After reading the fabulous article about monetization and transforming into a membership site- look what I discovered….

If everyone of my 2,970 dedicated followers paid $5 a month to be able to access the site and to read my inspirational articles access my pictures and things like that it would amount to $14,850!!!!

If I lose half of my followers- that means they weren’t really great followers in the first place.

The very special, extraordinary followers that will remain will be my best, most dedicated followers that have been with me for almost 10 years.

They will also be the ones that contribute the most, and will make comments continually on here. making this website live up to what I envisioned it to be, which is a wonderful, positive place where we all become stronger through or sharing of ideas, and stories.

And, the site will pay for itself finally after nearly a decade.

If I charged a monthly fee, when you multiply that by a year’s time that would be something I wouldn’t mind filling a 1099 form out for.

I would continue doing what I always do and writing things and researching things and when I find things to help people I would continue to do them share them with you my readers who are some of the most extraordinary, super talented, inspiring people I have ever came in contact with.

I have to install software to make that possible which the best one in my research is called ultimate membership Pro which is compatible with the WordPress module. The totally inspired mind is the most expensive to run the most laborious but the most rewarding.

That’s the one I pay for the business plan which can be monetized in this would be possible with one simple software Edition the cost $39.

I wouldn’t need the roommate that I was going to get in 2 weeks or I can’t pay the rent because of the SSI check in the increased rate of my rent.

I remembered I asked everyone to pray a universal prayer and I’ve asked you to do that before and I believe every time I’ve had you do that it’s been answered because you’re all praying in your own special unique way and when you combine all those prayers together from as many people as read this site it amounts to literal miracles.

I also had a nice conversation with Cher yesterday who I asked to pray a prayer for me as well and I know she did. I also had a conversation with Mandy Harvey as well who does that wonderful song called Frye.

She’s a person I want to meet one day; indigenous talking in Sign Language together.

It would be awesome to have her sing Annie play my piano.

You shoot for the stars and before you know it you’ll be touching them.

Thank you all for your support your prayers and for miracles.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

5:44 p.m.

September 14th, 2018