You are God’s Whole and Perfect Child. Go with life, light and wisdom. From from The Silent Unity Holy ⛪

I just got done watching a fabulous special on Amazon Prime videos streaming Network entitled “New Life A New You.” It was maybe the best hour and 20 minutes I’ve spent all week!

Although, my time at the Texas Station two nights ago was pretty fabulous too in that I got to see my many friends and was particularly inspired and God blessed me and touched my written words.

In reference to this healing affirmation, a man’s sister was very seriously physically disabled with a deformed pelvis and his mother said this healing affirmation for his sister hundreds of times daily picturing her healthy and 🚶 walking.

When it was time to take his sister’s body cast off, the doctors had no idea how she had healed, but then again the mind is a powerful thing that can harness powers we barely tap into, and God or our Spititual Center can do miracles.

I am not saying you’ll be miraculously healed if you say this, but it surely couldn’t hurt, especially doing visualisations while you say it or better yet, biofeedback but I practiced when I was a teenager years ago.

Mind body spirit medicine is a huge cornucopia of information that you can harness in our information age.

Stacking a few cards in the deck to your favor only increases your chances of health in my 📖 book.

Written by Paulette L Motzko