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If you have a food business, restaurant and would like me to write what is unique and different about it, or if you are a own a fancy, high end gift shop, I can come in and take photos of the things in your gallery and put them in a slide show for you.

I shoot with a Nikon D3200 24 MP DSLR camera or my Galaxy Note 4 phablet or my Samsung TAB S2. I have many paid professional photo applications that allow me to create photos that look like paintings, sketches or surreal type shots.

I just invested on both mirrored lense and high definition telephoto lense’s for my Nikon and a tripod so I can shoot more landscape and nature photos too.

702-849-3655 cell phone

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

You can search Paulette Le Pore Motzko and you will find me on Facebook. I am the only one by that name in the world.

I like to create what nobody has created before.

I am more interested in where I am “taking and leading eveyone to than who I am following.”

You can find me on Pinterest by the same nick name by the ID PauletteLMotzko. I have 51,000 monthly followers there.

Newsletters I Created and am Editor-In-Chief on are:

Cook’s News Journal
News You Can Use

Your Epilepsy News Source

Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily

Women Who Thrive

The Quest For The Cancer Cure

Word Clouds created

by Paulette Le Pore Motzko, Copyright 2017.

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Updated on May 28th, 2019

Bottom image of Paulette Motzko photography by Leonardo Valencia, Digital Photo Arts by Paulette Motzko. Copyright 2017.

39 thoughts on “Contact Paulette Le Pore Motzko

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog on WordPress. I enjoy yours and will explore it further, especially when it comes to the blind. I had eye surgery two weeks ago and thought I might go blind. I’ve also been taking care of a new (and old neighbor’s) dog while they moved across the way. He is blind. There are two kids, 7 and 9 years old who are coming for July 4th weekend to see our other neighbors, grandpa and grandma.

    I would like parent and grandparent buy-in on teaching them the Braille alphabet. A national organization advised me to have tennis balls and a muffin tin to do the progression. Genius! What I would also like to do and none of the people or dog organizations have helped with, is to translate that we know the dog is blind so we don’t want to throw a ball so he runs into a wall or, heaven forbid, traffic. Of course he’s always on leash.

    He doesn’t know that he is blind but knew all the parameters of his new home in less than 48 hours. My old dog, the hip-less wonder girl, doesn’t know he’s blind, only that he doesn’t want the toy she prances around with and they like to sleep near each other. Oh, I’m being sent a bunch of Braille bookmarks, great educational tools. Also more educational materials.

    The “kids” stand outside our door and whisper our dog’s name. Soon they’ll be teens and will be more involved with soccer and no longer awaiting attention from our old girl. Grands may be taking them to the Zoo but I’d like all of us to learn something about Braille. Cheers! Keep up the writing, you put me to shame with all your blogs. I can’t even keep up with one….. Dee

    1. Thank you Susan. I just found out now at 243 a.m. Las Vegas time. Thank you for the award. I will have to read what type of honor it is. I will check it out. I did a photo shoot yesterday and will be meeting a client to be the Editor on his book manuscript entitled Amen. He took the words right out of my mouth!

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    1. Dr. Thiel,
      I am alwats grateful when someone contacts me back and thanks me for sharing their work with my readers. The Totally Inspired Mind site is now read by about 50 countries a month and has over 1800 flowers now.
      I’m pleased with how the world has embraced my labor of love. I feel like I’m sharing information that’s good for anybody no matter what race color creed or demographic.

      Paulette L Motzko

    1. Hello there Jitender,
      Paulette Le Pore Motzko here, creator of the blog Totally Inspired Mind Where Positive Minds Congregate.

      I was looking at the Contact Paulette Motzko section here over the last two year’s and spotted your wonderful note here about writing for your web site. My life was as tumultuous as a stormy sea in 2014.
      Timed are better now, and I have a nice big quiet studio in Las Vegas, NV.

      I would be honored to write something for your website.

      I’ll have to look at it again and really look it over and get some ideas on what I think would be nice.

      Paulette L Motzko
      October 8th, 2016
      5:15 p.m.

  2. Hi Paulette, my sons and I met you at Starbucks the other day it was such a joy! We are going back to Tucson Monday to wrap up some things will be there until Thursday..I will send you some of my sons photos to publish,

    1. How great to hear from you Rosemary. I created some beautiful sketch photos of you from the ones I took of you at Starbucks. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to all of you, even the young man with the vice grip. Ha ha

    2. Just send your son’s photos to my email, along with his full name, the type of camera and where each photo was shot at. I know he will have a gallery one day. Quite possibly we will have one together.

      Was working on a Facebook page for a new client last night. She is an awesome lady.

      I would love to see you before you head to Tucson.

      Paulette L Motzko

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