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Tim Ferris’ advice was absolutely hands down the most useful of the whole bunch to me.

It’s not a contest in life. You’re not competing with anybody but yourself. As we get older we know ourselves and what makes us work the best, and I know with me, going to be a senior on my next birthday in August, I have learned a lot of things about what makes me work at my optimum. I also avoid what I know doesn’t work in my life.

What I do is not going to work for everybody. I know what works for you is not going to work for somebody else, but that’s okay.

That’s what makes us all different in life.

I watched a YouTube video from TheAndroidGuy recently and learned a whole bunch of things about my Galaxy Note 4 Phablet- that I’m talking on right now- using vocal recognition software and it’s typing this document for me. I learned that the Galaxy Note 4 has a whole bunch of things that it does that I didn’t even know and I’ve had that thing for about a year. I got rid of my computer because I don’t even need it really anymore and I got tired of lugging it around when I could do what I did with MS Office installed on my phablet!

I used to type eighty words a minute to create documents, and now I do editing mostly, after the Galaxy Note 4 types it for me as I speak.

I still create and I do the same things I did before, but it’s just done faster and better and easier thanks to new technology.

I don’t have to carry around a monolith of computers and a big bag like I used to before too.

It’s extraordinary what technology has done. But what we want to make sure that we don’t become cyborgs, miniature robots that can communicate with anybody else because we’ve forgotten how.

I liked it when Mr. Ferris in Evan Carmichael’s video on productivity was saying to just unplug your blackberry and plug yourself to the world so you can live.

I mean I’m old enough to know when there wasn’t there were no cell phones. What the hell did we do then? You know we did?

We simply lived in the moment and weren’t looking for the next status message, and we’re more worried about what we were leaving this world and what we personally were doing than what everyone else was doing.

We called on pay phones if you needed to make a phone call.
I did it when I went to college.

If you’re so busy all the time repurposing other people’s material and just sharing tweets on Twitter you’re not creating anything new. You want to create new things in this world.

What we optimally want to do is contribute something of value to mankind. In order to do that you need to sit and block out everything else and just do a simple thing called think. Use your mind. That thing called thinking is not used enough as it should be in this world today.

Without people there’s nothing.

There’s are no computers, there’s no internet, it doesn’t matter if you have a Blackberry, Blueberry or Strawberry for without the existence of people there’s no one to talk to.

People should always come first and I try to give people respect, look at them in the eye and treat them as I would want to be treated if I were asking the same question or saying the same thing.

Sometimes that requires patience to do, but it’s worth it.

If you go around with a headset on your head talking to yourself, how can you ever hear the people?

How can ever hear birds chirp?

How can you ever really experience life if you’re always wired to something?

That’s redundant question because the answer to all those questions is -you can’t really live and your blood pressure is much higher.

Evan Carmichael did a fantastic job again. I hope to communicate with him one-on-one someday.

Paulette L Motzko
April 29th, 2016 2:38 p.m.