Sometimes the least can be the most to someone- You be the one who makes a difference. By Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Sometimes the Least can be the Most to Someone-You be the One who Makes a Difference……

Sometimes the least can be the most to someone and when you care and act and don’t ignore, you can change your life in real ways.

By you caring and not turning your back and being callous or apathetic you keep touch a human heart and soul.I did that today with Eleanor, I disabled lady who is legally blind with advanced dementia.

She shouldn’t be left alone, in my opinion, but after talking to her when she was yelling “hello” out the door repeatedly, hoping and praying someone would hear her-she shouldn’t be left alone but after talking to her when she was yelling hello at the door repeatedly, hoping and praying someone who cared would come and see what she wanted- that someone was me.I heard and I responded because that’s the way I made.

My mom taught me what compassion was at a very early age when I was diagnosed with epilepsy and my best friends as a child were always disabled.

I didn’t pick them that way it’s just so happens many of them were.

Some of the most extraordinary people in the world are disabled, not letting their disability rain on their abilities.

The way I see it; everyone is basically the same.

Maybe some of us have limitations or have to adapt the way we do things, but we’re basically all the same deserving of respect and dignity.

I don’t do the popular thing but try do the right thing.

I have helped Eleanor on numerous occasions but she understood in a real up-close-and-personal way that my name is Miss Paulette today.

There was a realization of a name to my voice attached to me the a person that was never there before.

It was like the moment that Helen Keller touched water for the first time and she understood that for every sign language symbol she felt there was an object that went with it, and that everything had a name in the world.


She looked at me with her loving eyes as I reached out and held her hands.

I could only imagine being alone in that house all day alone in that dark abyss which was a very small studio apartment, having no one to talk to all day.

Everyone needs human touch and companionship and to know that they’re valuable and cared about.

That’s a basic need in life we all have.

I told her she could have the big bottle of cool water from my fridge and she was asking for which was such a small thing, but a basic need especially here in the hot desert of Nevada.

You have to drink a ton of water in the desert southwest or you will become dehydrated.**************

I should know, I went to the ER via the paramedics for that very thing a couple days ago on the 27th.After 5 hours in the hospital, 5 bottles of saline, going through my veins intravenously, some medicine for vertigo, which made me feel world’s better, an electrocardiogram and a CAT SCAN. All the tests showed that I was dehydrated, AND MY SODIUM LEVEL WAS DANGEROUSLY LOW. I was doing way more activity than what I was eating.

I’ve been drinking water especially Smart Water high in electrolytes and increasing purposely the sodium content in the foods I eat and eating more often, not skipping meals.

The vertigo that I was experiencing which is why I called the paramedics, was due to that and high blood pressure from stress.

I hope to never see that again.

If you live in the desert area like I do- make sure you drink lots of water and eat and drink foods high in electrolytes.

Drink ice water or coconut water when you when you go out. I do that everyday.

I bought a cutesy-tootsie -water cup with straw included, that I can fill over and over again with water and take it with me when I go out. That’s not what they call the thing, but that’s what I call it!

Pretty nice, and way more eco-friendly plastic water bottles thrown in the landfill every year. Mine has a straw built in and cute California style palm trees on the side in teal blue. You can find this and many more like it at The 99 cent Store , one of my favorite stores in the universe.I wear 30 SPF sunscreen that’s waterproof and I stay out of the sun, walk in the shade, wear sunscreen hats by Slogger purposely to protect me and keep me cooler in the hot desert sun.

I couldn’t even see this photo of myself I tool because the sun was blinding me. I just aimed it and took the thing! Not one of my favorite expressions either! I’m including it because it shows the polarized sunglass covers that go over my prescription glasses that I got at Meadows Mall, that I can take off and on at will easily.

The blue Slogger hat is the first one that I started wearing years ago and I put on it an antique pin that was my mother’s it’s very special to me.I discovered the brand Slogger years ago on Amazon when I was doing gardening on my balcony in my old place.

Amazon said “if you like this you might like this”….and guess what- I didn’t just like it I loved it- the hats made it so I could go out in hot temperatures, where’s I couldn’t before.

The Slogger brand I get are stylish and fashionable and have the added bonus they have sunscreen woven into them and it keeps you cooler too.

They’ve become one of my Nevada fashion statements ever since.

If you live anywhere in the desert Southwest hopefully some of my tips here might help you and feel better outside and inside, how to take care of yourself to make sure what happened to me doesn’t happen to you.

Being more safe and healthy and comfortable while trying to protect you from hell and brimstone heat is an art. Staying cool and hydrated is the ultimate goal.

Another can’t-go-outta-the-house-unless-you-take-it-with-you-things is my Banana Boat Sport Performance Power Stay 30 SPF UVA UVB protection broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen that’s spray-on.

I wear polarized sunglasses because I was told by my opthamologist that the desert sun is more fierce than Southern California and it can cause eye damage, if you don’t protect your eyes with polarized sunglasses.I was told to eat more salt, eat balanced meals in more regular intervals-without fail, and drink tons of drinks with electrolytes, which I’ve been doing ever since been released from the hospital on the 27th of this month.************************

Regarding dear Eleanor, who is no longer alone in a dark world. She’s now my neighbor and newfound friend.

I saw Preston who works in maintenance here who then alerted Chris the manager that she needed help, so he arrived with pager in hand.

Elenor is nearly ninety years strong, and wisdom-filled. We let her know she was cared about and Chris made sure she knew how to call him if she needed to.

She said, “in Georgia where I’m from, people aren’t nice like you Miss Paulette and Mr. Chris.”I told her we are nice because she is nice.

She looked at me with the most loving eyes, even though I was a blur to her, she will never be to me.

Just like my childhood friend did Cheryl Lightcap, who was totally blind; she and I were best friends.

Nobody understood us and kids were cruel then and bullying groups hadn’t been invented yet.

We didn’t care but together with my eyes describing everything she couldn’t see, I tried to capture what she was missing and make it come alive in words to her.

I will never forget her touching my face and feeling every facet of my features as though I were a statue carved in alabaster.

Here in 2019, what seemed like as super future year then, I was connected to Elenor, who is legally blind.

There are no random chances in this world.

God put me here so I could be the one who didn’t ignore her to change her life for the better.

Three complete strangers were united by love, care and concern about her welfare; it was heartwarming to see.

You could feel the love shared.

There was a wonderful connection of three hearts that were united with a warm hug.

I gave her one and I had wondered when the last time anyone genuinely show they did care in a real way to her.

She reached out and asked “Mr Chris” for a hug too too, and there was something almost magical about that moment.

The professionalism with out the window and then came a human being, who cared about her in a real personal way.

I know knew from that they forward, Elenor probably wouldn’t yell out the door repeatedly any longer.

I personally think she would do better in a home where they could help her if she needed it.

She said her son takes care of her very well and she was afraid to go into a senior home.

A Personal Care Attendant or PSA, paid by the state could be with her through the day.

Three complete strangers-Elenor, Chris and I- showing how truly kind, respectful and loving people can be in a rough, dusty busy city of Las Vegas made this town shine a little brighter to me.No matter where Elenor goes in the future, she will forever know that people truly care about her, which is far more than that bottle of water I gave her.So the moral of the story is, the next time you see someone who might need something, just go help them but you can.

We can’t help everybody of course, but we can help some, or we can help the one who needs it the most.

Helping Others is a Triple Win Situation: They get helped, you gain a friend, and you feel great afterwards.

Words and Images by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.May 31st 20195:43 p.m.

Updated 6:30 p.m

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