$1 Can Make a Huge Difference and Kind Words of Appreciation

I’m not measuring your ability to care by your ability to premiums that

I scheduled it to renew 2 years ago. They happened to need renewing after my tragic accident. I haven’t scheduled it with the doctor yet but I have to go to physical therapy every week.

Showing you care with sincere words are appreciated too and help me heal after my accident. & donate $1 to my Venmo to pay the WordPress fees due October 9th.

My Venmo ID is below:


I was going to monetize this site and it would have created income for me that was quite substantial but I’m doing good to pay the fees.

Why do I want to invest into something where the audience doesn’t even care about my welfare as a human being?

Do YOU, MY READER and FOLLOWERS CARE about me, the lady behind the website, Paulette Le Pore Motzko?

This is not a redundant question either!

I’ve gone through more hell in Las Vegas ever in my life and I’m still going through it, BUT IT IS GETTING BETTER.

I applied for a Content Writer Editor position through indeed where I have my resume posted.

Say a universal prayer in your own way that I get the job.

I impressed some of the largest web development companies in the entire state who promise to give me remote jobs but did not. I am seeing more and more jobs available because of me putting in sophisticated search parameters on the Indeed app.

I’ve marketable services that are valid and worked in Southern California.

I’m marketing to drunks and to people who have no job or education or goals and can’t even pay for my services.

I was denied Paratransit which was my god-given right as a disabled American citizen not one of you these great followers that I have could even think to give me $1?

How would you feel?

Or at least write something uplifting to me for all the uplifting words I wrote you for 8 years.

So I’m wondering, now that this totally inspired mine site is a business site and is the most expensive to run, how many of you would pay $5 a month to view it? And this is a serious question.

I don’t want to see my site go up and smoke and I can talk to the people at WordPress to keep it running, but I’m really having second thoughts about this because it it’s very disheartening but also it’s very enlightening at the same time.

How many of you care if this site closes?

How many of you care if it’s never existed again?

Please give me your comments and let me know you read this.

Will be refreshing actually to see a comment, so I know I’m writing this to people and that vapor who are apathetic and don’t care.

Thank you Jessica for proving that you were not one of those apathetic people who don’t care.

I’m simply not valued that highly by any of you……it seems, or am I?

The site was created to “inspire, and enlighten”, “educate” and “where positive minds congregate and beautiful souls shine” is the tagline on it but I don’t see any “positive minds” anywhere and I don’t see any beautiful souls anywhere after the story I’ve told. but they don’t do anything they don’t even make comments.

How would that make you feel?

I don’t think very good and it really makes me think and realize that my audience didn’t value me at all which is a pretty sad commentary after something I’ve invested into paid money on kept going for eight solid years.

Maybe you think the site just runs itself they stories manifest themselves automatically and a robot does them?

Believe me that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It is a labor of love for me but then again it’s nice to know that my audience encompasses some of those “positive Minds” kind of people who are triple winning people, who are caring and who possess the qualities that I was hoping to attract.

I read everything I research everything and I pull it put a lot of thought into everything that goes up here including the images the image credits and everything with it.

I had a situation where I made my home somewhere my social security has been lowered and my rent raised.

I was on the phone all yesterday calling various support networks and finally found In-Home Support Services where I will personally assign a social worker to my case and fire the Doctor Who was not helping me.

They will then be able to help me with all the things that I’ve not been able to do since my back injury June 5th of this year 2018.

I’m writing this because that’s how I feel and you know after 8 years I say what I feel and what I mean and I’m totally genuine.

One of the options I have right now is to call WordPress tell them to make it a private site and downgrade it from the business plan it now is to a much cheaper plan and I can also take it off the air entirely to where it doesn’t even exist for you but it would be a private blog that only I read.

Ater all, why should I raise my blood pressure paying for it when my audience doesn’t even care about me? I’d be stupid on my part.

None of you written any comments none of you Britain a damn thing about anything I’ve gone through and wouldn’t it make you wonder If out of 2970 people that one person can put $1 and either my GoFundMe account or my venmo account?

about 100 countries read this site monthly it’s one of the top rated sites on the internet due to only me and no marketing people and nobody else but me. I created it and breathed life into it and I can destroy it if I wanted but I’m not going to destroy it.

I’m about $600 away from monetizing it to where it brings in an actual really impressive income for me and if I lose a few of you so be it doesn’t look like I’m losing much. my true followers who have been there for 8 years will still come back even if I charged between 1 to $5 for the viewing of this site. I did everything the writers Market book said that I read 10 years ago and it became exactly what I envisioned it to be.

I’ve been on the phone with investors Of all types who have repeatedly turn me down only because my SSI check is below poverty wage, and then Nevada it’s one half of what the poverty wage is for 2018!

I would have been able to, for the first time no it really living was like I doing that one simple thing but I’m a couple hundred dollars short and my readers can’t even give me $1 out of all 2,970 doll of you.

Every time I try to encourage comments out of anyone on this site no one ever does. Actually there are a couple people that do, comment but they’re rare.

So tell me what you’d would miss if the side became a private site like a journal entry, completely going against what the site was created to be.

How many do you think that’s asking too much of my readers to donate $1 each and if you can’t donate $1 act like you care.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

September 16th 2018.

5:46 a.m.