One more time and the last time I will allow my 2,970 readers to help me during these tragic times. If I see nobody cares, the site will become a scaled down, much cheaper private journal.

This is the second and last time that I will print this allowing anybody that wants to be a good citizen, and help me financially is one of the worst times in my life.

Paulette Motzko 6:06 a.m. September 16th 2018

Here’s the link to my Venmo profile.

Tap or click it, and be sure you’re finding my true self.

Thank you for any and all of your moral support through these times, which does count for something you know, and also for any monetary support as well.

My analysis on this is there could have been something wrong with my GoFundMe page was closed by me Sept 19th, and was a total waste of my time and space on my Note 4.

I just reposted the story on Twitter at 11 a.m. on the 16th of September 2018 if I don’t see one cent stuck in that deal after the story I said, it means I am not talking to people who care, but rather heartless, apathetic animals who don’t give a damn about other people and that’s about it.

I will destroy a Twitter I will destroy Facebook I will never get on them again and I will demote this site to a WordPress blog because I’m not going to invest $0.01 and people who don’t care about my welfare, you wouldn’t either.