I’m on cloud nine when…in the presence of great books

I’m on Cloud 9 with great books by my side, like long-standing friends known intimately, sharing information, wisdom and knowledge.

Since a small child, when I understood phonetics all because my mother took the time to explain how to sound out words-was the best teacher I ever knew- reading to me from the time I was a very small child. She never talked baby talk nor wouldn’t because it would insult my intelligence and undermine what she could teach me. She treated me like a young adult and talked to me as her equal; I knew I could ask mom anything and she would give me the right answer for it.

At 4 years old I started reading and looking at the photos in books and my parents fortunately always took the time to explain to me WHAT I was looking at.

They answered any questions I might had through my life, and I will thank them for ever for giving me life, unfailing love and doing for placing me first in their lives.

Both of them did made me their priority throughout both of their lives. God bless them both forever in heaven.

I thank Dad for explaining the meaning of suffixes and prefixes is it helped me figure out what words meant without even knowing the definition, but by knowing the Latin roots of the word and what the origin meant.

I possess the wonderful unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and in gaining fresh insights from the greatest minds in the world, both past and present.

Be it an inventor, or scientist, artist or musician, photographer, actor or actress, producer or director, composer or digital artist, who paints pictures with their words to enlighten people’s minds and inflame their hearts.

When you look at life through my way of seeing things, with a room full of books or one great one that gets better with every turn of a page, or an audio book told by a fabulous narrator.

Life simply cannot be boring when You See It Through The Eyes of a Nikon camera lens. I had a Creative Writing teacher who compared writing to looking through a Nikon camera lens and one of the exercises she gave us was to describe everything in the most picturesque, vivid detail is that the person had never seen that in their life. She was also in my Honors English/Humanities program at Garden Grove High School.

The teachers were so great there I took every course they had in English and it was like a game to me.

That’s when you know you have great teachers and they do exist. They are walking among us today and we need to pay them more money because they are the start of it all.

They’re the Genesis of our society and from them comes future generations to come.

They are second to mothers as far as I’m concerned, because one gives life and nurtures and instills knowledge about good and bad choices but a truly great teacher can not only teach you the class subject but be a confidante, and someone that becomes the most influential person that child may ever know.

Teachers form the lives of children into adults of the future.

Every great teacher has an arsenal of their favorite books that they recommend and read to children as well is the required curriculum.

I am never alone when in the presence of great minds.

Life simply can’t be boring when I can see the potentials for a great story unfolding when I meet an interesting, creative person.

Paraphrased from my high school teacher Eva Covington, who gave me a precious Buxton jewelry box I have in my closet to this day. (I look at with and smile, and I remember the day she gave it to me smiling with her gray hair and her pretty horne rimmed eyeglasses, with her warm, blue eyes twinkling.)

With a gentle smile she said to me:


“The more you read, the more you expose yourself to new ideas and new ways of thinking, new cultures and new civilizations and life itself. That leads to being a better speaker, getting better jobs and just being liked by everyone because you can communicate no more effective way. She made it all makes sense, even though I was the only person in the class that really got what she was talking about, she had a big picture view why we did what we did and she enabled me to see that big picture view too.

Remember Eva Covington and her life changing words. If you remember them and look at books, reading and knowledge in a new way you’ll see the big picture view too.

Teach your children with the intent not to just make them good people but to make them brilliant kids.


So when everybody was hating doing grammar she said “you only have to do this once you know it all and the rules behind it all it becomes kind of like the science behind words.

What was the name of the last book you read and why did it make such a big impression?

I hope that I inspire you to pick up a book or listen to an audiobook or read one of the many ebooks available in the world today.

We do live in an extraordinary time in October 2018.

Did you know that Google Play Books has most every book in the public domain available for free? They do!

You can even have a chapter delivered to your email box everyday so you can read little by little. Did you know that? I did. That’s why I’m telling you.

If you want to listen to phenomenal audiobooks, many of them free, go to the app Librivox.

Or how about simply go to your nearest library close to you with a friend or by yourself which I normally do.

Did you know on Google Maps on the app you can not only look for local restaurants and places to go but you can search all the libraries in your area no matter where you live in the world? Well I’m glad I’m the one that told you!

Knowledge is the most valuable thing that you will ever have in your life as Robert Kiyosaki bully States and most of his writings . The most valuable thing you’ll ever possess is between your set of ears, and in your integrity and in your reputation and in doing what you really say you’re going to do and being honest and genuine.

To me I’m also on cloud nine when I have extraordinary people around me and I share a special bond in a way with someone that’s very difficult to find.

This story begin is what was going to be simply a quote that I was going to write on YourQuote today.

I thank him for having us right to it because this would have never emerged.

It was the Catalyst that brought this out in me. It’s funny that earlier in the day, before I ever knew what the springboard was going to be I photographed an image which I’m going to do some digital embellishing on and then I’m going to print it as the main picture for the story and it goes perfectly with it.

There’s an example of the Law of Attraction working perfectly in sync in my life.

Be blessed everyone no matter where you live and what situation you’re in. Be blessed and be thankful because it could be worse and you can always make it better.

Written by

Paulette Le Pore Motzko and images photographed and created also by Paulette L. Motzko, PLM Studios.

Copyright October 2018

1:05 a.m. on Sunday, October 21st, 2018.