I remember the days when guys look like gentleman than women really looked like classy ladies.When cars were cool and less attention was spent on how aerodynamic the car was and more attention on sleek, unique design.When cell phones didn’t exist in people talk more looking eye to eye, really communicating with each other. I miss those days.I remember when smoking with hip and movies made it look elegant, before the height of cancer and the truth behind what those cigarettes really did to your health.I remember black and white tube TV’s, Walter Cronkite, Howard Cosell, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King, all the Kennedy’s who were presidents and sadly assassinated along with Martin Luther King who was fighting for equal rights and the time when someone needed to fight for it.I remember the first lunar Landing as well as the first Beatles telecast on The Ed Sullivan Show. I saw them live they happened to at a very young age; I remember them all as though those events happened yesterday.Progress, technology and scientific breakthroughs have all changed how we live now in 2019. progress and change will continue forever- and that’s the one thing we can count on in life is change.Let us make sure we never forget the human element when we automate everything.The Techno-Craze we are immersed in today could wipe out the workplace by automating what we’re valid jobs held by real people with real families real futures.Let us make sure, our modernistic society uses all our vast knowledge in a good way, that employs ethics, looking out for the betterment of all.Written by Paulette Le Pore MotzkoCopyright
May 31st, 2019

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