If you’d like to help me pay the bills from my accident last year, here is my Paypal link.


I need $5000 by the 28th and though none of the 3022 followers here have ever helped me with even a buck, I am putting this again.

You read my blog and have for nearly 8 years but not even after my accident in June of last year did any of you comment, which pretty pathetic and apathetic.

The site was nearly destroyed by me at that point.

I do this for me because I have now more followers than ever before, gaining new ones daily for a reason. I write and share content work reading, playlists worth listening to, photos worth looking at and reading and it takes my time to make all that possible.

I will be going to the doctor Monday, Social Security Tuesday and today going outside the box for loans because no traditional loan will touch me with a ten foot pole due to filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

I would love to see you comment on this, showing you read it.😀

Showing really how much you care in actions is what matters though.

If you can’t give then at least comment.

Thank you in advance.😀

Written by Paulette L Motzko.