A Love Sonnet to Nature and the Ocean by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

A Love Sonnet to Nature and the Ocean

By Paulette L. Motzko

Happy World Ocean’s Day!
ritten June 7th, 2019How grandiose nature is to me
How I feel connected to it all.
I feel intrinsically like I become one with the water, with the sea.It is all part of me.The aquamarine-colored beach and I almost melt into the sand together becoming one.The palm trees tower on the coastline, and so do my spirits with them.The cool crisp air blowing on my skin, and feels simply perfect to me.The sparkle in my eyes when I’m near the beach and stepping in the soft sand relaxes every core of my being and I feel at peace.Being around the majestic sea and hearing the waves crash washes away my problems along with the kelp, starfish and colored shells…..
The sea washes away everything but the best in me with the tide.The sea refreshes me and renews me.I’m in love with the sea as though it were my Nautical Mother that soothes and loves me and seems to know me….
As I have returned over the span of 5 decades, soon to be six.The sea remembers my joys, my fear, my tears and it will see my dreams realized too.I will return again where the ocean meets my longing eyes and my soul that’s intertwined with the Sea and Sand and countless stellar memories.There will be landscape photos to be captured, lighthouses to discover, and stories yet to be written there….When I return to live in a coastal town somewhere… which I hope and pray is soon.Image photography and Digital Art by Paulette L. Motzko, PLM Studios

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