Say How Are You and Be Blessed To More People by Paulette L. Motzko

Say How Are You and Be Blessed to More People by Paulette L. Motzko
Written August 1st, 2019 from the Plaza Hotel Food Court

I spoke to a sweet lady in the line who when I asked her how she was doing she simply said “I am blessed!” That says it all.

I also spoke to another sweet, soul-filled lady, who I will never know her name, and told her about my weblog totally inspired

After that, I asked every person than line in back of me how they were doing, and their faces lit up what are you smile, like they were brought out of suspended animation.

I also said “we are all connected on the planet no matter what race, color, or creed and I wished them all blessings of health, wealth, joy, and love.”

A lady, who held her little dog in her arms, wished me the same in return and had a refreshed look on her face and so did the guy in back of her, all smiling as though their faces hadn’t made that expression in a very long time.

Everyone looked at me and smiled in a way that they haven’t done all day and all smiled unanimously at me.

That was such a powerful, rewarding, extraordinary experience. It, more aptly put was a phenomenon, if you will, to see and feel the warmth coming back at me.

These were perfect strangers but when I left they were no longer strangers, but were somehow better, and happier knowing there was a genuine, free, kind soul in the world who was secure enough to reach out to leave a kind blessing few do.

Reach out more often make someone’s day.

Be the one person that goes up to the sad guy sitting in a corner it looks like there’s no hope in sight, and make him realize that he matters, and things will get better.

be the person that goes up sad, despondent lady dumping trash with a crappy job that’s lackluster, and make her smile knowing that she’s making the place beautiful with all of her cleaning, and let her know that she matters and tell her to be blessed. Just watch her face light up like a beacon could I did that last night; that’s what happened.

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