E-cigarettes help more smokers quit than patches and gum, study finds with Humorous Vape Story by Paulette Motzko

I wrote a web content for someone years ago about the advantages to vaping over cigarettes and I bought a room mate of mine one years ago mainly because I inhaled his cigarette smoke and was choking on it.

Not important to go into why we were room mates, but let’s just say I am glad that part of my life is over.

I bought him a vape machine for $25 that specifically tasted just like cigarettes but he could control how much nicotine he got through the vape machine, whatever the thing’s called. He ended up quitting altogether and couldn’t believe how much better he felt after quitting the damn things! He could finally breathe again felt good for the first time in years. He was hooked on the damn things since the military.

Benefits of Vaping are:

  • It’s cheaper
  • Vaping keeps you alive longer, if you have to smoke that is, it’s the lesser of the 2 evils 😈.
  • You will be cutting tons of tar and nicotine and carcinogens out of your lungs and entire system.
  • Food will taste better when you quit 🚬 becauae it numbs your tastebuds.

So this story made the news today on Reuters.com and if it moves anyone to think of quitting the nasty addicting habit then I am glad I did.

Articles like these I think of is almost public service announcements because education is knowledge and with the right kind of education you can change lives.

By vaping you end up being the one that’s in control and not the nicotine in a cigarette, and you can actually change the flavors of these things a zillion different ways, almost like an ice cream parlor!

I would choose the ice cream parlorπŸ˜€. 🍧🍦

It’s pretty funny because when I bought this thing I didn’t even notice all the porno crap that was all around me at the time because I was so focused on getting exactly what he wanted. I felt awkward and completely out of my element if you will. The place was so not me!🀧

I looked to the right of me and I’ll never forget the risque things I saw on the wall, which let’s just say I can’t repeat what they were but my God one of the items was huge!

It was so funny because the lady that was helping me he was the manager, knew everything about vaping but you could ever hope to know and she just looked all that stuff like it was commonplace and didn’t even exist.

Written and compiled by Paulette L Motzko.