Paulette Motzko’s PayPal Link to Support Her, Her Work and Help Her Buy What was Stolen on September 27th, 2019

The most despicable crime that anybody could ever do to me was taking my medicine and that’s what this person did knowing you did it it was totally cognizant of that fact.

I had to go to to hospitals to get my night medicine and today I prayed the biggest prayer I possibly could hoping to God that they could replace my Tegretol and Vimpat, which is many $1000’s of dollars monthly for epilepsy, but my insurance usually only pays for it once. After EXPLAINING TO THE LEAD PHARMACIST IN DETAIL them about THE HORRIBLE CRIME COMMITTED TO ME AND SHOTHANK GODWING the police report that I filed which I have a copy of he reported that to my medical insurance and I got a new bottle. .

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