Gabby The Girl With The Magic Smile-Needs Your Help!

Recently I met a wonderful lady named Ester Korsizyk who was making some copies of a sign to help her beautiful grand daughter Gabriela-(otherwise known as “Gabby”) who was recently diagnosed with amyotophic lateral sclerosis in November of this year. I thought it was a Christmas Newsletter Ester was copying at first, and then upon closer inspection, it was much more….so I had to know more. When I said hello I to Ester and once I knew that the family was struggling to pay for medical expenses and also how much it would be great to tune the family into resources-I figured out why we were supposed to meet.

I introduced myself to Ester-and told her I was a writer, photographer and marketing consultant and wanted to write a story that I would put on both of my web sites Totally Inspired Mind and Children Are Our Future Now!

All of a sudden Ester looked at me and I could see tears fill in her eyes and she said I was sent by God to her. She was a Pastor’s wife, though I didn’t know that then and was involved in many programs of helping others herself. The next thing I knew we were hugging each other and after today, talking to each other and meeting at the Starbucks I go to all the time-we are great friends.

It is something how God puts people in your life for a reason and sometimes I immediately know what that reason is within a short time. I don’t know if everybody is that way, but over the last decade-my inner senses and intuition have been magnified by 100%.

As Kelly Clarkson’s song “Stronger” says that I love so much, “What doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger!” I have become stronger over his last year with the many trials and tribulations I have been through, but also I am more quick to lend a helping hand to others. To me to expend my time in ways that I know will give dividends back to someone else is rewarding.

That night I went to Taco De Ojo, since I was doing work there anyhow, and typed up the following post that I will post. I also am going to include segments of the beautiful sign that Ester wrote on the signs she made.

Abby Korszyk-A 10-Year-Old Girl with a Sweet Smile Needs Your Help!
Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 7th, 2013

There are times in my life when I know prayers are being answered before I have time to think about it. But I pray and envision me meeting people who are kind, caring and who care about the world, children and animals and also to avoid those who aren’t those type of people, increasing my odds of attracting what I want into my life.

I was at Staples in the copy center where I am always having work done and saw a sweet lady who looked like she was printing Christmas newsletters, but as I looked closer I knew it was something more. I wanted to know more about the pretty girl named Abby Korszyk whose photo was emblazoned on them with the pretty smile. As I read more on the beautiful color signs Ester Korszyk-grandmother of Abby-I learned that Abby has Lou Gerhig’s Disease, otherwise known as ALS, and it is rare that a nine-year-old child is ever diagnosed with it. Abby was diagnosed with it in November of this year 2013 and Ester and her family are teaming with her church pastor and asking for donations which will go into a fund for her son and daughter who are worried where the money is coming from to afford her care.

I told her I was Paulette Le Pore Motkzo and I am a writer, photographer and marketing consultant with several blogs seen and read all over the world. I told her I would put it on Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate asking showing where people could send the checks that would help Abby lead a long full life.
I also am doing research on ALS and am finding resources to also help the family.

It is also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The finance department of ALSA Amyotriphic Lateral Sclerosis Association is 818-880-9007- ex 225. I had never heard of this acronoym in my life and I grew up pronouncing big words in neurologists offices as a kid diagnosed with epilepsy at the same age as Abby was with ALS at nine years old. We are kindred spirits of sorts and I want to see Abby THRIVE and SURVIVE and LIVE A LONG, PRODUCTIVE LIFE.

The address where you can send a few dollars to help with the medical expenses of Abby Korszyk can be send to a special fund set up by the pastor of Abby’s church at:

Gabby Korsyk – call-1-626-367-6310 to find ways you can help the family who lives in Huntington Beach, CA
4702 N. Doxford Ave., Covinga, CA 91722

I feel good about making a difference in not only Abby Korszyk’s life, a little girl who I have never met but my heart went out to her when I read her story.
God bless all who read this.

ALSA 800-782-4747

I am going to email the director about Abby Korszyk and ask what are the ways their organization can help the family and if there are any financial resources that could help them; I am sure there ARE!

If there is one thing I am good at is making people care about things they ought to.

As the CEO, Founder and Director of The Epilepsy Connection for 6 years I helped people all over the world who had that disorder with dual diagnoses and offered advocacy and helped change lives. That is a great thrill for me to know some small action had a big pay-off for someone else.

Through my research and quest to find answers which I always do, I located an ALSA Clinic in the Orange County Chapter

1232 Village Way, Suite A
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Group: ALSA Chapter

Contact: Natalie Villegas
Title: Care Services Coordinator

Since writing this article at Taco De Ojo meditating and saying silent prayers to myself that Abby would defy the odds and surpass the two year time frame doctors have given her-Natalie Villegas contacted Gabby’s parents.

ALSA is tuning Gabby’s parents into resources, clinics that have state of the art diagnostics and other life changing things now.
I feel wonderful in knowing that an hour of research is paying off in concrete ways for Gabby now.

I was once a kid like Gabby when I was diagnosed with complex and simple partial epilepsy in January 1971 at age nine. It was a horrible time when kids were cruel and made of anyone different from them. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I truly had my first real friend when Tegretol came out that controlled my seizures and allowed me to go to school and not miss classes and feel health for the first time and independence long awaited for.

I hope to meet Gabby one day and see the beautiful smile I see in the photo. I am in the process of adding in the photos now.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Ester -Gabby’s Grandmother wrote this in her sign she created to set up outside asking for financial support for her and her family to help pay her medical bills etc.

“At a very young age Gabby wanted to be a dancer, she loves to dance. Her favorite color is green, I am not surprised. This is what the bible says about the color green. Praise, eternal life, vigor, prosperity, mercy, restoration, health, healing, new beginning, freshness, God’s holy seed, harvest, sowing and reaping, immortality, fresh oil, new life, joy in hope.

Rom. 12:12, Ps 23:2, Gen. 1:30, Lk 23:31, Rev. 22:2, Ps. 92:14.
Gabby is the picture-perfect example of having “joy in hope”, when you see her she gives our lives a freshness, a sparkle of how each of us should be living life.”

“I would like to close with a plea from all that read this, to send prayers and smiles to Gabby and her family. Gabby, even today has never lost her smile. Even with this devastating news, her passion for life still surrounds her. I can’t help but look at the color green in a completely different way.”