My New Pay Pal Me Account Created for Clients, Readers, Followers and Supporters of

This goes to all my valued readers and the nearly 3000 followers from 100 countries who tune in daily.

Here is your chance to help support me and

Giving $5, $10, $50, $100 or whatever you can affords help with the running of the site and I totally appreciate your kindness and generosity. a membership access only site but to periodically put the donate button, or in this case PayPal Me new button PayPal just added recently for optional support to offset the costs of running the site and my time doing it.

I have never put anything like this on before but I did today. Bloggers adding donate buttons is frequently done as in the movie Julie and Julia, which I recently saw on Netflix, paid for not only the site but gave the writer/blogger Julie additional needed money too. After all, the site doesn’t run itself.

Currently I have no ads or Corporate Sponsors but am working on several as we speak.

So, I will say thank you for your support in terms on follows and comments and shares and blogger awards. This goes one step further and just remember it’s optional, but $1 from 100 people is 100 bucks and a little can make a huge difference.