“The entire universe is the temple of God.”- Alan Cohen from The Grace Factor

I think you might like this book everyone. Alan Cohen has one of the most poetic and pointed ways of saying things I’ve ever seen in my life and I’ve had a pretty long life 57 years! He’s right up there with my dream team of authors of Alan Cohen, Joel Osteen, Max Lucado and Bob Burg.

I really enjoy reading it on Kindle and the Word Runner is nice to use every now and then.

I’m saying prayers that the injuries I’ve had in Nevada don’t crippled me for life, and I’m not kidding you exclamation point I’ve had more injuries here in the short time I’ve lived here and ever in my entire life. As long as I’m taking 1000 mg of painkillers there are moments where I don’t feel pain.

Once it starts wearing off so I can feel it in my shoulder blades who were back and in my left knee that was injured in the terrible fall that I had.

Say can you use Universal prayer that not only will I not suffer from chronic pain for the rest of my life on painkillers, but that I will get a steady stream of work coming in in terms of writing web content hint hint hint which I can do remotely even on painkillers!

Also pray that the attorney that I spoke with can make quick work of this and get me what I should have got when I moved here and the monetary damages for all of my injuries as well as lost freedom and lost wages.

I made some really awesome bread today and it was a joy to do but I wish I didn’t feel like I was so exhausted making it due to the situation.

I’m hoping I know it true freedom is very soon.

There is a doctor that I will be working for come Monday and I’ll be building aside for him as well as reading all the content for it.

Since I last anything on here two paramedics were called by me on the 25th because my blood pressure was elevated and stupid Medical Transport couldn’t even take me to a doctor how pathetic is that? I’ll answer it pretty pathetic so.

The good-looking paramedics were very nice and my top number on the blood pressure monitor was 175 which is outrageously high for me. It’s usually 118, anybody’s blood pressure would be high if they live the kind of life I did and were prevented from doing so many things because you sign up to living in the silly state of Nevada or they make their own laws up and don’t care about people and have no clue about neurological disabilities.

I truly wish that out of all the states in the nation that I could have moved to I had not picked Nevada.

My life quality has suffered more that ever in history buy all the stuff I’m not allowed to do here.

I Knew by calling the paramedics which was the only choice I had, do to them preventing me from even using Medical Transport, as rageous is that sounds I would at least get help and resources I needed that were not given by my former doctor knowing I was in an accident which is a grave oversight.

Finally I was told a social worker was going to be calling me to get me the assistance I needed since June to do some things with your still kind of difficult.

Good night everyone.

Yes, back to my book.

Paulette L. Motzko

– “The Grace Factor: Opening the Door to Infinite Love” by Alan Cohen.

Start reading it for free: http://a.co/6gedQkR

127 Countries Following TotallyInspiredMind.com on Sept 27, 2018.

May I simply say with my heart and soul ablaze a huge Thank You to all who have come to my inspired place where dreams can come true, music is played and shared, talent us showcased, and courageous stories are told.

Here’s a special blessing to all for the Universal Vigil for me in every way possible.

The blessing is coming back your way from me magnified a thousand times!

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

September 27th, 2018.

1:37 a.m.

“Through Light, Together, Let us breed Positivity as a Lifestyle.” -Jessica Edouard. Pray a Universal Vigil that all my chains and obstacles are removed for good giving me freedom, true freedom!

As I was going through my many cherished books, I ran into a special copy of my dear friend Jessica Edouard’s “Send Sunshine.”

It is doing just that tonight, which is sending sunshine to me in hot, dusty Las Vegas.

She became a follower and regular reader/enjoyer of TotallyInspiredMind.com long ago.

She was the only one out of nearly 3000 followers, who actually showed she cared about me to make a heart felt comment on how I was doing and showed me she actually read the words and caught the meaning of them.

It was disconcerting but at the same time telling about the followers I have on here.

Once the site becomes a members only access for 1 dollar a month, it will become self supportive and so will I.

It’s going to have lots of features on it that are new that I have been installing the plug ends for like webinars and classes.

I never dreamed I had to be such a tech-geek to do a simple blog! It’s frustrating when I know exactly what I want but don’t have the aptitude to make it materialize on the backend of the site so you see it on the front end!

That’s what I was shooting for when I read the first article about “What is a Blog” and how to monetize one out of a Writer’s Digest magazine in Newport Beach in my old favorite library on Avocado Street close to Corona Del Mar…. not too far from the ocean, but I never really saw it because I was always at the Corona del Mar Plaza which I often think of and miss fondly.

Thank you for the Universal Prayer you all said for me.

I got the position with CNET Computer Solutions as a copywriter, but for 2 days straight I’ve been having trouble with indicating my PayPal account that would of course give me paid for all the web content that I would write for the big company, owned by CBS Interactive.

It is hell to to be so close yet so far away from seeing money in that account and in terms of monotizing my web empire.

On my Pinterest- business account-PauletteLMotzko, after 10 years I’m getting about a thousand followers every two days without even trying!!!!

I never focus on the followers but on the content and what I’m doing in the followers just come naturally.

After the year that I’ve had it would make anybody wonder if God existed at all to make someone go through so much.

So I ask you now say Universal Vigil that things keep getting better and better and there’s no obstacles in my way, I can finally live to my true potential making use of all the skills and abilities that God gave me, which I know are numerous.

I’ve had chains on me that are not literal but they feel like it when you got people offering a thousand on a platter to do a job and you can’t get to the job? Maybe you could get to the job but you pay a hundred doing it!

How did I know I was moving to the one state -Nevada- where RTC would take away my earning power by crippling me physically and from the standpoint of getting around, can I view since my car accident when I was driving many years ago nearly killed me.

How did I know that?

Who could know that answer that question is nobody.

moral of the story don’t ever move to Nevada if you’re disabled because you will get 200 less than what you ever saw in any other state and if you relied on Paratransit you will not get it as long as Dan Howland is in charge.

does Dan Holland know that I used to be the president of the sub affiliate North County of the Epilepsy Foundation many years ago?

No but he will find out very soon!

Did Tina Quigley president of RTC who I spoke to for the leg brace after I broke my ankle and was using crutches, and she didn’t care. I was desert dust to her. I was just another body to sweep in the gutter like they do so often here.

She didn’t know she was talking to somebody who was the former founder and CEO of The Epilepsy Connection from Orange, California.

Horrible Travis Di go on and tell one person stops it with my new attorney who takes criminal cases personal injury and civil rights cases of which mine is all of them unfortunately….. I hope to make it right for anybody else who comes to the state in the future.

That’s the only good I can see in it.

All the money that I make in the future from winning the case hands down in court won’t pay me near enough if I have to go to physical therapy and be on painkillers for the rest of my life will it?

so stupid they would know anything about the American with Disability Act laws and and how that violates my right for transportation and freedom, which is a basic right of anybody in this world. They’re all so uneducated to the fact that there are many kinds of disabilities in this world, most of them invisible like mine like epilepsy in osteoarthritis grades of people in this day look at me and say stupidly like a cow chewing cud in a pasture – “ oh you don’t have anything wrong with you what the hell you using this service for you don’t have a right to use it!”

they should tell that to all my neurologist over the years who prescribe thousands of dollars worth of medication and made me a disabled American citizen in California disabled on SSI.

it’s outrageous that they had any argument whatsoever being the fact that I could show them my Medicaid card which is a package deal you get when you move to any state which covers 100% of your medical and prescriptions.

That’s the only redeeming part of SSI.

nobody nowhere has the right to play God even in their ignorance and go against a doctor’s mandate and say oh no we’re going to put you at risk of injury anyway we don’t care the doctor said and wrote In Plain language oh she needs this because she’s had this 25 years paaransit that is! it didn’t matter that the keywords the doctor stressed was to prevent injury.

If you’re not allowing me to do what I’ve done for nearly 30 years and you don’t care that I was putting risk of injury and have been injured with broken ankle broken toes messed up knee contusion back contusion then you might as well promoted injury!

Paratransit, otherwise known as a little buses to take disabled people around who can’t drive for whatever reason.

I want to see I $1 in my change purse turn to 1000 + 2000 + 3000 + 4000.

I’d like to scrap Social Security entirely and just get paid for my abilities and have them give me a paid vacation as well as health insurance.

The Social Security program is a huge farce and whoever created it never added up what people really need to live on to live without stress and to cover basic needs. You’re luck if it pays the rent and now since a super greedy management company bought the apartment complex they did massive, heartless increases on long standing good tenants who made this place thier home.

I see people moving out almost daily.

This is a time to send President Trump a carefully written tweet, since that’s the language he talks in!

A brand new, system is in order that’s better than the Social Security system now.

It should guarantee that people who are disabled who possess permanent disabilities like myself can live adequately.

I applied for an awesome salaried, remote copywriter position through Indeed that would be a dream if I got it.

It would give me the brilliant salary to go with my brilliant mind my mom told me I had since I was 4 and I tests proved.

It would be “super-cool” to work with tech engineers and program Developers on my team whose clients are Google and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Keep the Universal Prayer Vigil going because I prayed and asked you all to pray and I did. Now I just need to get into the Web portal so I can take the English competency test and be rated so they can assign jobs to me, based on my skill level.

I also called on the phone a web development, SEO and marketing place in Los Angeles, California and talked to one of their executive officers and discussed the kinds of things I did, and she really loved the sound of it all.

Come Monday, when all the businesses open again, The more the merrier we will talk again.

I contacted my friend who tunes my upright grand piano, asking him to be my messenger, to find me a few piano students from his client base.

Money allows me freedom, I mean literal freedom, so I’m not a prisoner in my own home, due to being turned down for Paratransit, not being able to take buses except to go in the absolute coolest part of the day or basically when it’s dark when it starts cooling off!

It was the 1st day of Autumn here and in my words I call it aaaaah-tom, when in a few weeks it’ll finally feel like Southern California does all year!

After long searching and I mean really long searching, I spoke with the Civil Rights and personal injury lawyer who also does criminal law which is just what I need. We spoke on the phone he was very wonderful so nice and kind and spite of how despondent I was feeling do the circumstances and being on 1,000 mg of painkillers do to my back contusion in June, after he gets back from his trip we’re going to get together and he’s going to come out to me.

I’m finding out who my true real friends are with ethics and values and I’m also watching some others happily bite the dust.

People in Las Vegas who are kind to do things just because they care or are good people in or not expecting anything from you are very rare.

They are like the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Those who lived here your whole life and don’t know what Southern California is like of course disagree with me. They’ll tell me how great people in Las Vegas are and how caring and also the crap and I say I know better.

That’s why I began searching for remote jobs in Southern California that pay three times as much as what this dump would ever pay.

My logic worked.

There just aren’t too many high-profile kind of people here unless you go to the Venetian area, the Palazzo, where I used to go, Summerlin or Henderson.

People are just too damn busy getting drunk out of their mind or on drugs or smoking marijuana and gambling to ever worry about goals or aspirations or education or reading a book periods facts like that they will never appear on a Las Vegas tour guide but I can guarantee you I speak first-hand after 4 years of living here.

So if you want to do a nice visualization for me which I would appreciate, picture all the chains taken off and nothing holding me back or maybe the first time in a very long time.

I want my digestive system to return back to normal and not be on edge all the time.

How would you like to get a statement 2 months ago saying that the rent was going to be increased to basically exactly what your SSI check was?

It was the crappiest birthday I ever had mainly because I had to run out and get a cashier’s check that the manager insisted on getting, knowing full well it was my birthday at a specific hour.

I did go out with a very young gentleman to the Olive Garden and it was fun, but we had absolutely nothing in common whatsoever. Going out with a younger guy has its huge drawbacks it when all he talks about is video games and that’s about it. He was a classic gentleman which was refreshing from the older guys who we’re not.

I will close this with words from Jessica Eduarard….

From the back of her book “Send Sunshine” and thank you Jessica you did send Sunshine in my bleak, worried world!

“We have one world.”

“We have one chance, to be a United force of Positive Strength, to feed Humanity the Light of being humane.”

Written by Paulette L. Motzko September 22nd, 2018 at 1:31 a.m..

“Start a Fire” by John Legend

How can you start a fire in your area and I don’t mean go set the place on fire so the fire department can come put it out, but how can you start a trend that keeps burning inside the hearts and souls a people all over the world?

Don’t just be like a lemur that follows everybody doing the same old thing everybody else is doing because new things are never created and history is never made.

Be a Trailblazer and go where nobody’s ever gone before!

Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko.

Image photographed and created by Paulette L. Motzko,

PLM Studios, Las Vegas, Nevada.

September 2018

“The Fools Who Dream” by Emma Stone from “La La Land”

Are you a fool who dreams are you a poet and writer a Creator what’s never been created before? Anyone who chances to dream can accomplish anything they want if they only stay with it and have perseverance and work harder than anybody’s ever worked in their life.

Share what your dreams are in the comment box.

Written in compiled by Paulette L. Motzko

Updated: Denied Paratransit Rights as a Disabled American Citizen with Epilepsy; Lost Freedom, Earning Power, and Health. Asking readers & followers for nothing!

Due to having a terrible drop seizure in very high heat on June 5th of this year and having a very bad back contusion sprained left knee twisted ankle and chronic pain ever since that I’m on painkillers for and 1000 mg a day.

I have not worked therefore was not able to earn a living there for was not able to pay things like my WordPress premiums all do yearly and T-Mobile.

I own all my devices love them all I just pay low Service rates because I’ve been with them 10 years, and I’m on a special senior program T-Mobile has for people 57 years old and older.

It’s just I owe 4 bills worth.

My power bill and they have been very gracious about the whole thing wishing me well and to get better and hoping that I have one day where I’m not in pain at all which is something that I hope even more.

When you go through times like this you eliminate everything that’s not needed and I have. I have found who my stellar true friends are and I have found who really weren’t at all and never were.

Since now I’m finally on a pain medication to where every joint in my body doesn’t kill me I am able to write web content for websites, build WordPress based web blogs, do commercial photography and portraiture and I would rather be hired for my abilities by a great employer or business person.

Along with my two hidden disabilities of epilepsy and osteoarthritis I also have to college degrees in back of me right now on my inspiration wall.

I’m not an ordinary disabled lady and I will get through these times and with great friends beside me my goal is to thrive and not survive.

Thank you for your support through the years for reading my blogs and enjoying my inspirational photos and thank you for giving me joy every day and for all of my friends that I built over the span of 10 years.

This is a photo of one of the altars at St Joseph husband of Mary Catholic Church it’s like a big old California mission.

Guess why I don’t go to church? because it cost over $50 round trip to pay the Lyft drivers to and from Summerlin.

That’s just one of the many examples I’m suing RTC in the state for 50 million. I don’t have money in endless reserves they’re just sitting in there and other ride services. It’s the principle I’m fighting for here in a state where very few have principles or even know what they are.

I’m lucky that that accident that I had on June 5th didn’t cripple me worse than it did.

Nobody, no matter what’s wrong with you should be fighting to go to a grocery store since 2013.

I went around to all my neighbors asking if they could help me and nothing has happened yet.

Sure I’ve used to live service but if you’re paying $30 to 50 round trip to get to the strip how can you do that if you’re not making money? The answer is you cannot.

As you know from all my post on CookingUpaStormwithMissPolly.com you see my table usually full of a bunch of awesome, fresh produce. The reason you don’t see any colorful produce, which is what I based my meals around and how I lost 100 pounds. , It is just because I haven’t been to a real grocery store fresh stuff in ages!

That should be an attention getter that something is really wrong in a state like this Las Vegas, Nevada.

I’m writing about what the implications have been in my life quality and how it is been horrible since my denial of Paratransit in 2013.

Written by Paulette Motzko.

September 2018.

The only good thing about being on SSI is the fact that they pay for all my medical but it’s garbage they give me for money and I know but it will not be the way that I support myself for the rest of my life. $759 is 1/2 of the poverty level for 2018 according to the latest statistics.

My rent will go to 778 come October doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out that my check is now garbage it’s non-existent it does nothing and serves no good purpose for anyone anywhere. Last month on my birthday it was totally gone when they raise the rent.

I will be talking to the management who owns the apartment complex that I’m living in 3 years and also talking with a social worker that I’ll be dealing with Monday tomorrow.

After spending 5 hours on the phone calling various Social Service Groups which are almost non-existent in Las Vegas, unlike California I found the number to In-Home Support Services from a nice lady named Sue who works the Las Vegas Rescue Mission.

In-Home Support Services here does something different than California.

I guess they can arrange to help me with anything I might need from helping me with cleaning chores around here laundry going shopping and all the things I’ve needed since I moved here, and especially since my accident back in June. That was a major oversight by my doctor that he should have turned me into immediately.

I will be switching doctors as a result of it because my quality of life means the world to me and of course not to him obviously.

With my rent increase this month it took my entire SSI check for the first time in history leaving me with nothing.

in the state of Nevada a huge director with a social security office told me that I’m allowed to make $750 monthly on top of what I collect monthly which is 759 monthly.

That amount is below half of the poverty level for the United States median income for 2018.

I’m an intelligent lady and I sure as hell wouldn’t have signed up to that garbage if I had known that was the type of living I would live and the kind of Life quality I would “enjoy”.

Las Vegas pays 200 less than California did.

Las Vegas has no pair of transit system for people with epilepsy because it’s a backwards town with ignorant apathetic people running it, which is why the crime rate is so high because no one cares and the people have no idea what Freedom even means or the laws of the ADA laws are.

I’m going to spend very little time with my cell phone today purposely because yesterday after spending hours writing the story on GoFundMe which generated nothing I was exhausted and went to bed.

Forget the stupid Gofundme page I destroyed it last night and was the biggest waste of my time I have ever seen in my life. I would have would have rather done copyright work for someone, build a website, done commercial photography for a big company it’s $60 an hour with a 2 hour minimum, or Jenna direct response copywriting project, all of which take Paratransit for me to get to the jobs to make it all happen. You see why I could be a little pissed about all this and I’m asking for freaking handouts when I could be getting hired for real work by someone who possesses an education and is proud of that education and work their ass off to stay on the honor roll and Dean’s List in both high school and every College I ever went to!

I can’t remember what friend advised me why don’t you create a GoFundMe page but let’s just say it was crappy advice it was a lot of expended effort it took up a ton of space on my Note 4 and I got nothing for it.

I’m not a begger, but intelligent lady who wants to work, common the damn thing is I like what I do, or should I say what I did before I move to Nevada where they might as well have tied my hands behind my back disabling me further by taking away Paratransit privilege it was handed on a silver platter in Southern California for over 25 years!

Today is my day to let go and let God do his magic say prayers for the best have faith and hope this becomes a chain reaction of good that goes on Way Beyond anything I ever hoped for.

Below is the link to my GoFundMe page which has also a button on it that says donate and that goes to the GoFundMe people and they take a very small commission out of that amount and the rest goes to me into my PayPal account. I’m explaining it to you because I had to read a lot to find out I didn’t understand how the GoFundMe process worked or who could use it.

Those funds will be available for me to use today through the PayPal account.

I also have a venmo account which is linked to my checking account which is a private account.

I just shared the link to my cell phone so I could copy this text and send it to you all my followers which are from 100 different countries all over the world and range from places like the Philippines, India, Malaysia, Italy, China, Japan, Thailand, South America, France, Canada and of course the United States.

I wanted to put a “Donate” button on my most popular websites as well as a “Hire Me” button.

It’s a bit complicated for me to set up and I don’t understand how to do it I need someone to help me monetize all of my web platform which is huge


I joined it and discovered it through Cisco McArthur of a SEO gurus who paid me $50 a few months ago.

Through donations from readers like you, the site will pay for itself and then have some money to spare which is what I’m Shooting for.

May you be blessed Where You Are.

May you always highlight the best and forget about the least.

may you have peace in your heart and joy and please pray that I have that too and that everything that I built that is now Internationally well received , treasured and loved by the people who read it now make money.

My gofundme page was destroyed by me September 19th, 2018 at 1:55 p.m.

Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily: September 19th, 2018 Edition


This newsletter was created buy Paulette Le Pore Motzko in memory of her mother Ramona Lea Le Pore.

(Paulette created it when she was taking care of her mother who had Advanced stage Alzheimer’s disease She knew she couldn’t stop the progression of the disease, so she made every moment as special as she was able while she could.)

“Those great times with mom will play on forever in my mind and heart.”

She wanted to put something that would educate and enlighten, and hopefully prevent it in other people and put something in the universe that would last forever.

I hope one day soon it is monetized, and I’m not sure exactly how it will be yet.

It will be monetized so it will be able to accept donations from people that will go towards finding the cure of Alzheimer’s disease. That’s the big picture Viewpoint for this informational newsletter.

Written by Paulette Motzko and images by Paulette Motzko.

September 19th, 2018

3:31 a.m.

$1 Can Make a Huge Difference and Kind Words of Appreciation

I’m not measuring your ability to care by your ability to premiums that

I scheduled it to renew 2 years ago. They happened to need renewing after my tragic accident. I haven’t scheduled it with the doctor yet but I have to go to physical therapy every week.

Showing you care with sincere words are appreciated too and help me heal after my accident. & donate $1 to my Venmo to pay the WordPress fees due October 9th.

My Venmo ID is below:


I was going to monetize this site and it would have created income for me that was quite substantial but I’m doing good to pay the fees.

Why do I want to invest into something where the audience doesn’t even care about my welfare as a human being?

Do YOU, MY READER and FOLLOWERS CARE about me, the lady behind the website, Paulette Le Pore Motzko?

This is not a redundant question either!

I’ve gone through more hell in Las Vegas ever in my life and I’m still going through it, BUT IT IS GETTING BETTER.

I applied for a Content Writer Editor position through indeed where I have my resume posted.

Say a universal prayer in your own way that I get the job.

I impressed some of the largest web development companies in the entire state who promise to give me remote jobs but did not. I am seeing more and more jobs available because of me putting in sophisticated search parameters on the Indeed app.

I’ve marketable services that are valid and worked in Southern California.

I’m marketing to drunks and to people who have no job or education or goals and can’t even pay for my services.

I was denied Paratransit which was my god-given right as a disabled American citizen not one of you these great followers that I have could even think to give me $1?

How would you feel?

Or at least write something uplifting to me for all the uplifting words I wrote you for 8 years.

So I’m wondering, now that this totally inspired mine site is a business site and is the most expensive to run, how many of you would pay $5 a month to view it? And this is a serious question.

I don’t want to see my site go up and smoke and I can talk to the people at WordPress to keep it running, but I’m really having second thoughts about this because it it’s very disheartening but also it’s very enlightening at the same time.

How many of you care if this site closes?

How many of you care if it’s never existed again?

Please give me your comments and let me know you read this.

Will be refreshing actually to see a comment, so I know I’m writing this to people and that vapor who are apathetic and don’t care.

Thank you Jessica for proving that you were not one of those apathetic people who don’t care.

I’m simply not valued that highly by any of you……it seems, or am I?

The site was created to “inspire, and enlighten”, “educate” and “where positive minds congregate and beautiful souls shine” is the tagline on it but I don’t see any “positive minds” anywhere and I don’t see any beautiful souls anywhere after the story I’ve told. but they don’t do anything they don’t even make comments.

How would that make you feel?

I don’t think very good and it really makes me think and realize that my audience didn’t value me at all which is a pretty sad commentary after something I’ve invested into paid money on kept going for eight solid years.

Maybe you think the site just runs itself they stories manifest themselves automatically and a robot does them?

Believe me that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

It is a labor of love for me but then again it’s nice to know that my audience encompasses some of those “positive Minds” kind of people who are triple winning people, who are caring and who possess the qualities that I was hoping to attract.

I read everything I research everything and I pull it put a lot of thought into everything that goes up here including the images the image credits and everything with it.

I had a situation where I made my home somewhere my social security has been lowered and my rent raised.

I was on the phone all yesterday calling various support networks and finally found In-Home Support Services where I will personally assign a social worker to my case and fire the Doctor Who was not helping me.

They will then be able to help me with all the things that I’ve not been able to do since my back injury June 5th of this year 2018.

I’m writing this because that’s how I feel and you know after 8 years I say what I feel and what I mean and I’m totally genuine.

One of the options I have right now is to call WordPress tell them to make it a private site and downgrade it from the business plan it now is to a much cheaper plan and I can also take it off the air entirely to where it doesn’t even exist for you but it would be a private blog that only I read.

Ater all, why should I raise my blood pressure paying for it when my audience doesn’t even care about me? I’d be stupid on my part.

None of you written any comments none of you Britain a damn thing about anything I’ve gone through and wouldn’t it make you wonder If out of 2970 people that one person can put $1 and either my GoFundMe account or my venmo account?

about 100 countries read this site monthly it’s one of the top rated sites on the internet due to only me and no marketing people and nobody else but me. I created it and breathed life into it and I can destroy it if I wanted but I’m not going to destroy it.

I’m about $600 away from monetizing it to where it brings in an actual really impressive income for me and if I lose a few of you so be it doesn’t look like I’m losing much. my true followers who have been there for 8 years will still come back even if I charged between 1 to $5 for the viewing of this site. I did everything the writers Market book said that I read 10 years ago and it became exactly what I envisioned it to be.

I’ve been on the phone with investors Of all types who have repeatedly turn me down only because my SSI check is below poverty wage, and then Nevada it’s one half of what the poverty wage is for 2018!

I would have been able to, for the first time no it really living was like I doing that one simple thing but I’m a couple hundred dollars short and my readers can’t even give me $1 out of all 2,970 doll of you.

Every time I try to encourage comments out of anyone on this site no one ever does. Actually there are a couple people that do, comment but they’re rare.

So tell me what you’d would miss if the side became a private site like a journal entry, completely going against what the site was created to be.

How many do you think that’s asking too much of my readers to donate $1 each and if you can’t donate $1 act like you care.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

September 16th 2018.

5:46 a.m.

I wish I could be FREE: I Will Be Once I finish my 5 year fight to Get Paratransit and Funds to Hire Drivers that “Buy My Freedom”- Allowing Me to Never Turn Down Photography & Writing Projects Again in Las Vegas!!

If you had your freedom taken away (or had to pay for Lyft rides everywhere you went which by the way, goes for between $25 one way to all the way to $50, if you were to go to the strip from where I live)- for 5 years.

What price would you put on that?

Do you think 50 million dollars is too high when you’re injured we’re losing it and not being given that right?

Lost Wages due to lost jobs due to not being able to get to the job! How about a few broken bones in for good measure from passing out at bus stops in 118 degree heat!

Pictures speak a thousand words and a lot of people say a lot of things that aren’t true but I’m not that way.

I included these pictures anyway of my very high dose of pain medication thanks to RTC and I will show the judge in court this dated blog post.

I wrote this because some people say “what is Paratransit” and have no concept whatsoever what it does who it’s for and why people take it. They said like the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in Mary Poppins and have no idea what it is. Here even the medical community is ignorant and how valuable it is to the disabled community

I’m going to explain it here in graphic detail for the sake of my readers for the sake of RTC for the sake of the news reporters and for the sake of the world.

Paratransit is for people who for whatever reason it Medical, psychological, neurological as in my case or physical disability they use it and it is their freedom it is their Lamborghini it is their Mercedes it is everything to them and the only way they will ever get around as long as they live. Is that understood RTC is that understood all of the people who have denied me this since 2013?

I want to set a precedent with me if I traded anything good whatsoever so it never happens again anybody and all those poor people that I’ve met at bus stops all over the place who also were turned down I speak for them too!

Do you understand what a big deal it is now about this and why yes of course I’m outraged that I have to be on pain medicine for maybe the rest of my life, so I’m praying I won’t, because I came to a dusty, backward, uneducated state that trashes disabled people as though they’re desert dust to be swept away like garbage.

SSI checks in Nevada are one half of what the poverty rate is for one person according to the 2018 statistics. I talked to Senator Reid about raising the cost of living index for all people who are disabled and on SSI, SSDI and other programs affecting countless people including people in the military. I think he thought I was funny or something and for me to suggest them raising it with like an outrage. Could you live on $759 a month probably not.

I’d like to not need it one day and just be hired by a really damn good company for my abilities, who doesn’t care about any disability I possess and rather focuses on my intelligence aptitude and skills. Wouldn’t that be nice to the disabled community.

the last thing a disabled person needs is to have their transportation strip from them because how in the hell are they going to get to whatever job they have?

The answer is they don’t.

If buses are not recommended by that person’s doctor for whatever reason a denial a para-transit makes them officially Homebound and 100% dependent On others for rides.

I am not dust and far from garbage even though I have two hidden disabilities epilepsy and osteoarthritis now I also possess two college degrees on my wall and I do have goals and aspirations that are very specific when they carry through every one of them and do them all.

I’ve accomplished everything I’ve ever set out to do in my life and I am very goal-oriented, and it’s 57 years young I have many more extraordinary things I want to accomplish. I have Philanthropic endeavors regarding Alzheimer’s disease like my mother had, epilepsy like I have and cancer which affects countless people these days.

I also keep my word and I finish every solitary thing I begin and don’t ever waiver on that.

I will win victoriously and I am the first Disability Advocate for all the disabled, and not just those with invisible, neurological disorders like mine.

I hope that they realize what they’ve done and they say “oh my God” “what did we do to this lady?” the last best part is ” how can we make this right?

I hope that they will finally enlightened and they realize the seriousness of my case and how tragic that it was that it all took place.

Now thanks to Nevada a physical disorder which I hope I will outgrow overtime and lots of physical therapy that I have to go to a couple times a week now after this accident.

Osteoarthritis which has increased in severity in my ankle and in my knee due to the injuries I have had from that denial and in deciding to come here.

My father ended up in a wheelchair and I sure as hell don’t end up like him crippled by arthritis with a bad knee they could never operate on so he could never do physical therapy or operate to do a knee replacement because his heart wouldn’t withstand the surgery.

I ask all of the followers and dedicated readers here to say a Universal prayer that applies to us all to let the Good win and the kind prevail learn to let me really use all of my abilities to their full potential and start seeing the kind of life I envisioned seeing when I moved here, not the sad joke it is been with my debit card use time and time again on Lyft when I should be able to get around at least with that paratransit bus. I’ll still use Lyft for everyday use as it’s the best driving service and it gives me spontaneity for the first time in my life. We’re with it I can in a second do something it just as expensive when that’s all you have.

I want RTC to buy a Lyft pass for the rest of my life for me as they owe me big-time for all the life quality they stole from me over the last five years combined with my injuries I want to start making up for it, as I think you would want to if you were me.

I’m going to ask the huge director that works at RTC if he thinks when I’m asking is unreasonable.

Since I might be the first very high in personal injury case that RTC Nevada has ever had.

I’m sending this in an email to a gentleman who supposed to be one of the highest acting officers of RTC Nevada.

Please say a huge Universal Prayer that this is ended and solved immediately and this is resolved in the most expedient way possible because they realize they have to make this right.

That Lyft pass that they’ve probably never given anybody in their life before but they did a lot of damage to this person and I’m not just anybody.

This happened to the absolute wrong person who will make them pay for what they did and they have to remedy the situation immediately. if they don’t admit they were wrong I’ll file charges and all the individuals that turn me down in Criminal Court not civil court but Criminal because they blocked my phone number from going in and out of the Paratransit building and it still blocked.

That was done by Dan Howland and Tina Quigley.

A lady like me shouldn’t have to worry about so much should they.

Hope that RTC sees the light I can look outside and see that they have a new realization and respect for disabled people and that they want to know more and they want to know how best to help them. admitting they’re wrong and they are sorry is the first step.

If they don’t admit they were wrong then they won’t fix the situation.

Until then my friend Dario will take me grocery shopping and MTM will take me to my doctor in Summerlin and then to Walgreens to get my prescription.

The goals for my life or wavy on that though.

With drivers to take me everywhere I go the World is my Pearl and it opens like an oyster with gifts inside it for me to explore and I can transform this hot, Dusty desert turn into a wonderful Desert Oasis the palm trees by it.

“Idiot logic” would have me do the same thing that hasn’t worked for five years which is go reapply for Paratransit” you can’t go reapply for Paratransit when the number is blocked nor would I even want to try I am just automatically eligible like a blind person is who does not take a test.

Dont tell me at this point to say “oh come in for the test that nearly killed you” schlep around in 118 degree heat and walk a mile! That ain’t happening because I don’t have sucker written on my forehead!

At this point it’s “get what you didn’t give me for 5 years” and reimbursement for all you took away from me which was quite extensive.

In other words, “RTC owes me way more than a free Paratransit pass wrapped in gilded paper with a huge, red bow and an apology from Tina Quigley that she was complete ass on the phone when I talked to her with a brace on my leg and almost needing a power chair in 2013.

I’ll never forget the voicemail that I left on her phone before she blocked it-

On my denial letter it said I wasn’t disabled enough and I said oh well I guess I am now I’m almost in a power chair with a brace on my leg because of you guys being so stupid to not know what a neurological disorder is!

Danny Quigley didn’t give a shit about me I had no idea that she was talking to the former president and CEO of The Epilepsy Connection and the former director of the sub affiliate of the Epilepsy Foundation in Orange County California.

By Tina Quigley not changing things immediately she allowed me to continue putting myself at risk and still in the same situation that I was with no Safe Transportation system in place. That makes her guilty of putting me at risk of bodily harm and injury doesn’t it? the doctor wrote it in plain English if she could have only read it and if Dan Howell and only would have cared.

That’s why it’s a criminal case and not just a personal injury case and not just a civil rights case.

I’ve had a lot of time to think about it I have nowhere to go hahaha! my case is all of those things but it’s a tragedy that I will transform into Triumph and I pray I heal quickly.

She could have changed that situation right there on the phone and what she should have done as the president was to fire Dan Howland for treating me in an abominable way and for making that decision to turn me down when a doctor wrote a mandate to get it.

I had stated that I had it for over 25 years since my near fatal car accident almost ended my life due to a very bad seizure with me behind the wheel.

With my dumb ex husband saying to go for your driver’s license it would give you “Independence.”

That “Independence” nearly killed me and the next thing I saw was the broken windshield of a car and I asked was anyone hurt and no one was and thank God because that car ended up in the chain link fence of the schoolyard.

You can put the million dollars right next to a driver’s license and I’m not touching it.

I don’t need to do everything I just need to be able to pay for the drivers who helped me and also have the Paratransit pass delivered pronto with no picture on it and nothing in the mail it works and they got orders to run it for me only.

If you could lose everything by doing something don’t do it when that something is your life.

That’s a gamble I’m not willing to take and I won’t even put $0.10 in a machine here because I see how addicted to people are on those damn things and they’re like robots getting drunk by the same machine!

Just look at it with some of the people look like that’s it by those machines is good enough for me is a big advertisement to say “don’t do that!”

I’m not addicted to anything that life and living and and doing great work that I love for people who love what I do how cool is that. is very few people who can say that impressive web development companies in the state. I did. I didn’t know a soul coming to this Dust Bowl town. But I can say different now and everyone who knows me respect me treats me with the utmost kindness, it’s just they all work in the hospitality industry which has them work really weird long hours which is why they usually can help me do anything because they are working two jobs.

Oher facts about Las Vegas are:

Very few adults own their own cars because the jobs pay so terribly they can not afford one.

Very few women have their own place.

Very few like their job and very few earn what they want.

The weather starts getting good by the 23rd of this month we’re finally for the first time it feels like Southern California does all year.

You will get paid about 1/4 the amount you will get paid in Southern California. You are lucky to have the people actually do what they say.

flake factor with most people is about 99% and I can say that one hundred percent fact after being here for years and talking to a wide variety people from all different demographic locations and backgrounds.

California was a more “mean what they say and do what they say” kind of town and if a client said they would meet me at a certain time they were there like clockwork because they wanted what I was offering and they valued my time and who I was and what I did. That is happened maybe once once here and that’s about it.

In California if a client yes they loved the estimate I gave they loved the work I promise to do and sign my name to they hired me and that was that. That’s how it’s supposed to be in life simple easy effortless. Here in good old Vegas you will get a lot of bullshit instead instead of a lot of sales how’s the people you deal with completely not serious when they say they are.

I’m writing this because this is an element why I will leave the state if I don’t see a really promising chain reaction start happening.

Having wheels and not being pinned up in the house is a good starter I’ll tell you!

The clients in Orange County, California were numerous and all awesome and 100% no bulshit, high integrity Factor people great family people who value people first things second kind of people.

My time was valued there and my work and its uniqueness to anything in the area that was available was valued even more.

My time and who I was and my big picture goals for the companies I worked with were always met and I was always thanked the owner of the company that I did exactly as I promised that I would do and I did increase their sales and I did bring people in and every solitary picture that I branded people pointed at looked at and then bought the item!

Mark Berry at the Michoacan Gourmet Mexican Restaurant was my last client and my best here and he is an awesome person for about a thousand reasons.

We valued each other’s time which made all the difference in the world.

it only took him about 5 minutes to look at my estimate that took me several hours to create the day before on joist to love what he saw and say wow just looks awesome where do I sign my name?

I did the project and he was happy that’s the best part that I actually did everything you wanted and Life Goes On.

if you’re thinking of moving from another state to Las Vegas for that cheaper rent or cheaper housing just a warning: many of your clients will be drug addicts, weirdos goofballs, pimps, drug dealers, but there are a few normal hard-working not drugged up people in the mix but you have to search for them! And I’m not kidding this is not an exaggeration!

You don’t know this because they don’t have a sign on their head but you find it at really quickly after you talk to them!

Las Vegas is taught me out to tell in one second if somebody smoking marijuana, inebriated, or on some conscious altering drug.

One of the most refreshing Parts about being in Las Vegas was that people pray in public places here saying prayers out loud that everybody can hear, which is really heartwarming and touching. In Southern California however, everybody was always so worried about what people were going to think if they didn’t do that or express their religious freedom. People just don’t care what other people think here, kind of like I am. I do what I do because it’s the best for me and maybe not anybody else and I don’t really care what anybody thinks.

It’s only me that I’m going to not like if I don’t stay true to what’s in my soul and I don’t do what’s in my heart.

I hope this paints a graphic enough picture of what I’m still dealing with now and I thank God that one of my friends came over today who I know who works over at the Rancho Fiesta down the street for me and he wants me to do some work for his family which I will look very forward to doing.

He’s also going to spread the word around to his friends which also don’t drink smoke do drugs who are reputable people and who are the non partying type about my spare room that I’ll be renting immediately.

The renter will give me the additional money that I need to live after paying the rent which is completely taken by my SSI check thanks to paying the rent on my birthday August 31st.

It was the first year that I couldn’t even buy myself a birthday present! I did get to go out on a nice date with a nice 39 year-old though and he was a classic gentleman and that was wonderful. It seems the young guys appreciate me more than the older ones too because I know all about apps and stuff and I’m not an ordinary 57 year old I like it that way. I never want to be in ordinary 57 year old I want to be an extraordinary one that’s remembered for all time.

I’m building things to last on my websites will outlive me and my philanthropic newsletters will be monetized as soon as I can get a monetized and they will raise money for epilepsy, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

money isn’t a bad thing you can buy Freedom with it. You can cure cancer with it.

You can do what you want when you want and have that wonderful thing that lowers my blood pressure really well and that is peace of mind.

To give you an idea of the ignorance in the healthcare industry here , I’ve been here for years right? When I moved here from Southern California they should have told me I had MTM from the moment I moved here that I could have booked doctors rides and pharmacies for that service but they did not tell me and I’m using caps and passing out at bus stops in 118 degree heat and all of it is paid for by my Nevada Medicaid check up program!

It’s only through my research which has been Relentless, and calling Nevada 211 last week that I discovered this.

So by staying on the phone 1 hour, cuz that’s what it takes to ride with MTM, I can go to a pharmacy and I can go to the doctor what a life that is right? Wrong! That’s a joke and it’s a sad sick commentary on the kind of services you can expect to get in Nevada. So if you’re disabled and you’re reading this don’t come to Nevada to live because you will be treated as abominably as I have been. If you have ethics don’t move to Nevada you won’t like it because very few possess them or even know the meaning of the word. If you ever want to take the bus I wouldn’t advise doing it if you were female because there are drunks, drug addicts, pimps, homeless people that urinate all over themselves that I guarantee you will not want to sit next to orbi buy. I have been touched buy black guys who broke my leg and said I don’t look bad for a woman over 50. I’ve had a guy with a beer bottle in his hand who is drunk with a cigarette in his hand look like he wanted to punch me and I got out of his way very quickly and I don’t need that kind of drama I’m too bright too intelligent I’ve contributed too much to the world I have too many things I want to do in my life and I don’t want to go out that way. That happened over a year ago and I still remember it just like yesterday. I can’t wait till Nevada gives me some good memories to go along with the crappy ones.

I’m going to send this story to mr. Robert Irvine who has been my friend via Twitter for about a year now. When he knows that I’m going without shopping reach this story and the only reason I have produce in my house and can’t take care of myself properly is cuz I can’t get to a store? You’ll be outraged.

Anybody who is a decent human being who cares about the word in it and possesses compassion should be outraged. If you aren’t then you’re probably just another disposable kind of throw away mentality Vegas resident who trashes people and trash is everything they buy and doesn’t care about anything anymore like many of the people who live here.

I know and then I ran into somebody and I can tell immediately there from Southern California because they make just another Las Vegas resident who is one of those what’s in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas people who don’t have a big picture view of life and who don’t possess compassion and that’s RTC!

People who work in the health industry have no idea what Paratransit is amazingly here.

How much do you value your spontaneity and your freedom?

Personally I think this GoFundMe is a lot I’ve wasted time writing it connecting apps and other things. Hell if you want to help me I’ll personally tell you my contact information and you can send me a check if you want to help me through these hard times; simply do it old school.

I’ll leave this on for a few more days and I’m taking it off.

I hope that if you are disabled and you live in Nevada that you have Paratransit and if you don’t contact me and you can do a class action suit with me.

After all, strength comes in numbers.

One more time and the last time I will allow my 2,970 readers to help me during these tragic times. If I see nobody cares, the site will become a scaled down, much cheaper private journal.

This is the second and last time that I will print this allowing anybody that wants to be a good citizen, and help me financially is one of the worst times in my life.

Paulette Motzko 6:06 a.m. September 16th 2018

Here’s the link to my Venmo profile.

Tap or click it, and be sure you’re finding my true self.


Thank you for any and all of your moral support through these times, which does count for something you know, and also for any monetary support as well.


My analysis on this is there could have been something wrong with my GoFundMe page was closed by me Sept 19th, and was a total waste of my time and space on my Note 4.

I just reposted the story on Twitter at 11 a.m. on the 16th of September 2018 if I don’t see one cent stuck in that deal after the story I said, it means I am not talking to people who care, but rather heartless, apathetic animals who don’t give a damn about other people and that’s about it.

I will destroy a Twitter I will destroy Facebook I will never get on them again and I will demote this site to a WordPress blog because I’m not going to invest $0.01 and people who don’t care about my welfare, you wouldn’t either.

If you would like to give $1 to go towards my Lyft Freedom Fund that enables Paulette Motzko to live again with no paratransit, help pay bills. Here’s my Venmo.

As much as I hate to print this thing any amount would help at this point because I was turned down for every loan imaginable and no one will give me one based on that crappy SSI check you see?

I’ve already tried everything else and I’m not kidding you.

I could easily turn this site into a paid site but I don’t want to do that making it a membership to where you can’t get in it unless you pay but maybe I will I’ll see how things go and then talk to the WordPress people to see what I would charge for everyone who follows this now. I think I would lose followers by doing that.

And thank you for your prayers your support and any donations you might give anywhere to help me now.

Written with all the love in the world by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

September 14th, 2018

2:39 p.m.

Updated September 18th, 2018.

Can you give $1?

@Paulette-Motzko is my Vento ID.

If everyone did that that amounts to $2,970 or you may not think it’s much but it’s a lot you combined it by all the people from all over the world go read this.

September 15th, 2018 9:56 a.m.

Updated September 18th, 2018.

After reading the fabulous article about monetization and transforming TotallyInspireMind.com into a membership site- look what I discovered….

If everyone of my 2,970 dedicated followers paid $5 a month to be able to access the site and to read my inspirational articles access my pictures and things like that it would amount to $14,850!!!!

If I lose half of my followers- that means they weren’t really great followers in the first place.

The very special, extraordinary followers that will remain will be my best, most dedicated followers that have been with me for almost 10 years.

They will also be the ones that contribute the most, and will make comments continually on here. making this website live up to what I envisioned it to be, which is a wonderful, positive place where we all become stronger through or sharing of ideas, and stories.

And, the site will pay for itself finally after nearly a decade.

If I charged a monthly fee, when you multiply that by a year’s time that would be something I wouldn’t mind filling a 1099 form out for.

I would continue doing what I always do and writing things and researching things and when I find things to help people I would continue to do them share them with you my readers who are some of the most extraordinary, super talented, inspiring people I have ever came in contact with.

I have to install software to make that possible which the best one in my research is called ultimate membership Pro which is compatible with the WordPress module. The totally inspired mind is the most expensive to run the most laborious but the most rewarding.

That’s the one I pay for the business plan which can be monetized in this would be possible with one simple software Edition the cost $39.

I wouldn’t need the roommate that I was going to get in 2 weeks or I can’t pay the rent because of the SSI check in the increased rate of my rent.

I remembered I asked everyone to pray a universal prayer and I’ve asked you to do that before and I believe every time I’ve had you do that it’s been answered because you’re all praying in your own special unique way and when you combine all those prayers together from as many people as read this site it amounts to literal miracles.

I also had a nice conversation with Cher yesterday who I asked to pray a prayer for me as well and I know she did. I also had a conversation with Mandy Harvey as well who does that wonderful song called Frye.

She’s a person I want to meet one day; indigenous talking in Sign Language together.

It would be awesome to have her sing Annie play my piano.

You shoot for the stars and before you know it you’ll be touching them.

Thank you all for your support your prayers and for miracles.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

5:44 p.m.

September 14th, 2018

Your Epilepsy News Resource


Image photographed and created by Paulette L. Motzko, PLM Studios. Copyright 2018.

There are a 164 contributors in today’s issue of your epilepsy news resource. Share this enjoy this learn and pass it on. Make sure you subscribe so you get a new issue in your inbox every day too.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko created this informational newsletter to make history by educating and enlightening every person who has the hidden disorder and educating those who don’t have it.

“Do what you love. Love what you do and always look at the big picture of what you’re aiming for.” – Paulette L. Motzko

So many people who succeeded in life never were aiming to make money only. Some examples of those people are Bill Gates and the founder owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos.

Bill Gates was making history with computers and also made computers accessible for all people all over the world, and is one of the largest donors and philanthropist in the world with over 65 billion dollars in donations, according to Forbes Magazine.

Jeff Bezos started out selling books and then Amazon kept growing to include more and more products until it became the Mega-Empire it is today.

They’re both history makers who changed the way we live in the world- and that’s a big picture viewpoint I am talking about.

If you can make money doing something that you absolutely love that provides benefit to the world, that’s the most extraordinary way of earning a living in the world, and also the most rewarding to me.

I am still in the process of monetizing all three of my philanthropic newsletters about epilepsy, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease like my mother had. These things are informational as they are now but in the future they will be raising money to find the cures for all of those for all time.

That very thought gives me joy and was worth creating them all.

Ask yourself what need can I answer and what benefit can I offer others that will help them?

When you start asking yourself questions like that it will lead you in a journey that you never expected.

Money is not an evil thing it can cure cancer and Alzheimer’s disease and the disorder that I was diagnosed with at age 9 epilepsy.

I’ve always seen money as a “tool” that helps you accomplish things, makes things easier, gives you freedom, and allows you to do what you want when you want.

Aim for the Stars and the world will bless you if your goals are noble.

The world and the Positive Powers in the Universe and the Omnipotent Presence who created us all will make it possible for you to accomplish every goal you are setting to achieve.

Photo credits for image are:

Leonardo Valencia

Paulette Motzko

Bree Croft

Photo editing & graphic design my Paulette motzko, Copyright PLM Studios, Copyright September 2018.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Fabulous Empowering Affirmations from Chesley Stallings of LemonadeBrain.com

When you click the link you’ll see the one that caught my attention directing you to the story with free downloads in pdf format for morning, night and self worth.

I want to meet this incredible lady because she truly helps people with the things she writes and creates and I am one of those people!

If you download of them, you can play them-like an ebook whenever you like, throughout the day, whenever you feel like you need a list boost to get centered.


Written & Compiled by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

For TotallyInspiredMind.com

Depression Information with 24 Hour Hotline Numbers From PsychGuide.com

I’m the kind of person that if I think I can help a person I just simply do it.

I’ll pray for them but beyond that, I’ll find real information that will help them in their real life in the Here and Now.

That’s why -I’m good at researching- and have been doing it since I was a kid.

With the very sophisticated technological advances that have been made over the years, I found this really fantastic guide with multiple resource website and hotline numbers.

If you are feeling anything strange on a regular basis depression, panic attacks or any other thing that you know is not normal, get to see a medical professional as soon immediately.

As the former director of the sub affiliate of the Epilepsy Foundation in Orange County, California and the former director of The Epilepsy Connection in Orange County, many times I would run into people with dual disabilities and so I know about all kinds ailments.

I also make it very clear that I’m not a doctor or medical professional, but I will refer people to resources that can help them.

Remember information is power.

No doctor is God.

If you’re not getting the treatment that you want and you’re not living the life that you feel you deserve, fire the doctor and get a new one.

No matter what your disability get a PDR Physicians Desk Reference have it on hand so you can look up the side effects before you take a drug!

Beat the doctor to the punch!

Also get a Nurses Desk Reference, which I had when I was doing advocacy and I had a database of people all over the world that I was helping and making a difference in their lives.

It was just too demanding and stressful which is why I stepped down, but there are many ways of helping people and I try and do all the ways I am able.


Herbs, Vitamins, Foods, Ayurvedic Medicine, and other Self Care About Depression & How to Combat it by Paulette L. Motzko

A follower inspired me to search and collect these very helpful and informative pins from my Pinterst.

I don’t suffer from depression but many do in this world.

If you are feeling like hurting yourself in any way go see a medical professional immediately.

I am not a doctor, nor do I profess to be.

I am someone with 2 invisible disabilities who believes in not simply reading something someone writes that alerts me they need help far beyond me though.

If this collection helps one person live a better quality life, it was worth doing.

To be continued. …

Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko.

September 2, 2018.

7:06 a.m.

Sleep Routines & Morning Routines by APairandaSpare.com

Infographic Image from Pinterest from


Text Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko.

Share some of the routines that you do before you go to sleep at night and share the kinds of things that you do that help you get a good night sleep. Also share things that you do early in the morning when you wake up that help you have a better day. Share your personal best in the comment box below.

I don’t know about you but I am going to make myself some chamomile tea!

Tea image photography and digital art by Paulette Motzko.

Copyright 2018.

September 1, 2018.

11:05 p.m.

Morning Routine by TugandTwine.com

The creator of TugandTwine is a lot like me, because I do these things as a part of my every day routine.

You don’t have to do a straight-through-marathon out of these activities, but during the course of a day, if you do these things and practice doing them on a regular basis, making a healthy routine out of them, you’ll feel world’s better and accomplish much more.

Image from Pinterest.

Written & Compiled by Paulette Motzko.

September 1st, 2018.

5:26 p.m.

Today’s My 57th Birthday: 10 Words of Wisdom I Have Learned After Living 5 Decades

Above image at The Stratosphere, Graphic Design-Paulette L. Motzko.

Copyright 2018.

Below image photographed by Paulette L. Motzko, PLM Studios.

Photo of Miss Motzko with Nikon camera in hand at the Westgate by Leonardo Valencia.

Age is a matter of your attitude. Staying involved with projects you love that are rewarding is paramount.

Those who have a passion for what they do and a purpose why they do it- have a fire in their soul that fuels them.

Make every moment special and memorable. Decaf coffee ensemble at the Bellagio Petrossian Caviar Bar digital painting by Paulette L. Motzko, PLM Studios.

Though I have lived closer to 6 decades than five I don’t feel like it. Some days are better than others but then again that’s true with everyone. You just have to do your best every day, don’t be too hard on yourself and never cease aspiring to greatness and accomplishing what’s never been done before and what truly gives you joy and makes you feel rewarded.

Copyright 2018

Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko

  1. Treat others as you want to be treated always.
  2. Always put people first and things second because they’re the most important.
  3. Compassion, Empathy, Kindness and Integrity will get you far in life.
  4. Success is not measured by the money in your bank account, but the good qualities you possess and what you bring to the world.
  5. Be careful who you associate with because you could end up just like them.
  6. Do the best you are able to and you will be able to just about anything.
  7. Worry less about what other people think and focus more on what you want.
  8. Know the opinions of others aren’t needed to follow what you feel is a right choice for you.
  9. Make time for meditation and prayer and for positive affirmations to make sure your priorities are in focus. Your attitude and mindset is like a camera that views the world.
  10. If you have a good mindset, you’ll see all the good and best in people and life. Listen to more of your intuition because it’s usually always right.