In 2019: Technology Slowly Replacing Humanity and

In 2019: Is Technology Replacing Humanity and What Can Be Done Now?

By Paulette L Motzko
February 16th, 2019

Technology versus Humanity and Will Technology Replace And Dominate Us?

A long long time ago
People talked face-to-face
Computers didn’t rule the world
Then computers began taking people’s jobs
This continued until everyone
Was without a job and
We worked for computers
And the computers supposedly created
To make our lives easier
Took away the human element
and personal touch we knew
a long long time ago.
I say to all the programmers
who design all the computers
People come first, things second,
Computers are machines that break
That can kill millions with

The wrong set of algorithms
Technology is a fabulous invention
We must make sure that
People use technology and it
Doesn’t use us and make
Our purpose on earth non-existant.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
February 2019.