Watch “President Trump and the First Lady Host Halloween at the White House” on YouTube

This is basically 42 minutes of President Trump and the First Lady handing out candy to a lot of sweet kids at the White House. It was impressive to me carve out time out of his schedule to do something that showed he was an ordinary human being.

It was quite endearing to see that he would stop what he’s doing and care about children for a change and make a difference in their lives saying “the President cares about you.”

Halloween is my least favorite of all the holidays, due to all the junk with kids are given and all the news reports hear about people giving kids horrible things but they shouldn’t.

I love it when local malls and big Resorts here in Las Vegas do their part to give a safe Halloween for the kids and make it a nice event for families.

This was sent to me today in my email from the White House website.

I am happy to see the President of the United States bending down to the level of a child’s face and showing that he cares about children, if even in a small way.

Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko