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Take September 16, 2019.

Please read the complete post.

I’ve survived multiple accidents, multiple hospitalizations, nearly being killed August 19th, surviving almost rape last year, and the worst accident on my birthday August 31st, 2019.

I was in a slip and fall accident and landed face forward!

I saw blood come out of my face from the 1st time and hopefully the last too.

I had contusions on my hands, black and blue marks from my hands inside my mouth. I thought I had to have plastic surgery.I upped my turmeric 2500 mg a day, and put vitamin E on my nose and upper lip were the skin was ripped off my face.I was elated to see my self care plan of 12 hours sleep, mind, body soul regenerated my body and over time, and faith, in the worst of times.

I got compliments on how nice my complexion is for almost 60 years old.

Help me move to a kinder, more gentler town where people get college degrees and have triple winning attitudes and positive thinking people abound. Where serene, beautiful goes from one end of Pacific Highway to the other…..California my hometown.

You can make a difference in my checking account that now has little in it!

Out of the 3,029 followers from 100 countries monthly.

If you have valued me, my ethics and inspiration and courage, your sponsorship will pay for things like my rent in a nice area, like Summerlin, instead of the God forsaken areas I have been forced to live in.Due to now extreme financial hardship, from either not being able to work or simply not attracting enough high class clients; your money and encouragement are needed and appreciated.A dollar goes towards buying my freedom with Lyft and bus rides, expensive but needed vitamin supplements that help me be seizure free, and medical care related things for osteoarthritis, that can feel crippling some days, depending on the weather, blood pressure meter, and expenses relates to getting a scooter that my insurance doesn’t cover.Anything you give is appreciated including one dollar. If 1000 of my over 3,000 followers simply gave me $1 I would magically have $1000!!

In CA I will get my paratransit back, my SSI raised immediately when I go back, due to being denied paratransit in this backward, corrupt town.

I need a scooter to help me get around now, so when my osteoarthritis is kicking picking up or my back bothers me, like today from lifting too much, it will take me put of the heat and up hills.

A lady like me was never ever supposed to exist living out of hotels and doing an all nighter because there’s no money left for the next night!

2 new dear friends paid for me to stay at the Stratosphere last night and it was a literal miracle how we met.

Are you still reading my words?

Help me readers!!!!

I am waiving the SOS flag now.

As I wrote this I was listening to the song playing called HOME from LIBERIA.

I want a home of my own period.

I haven’t had once to speak of since February 28th, 2019, since I lost my place after having to file chapter 7 bankruptcy after my tragic accident passing out in 118 degree heat instead of using paratransit this state unfairly denied me from using to prevent injury.I want to have peace and be finally settled and save my storage vault that holds my grand piano I taught on 25 years, until moving from this unsophisticated town!

It has my gourmet kitchen I know the things thatI know the things that I know the things on

My mother’s and great grandmother’s things and my extensive book collection and office and bedroom.

Losing it all for $200?

I am not going to lose it or what I cherish, especially things from my dear mother in heaven who was and is my everything always.

Some days I’ve known what it is like to not sleep for three days and then I end up going to the hospital sick, sleep deprived, dehydrated with saline in an IV!I want that vicious cycle to end permanently and instead begin a new positive, health-supporting and encouraging plan that sees that my basic needs are met.I was never supposed to live a ravaged life!

God made me special and has miraculously saved me, protected me, loved me, and made me so I could enlighten others and help others.

I should be married to a doctor or someone who cares about making the world better and sees the world with big picture eyes.

When I move to CA, I have a friend in CA I can stay with until I get my benefits switched and upgraded with an increase.

Then I have a surprise for the rocket scientist that I was married to for 15 years who aimed his fist at me and missed.

I don’t care how many couches, we had or our 8 foot table with a lifetime guarantee.

I needed a man with a heart and soul who was kind.Just like the song playing now coincidentally as I write this- Time to Say Goodbye by Andrea Bucceli- and it was time to say Goodbye to him in 2001.

And I did.It is also time to wrap this real live story of my life.

I have not written about because I didn’t know how to.

My email isPlmstudioslv@yahoo.com702-849-3655

God bless you all.

If you took the time to read my words, please make a comment to me.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

September 17th, 2019.

11:34 p.m.

Las Vegas, Nevada.

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