Giving $1 would help raise the 💰 I need to pay my rent since my SSI check didn’t come in.


Here’s the link to my Venmo profile if any of my 3006 followers would like to help me with a small or large contribution. If everyone gave $1 it will equal what I need.

Tap or click it, and you will see a picture of me wearing my blue progressive bifocals that I can’t even afford because my new prescription costs $200 for the progressive ones.

I have never been more sorry I came to Las Vegas in my life.

All I need is 2,991.12 which are 2 rent checks.

The SSA shorted me in November making it impossible to pay the rent, which is what caused the whole eviction process.

Here it goes.

If something doesn’t get better soon this site, which means the world to me might expire as it’s renewal is February 10th.

Legal Aid is no aid at all.

I am hoping by wearing my heart on my sleeve today things will get better.

Paulette L Motzko

My gorgeous upright grand piano is for sale now as the only option left since nobody will give me a loan due to the chapter 7 I had to file.

The smallest act of caring can change a life. I am praying someone cares and acts today.

I will be down at the God forsaken SSA office later fighting to get my $760 plus the $360 they ripped me off since Nov 2018.

I am having a thorough investigation done on my account through the 10 years with Bank of America as that was when my first SSI check in CA of $960 was awarded.

They treat disabled people better there.

I heard a cha ching on offer up where my piano is for sale.