I was nearly raped and killed on October 5th, 2018 Tenant turned predator. Thank God I Wasn’t!

It was the last horrible thing that could possibly happen to me in this dust bowl of a town full of drug addicts, pimps, weirdos, rapists and every other kind of person the wind blows in.

There are good people in this town, but one of the after here but four years I’ve developed a knack for figuring if someone is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, marijuana by the way they walk and move and talk and it’s a good thing to know to stay Street Smart here.

It was a talent I really didn’t want to know but now I do.

That was the reason why I didn’t want a roommate but had to pay for my place somehow since they raise my rent which takes my entire SSI check now!

This individual Brian Dockery, passed the background check and criminal check and it took over 7 hours to finally get Metro Police to go put him behind bars!

It almost every aspiration and dream that I’ve ever had go up in flames because of an idiot, and I thank God I Am STILL HERE to WRITE THESE WORDS.

This town crippled me physically, hopefully only temporarily, because RTC doesn’t open books and are ignorant where invisible disabilities are concerned.

They don’t know how to read a doctor’s letter either that stated I needed it to prevent injury!

Because of that I can think Nevada for osteoarthritis in the ankle I broke needlessly and my back contusion in June.

I am making plans to relocate in time to a place where my life quality is better, the people are kinder.

CA pays $900 in ssi, here a lousy $750, and when I become almost history Nevada will be history as I was almost a rape victim!

Enough is enough!

October 10th, 2018

So I guess you all read my words or do you?

Some of you even liked this post which is really disturbing because I read something like this I would say something to the person to show you gave a damn about their welfare.

What I’m learning is I’m a rarity in this world very few are who are compassionate, caring, and sensitive people.

And I’m doing that because I’ve had one of the worst years of my life and I’m not going to tell you why. If you really read my blog you know why I would say that.

To run this business plan that’s quite expensive and I’m not getting any closer to monetizing it than the Man in the Moon. So it gives me peace of mind at this time to simply keep the site but just maybe pair down the site to a less expensive one until its monotized.

Bless you all wherever you are and in what you might be going through just know I care.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

October 11, 2018

12:58 midnight

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