Paulette Motzko’s PayPal Me Link to Help Her Rebuild Her Life After Having Her Suitcases with her Medicine, Clothes, Tablet, Computer, Equipment, Stolen on September 27th, 2019

Paulette Motzko’s PayPal Me Link

Yes, I trusted the wrong person to keep my suitcases with my critially important personal things. A criminal report was filed and a warrant for his arrest is out; it won’t bring my things back. I am hoping for the best but the dress I am wearing may be the only dress I possess since my clothes were in one of the 3 suitcase and 2 bags were in.

Yes, Nevada is full of animals that troll the streets that resemble human beings but can turn on you on a dime; my arrangements to get out of the state as soon as possible are being made.

One of the most sickening things about the whole crime is it in my Nicole Lee suitcase the cute lady on the front of it wearing a hat like what I wear, was also my supplements like turmeric all laid out and my two weeks of Medicine am I special holders that I put them in, along with vitamin E and other supplements that I buy Come Away aromatherapy lavender oil that I use which helps me a lot, my other pairs of shoes other outfits thanks of my mother’s that I will never be able to get back not to mention at least 20 years of riding work on both my tablet and computer. Many of the files were backed up but not all of them.

Miguel Cruz Las Vegas Nevada is the criminal and he called me when I was at UMC Hospital getting duplicates of all my medicine that was stolen so I could take it as well as prescriptions for everything that was in the suitcase which is quite a lot of stuff.

Before I lost my place back in February this year oh, I had an entire drawer it was organized like a Bento Box of my medicine and vitamins and supplements pretty need to get some turmeric immediately because it helps me with so many things: inflammation for osteoarthritis, blood pressure, sinus trouble, digestion, and more. My Ex Stress herbs I’m out of too now.

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