Ave Maria by Liberia: What Paulette Motzko’s “Religion” is Defined As

Their voices are truly touched by God and if you are not a believer then I believe when you hear this you will believe in something greater than us all.

We all are one in soul in this song best illustrates the Spiritual Connection and how we can all be united when we realize religions are man made. There have been no woman made religion with stupid rules and regulations that people have killed for.

Think about it, if you’re willing to hurt another person to defend your beliefs it means your beliefs are screwed up.

That’s the truth.

Instead of talking 🔥 fire and brimstones and threatening others with hell, the 😈 and damnation focus instead of treating everyone with respect with the same kindness you would want-nomatter what their sexual preference or faith or the color skin.

That’s Paulette Le Pore Motzko’s “religion!”