How do you define what Rich is? Many factors define it to me. It ain’t all about 💰.

Let’s use Trump as the Exhibit A:

He’s a loser of a human being who dehumanizes women and has no compassion for the disabled or seniors.

That doesn’t make him rich even though his suits are expensive and he has his name plastered on hotels.

What does his name stand for?

Would you say he has a good reputation?

Another quality I value highly is integrity.

How does Trump rate on things like ethics, ecology, setting an example for our children?

I use Trump as an example because he illustrates perfectly how someone can be rich but be a truly poor person because he doesn’t put the right things in perspective and value human beings with sacred beliefs which are theirs to be respected.

C’mon folks, comment on how YOU PERSONALLY define what rich is in the comment box.

There is a comment box isn’t there?

Paulette L Motzko