Creative Genius and Amazing Talents

I got this idea this morning when I was “talking to Cheri Linster on Word Press when she posted her story about how she had found great joy in creating miniatures and building them from scratch. I am “The Idea Lady” and in the last decade have been able to match people with amazing talents and skills with one another. I can also see the potential lying dormant in someone, like a tulip bulb waiting to bloom in the springtime.
I envision this segment of the site being where people with amazing creative talents can post photos of what they do and we can all come up with ways they can earn money doing what they love.
That is the greatest gift on earth, isn’t it?

Then, when you create a job out of what you love to do it is like not working at all.

I did a search on my name title and up came Steve Jobs’ Creative Genius site telling all about people like Albert Einstein and other amazing people. I appended the title and call this “Creative Genius & Amazing Talents”; I may rename it if a better name comes to me.

Here is your platform you inspired Cheri-I hope it is one of many to come!

Good evening Paulette.
Per your request I have included my Bio,( first time request i want to write this in my journal) pictures of my miniatures.Oh and a picture of myself.Thank you .I hope you and your readers enjoy

Happy New Year

Cheri Linster
Age 49
Living in Pennsylvania,will be calling Mississippi home in the near future.
Lives with her youngest daughter and her boyfriend. Also her 4 month old first grandchild.
And loves to curl up with her darling tabby Olivia.

A passion for music,writing and poetry and Building,collecting and creating miniatures in a 1:12 scale.

Cheri started collecting miniatures when she was 8 years of age.Having built 10 doll houses, a bike shop and eventually making diorama’s inside bookcases.

Also a Poet,having her master’s badge giving her the title of “Legendary Poet’. Having several poems published. She also enjoys writing for her blog “MyLife in 24-hours”.
You can read her poetry Her blog can be found under

Included is a small part of “DREAMS”.My miniature world please enjoy, please feel free to edit or re-work the information provided.

All my best.
This is just a sample of pictures of many many more if you like to see them!

If you feel you are a Creative Genius, email Paulette Motzko at and describe what your talents are and send a few photos of your work in jpg format. I will do my best to showcase your work too.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
January 9th, 2014

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Original Inception of Creative Genius Page- December 29th, 2013

9:30 p.m.

6 thoughts on “Creative Genius and Amazing Talents

  1. What a beautiful concept…thank you for sharing.

    I liken my poetry to flowers…starting with a seed, it grows with the right stuff, then a bud develops and, with love and attention they each blossom into something beautiful…well, to me at least…:)

    Keep inspiring! Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Thank you so very much for visiting my blog.

    1. What a wonderful note from you Judi. Thank you for writing me. I would love to be friends either on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and we can talk real time on What’s Up, a communication app my friend here in Las Vegas was asking me to install. You can even send Word docs and make calls anywhere in the world for free.
      Had you heard of it?

  2. Paulette.
    I want to thank you for the above post.Again,i looked to your blog.Needing some up-lifting.My Lovely Layla (5 mo on the 15th of jan) is very ill. She is so tiny only 10lbs and Dr.s are searching for answers.My heart lept when i read your post.I’m so humbled and i thank you for the happiness it has given me. It inspired me to start a new miniature project for Layla.”Secret Gardens of Love”. A miniature garden built in a 1940’s milk crate filled with miniature handmade flowers,plants,animals etc.for her to explore when older. All my Love Cheri

  3. Darn it—-all this allows it just text and not text and photos, which is what I wanted folks! Anyone have an idea how I create the segment I wanted?
    I will have to ask my friend Don Charisma-is is my amazing computer guru…and he would know!

    Paulette Motzko

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