To My Triple Winning Followers. If you would like to help….

I still owe $5000 bills from my terrible accident last year on June 3rd, 2018, ater having passing out in 118 degree heat on the street corner, only to find a kind lady helping me up with her son.

If any of you would like to help, I would appreciate it and thank you for the rest of my life for caring about a lady who was once homeless betrayed by her own family after my father passed away and I was helping take care of mom who had Alzheimer’s disease, her in heaven 2 years now.

I finally have a place that I love, which took some doing to get, I survived nearly being raped in October of last year by a guy I was going to rent my spare room to.

The best thing about last year is it’s over and now, once the remaining bills are paid, the current eviction situation I have had going since December 28th, 2018 after filing Chapter 7 banktuptcy will cease.

I will simply live. Have that thing I write about called peace and serenity.

I finally have a place I have made my desert sanctuary, in spite of it all.

I sold my couch and Ottoman and with the money bought a very simple desk 47 in in length it overlooks my bistro table on my balcony and lets the sun in and inspires me so I can create.

It’s the first time I’ve had quiet and close to 20 years an environment where I can work and I really don’t want to lose that.

I was under charging for my work all last year and the going rate for commercial photography is $250 per hour and that is what all of the photographers doing commercial work who have done it as long as I have 10 years are charging.

Other photographers were charging $350 an hour and some $1,000 for day photo shoots in events, which I will do once I can quit being in limbo land here and get pay the few past due rent payments and Nevada Power’s outrageous power bill.

T-Mobile and the banruptcy devision of Nevada Power wrote off all my past debts because I simply asked. They forwarded it to their bankruptcy division, which my only choice due to my circumstances.

I got a 5 day notice today to pay about $4000.

If any of you are still reading it’s nice to know you care.

I did a GoFundMe page last year which generated absolutely nothing and was pretty disheartening, since the thing took quite a while to create.

I couldn’t believe that out of my 2000 followers at the time no one donated anything not even once cent! I almost destroyed the site that point.

This site has been demoted to a free site, saving me many hundreds yearly. That’s why you’re not seeing all the things you used to see, but the funny thing is there’s more followers than there ever was and I gain new followers who have never ever seen my site every single day.

That was my reason for airing this. I got some followers who date all the way back almost 8 years. But $20, $50, $100 and any amount of money whatsoever is greatly appreciated if you’re so inclined.

And since there’s 10 new followers this week if everyone gave $1 that’s $3,020.

1000 more followers from not even a year ago with no SEO tags added by me at all.

On Pinterest I gained 15,000 new followers on

ID PauletteLMotzko since December and my Note 4 wasn’t even on!

God bless you all.

People respect me for my honesty and I’ve come a long way from a lady who didn’t know a soul in this town and quite far from the crappy studio apartment that I had when I first lived here which I have pictures of only to show the state when I sue them for thinking so little of disabled people they pay $760 monthly forcing me to live in such substandard living conditions as they treat disabled people in this state like garbage. You think if I knew how backward Vegas was about my rights with paratransit and the lower COLA for social security I would have moved here? Probably not.

There are no HUD housing programs now come March thanks to dictator Trump. Food Stamps will be cut come March according to the latest statistics that I have found on the news.

So the place I live, for now it’s the best thing that I can afford, which is quiet and clean and nice and big and security monitors which you need here. California was radically different by me being a California state resident I would gain $200 more plus I would get my Paratransit back immediately because civil rights is a big issue there it is a more eco-friendly town and compassionate town and the education rate is much higher there and the crime rate isn’t is high. I’m not here because I love it but it was the only place the nation where $760 bought anything worth a damn. I can’t afford CA but it is my goal to work smarter, get paid well when I do and hire a tax guy to file my taxes yearly.

I would have never filed for SSI had I thought I would live in substandard conditions like I have. I was married to a real rocket scientist and he is still a very prominent rocket scientist name Mark Motzko where’s the jet propulsion division of United launch Alliance.

There’s some things that I’ll be doing but I will not print here but let’s just say I have a total right to them and everything I have a total right to I want, including living in peace and dignity finally.

And much as in everyday I wish all of you enough money to not only meet your bills but to enjoy life as well. I’m also saying that about myself that’s what I want to. I’m on the eve of abundance.

I need to pay everybody off so I can be up to the current times and I just pay my rent like everyone else.

I am learning how to write white papers and have a book right by my side by Michael A. Stelzner entitled writing white papers.

The starting rate for white paper is $4,000 to $7,000 and ranges usually two pages to 4. Per page it runs about $500 and it’s a very technical statistic based and data-driven document.

B2B marketers use them as well as major companies like Motorola, T-Mobile, nonprofits and other companies that want you to tell them why you are the answer and why you need them. It’s one of the most lucrative forms of writing, aside from writing a speech for a dignitary which pays about 50,000 to $100,000. I have one in mind for Dictator Trump but he would never say it.

So, as I wrap this up anyone would be willing to let me know that I’m not talking to deaf ears and that I really am cared about by my readers after nearly 10 years of sharing my world and what I’m doing, my inspirational pictures and all the places I’ve gone.

You have seen me through my broken wrist and my broken fingers when I was wearing a cast years ago during one of the worst times in my life and having to rebuild and make my hand work again. This blog has going along with me when I typed with one hand!

Wouldn’t you like to see me win and wouldn’t you like to see me thrive and not just survive? I would! I’m going to somehow someway.

The God I believe in wants to see good things happen to good people, and I am one!

I was the voice of my mother many years ago when no one else was speaking out for her. I want to take that newsletter that I created for her that she never knew existed and monotize it to raise the cure.

I am working with philanthropic entities now on that of which include Bill Gates and The Alzheimer’s Association.

Godspeed to all of you.


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Las Vegas Nevada

1:28 a.m.