I wish I could be FREE: I Will Be Once I finish my 5 year fight to Get Paratransit and Funds to Hire Drivers that “Buy My Freedom”- Allowing Me to Never Turn Down Photography & Writing Projects Again in Las Vegas!!

If you had your freedom taken away (or had to pay for Lyft rides everywhere you went which by the way, goes for between $25 one way to all the way to $50, if you were to go to the strip from where I live)- for 5 years.

What price would you put on that?

Do you think 50 million dollars is too high when you’re injured we’re losing it and not being given that right?

Lost Wages due to lost jobs due to not being able to get to the job! How about a few broken bones in for good measure from passing out at bus stops in 118 degree heat!

Pictures speak a thousand words and a lot of people say a lot of things that aren’t true but I’m not that way.

I included these pictures anyway of my very high dose of pain medication thanks to RTC and I will show the judge in court this dated blog post.

I wrote this because some people say “what is Paratransit” and have no concept whatsoever what it does who it’s for and why people take it. They said like the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in Mary Poppins and have no idea what it is. Here even the medical community is ignorant and how valuable it is to the disabled community

I’m going to explain it here in graphic detail for the sake of my readers for the sake of RTC for the sake of the news reporters and for the sake of the world.

Paratransit is for people who for whatever reason it Medical, psychological, neurological as in my case or physical disability they use it and it is their freedom it is their Lamborghini it is their Mercedes it is everything to them and the only way they will ever get around as long as they live. Is that understood RTC is that understood all of the people who have denied me this since 2013?

I want to set a precedent with me if I traded anything good whatsoever so it never happens again anybody and all those poor people that I’ve met at bus stops all over the place who also were turned down I speak for them too!

Do you understand what a big deal it is now about this and why yes of course I’m outraged that I have to be on pain medicine for maybe the rest of my life, so I’m praying I won’t, because I came to a dusty, backward, uneducated state that trashes disabled people as though they’re desert dust to be swept away like garbage.

SSI checks in Nevada are one half of what the poverty rate is for one person according to the 2018 statistics. I talked to Senator Reid about raising the cost of living index for all people who are disabled and on SSI, SSDI and other programs affecting countless people including people in the military. I think he thought I was funny or something and for me to suggest them raising it with like an outrage. Could you live on $759 a month probably not.

I’d like to not need it one day and just be hired by a really damn good company for my abilities, who doesn’t care about any disability I possess and rather focuses on my intelligence aptitude and skills. Wouldn’t that be nice to the disabled community.

the last thing a disabled person needs is to have their transportation strip from them because how in the hell are they going to get to whatever job they have?

The answer is they don’t.

If buses are not recommended by that person’s doctor for whatever reason a denial a para-transit makes them officially Homebound and 100% dependent On others for rides.

I am not dust and far from garbage even though I have two hidden disabilities epilepsy and osteoarthritis now I also possess two college degrees on my wall and I do have goals and aspirations that are very specific when they carry through every one of them and do them all.

I’ve accomplished everything I’ve ever set out to do in my life and I am very goal-oriented, and it’s 57 years young I have many more extraordinary things I want to accomplish. I have Philanthropic endeavors regarding Alzheimer’s disease like my mother had, epilepsy like I have and cancer which affects countless people these days.

I also keep my word and I finish every solitary thing I begin and don’t ever waiver on that.

I will win victoriously and I am the first Disability Advocate for all the disabled, and not just those with invisible, neurological disorders like mine.

I hope that they realize what they’ve done and they say “oh my God” “what did we do to this lady?” the last best part is ” how can we make this right?

I hope that they will finally enlightened and they realize the seriousness of my case and how tragic that it was that it all took place.

Now thanks to Nevada a physical disorder which I hope I will outgrow overtime and lots of physical therapy that I have to go to a couple times a week now after this accident.

Osteoarthritis which has increased in severity in my ankle and in my knee due to the injuries I have had from that denial and in deciding to come here.

My father ended up in a wheelchair and I sure as hell don’t end up like him crippled by arthritis with a bad knee they could never operate on so he could never do physical therapy or operate to do a knee replacement because his heart wouldn’t withstand the surgery.

I ask all of the followers and dedicated readers here to say a Universal prayer that applies to us all to let the Good win and the kind prevail learn to let me really use all of my abilities to their full potential and start seeing the kind of life I envisioned seeing when I moved here, not the sad joke it is been with my debit card use time and time again on Lyft when I should be able to get around at least with that paratransit bus. I’ll still use Lyft for everyday use as it’s the best driving service and it gives me spontaneity for the first time in my life. We’re with it I can in a second do something it just as expensive when that’s all you have.

I want RTC to buy a Lyft pass for the rest of my life for me as they owe me big-time for all the life quality they stole from me over the last five years combined with my injuries I want to start making up for it, as I think you would want to if you were me.

I’m going to ask the huge director that works at RTC if he thinks when I’m asking is unreasonable.

Since I might be the first very high in personal injury case that RTC Nevada has ever had.

I’m sending this in an email to a gentleman who supposed to be one of the highest acting officers of RTC Nevada.

Please say a huge Universal Prayer that this is ended and solved immediately and this is resolved in the most expedient way possible because they realize they have to make this right.

That Lyft pass that they’ve probably never given anybody in their life before but they did a lot of damage to this person and I’m not just anybody.

This happened to the absolute wrong person who will make them pay for what they did and they have to remedy the situation immediately. if they don’t admit they were wrong I’ll file charges and all the individuals that turn me down in Criminal Court not civil court but Criminal because they blocked my phone number from going in and out of the Paratransit building and it still blocked.

That was done by Dan Howland and Tina Quigley.

A lady like me shouldn’t have to worry about so much should they.

Hope that RTC sees the light I can look outside and see that they have a new realization and respect for disabled people and that they want to know more and they want to know how best to help them. admitting they’re wrong and they are sorry is the first step.

If they don’t admit they were wrong then they won’t fix the situation.

Until then my friend Dario will take me grocery shopping and MTM will take me to my doctor in Summerlin and then to Walgreens to get my prescription.

The goals for my life or wavy on that though.

With drivers to take me everywhere I go the World is my Pearl and it opens like an oyster with gifts inside it for me to explore and I can transform this hot, Dusty desert turn into a wonderful Desert Oasis the palm trees by it.

“Idiot logic” would have me do the same thing that hasn’t worked for five years which is go reapply for Paratransit” you can’t go reapply for Paratransit when the number is blocked nor would I even want to try I am just automatically eligible like a blind person is who does not take a test.

Dont tell me at this point to say “oh come in for the test that nearly killed you” schlep around in 118 degree heat and walk a mile! That ain’t happening because I don’t have sucker written on my forehead!

At this point it’s “get what you didn’t give me for 5 years” and reimbursement for all you took away from me which was quite extensive.

In other words, “RTC owes me way more than a free Paratransit pass wrapped in gilded paper with a huge, red bow and an apology from Tina Quigley that she was complete ass on the phone when I talked to her with a brace on my leg and almost needing a power chair in 2013.

I’ll never forget the voicemail that I left on her phone before she blocked it-

On my denial letter it said I wasn’t disabled enough and I said oh well I guess I am now I’m almost in a power chair with a brace on my leg because of you guys being so stupid to not know what a neurological disorder is!

Danny Quigley didn’t give a shit about me I had no idea that she was talking to the former president and CEO of The Epilepsy Connection and the former director of the sub affiliate of the Epilepsy Foundation in Orange County California.

By Tina Quigley not changing things immediately she allowed me to continue putting myself at risk and still in the same situation that I was with no Safe Transportation system in place. That makes her guilty of putting me at risk of bodily harm and injury doesn’t it? the doctor wrote it in plain English if she could have only read it and if Dan Howell and only would have cared.

That’s why it’s a criminal case and not just a personal injury case and not just a civil rights case.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about it I have nowhere to go hahaha! my case is all of those things but it’s a tragedy that I will transform into Triumph and I pray I heal quickly.

She could have changed that situation right there on the phone and what she should have done as the president was to fire Dan Howland for treating me in an abominable way and for making that decision to turn me down when a doctor wrote a mandate to get it.

I had stated that I had it for over 25 years since my near fatal car accident almost ended my life due to a very bad seizure with me behind the wheel.

With my dumb ex husband saying to go for your driver’s license it would give you “Independence.”

That “Independence” nearly killed me and the next thing I saw was the broken windshield of a car and I asked was anyone hurt and no one was and thank God because that car ended up in the chain link fence of the schoolyard.

You can put the million dollars right next to a driver’s license and I’m not touching it.

I don’t need to do everything I just need to be able to pay for the drivers who helped me and also have the Paratransit pass delivered pronto with no picture on it and nothing in the mail it works and they got orders to run it for me only.

If you could lose everything by doing something don’t do it when that something is your life.

That’s a gamble I’m not willing to take and I won’t even put $0.10 in a machine here because I see how addicted to people are on those damn things and they’re like robots getting drunk by the same machine!

Just look at it with some of the people look like that’s it by those machines is good enough for me is a big advertisement to say “don’t do that!”

I’m not addicted to anything that life and living and and doing great work that I love for people who love what I do how cool is that. is very few people who can say that impressive web development companies in the state. I did. I didn’t know a soul coming to this Dust Bowl town. But I can say different now and everyone who knows me respect me treats me with the utmost kindness, it’s just they all work in the hospitality industry which has them work really weird long hours which is why they usually can help me do anything because they are working two jobs.

Oher facts about Las Vegas are:

Very few adults own their own cars because the jobs pay so terribly they can not afford one.

Very few women have their own place.

Very few like their job and very few earn what they want.

The weather starts getting good by the 23rd of this month we’re finally for the first time it feels like Southern California does all year.

You will get paid about 1/4 the amount you will get paid in Southern California. You are lucky to have the people actually do what they say.

flake factor with most people is about 99% and I can say that one hundred percent fact after being here for years and talking to a wide variety people from all different demographic locations and backgrounds.

California was a more “mean what they say and do what they say” kind of town and if a client said they would meet me at a certain time they were there like clockwork because they wanted what I was offering and they valued my time and who I was and what I did. That is happened maybe once once here and that’s about it.

In California if a client yes they loved the estimate I gave they loved the work I promise to do and sign my name to they hired me and that was that. That’s how it’s supposed to be in life simple easy effortless. Here in good old Vegas you will get a lot of bullshit instead instead of a lot of sales how’s the people you deal with completely not serious when they say they are.

I’m writing this because this is an element why I will leave the state if I don’t see a really promising chain reaction start happening.

Having wheels and not being pinned up in the house is a good starter I’ll tell you!

The clients in Orange County, California were numerous and all awesome and 100% no bulshit, high integrity Factor people great family people who value people first things second kind of people.

My time was valued there and my work and its uniqueness to anything in the area that was available was valued even more.

My time and who I was and my big picture goals for the companies I worked with were always met and I was always thanked the owner of the company that I did exactly as I promised that I would do and I did increase their sales and I did bring people in and every solitary picture that I branded people pointed at looked at and then bought the item!

Mark Berry at the Michoacan Gourmet Mexican Restaurant was my last client and my best here and he is an awesome person for about a thousand reasons.

We valued each other’s time which made all the difference in the world.

it only took him about 5 minutes to look at my estimate that took me several hours to create the day before on joist to love what he saw and say wow just looks awesome where do I sign my name?

I did the project and he was happy that’s the best part that I actually did everything you wanted and Life Goes On.

if you’re thinking of moving from another state to Las Vegas for that cheaper rent or cheaper housing just a warning: many of your clients will be drug addicts, weirdos goofballs, pimps, drug dealers, but there are a few normal hard-working not drugged up people in the mix but you have to search for them! And I’m not kidding this is not an exaggeration!

You don’t know this because they don’t have a sign on their head but you find it at really quickly after you talk to them!

Las Vegas is taught me out to tell in one second if somebody smoking marijuana, inebriated, or on some conscious altering drug.

One of the most refreshing Parts about being in Las Vegas was that people pray in public places here saying prayers out loud that everybody can hear, which is really heartwarming and touching. In Southern California however, everybody was always so worried about what people were going to think if they didn’t do that or express their religious freedom. People just don’t care what other people think here, kind of like I am. I do what I do because it’s the best for me and maybe not anybody else and I don’t really care what anybody thinks.

It’s only me that I’m going to not like if I don’t stay true to what’s in my soul and I don’t do what’s in my heart.

I hope this paints a graphic enough picture of what I’m still dealing with now and I thank God that one of my friends came over today who I know who works over at the Rancho Fiesta down the street for me and he wants me to do some work for his family which I will look very forward to doing.

He’s also going to spread the word around to his friends which also don’t drink smoke do drugs who are reputable people and who are the non partying type about my spare room that I’ll be renting immediately.

The renter will give me the additional money that I need to live after paying the rent which is completely taken by my SSI check thanks to paying the rent on my birthday August 31st.

It was the first year that I couldn’t even buy myself a birthday present! I did get to go out on a nice date with a nice 39 year-old though and he was a classic gentleman and that was wonderful. It seems the young guys appreciate me more than the older ones too because I know all about apps and stuff and I’m not an ordinary 57 year old I like it that way. I never want to be in ordinary 57 year old I want to be an extraordinary one that’s remembered for all time.

I’m building things to last on my websites will outlive me and my philanthropic newsletters will be monetized as soon as I can get a monetized and they will raise money for epilepsy, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

money isn’t a bad thing you can buy Freedom with it. You can cure cancer with it.

You can do what you want when you want and have that wonderful thing that lowers my blood pressure really well and that is peace of mind.

To give you an idea of the ignorance in the healthcare industry here , I’ve been here for years right? When I moved here from Southern California they should have told me I had MTM from the moment I moved here that I could have booked doctors rides and pharmacies for that service but they did not tell me and I’m using caps and passing out at bus stops in 118 degree heat and all of it is paid for by my Nevada Medicaid check up program!

It’s only through my research which has been Relentless, and calling Nevada 211 last week that I discovered this.

So by staying on the phone 1 hour, cuz that’s what it takes to ride with MTM, I can go to a pharmacy and I can go to the doctor what a life that is right? Wrong! That’s a joke and it’s a sad sick commentary on the kind of services you can expect to get in Nevada. So if you’re disabled and you’re reading this don’t come to Nevada to live because you will be treated as abominably as I have been. If you have ethics don’t move to Nevada you won’t like it because very few possess them or even know the meaning of the word. If you ever want to take the bus I wouldn’t advise doing it if you were female because there are drunks, drug addicts, pimps, homeless people that urinate all over themselves that I guarantee you will not want to sit next to orbi buy. I have been touched buy black guys who broke my leg and said I don’t look bad for a woman over 50. I’ve had a guy with a beer bottle in his hand who is drunk with a cigarette in his hand look like he wanted to punch me and I got out of his way very quickly and I don’t need that kind of drama I’m too bright too intelligent I’ve contributed too much to the world I have too many things I want to do in my life and I don’t want to go out that way. That happened over a year ago and I still remember it just like yesterday. I can’t wait till Nevada gives me some good memories to go along with the crappy ones.

I’m going to send this story to mr. Robert Irvine who has been my friend via Twitter for about a year now. When he knows that I’m going without shopping reach this story and the only reason I have produce in my house and can’t take care of myself properly is cuz I can’t get to a store? You’ll be outraged.

Anybody who is a decent human being who cares about the word in it and possesses compassion should be outraged. If you aren’t then you’re probably just another disposable kind of throw away mentality Vegas resident who trashes people and trash is everything they buy and doesn’t care about anything anymore like many of the people who live here.

I know and then I ran into somebody and I can tell immediately there from Southern California because they make just another Las Vegas resident who is one of those what’s in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas people who don’t have a big picture view of life and who don’t possess compassion and that’s RTC!

People who work in the health industry have no idea what Paratransit is amazingly here.

How much do you value your spontaneity and your freedom?

Personally I think this GoFundMe is a lot I’ve wasted time writing it connecting apps and other things. Hell if you want to help me I’ll personally tell you my contact information and you can send me a check if you want to help me through these hard times; simply do it old school.

I’ll leave this on for a few more days and I’m taking it off.

I hope that if you are disabled and you live in Nevada that you have Paratransit and if you don’t contact me and you can do a class action suit with me.

After all, strength comes in numbers.