Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily


Mom (Ramona Lea Le Pore) and I in Huntington Beach California, place I used to love to go to when I lived in Southern California play we were standing outside the Corner Bakery at the Bella Terra Mall we’re used to go all the time I do work and take my computer and business people would go there I was really a fantastic place and it was Mom’s birthday was that day and I took her out and it was just awesome -every Stellar moment, which is why I made them that way, because one day I knew I wouldn’t have them like today.

My mother is been my cheerleader my best friend she gave me life and she was the catalyst and driving force for me creating Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily -that she never knew about but I knew and I knew I was gling to make history when I created it. This computerized informational newsletter which has topics about Alzheimer’s disease prevention, science neuroscience and all kinds of things related to the disease and the prevention of it-will be monetized very soon and will raise money to find the cure for Alzheimer’s disease.

It will become one of the intellectual properties that I’ve created which are:

1. Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily

2. Your Epilepsy News Resource

3. The Quest for the Cancer Cure

I have several others but these are the ones that are philanthropic in nature.

Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko.

Photo editing and Digital Art by Paulette L. Motzko.

Photographer was the manager of The Corner Bakery who didn’t want photo credits.

Mom’s birthday will be coming up on June 19th and there’s a day that goes by that I don’t think about her and I always will and she will always be my inspiration and with me in my heart and soul.

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