It is ❄ snowing outside my window in Las Vegas! I said the weather is strange, didn’t I?

Well I’m doing computer work for hours today redesigning websites and enjoying doing my occasional cooking blog post then I heard the rain start exactly at the time that I decided I wasn’t going to be doing any more computer work.

I looked outside my bedroom window upstairs and I saw snowflakes!

That’s right… ❄ flakes!Those puffy little things are not something that fall in the city, and definitely not something you see everyday here, unless you’re in the mountainous areas.

Now what is coming down is a mix of rain and snow, and I am glad I am inside.

I made myself some chamomile and lavender herbal tea with honey in it and I want to thank my many new followers on the site.

Thank you for tuning in!

I hope whatever the weather is like where you are, stay blessed.


Paulette L Motzko