FTC, Facebook Negotiating Multi-Billion Dollar Fine Over Alleged Privacy Breaches


I only say it’s about time. I was on Facebook for about 10 years and it got to where in the end, before I decided to not be on it any longer, Facebook app asking me to up my pictures boost them for $5 extra or more, they were pop-ups all over the place and then came the headline on Time Magazine showing Mark Zuckerberg looking like he was beat up in a fight. And artist that painted the picture and it made the news and I read it and my assumption of a long was correct, I never did share my information on Facebook but I didn’t trust it either tree of sharing people’s private information is fraud anyway you look at it and Zuckerberg is an incredibly brilliant young man who had everything in the palm of his hand and he ruined it all himself by being greedy. No business people don’t want to do business with them because nobody trusts them pretty ruined his own reputation, something that you’ll never get back once it’s ruined.

Written and compiled by Paulette L Motzko.

Valentine’s Day 2019.

10:24 p.m.