Do something wonderful every now and then that pays your soul back just because it’s so enjoyable! Go ahead!

Me Paulette L. Motzko at the Paris Resort and Casino at a very elegant and beautiful, Asian-inspired restaurant it featured Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and other cuisines.

I wanted War Won Ton Soup with a pot of jasmine tea….and I wanted to soak up some of that “eye candy” around me which was really beautiful. And after long deliberation over the price replace oh, I splurged. I don’t regret it everytime I look at the pictures.

My jasmine tea in the white China teapot on the rustic table.
My delicious war won ton soup with a slight tang to the broth. I am not sure what the key ingredients were in it, but it was awesome!

From start to finish the entire dinner was fantastic, and I can still remember the experience.

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