembled as though it was an orchestra, with my Nanny helping cook it. There was always enough to go around and then a few leftovers besides. Dad said one day to us, “I want to give you kids everything my father never gave me.” I only ask that you get good grades, do good in school and get a college education. I never got an education and you would make me proud.” He did put us all number one and though he was far from the richest guy, he taught me about working hard and values. I have always put people first and things second. I hope that my siblings one day realize that they can argue about getting the money from what is now my mother’s house, but they only have one sister and I am refusing to listen to the insults they cast my way any longer.

You see, I am the youngest and they are all substantially older than I. It is not true that those who are older are wiser, and it is not true that those who are disabled cannot accomplish what a person who is not can. I earned two college degrees and maintained the honor roll and health gave me a new life.

I proved both of those wrong because I accomplished more than any of them did with far less, and not having health on my side for much of my life. Only when Tegretol was released and I became one of the test models on it, when I was 14 for complex partial epilepsy did I know what seizure free meant. After that, the sky was the limit! My attendance rate in high school went up and a 4.0 GPA finally became easy because I wasn’t struggling for what was easy for others any longer. I made the Honor Roll and Dean’s List at Garden Grove High then got an Associate of Arts in Piano Pedagogy at Golden West College and was also on the Honor Roll & Dean’s List, which was a major accomplishment for me. Then later, when I was the CEO & Founder of The Epilepsy Connection, wanting to go for the 501c3 tax status to make the organization nationwide, I graduated from the Master’s Certification Program at Chapman University.

I will be arranging a meeting with some congress people to improve the HUD Housing Program or scrap it entirely for something better so disabled people and veterans who gave their minds and bodies to defend our country-America-can live safely out of harm’s way.

Since the initial time this piece was written I guess you could say I have been hardened a bit and my story didn’t end like I wanted it to, but I will be alright.

Peace is something I long for now with a move on the horizon.

I delight in knowing I didn’t do what they did to my mother or her property, just because they thought she would never know because she has Alzheimer’s disease.

When I look back on my life, I think I have been successful with what I have been dealt in life and I know God gave me far more than he took from me.

This site was nominated for 3 awards, in spite of all the garbage thrown my way. I know things will get better. I have to make a decision on where I will be living and I am not finished yet here. If I improve things for me, I will improve living conditions for everybody and set a mandate on how things should be after I had something to do with it.

Success is a difficult one to define because it involved so much more than money but also what kind of individual you are and what kind of impact you are having on others. To leave something behind that is greater than yourself is to be successful in my humble opinion.

I wish people who came to the United States thought of what they could give to it instead of what they could take from it. We are allowing the rampant abuse to our welfare system. The moment it we don’t allow it, it will simply STOP.

We need to catch more FRAUD cases who abuse the benefits that were geared for American disabled people. Citizens of other countries cannot collect one benefit unless you are a citizen of that country. Why do we allow the raping and pillaging of ours, for God’s sake?

By doing that, people like myself and the countless I see on the bus each day and night suffer because those who it was intended for don’t get what they need.

I want to lobby in congress to change the way we do things. There is so much waste and  negligence and apathy it disgusts me. I wish it didn’t, bu that is what makes me want to fix it.


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Santa Ana CA

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9 thoughts on “How do you define the concept of success? Jobs, Careers & Reflections

  1. For me happiness comes out of love and fulfilment and I find that in my family, friends and creativity. There is a warmth that comes from feeling that you have accomplished something that was hard. Making things better, helping people. Nature. Beauty. So many things.

  2. I’m in the UK. The EU rulings have made a mockery of our system. Our country is falling to bits. Britons are getting to be a minority and we find ourselves at the bottom of the pile awaiting help of any kind. Once upon a time I could get any (office) job I applied for. I could always get work/find work. I’ve now been unemployed for almost four years, after having been made redundant. I’m a woman of a ‘certain’ age now, so I’m surplus to requirements in our world. I never thought it would happen to me……….

    1. I am so sorry to hear what you have been through.
      What is your name?
      What did you do before you became a displaced worker?
      I am not sure what advice to give you because I am American and only know of the benefits and options there.
      I am happy you wrote in and shared your experiences, but you have made me want to know more about the EU rulings etc in the UK.

      Paulette L Motzko
      Creator of Totally Inspired Mind

      1. Hello, me again,

        (I’d rather remain incognito here, or private message some how in future if you’d like to discuss further?)

        I was a skilled (lots of computer packages and 130wpm speed typist) secretary/PA/Conference Organiser/Medical Secretary, as well as having worked within offices of very large firms of solicitors, Government and the Prison Service etc. Lots of experience from many years worked within various environments.

        In 2011 around 130 people were applying for one job, since 2013, there are 300+ people applying for one job. Applications are almost all on-line affairs now (that take around three hours to complete – I do not exaggerate!), no-one reads your CV anymore because they don’t have the time. Keywords seem to be the name of the job game now. The employer may be looking for ‘pink t-shirt’, and your application may include you have experience dealing with ‘blue, red and green t-shirts’, which are superior to ‘pink t-shirt’, but because you haven’t stated ‘pink t-shirt’, the search program rejects your application. You click to ‘Submit Application Form’, and get an immediate response advising you that ‘Your Application has been unsuccessful on this occasion’. Very disheartening and annoying having spent hours of your life filling out the form. Plus what really bugs me, giving your National Insurance number. With identity theft etc., I really object to giving that incredibly personal piece of information, but unless you include it, your Application will not be accepted! They’ve got you all ways……

        I didn’t appreciate how good agencies really used to be. I used to work for a number of them that kept me constantly in work. A pain having to go to their offices and fill out forms/go through their registration process. However, at least they used to get you in the door for interviews/kept you employed with temporary work whilst looking for permanent. Clearly that was back in the days when employers used to engage agencies to find workers for them/they had time to speak to people.

        Now agencies are completely bogged under. A year ago I registered with another agency. I hadn’t even walked away from her desk, let alone out of their door, when she turned to her colleague and said: “Another one to add to the pile.” Needless to say, I never heard from them again.

        When I apply to agencies now, I get an e-mail back telling me “We are unable to help you.” I never get the why not, when once upon a time agencies used to give me work immediately!

        I’ve not had a single day of work since the beginning of 2011. Sign of the sad times we are in……How are people, mainly (single) women, expected to support themselves? It is a very scary and horrible situation to be in. (Due to certain very long term health issues I can’t get any type of job to support myself/physical jobs, so I’m stuck. Therefore, office based roles were ideal for me. I tried getting work on-line as a proof reader, but they want more than that for their money now!)

        The few that have put so many of us in so called ‘civilized’ countries into the depths of poverty should be incredibly ashamed of themselves. I know that’s not going to happen though because they don’t have a conscience. (I did appreciate what I had, how lucky I was. I didn’t need ‘someone’ to take everything away from me to make me realize how fortunate I had once been, and empathize with the plight of those that ‘do not have’ by ending up being one of them myself!)

        (I was married once, lived in an enormous house, had two holidays per year, one of which was to the Caribbean. Now I struggle to find my rent money to keep a roof over my head.)

        I know you can’t ‘fix’ me, so I’m just happy to share my experiences from ‘over here’, if it helps in some way.

  3. I did read till the last sentence. But unfortunately I can’t be resourceful. You can see a few facebook pages- for free lance writers. they get paid according to each job. Sometimes it is just a CV, sometimes it is a full essay or speech or presentation for a business associate.
    Let me know if you can’t find the pages on FB, I’ll link you..

    1. Thank you so much for your reply Sakshi. I almost have my place packed up so I can head to Tucson, Arizona. I am looking forward to it. I wrote some things I am really proud of this week. I am still thinking about what our collaborative writing project is going to be about. I didn’t forget what we were talking about that night.

      I am looking forward to it. After all, great things don’t have a time limit. I was thinking of some topics that might be good.

      What about women in the work place-me talk about it from a United States point of view and you in your area.

      Also, we could speak of the many advancements women have made in the last 15 or 20 years. Things that are now possible that once were not.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

      March 25th, 2013

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