was demoted to a free site today, which is why you’re not seeing the pictures and videos as before.

If you’re wondering why Totally Inspired Mind looks different comments because it was demoted from a business site which was $300 a year to this one a free site, so it no longer will play videos, it will no longer show screenshots of Spotify playlist and looks like this, but it loads faster didn’t cost me anything….at least it’s still running, thank God.

All the pictures are still there, you just won’t see screen shots as before.

That costs some major bucks to optimize the high definition photos and upload capabilities.

Since I’m not Rockefeller yet, I invested what I had into my new online photo store with products of my images on them which was a much smarter investment. In the future, I can always upgrade.

Initially though, WordPress made me think my site would be totally destroyed if I downgraded it to a free site, but it was not because I own all the content.

That answer was not one Automatic Inc wanted to give.

It loads much faster now though, which is great.

Paulette L Motzko

February 17th, 2019.

9:09 p.m.