Brother Carl Frye’s Words of Wisdom

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Everyday on Facebook my high school friend Carl Frye rate something extraordinary and he expands your mind with his infinite wisdom. He’s an extraordinary person who has multi talents that is married to a really wonderful lady named Bonnie. They have become family over the span of over 20 years. He’s going to be sending me content he wrote soon that will go on here for all of my almost 2,000 followers on Totally Inspired Mind. Carl Frye is an inspired soul with an inspired mind and belongs here so he can “congregate” among all of you.

I’m working on his book manuscript which is this story about how he turned tragedy into triumph.

I had no idea that he had to go through such hell when he was growing up until looking at the manuscript; it brought tears to my eyes.

God sends people in your life for a reason and everyone that meets Carl is a better person for having met him. I know I am a better person.

You can reach Carl at his email which is:
Coming soon

And you can get on this book list which he will start compiling so when his book is released, you’ll know where to get one of your own!

I want to make it the best book ever because I want the world to read his fascinating true story.

You can be in touch with either me or him to buy his book when it comes out.


Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko and Text Gram written and created by Paulette L Motzko

April 16, 2015
9:41 p.m.