Updated: Denied Paratransit Rights as a Disabled American Citizen with Epilepsy; Lost Freedom, Earning Power, and Health. Asking readers & followers for nothing!

Due to having a terrible drop seizure in very high heat on June 5th of this year and having a very bad back contusion sprained left knee twisted ankle and chronic pain ever since that I’m on painkillers for and 1000 mg a day.

I have not worked therefore was not able to earn a living there for was not able to pay things like my WordPress premiums all do yearly and T-Mobile.

I own all my devices love them all I just pay low Service rates because I’ve been with them 10 years, and I’m on a special senior program T-Mobile has for people 57 years old and older.

It’s just I owe 4 bills worth.

My power bill and they have been very gracious about the whole thing wishing me well and to get better and hoping that I have one day where I’m not in pain at all which is something that I hope even more.

When you go through times like this you eliminate everything that’s not needed and I have. I have found who my stellar true friends are and I have found who really weren’t at all and never were.

Since now I’m finally on a pain medication to where every joint in my body doesn’t kill me I am able to write web content for websites, build WordPress based web blogs, do commercial photography and portraiture and I would rather be hired for my abilities by a great employer or business person.

Along with my two hidden disabilities of epilepsy and osteoarthritis I also have to college degrees in back of me right now on my inspiration wall.

I’m not an ordinary disabled lady and I will get through these times and with great friends beside me my goal is to thrive and not survive.

Thank you for your support through the years for reading my blogs and enjoying my inspirational photos and thank you for giving me joy every day and for all of my friends that I built over the span of 10 years.

This is a photo of one of the altars at St Joseph husband of Mary Catholic Church it’s like a big old California mission.

Guess why I don’t go to church? because it cost over $50 round trip to pay the Lyft drivers to and from Summerlin.

That’s just one of the many examples I’m suing RTC in the state for 50 million. I don’t have money in endless reserves they’re just sitting in there and other ride services. It’s the principle I’m fighting for here in a state where very few have principles or even know what they are.

I’m lucky that that accident that I had on June 5th didn’t cripple me worse than it did.

Nobody, no matter what’s wrong with you should be fighting to go to a grocery store since 2013.

I went around to all my neighbors asking if they could help me and nothing has happened yet.

Sure I’ve used to live service but if you’re paying $30 to 50 round trip to get to the strip how can you do that if you’re not making money? The answer is you cannot.

As you know from all my post on CookingUpaStormwithMissPolly.com you see my table usually full of a bunch of awesome, fresh produce. The reason you don’t see any colorful produce, which is what I based my meals around and how I lost 100 pounds. , It is just because I haven’t been to a real grocery store fresh stuff in ages!

That should be an attention getter that something is really wrong in a state like this Las Vegas, Nevada.

I’m writing about what the implications have been in my life quality and how it is been horrible since my denial of Paratransit in 2013.

Written by Paulette Motzko.

September 2018.

The only good thing about being on SSI is the fact that they pay for all my medical but it’s garbage they give me for money and I know but it will not be the way that I support myself for the rest of my life. $759 is 1/2 of the poverty level for 2018 according to the latest statistics.

My rent will go to 778 come October doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out that my check is now garbage it’s non-existent it does nothing and serves no good purpose for anyone anywhere. Last month on my birthday it was totally gone when they raise the rent.

I will be talking to the management who owns the apartment complex that I’m living in 3 years and also talking with a social worker that I’ll be dealing with Monday tomorrow.

After spending 5 hours on the phone calling various Social Service Groups which are almost non-existent in Las Vegas, unlike California I found the number to In-Home Support Services from a nice lady named Sue who works the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.

In-Home Support Services here does something different than California.

I guess they can arrange to help me with anything I might need from helping me with cleaning chores around here laundry going shopping and all the things I’ve needed since I moved here, and especially since my accident back in June. That was a major oversight by my doctor that he should have turned me into immediately.

I will be switching doctors as a result of it because my quality of life means the world to me and of course not to him obviously.

With my rent increase this month it took my entire SSI check for the first time in history leaving me with nothing.

in the state of Nevada a huge director with a social security office told me that I’m allowed to make $750 monthly on top of what I collect monthly which is 759 monthly.

That amount is below half of the poverty level for the United States median income for 2018.

I’m an intelligent lady and I sure as hell wouldn’t have signed up to that garbage if I had known that was the type of living I would live and the kind of Life quality I would “enjoy”.

Las Vegas pays 200 less than California did.

Las Vegas has no pair of transit system for people with epilepsy because it’s a backwards town with ignorant apathetic people running it, which is why the crime rate is so high because no one cares and the people have no idea what Freedom even means or the laws of the ADA laws are.

I’m going to spend very little time with my cell phone today purposely because yesterday after spending hours writing the story on GoFundMe which generated nothing I was exhausted and went to bed.

Forget the stupid Gofundme page I destroyed it last night and was the biggest waste of my time I have ever seen in my life. I would have would have rather done copyright work for someone, build a website, done commercial photography for a big company it’s $60 an hour with a 2 hour minimum, or Jenna direct response copywriting project, all of which take Paratransit for me to get to the jobs to make it all happen. You see why I could be a little pissed about all this and I’m asking for freaking handouts when I could be getting hired for real work by someone who possesses an education and is proud of that education and work their ass off to stay on the honor roll and Dean’s List in both high school and every College I ever went to!

I can’t remember what friend advised me why don’t you create a GoFundMe page but let’s just say it was crappy advice it was a lot of expended effort it took up a ton of space on my Note 4 and I got nothing for it.

I’m not a begger, but intelligent lady who wants to work, common the damn thing is I like what I do, or should I say what I did before I move to Nevada where they might as well have tied my hands behind my back disabling me further by taking away Paratransit privilege it was handed on a silver platter in Southern California for over 25 years!

Today is my day to let go and let God do his magic say prayers for the best have faith and hope this becomes a chain reaction of good that goes on Way Beyond anything I ever hoped for.

Below is the link to my GoFundMe page which has also a button on it that says donate and that goes to the GoFundMe people and they take a very small commission out of that amount and the rest goes to me into my PayPal account. I’m explaining it to you because I had to read a lot to find out I didn’t understand how the GoFundMe process worked or who could use it.

Those funds will be available for me to use today through the PayPal account.

I also have a venmo account which is linked to my checking account which is a private account.

I just shared the link to my cell phone so I could copy this text and send it to you all my followers which are from 100 different countries all over the world and range from places like the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand, South America, France, Canada and of course the United States.

I wanted to put a “Donate” button on my most popular websites as well as a “Hire Me” button.

It’s a bit complicated for me to set up and I don’t understand how to do it I need someone to help me monetize all of my web platform which is huge


I joined it and discovered it through Cisco McArthur of a SEO gurus who paid me $50 a few months ago.

Through donations from readers like you, the site will pay for itself and then have some money to spare which is what I’m Shooting for.

May you be blessed Where You Are.

May you always highlight the best and forget about the least.

may you have peace in your heart and joy and please pray that I have that too and that everything that I built that is now Internationally well received , treasured and loved by the people who read it now make money.

My gofundme page was destroyed by me September 19th, 2018 at 1:55 p.m.